Thursday, June 9, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: Back to Beaver Lake in the Rain; Dotty and a Wee Shop

Hello, my friends! For today's Mom-Day Adventure, we went back to Elk-Beaver Lake Park, last visited here in May on the Elk Lade side. This time, we did a different section of the Beaver Lake than we'd done before that, here in December 2021 (which has been the best weather we've had there!).

We're in the middle of another "Atmospheric River", which is another way of saying it's pouring rain. A little rain does not phase me, however.
And it's no reason not to dress up! Why not wear a dress? 

  • Dress - Nanette Lepore, consignment; purchased here for $79.99
  • Shoes - Half Truth Tanya, Fluevog; last worn here in January with my Best Brown Blazer
  • Coat (below) - Stop Staring!, thrifted; last seen here in October 2021

I liked this dress overall.
I was only seen like this briefly while we had lunch at Floyd's Diner.
I also looked like a drowned rat because - surprise! - we went for a walk in the rain. 
Getting wet is part of living on the west coast. 

Outerwear: For those of you keeping track, the temps hit 14 degrees today! It's practically spring. 
I'm done with this coat - I gave it a lot of love, but it doesn't feel like me anymore. I found myself wishing I'd worn a moto-style jacket. 

Masked up - worn on the bus and in a store (foreshadow!).
This was a good send-off for this coat, though.

I paid only $16.95 for it here in November 2017 and wore it 25 times in the past 5 years. I'm fine with letting it go. 
I couldn't use the umbrella under the tree canopy at the lake, and it was so dull and grey I did not once wear my sunglasses! 

My bag had a few admirers while I was out and about. Deanna at MONA Consignment swooned over my scarf.

  • Bag - thrifted, customized by me
  • Scarf - Yves Saint Laurent, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Oh, shoot, I missed my brooch from the coat - it got so wet in the rain, that a bunch of the thermoset stones fell off (I got them all) and had to be superglued back on. 

Green bling: 
It was when I had a fistful of jewelry ready to put away when I realized I'd also forgotten to include the silk scarf I'd wrapped around my ponytail. 

  • Scarf - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Necklace - vintage 50s, Mom's
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Dragon bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Aventurine/silver ring - consignment
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver

Let the Adventure commence! Mom getting her walking poles out.
Mom's a "super-heater" - she wished she'd worn a short-sleeved top by the time we finished our walk, while I wished I'd brought gloves.

Where are we going, Mom?
"Up to there." In December we'd done the opposite direction, up the left side of the lake. 

This is Beaver Beach, usually swarming with people at this time of year. There was a horde of schoolkids when we arrived who were just leaving. 
One of the adults said to me, "You're the most elegant person I've seen in...a year!" Well, thank you, kind stranger! Any day is a good day to dress up! 

I hope you are excited for lots of pictures of trees and paths! 
Because I am here to fulfill all your greenery needs!

White flowers - I think these are salmonberries too.
You'll never see them in a grocery store - they are a flat dome-shaped berry that falls apart as soon as you pick them. 

Mom on the path. 
It's a packed gravel/dirt mix. It was muddy in a few places. 

Wild roses.
We heard tons of birds calling, and the dominant patter of rain over everything. 

Giant trees towered over us.
Things are blooming,  though.

Masses of them. 

Mom for scale. 
Big tree! 

Did I mention these very attractive paths?
Please, enter the tunnel of green. 

"Mom, take my picture!"
We mostly had the park to ourselves, with only a few walkers, a panting runner and some folks walking dogs. 

Every so often a window to the lake opened in the green. 
It looks misty, but it's rain. 

There were a few brave bumble bees buzzing around. 

A swamp area near the path. 

Another beautiful rose.
I love the beads of water on the leaves. 

Another large tree, very stick-like. 
Bunches of irises and buttercups at its base. 

More yellow irises.
There were hundreds of them. 

This little cove had a bench, but it was soaking wet. 
Looking across the lake. See the building on top of the hill? That's the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (aka The Centre of the Universe, link here 'cause I love). 

A swarm of lily pads near the shore.
The contraption on the right is for "mowing" the lake-weed that tends to grow in the water and clog up boats and swimmers (I remember the grossness of it from when I was a teenager hanging out at the beach at Elk Lake). 

Ah, a better shot of the Observatory, hunkered down in the clouds/rain. 
If you look closely, you can see the white dome of the telescope at the very top, above those white buildings. 

Looking down to the southernmost point. 
Ripples of rain on the water. 

There one of the benches across the lake. 
That orange thing is a float (not sure why it's there). 

And what's that small speck in the water?
It's a loon! 

Very cool - I haven't seen one in the wild in a long time. 
Note that you can actually see the rain here. 

Did I mention it was raining? 
Mom and I got fully soaked. 

