Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She/Shi Week - She Wore Blue Velvet

Birthday week continues! Woo! Sheila Fact: two of my front teeth are fake.

As noted yesterday, my birthday present to myself was buying a whole bunch of lovely Shi Studio designs when they had a big clearance a couple of weeks ago. They're a local studio and I love their designs, so I'm shamelessly pimping them. Please check them out and order a piece! Every item features a gorgeous piece of silk behind glass, and all leather is locally done as well.

Today's outfit was all about these lovely black and white earrings and necklace: I'm also wearing probably my favourite pair of shoes that I own, my Fluevog "Listen Harlow" shoes, long discontinued. Last wear of these nylons as they are all snagged.

The jacket is new - $12 in the thrift shop! - I love the rich blue colour, and I can never resist velvet.

A close-up of the jewelry: I think I would wear these separately more than together after this - the earrings have kind of rocker 80s vibe.

The stuff: Dreamy shoes. Check out the crackle finish on the white. These are super comfortable, by the way.

Jacket (KenzieGirl, thrifted), dress (Style & Co.), patterned hose (Hue), shoes (Fluevog), jewelry (Shi Studio).


  1. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all night!

  2. You're absolutely radiant in that blue, lady!

  3. love the jewelry! and the velvet jacket is stunning, and for only 12 bucks?? what a find!

  4. i adore that jacket. i never find anything that fabulous at the thrift shop! cool jewelry, too!

  5. Awesome jacket! It looks so lush and yummy

  6. ok, i think youre sort of required to tell us the fake teeth story now that you have shared that tidbit!

  7. Blue velevet is my FAVORITE, what freakin thrift store do you shop at lady?? I used to have a gorgeous turquoise-blue velevet jacket but shrunk out of it last year, that was sad to lose. And I have reams of teal velvet fabric I plan to someday make a coat out of. Or drapes, not sure. Heh.

    You look gorgeous in that colour too...it's perfect with your colouring!

  8. Ha, so sorry, Wendy!

    Me too, Lorena!

    Thanks, Sal!

    Thanks, eednic - I scored on the jacket.

    TTS, thanks, me too - it's just a matter of searching. I nearly always find something.

    I agree, Sher - I am a velvet junkie.

    K - thanks!

    Done, evanadine! See today's post.

    Sherylyn, you know where Gemi is, on Cook? Right there, beside it, in that little plaza. It's a great little shop, but a LOT of floral shoulder-padded blouses. Oh, you have to make something out of your velvet! Thanks so much, m'dear.

    Thanks, FA!

  9. That blue is fabulous on you! The shoes are pretty darned cute too. Hope you're having as much fun with your birthday week outfits as I am. :)

  10. Thanks, Kristen! Yeah, I love the shoes. I am! I love wearing my favourite things.


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