Thursday, March 16, 2023

Mom-Day Adventure at Beaver Lake in Reader Request Pink Boss Pants, and a Wee Shop

Hello, my friends! Before I get started on our Mom-Daughter Day, and show you what I bought on my thrift-shop after (hint: PIRATE jacket!), just a reminder to drop me a comment with your Reader Requests! 

Inspire me with a re-wear, a challenge or just ask to see one of your favourite fall-winter outfits again! Today's post features reader Susan M's request for my pink Boss Lady Pants, worn with a pink or light-coloured shoe. Thanks, Susan! 

So, let's get this started, shall we? 
Mom and I went back to Beaver Lake again - last visited here in June 2022 when we got soaked! 

Susan, here's your request: Pink Boss Lady Pants! 
I usually keep these out for spring/summer - I love them! 

  • Muppet sweater - handknit by Mom, mid-80s; first worn here in February for work and theatre
  • Shirt - Eddie Bauer, consignment; first seen here in January with floral toes
  • Pants - H&M, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in January with bits of black
  • Shoes - 5Ymedio; last seen here in February with cashmere, wings and floral
  • Cape - Coracle Clothes, Welsh, vintage 60s, pass-along from Sheila A; last worn here in December 2022 for a Mom-Day lunch

This will be the last wearing of Mom's hand-knit sweater for the season - it's too big and bulky to keep out. 
I layered a white shirt under it, and added a rolled scarf at my neck.

I liked the sweater with the pink pants. 
White shoes were a gimme, an easy choice. 

I remembered the ginormous sausage arms I had from shoving these massive sleeves into a coat. 
So I wore a cape instead! 

It layered easily over the bulk. 
New gloves at the ready! You can see a peek of my bag there. 

All done up and incognito. 
See? New gloves. 

Matchy purples! 

  • Purse - Danier, thrifted
  • Gloves - Bijenkorf, consignment; purchased here for $28.00

The stuff: 
These shoes were comfy enough for an hour's walk. After brunch at Floyd's I bussed to town and had a wee shop in the Pandora Ave thrift stores. By the time I was done, I was too tired to walk home, so I caught another bus. 

Minimal bling: 
So many favourites. 

  • Scarf - Fluevog
  • Earrings - local
  • Pink ring - vintage mall, gift from L
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

I took a picture of my brooch cluster while they wer still on my vintage cape. 
A beetle for spring! 

  • Beetle brooch - Le Chateau, c. 2005
  • Large square brooch - thrifted
  • Small square brooch - Eaton's c. 2000

We arrived at Beaver Lake. There were oodles of people around: cyclists, runners, dog walkers. 
See the people? Everyone's so friendly and says hello. 

Our path. 
It's getting greener! 

The last time we planned to visit Beaver Lake, it snowed, and our Mom-Daughter Day was cancelled. 
That was on my Dad's birthday in February. Time to go wish Dad a belated Happy Birthday! 

There's the Prairie Inn Harriers "gone too soon" plaques. 
They've added another one, catching up the memorials from 2012 to 2022. Mom and Dad's friend Al Howie is on there (about him here - Dad met him through the Ultramarathons). 

The view from the bench.
It was very windy and cold. 

We just sat and remembered for a while. 
Miss you, Dad. 

We crossed this small bridge and the wind hit us. 
Woo! Cold! 

A peek of the lake. 
Once all the blooms and leaves are out, we won't be able to see this. 

Lovely big trees, and winter sunlight. 
So pretty. 

Although we "visit" Dad at the bench, we actually scattered his ashes here. 
His DNA is in this view. 

In the trees. 
In the dirt. 

Between these rocks.
In the water. 

In the grasses. 
And in the moss. 

He knew we were there. 
We could feel his love in the sun on our faces. 

Take it easy, big guy.
We'll be back. 

Had to share this furry creature with you. 
It's an ROUS! (YouTube clip here, link 'cause I love).  If you haven't seen the movie The Princess Bride, do yourself a favour! 

And we're back at the car. 
Time for lunch! 

Thank you for a lovely day, Mom! 
I love you! 

As noted, I went shopping. I popped into the Beacon Avenue Thrift Store (not on Beacon Avenue - it's related to the Sidney store) for a quick browse and found this skirt. 
I already have a nice plaid wool skirt (this one), but this is more of a pencil shape. 

