Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Leaves - and a Fitness Aha! Moment

I love this time of year: all the leaves are yellow and orange and red, the air is crisp, and it smells so good.

Inspired by all of Nature's loveliness, I dressed myself in fall colours today:
There's something about when I wear pants that makes me want to pose like one of Charlie's Angels. I got this jacket in a thrift store last spring and it's been too warm to wear it until now (it's a thick wool).

Check out the Equestrian Knee-Hi Boot Socks (so they are called by Sox Trot - wow, there are some fab patterns!):
It almost makes me wish the pants were cropped. L's reaction to them was, "Uh....no. Those are a joke, right? You didn't actually wear those?" Ha!

The stuff:
My awesome shoes, and a close-up of the groovy patterns on the knee-highs.

The jewelry: A reproduction Viking pendant, and some mixed amber and bronze-y things.

My "aha!" fitness moment today:

I have pathetic upper body strength, especially since I had to stop going to aikido. I find weights dull, gyms claustrophobic, and I'm lazy as heck. Knowing that the mighty push-up is the "goddess" of upper body workouts, I thought, "There must be a way that I can use this to get stronger arms."

So here's what I'm going to do: I drink a lot of water. I mean a LOT, easily over 2 liters a day (about 2/3 of it in the form of herbal teas). So...I pee a lot. My idea is to do 10 push-ups off either my desk at work or the countertop at home...every time I go to the bathroom.

Push-ups on the floor...I'm not strong enough. Against the wall - too easy! But doing them off a mid-height surface? Yeah, that's just about right - and I can feel it after 10. And it only takes about 20 seconds to do 10.

I can't commit to a half-hour workout, but 20 seconds a pop? Sure!

And you know what? I did SIXTY (60) push-ups today! If I can keep this up for a week, or a month or a couple of months, I bet I'll have great upper body strength! I will do them for a week and post a picture of my arms and shoulders next Tuesday.

I think it's brilliant. Let's see how long I last.

Jacket (Lux, thrifted), top (Planet), pants (Mac & Jac), knee highs (Sox Trot), shoes (Luichiny), pendant (gift from L), necklace and earrings (Plum).


  1. That jacket is FABULOUS!! How do you not want to wear it every day? I would!

    Your push-ups idea is very clever. Stick with it!

  2. I just started with a push-up routine, too! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. LOVE the socks!

    And good for you with the new pushup routine. Keep us posted on how it goes. Sometimes I do lunges down the hall on my way to the bathroom, but I kept getting busted by coworkers. LOL.

  4. I'm glad that you bought that jacket. It looks great! I've been getting a lot of wear out of the skirts that I bought that day.


  5. Love Love the shoes and soxs. You wear the most amazing things.


  6. I love patterned socks. Those ones are super-cool! Sometimes I wonder if I can actually pull off wild patterns, but now I can see it's totally doable!

  7. Kristen, I bought it during warm weather, so it just hasn't been cool enough for it. Don't worry, you'll see more of it! I did 50 pushups today (so far), thanks!

    Sal, I will! Part of my motivation is the accountability of posting it here. Good work on your own.

    Thanks, Tina! Ha! I laughed at your lunges down the hall. I've got all my coworkers trying this too.

    Thanks, Elaine! That was a fun shopping trip.

    Ann (are you the Ann I know?), thanks. I can't resist a really pointy toe.

    Sheryln, I am just starting to acquire a taste for long socks (I blame Cat). You should definitely try them! Love the new icon pic, by the way - you look lovely!

  8. That's a very clever idea for forcing yourself to work on your arms more!

    I used to find weights dull until I started taking a fitness class that involves repetitive exercises with very light weights, always mixing up the routines. It's helped me figure out what I can do on my own at home if I have a pair of 2.5 to 5 pound weights handy.

  9. Thanks, Kari - I thought so too!

    That works as well. Good for you!

  10. wow wow Sheila
    I love what you did with the shoes and socks!!!!
    I feel terrible reading your post, i have nightmares where is exercise!

  11. Thankd, Lorena! Aw, don't be afraid of exercise - it's not that bad. :)

  12. That's a great idea! I bet it'll work...and I may try it for myself.

  13. The socks are so so awesome. I want them to wear with my Missoni-esque dress.

    I like your pushup idea. At first, I thought I couldn't do it at work because I'd be too embarassed, but maybe I'd actually inspire the people around me!

    My swim coach makes us do pushups BEFORE our swim workouts. Totally sadistic.

  14. Thanks, Kasmira! Maybe that would be just a bit too much similar patterns? :-P

    Try it! My coworkers tease me about it, but in a nice way. Yuck, nasty coach!


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