Thursday, October 29, 2009

My 500th Post

And nothing exciting happens! I thought about doing a retrospective like Kasmira, but eh, I'm tired and it's been a long day.

Instead, I wore some of the birthday presents that my mom brought me back from Australia last week:
I'm all matchy! My lovely sparkly bubble skirt with the pockets, and my super-hero tights. This skirt has no slit - I can't take big strides. Most annoying.

The stuff:
Flats after two days of heels - hurrah! The cuff is new from Mom, and so is the opal and silver pendant. A close-up of the pendant:
Isn't that lovely? The stone is an opal triplet, meaning it's a thin slice of opal set on a black background, with clear quartz on top of it...sort of an opal sandwich (it also means the opal is cheaper to buy). This particular slice of opal is a Lightning Ridge Black Opal (named after the town in central western New South Wales). They have a black "potch" on the back, which gives them lots of colour and sparkle.

Sweater (some brand from Hong Kong, consignment), cami (only hem showing, InWear), skirt (Kenzie Girl), shoes (Franco Sarto, consignment), cuff (gift from Mom), opal pendant (gift from Mom), white gold hoops (gift from L).


  1. What a great skirt.... I love it when mom brings me stuff... the thing is you are lucky because your mom has cool taste... or so it seems :)
    My mom, well let's just say sometimes she nails it, sometimes, she doesnt!

  2. The pendant is utterly lovely - what a great gift from your mom.

  3. Very pretty! Everything looks great. You have a great Mom to get you such beautiful things.

  4. Beautiful opal! In addition to making it cheaper, its also more durable with the layer of quartz on top. Just be careful not to expose it to too many extreme temperatuers!

    Didn't post the other day, but love your new purple pumps!!!

  5. Congrats on 500 posts! I hope you post for another 500.

    Opals are my birthstone, so I love them.

  6. Happy 500th!
    I love opals, your pendant is beautiful.

    And your skirt... Just walk softly and carry a big fish (my friend had a t-shirt like that)

  7. Lorena, my mom is so good at picking stuff out for me - she knows my taste so well. She's had her share of "what were you thinking?" too!

    Sal, I agree. It's so pretty.

    Alison, thanks. Yes, she's awesome!

    Lain, yes, exactly - thank you for the tip. I knew you'd know what to do with it. Oh, thanks, I love them too.

    Wendy - maybe, but it's not like I'm ever going to make that effort. :-P

    Thanks, Tina! I'll try. That's right - your b-day is Oct too! I don't love white opals, but I like the black ones like this.

    Thanks, Jane!

    Hey, thanks, Tanya, yup, Mom scored on this one. Ha! Thank you for the words of wisdom.

    Thanks, Kristen!


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