Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Shopper

It's been a while since I hit all of my favourite consignment shops, so instead of watching football all day, I headed out into the crisp sunshine for an afternoon of shopping. And oh, it was successful! I traded in $120 worth of clothes for...$120 worth of clothes.

I also bought a leather dress (yes!), which I am wearing to work tomorrow. I've been having fun for the last hour, putting together all my outfits for the week.

Anyway, I don't usually post my weekend stuff, but this is what I wore:
I picked up the skirt yesterday (I've been looking for another denim pencil skirt to replace my old one which sits too low on the hips), as well as the scarf.
I always like to wear layers when I'm shopping so that I have a camisole to try things on, and I can slip in and out of my clothes without much hassle. Also, boots/tights are great for trying on shoes. I got a lot of compliments from fellow shoppers (and a stranger riding by on her bike!) on my knee socks.

The scarf is a lovely wool - I took a picture of the label before I removed it (I hate visible labels).
Jacket (RW & Co.), orange top (InWear), cami (Plum), skirt (InWear, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), scarf (St. Michael, thrifted).


  1. You wear orange SO well, Sheila.

    I love your boots and the new skirt, although I loved the cut of the old denim skirt too (the thrift-party one, right?)

  2. Thanks, FA!

    Aw, thank you, Kari. No, I still have the swap party one - the denim pencil skirt I usually wear has been ditched in favour of this one. It's better quality and cut more for a woman than a teenager.

  3. About the St. Michael label on the scarf: It's from Marks and Spencer (they used to be in the Bay Centre) and since it's also in French, I'm assuming that it was made for the Canadian market. The English clothes from Marks & Sparks I received from my English Granny never had French labels. Miss them! Nice scarf!

  4. Margrc, I thought I remembered that label! I remember that store too - long before they built the Bay/Eaton Cenre (same block as that townhouse McDonald's - I used to hang out there as a teen).

    Thanks so much for the info!

  5. Someone beat me to it with the M&S info :-)

    love the look, and good thrifting :-). Great outfits!

  6. I am trying to get a good look at your buckle....

  7. Sorry, Lorena - I haven't posted a close-up of it yet. Next time I wear it I will. If you Google Shi Studios and look in their western type of designs, it's in there.

  8. Love the orange and turquoise together! You've got a smart shopping outfit, practical and still very pretty.

  9. It's one of my favourite colour combos - they are the best colours. Thanks!


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