I noticed the good quality right away. 
Fully-lined, little strings holding the lining in place, and seam tape on the hem seam. 

The buttons have seen some battles. 
But I recognize that logo.

Even the inside button on the waist (this is a wrap skirt) has been stamped with "Brooks Brothers."

I think Vizzini wants to be fed. 

And indeed it is a 100% wool skirt, with a cupro lining. The fabric is woven in England. 
Yup, only $9.50! I didn't realize until I got home that one of the front buttons is missing, but I can find a replacement. 

From there, I went to the big WIN Warehouse store. 
Scored on "off black" nylons (these are a trend) for $3.95 a pair. The regular price is $7.50 a pair. 

I also bit on this big wide stretchy yellow fake leather belt. 
Wide belts are also trendy right now, but I've always liked them. 

It's by Papillon, as you can see from the tag - NWT (New With Tags)! 
And it retailed for $26.00. I paid $5.95.

This was tucked on the end of one of the rails in the sale section but wasn't on sale. 

That's all embroidery on it, front and back. 
Someone's cut the content tags out, but it feels like silk or viscose velvet. 

Look at the lapels! 
I am so in love with this. And yes, it has pockets! 

I can't wait to wear it, and I'll have to squish it in as I don't really do much velvet in spring/summer.
I could be convinced otherwise! 

It's by Tahari and was $32.95, the second-most expensive thing I bought. 
It's likely from the late 90s/early 00s, when we loved All Things Embroidered. There are similar ones online re-selling for $65-125.00, so this was a deal! 

I have always liked vests, and this one called to me. 
It's a natural cream shade with pinstriped and a double row of buttons. All of those are REAL pockets! 

It's by Denim & Supply, a Ralph Lauren casual line. 
It's 100% cotton and was made in India. $12.95 seemed like a great deal. The Bay department store has carried this line forever. I think it's probably from around 2010. 

This casual little blazer appealed to me. 
I'll trim up the ratty ends - it's deliberately distressed with raw edges. 

My Adidas collection grows! I love the crest (and that's a real pocket, as are the two front ones). 
I like the pale pink/grey striped grosgrain ribbon trim.  

It was $19.95, which also felt like a solid deal. 
I couldn't find anything like it online, so it's likely early to mid-00s. 

I also bit on this t-shirt. Guess who it's by!
I love the colour mix and the black and white print. I have tops, skirts, shoes and all kinds of things that will go with this. 

It's by Adidas (of course), but it also has a little "Farm" logo. 
That's a diffusion line - their new Adidas Farm tank tops retail for $60. I got a bargain - this was half off, so $6.47.

This is the last thing I put in my basket. I watch for the neon green tags as that's the "designer" stuff that they recognize. 
It is...not a skirt. 

Not a full one, anyway! 
It's a skirt...for pants? for over a dress? I won't be wearing it on its own! 

The two pockets on the front are actually real pockets. 
It's unlined and the content tags have been cut out, but it feels like 100% wool. 

I know that name! It's Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Derek is an American designer.
Actually, his skirts start at $350.00. This was half off at $34.47.

Do you have a favourite? You can request an outfit around one of these too, if you like! 

And now, my friends, I am off for the weekend! Enjoy yourself, stay out of trouble, and be at peace.


  1. I really like the knit with pale pink. Looks fabulous! Lise

  2. Thank you! Loved seeing your Pink Boss Lady Pants paired with the lighter shoe, I do love those pants! Now, about that glorious Pirate coat…what a fabulous find!

  3. Nice tribute to your dad. Made me emotional.

    The Derek Lam skirt-like thing intrigues me. It's like a cape for the lower half of your body. I wonder if it will look good with leggings or tight jeans.

    1. Aw, thanks for letting me know. I'm excited to do some trying on with the Not-A-Skirt.

  4. Lovely to see you and your mum out and about and to see Spring sunshine on your beautiful faces. How gorgeous is that MAUS? Jon's never seen The Princess Bride, one day I shall force him to watch it!
    That 1980s jumper is fabulous and something as festival goer like me would wear all year round - it's cold out there in the fields at night!
    Great finds, love the pirate coat and that wrap skirt, it looks very fancy!
    Have a fabulous weekend, Sheila, L and Vizzini! xxx

    1. What? That man needs to see PB stat!

      Thank you, Vix!

