Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nothing New and Something Orange

One of the reasons I love fashion is creating new outfits - that first excitement when you get a new piece of clothing or accessory and then putting together outfits around it. When I thought about what I am wearing today (because as I type, I am still wearing this outfit, having not changed into my jeans and sweater for the evening), I realized that not one thing in it is new; I have worn every piece before, some of them many times.
And yet, it still felt new to me. And I felt colourful and kind of funky, but still modern and classic. I think you can be all of those things at once - why not?

I love these "tattoo" nylons! They make me feel like a rebel. Ha!
On both legs, too!

I think of this top as "Londyn's Top" because she has the same one. It's the most comfortable top I own - totally loose and light.

The stuff:
I last wore the shoes here , just after I got them. They are, of course, the "Something Orange". Nice to show them off with a skirt this time.

Jacket (RW & Co.), blouse (Nine West), skirt (Armour Jeans, consignment), shoes (Valley Lane, gift from mother-in-law), belt (Plum), bracelet (Plum), earrings (The Bay).


  1. The blouse is beautiful - I love how the colors are perfect for fall (and for a redhead's coloring.)

  2. I wish that top was called "Kristen's top". :) It's a beaut!

    The creativity of fashion is what interests me too; it's not the over-the-top creativity of designers and fashion shows etc that is the draw, but like you said, taking a new item or even ones you already own and putting them together in new and clever ways. Even if it's just my sheaths! :)

  3. What a perfect look for fall. Orange is a great color on you!

  4. very pretty
    i think its kinda cool when you spot someone else that has your same garment... it's like wow total connection.

  5. Thanks, Alison, me too!

    Kari, I've had this for about a year and maybe have worn it 4 times - I do love it, but I feel like I'm limited to colours that are in the pattern.

    Ha, Kristen! Yes! Exactly like that - making something completely new out of the combinations.

    Thanks, Wendy! It's so 80s. I think I had a big shoulder pad blouse in that colour once. Yikes!

    Thanks, Lorena - yes, that's it, it's so cool.


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