We didn't mind. Being in all this beauty was worth it. 
"Do you think any of those people zipping through noticed all this beauty?" we wondered. 
Look at these tiny maple leaves sprouting out of the moss on this trunk. 

This scene reminded me of a horror movie.
Trunks with those branches stabbing out...the twisted cedar roots in the centre like some dying creature. 

My mind goes down odd paths sometimes. 
We've had a lot of storms this year - there were a lot of fallen trees and branches. Do you see the stump straight ahead?

More paths? 
Happy to accommodate! 

I love the glimpses of the lake. 
So calming. 
So much green. 

The island in the "neck" between Beaver and Elk Lake. 
We had many a picnic on it when I was a kid, when we did family canoeing expeditions here. 

Another giant fallen. 
This one's been down longer - the salal has taken root on it. 

A slug! 
He'd moved about 2 meters by the time we came back. 

Yellow waterlilies. 
These are humming with dragonflies when it's sunny and warm. 

A 90-degree tree. 
And it's time to head back. 

We walked for a little over an hour. 
Whoa, what's that on the path?
A teeny-weeny slug! I left my shoe in for scale (the slug above was about 6 inches long). Yes, I wear my good shoes in the rain. I wiped them off after and they're fine. 

Wait, would you like some more path and greenery?
It's like I read your mind! 

Look at this massive maple leaf.
I have big hands, by the way. 

And here we are, back where we started. 
I'm wet and hungry, let's go for lunch! 

Mom drying off. 
She's laughing her head off there. At what, I can't remember. We laugh a lot. 

I bussed back to town and then walked home. I popped into the Velvet Crease, but nothing caught my eye. I had better luck at MONA Consignment. 
This gorgeous black fedora-style hat is new-with-tags, retail $49.90.
It's 100% wool and is Zara. It was $35.00. 

I love the colours in this silk blouse. 
A lavender-periwinkle? And bright orange! 

It's by T. Babaton (an Aritzia brand). 
It was $32.00. 

Deanna, the owner, pulled these pants out to show me. 
OMG, I love them! 

Total pajama pants, right? 
I love the stripes and the roses. 

Ha, they ARE pajamas! They're by Victoria's Secret! 
Regular retail $52.95 - they were $28.00. 

Vizzini was very interested in my purchases. 
"I'm seeing what I can chew on, since you are starving me."

Thank you for such a lovely day out in nature, Mom! 
Mom-daughter selfie! I love you! 


  1. Ah, such a gorgeous walk with your mum! The greens are very calming and I adore being surrounded by such imposing trees! The lake is beautiful and how lovely to see that bird! I imagine for float is for if someone falls out a boat and can't swim, they can cling onto it maybe?
    Your outfit is beautiful. The spotty dress is a great canvas for painting with all those green accents (the shoes are fab!)
    I love the Stop Staring coat- that label has/had amazing vintage-inspired clothing!
    So nice you had that time with Mum!
    I love the new PJ trousers!
    Kezzie xx

  2. I often ask myself the same question ("Why not wear a dress?") but sadly arrive at a different answer. At least I can enjoy nature the way you did here. LOVE the last picture of you two.

  3. Oh, that dress is gorgeous on you, and I love that you accessorized it with all those lovely greens. I've always loved that coat, but if you're no longer feeling it, I'm sure someone else will gladly take it off your hands.
    In spite of the rain, your walk looks delightful, all those calming and refreshing greens are definitely well worth getting soaked for.
    And aww, isn't that orange trimmed lavender silk blouse fabulous! That is definitely my favourite of your finds! xxx

  4. I swear hubs and I are putting Victoria on our list to visit and I am going to take you guys out to dinner and then I want a good hike some where. I love polka dots by the way and the green is so wonderful!

    1. If you make it up here, Kim, I will definitely spend some time with you! There are gorgeous places around here :).

  5. You walked in the rain in those shoes? Wow, yes I can understand that people say your the most stylish person ! I would have worn rain boots. And looked far less stylish... but how beautiful nature is at the moment isn't it. Everything is so bright green! And all the birds are so busy seeking food. I love this time of the year!

  6. I love how you still dressed up for a day in the rain - the unseasonable wet weather here left me uninspired and I didn't really wear any pretty things - I should have tried a little harder, because now it's cold and wintery and I'm wearing pretty much the same - jeans - constantly! haha! I did try get my dresses out for some birthday parties on the weekend, need to try wear them more often! It's good you had a nice day and I really like your purchases too! Shame the coat is leaving but you definitely got your money's worth!

  7. As always, you look great! Glad that you had fun in the rain. I was on vacation in Seattle the same day that you took this walk, and there was rain in that area as well. Probably part of the same "atmospheric river" you had.


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