  5. Welsh wool cape envy here :-) Love the cluster of brooches, and your pink Boss Lady pants are just perfect with your Mom's jumper.
    It's a lovely time of year to go for walk and watch it getting greener, isn't it? I can almost smell the early Spring scents through my screen. What a lovely place to remember your Dad! We always go and say hello to my Dad in the place where we planted the seeds of a tree together with some of his ashes.
    You did well on your "wee" shop. I particularly love the wide yellow belt - been looking for one for ages - and the Pirate Jacket is a stunner. Great deal on the skirt that's not a skirt. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Have a most wonderful weekend Sheila! xxx

    1. I know you love my collection, Ann! I think of you when I see them in the wild!

      It's so lovely this time of year - aw, nice that you do that too.

  6. I am drooling over that embroidered velvet jacket. Please style this before the weather gets too warm!

  7. You could wear the skirt cape with another skirt under if it didn’t get too bulky on the waistline and the under skirt was a similar length?? Long time lurker Julie in Melbourne

  8. It's great you got to spend some time at that special spot with your mum, and that you could have a little shop after as well.
    That velvet coat is absolutely beautiful! I am so intrigued by the skirt that is not a skirt though! Looking forward to seeing how you wear that!

  9. I love your Welsh wool cape!
    What a stunning place for your Dad to rest. Beaver Lake looks like my kind of place. Just beautiful!
    Wow, you did well with the pirate coat and I also love the cute little Adidas jacket. Look forward to seeing how you style them. x

  10. I like the sweater with the pink pants too. Nice.

  11. Oh okay, well, we can collect my father's ashes now, and at going to talk about tomorrow where to scatter it. We are thinking of burying it in our national park, where Gerben and I go to very often. Did you bury it or scatter? Is it comforting to know that he is, there,? Its pretty confusing to do the right thing. Well anyway have a great weekend!

    1. We scattered Dad's ashes, Nancy. It's actually illegal to do this here (check your country's regulations on distributing remains), but it is really comforting to know that he's "there" and we can go see him whenever we want.

  12. Thank you for taking us along on your and Helen’s memorial visit to Beaver Lake. Spreading your Dad’s ashes around the area insured that his spirit would be smiling, it’s such a lovely area, and a part of him is always there each time you’ve returned to visit over the years.

    The striped vest and the not-a-skirt might be an interesting pairing. The NAS immediately had me thinking it was made to wear over leggings en route to the gym or a yoga class. The pirate coat is quite a cool find for its embellishment and I KNOW you will have a grand time incorporating it into your Wardrobe!

    I’m not a fan of brand names on clothes so, try as I may, appreciating your Adidas finds (old and recent ones) is not in my DNA.

    Here’s to a grand weekend!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Laurie. It's a gift to be able to go visit Dad and think about him and remember him with Mom.

      I agree! I am not sure that leggings are quite me, but I am definitely going to play with the NAS. I adore the pirate coat.

      That's totally fine - how dull if we always all liked the same things!

      Happy weekend to you and Fred!

  13. Such a lovely place for your father to rest and so nice that you and your mum can visit him there! He is absolutely at one with that place, smiling at you, your mom, and all who visit. Made me all teary. Cheers, Sheila’s dad! 👋🏻
    Also, I absolutely LOVE the pirate coat! That is just stunning. Cannot wait to see the myriad ways you will style it, and I hope it evokes no velvet rage!
    Best regards, ReaderRita

    1. Aw, thank you, Rita! I can feel the good vibes!

      I'm excited to wear it - I think this time of year is actually perfect, as long as I don't wear a coat over it!

  14. Beautiful post. I love your mom-day adventures. I miss my mom, so I stop by here on Thursdays for a little visit with your lovely mum. Thanks to both of you.
    Have you ever worn the Ringmaster coat with the Dolce and Gabbana skirt? Something that plays off the texture of the Persian lamb might be fun, and it's a great skirt.
    Happy weekend -- Merran

    1. Aw, thank you, Merran! I so appreciate you kind and caring comment.

      Ooh, I like that, what a great idea. I haven't worn that skirt yet this year!

  15. I would love to have my own ashes scattered some day. I always found that idea very comforting.
    Thank you for taking us along with you and your mom. I'm sure that your dad was there in spirit.

    1. It is comforting, isn't it? I like the idea of being able to visit my loved ones, but not at a gravesite.


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