Thursday, October 30, 2008

Black and Blue

My toe was still pretty painful after my encounter with the door frame on Wednesday night, so I had to kibosh the plan for high heels yesterday and wear something sensible...for me.
The first wearing of the Winter Dress, my lovely midnight blue sweater dress. I am actually wearing another new item here, but since I'm not going to model the black satin slip, you'll have to take my word for it.

Boots (and sport socks underneath for warmth, a snuggly fuzzy cardi and a simple belt and earrings, and I was set for another cold day in my office.

Went out last night - Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest friend, Janet! Through sick and sin, babe. Drank a bit too much wine...

Dress (Vero Moda), cardigan (Jacob, consignment), boots (Expressions), belt (Plum), black wood double hoop earrings.


  1. Very Cute! Those boots are great! And lol to your idea of 'sensible'

  2. I think of them as my "witchy" boots. I tend to wear them under long dresses or costume-y type stuff (like the Alice Cooper outfit).

    Hey, I'm sensible in my own way.


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