Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Always Wanted to Be a Librarian

Okay, I had to showcase the amazing shoes I got in Seattle - and I held fast and only shopped in second hand, vintage and consignment stores!

I built the outfit around them:
Steve Maddens, brand new, for $22.50? Get out of town! Ha! I did!

The thin wool sweater is also new (got it a couple of weeks ago, and now it's cold enough to wear it), and the blouse is a repeat from this weekend. Of course, I had to throw on some sparkly stuff so that I didn't have ruffle overload.

The stuff:
Oh, man, I love those shoes!

Speaking of shoes, here are the shoes I wore out in Seattle:
They are Linea Paolo, and are apparently sold at Nordstrom's - I've never seen the brand before. That's pony hair and the heels are burgundy as well. By the way, thank you for the kind comments on the dress - I wore it for my birthday last year too!

Sweater (Chinese tag, consignment), blouse (Kaliko, consignment), skirt (Kenzie), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), necklace and earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. Can I just say that I am insanely jealous of both pairs of shoes?! I love that outfit.

  2. Both the shoes are so divine. I always wnated to be a librarian too!

  3. Those Maddens are so very you, Sheila!

  4. I love those Steve Maddens. They are really high. Do they hurt?

  5. Hey Sheila, Trying to catch up on posts and this is so pretty. Love love love! both pairs of those shoes. (just had surgery so I've been away for awhile...)

  6. Both pair of shoes are gorgeous. And I like the outfit you built around the first pair.

  7. Those shoes are so awesome. both pairs. LOVE them. I love the pony hair thing shoes have going on lately.

  8. hi Sheila...am thinking of you everyday as I see all the jewellry and shoes around here in Orlando and Kissimmee. Amazing. Not to mention all the consignment and thrift stores I have been to. The amount of jewellry in department stores is out of this world. My friend who is travelling with us loves to see your fashions as well. Always lovely to see what you are putting together. Bonnie

  9. Thanks, FA! If I may say, I do have awesome shoes!

    Jane, it's the thought of all those books...books...Thanks, I love the shoes too.

    Sal, don't they just scream "Sheila"?

    Tina, they look higher than they are because of the platform. They do have padding in the toe/ball part as well. But my job means I really only walk from my office to the copier or to the bathroom, so none of my heels are that hard on my feet.

    Alison, how are you doing?? How was the surgery? Good to see you! Thanks so much. :)

    nurmisur, thanks! It feels conservative for me, but still "me", you know?

    TTS, thanks!

    Thanks, K! I love the pony hair - my leopard pumps are pony as well.

    Hey, Bonnie! It's quiet in the office without you! Ooh, I bet there are some amazing stuff in the stores! Thanks so much for stopping in - I hope you're having a blast on your holiday!

    Thanks, Londyn!

  10. You will love those Linea Paolos. I have a pair that I've worn so so many times and they still look and feel brand new (oh, and comfy, too). Those were a great find.

  11. I walked about 6 blocks in them, Kasmira, and they were SO comfortable. Lots of padding in them.

  12. Hee, thanks, Kristen! I have an amazing collection of shoes if I do say so myself.


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