Thursday, March 23, 2023

Mom-Day Adventure: Beacon Hill Park in Poncho and Reader Request Picador, Plus Coat Closet Spring Swap-Over

Hello, my friends! Mom and I went back to Beacon Hill Park today, and had a marvelous time - I took a ton of pictures, so grab some sustenance and settle in.
Mom and I last visited Beacon Hill Park here in December 2022 - I enjoyed looking at those pics again. 

Today's outfit features Reader Rita's request for an outfit based on a specific pattern, eg. my picador skirt or my ribcage sweater. 
Obviously, I did the Picador Skirt! Awesome request, thank you! It was due a wearing this season. 

  • Leather blazer - Danier, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here in October 2022 over double Pilotto
  • Sweater - Tabi, thrifted; last worn here in February with leather and leopard
  • Picador skirt - vintage 1950s, thrifted; last seen here as another Reader Request in September 2022
  • Boots - Original Sabado, Fluevog; last worn here in February for a Mom-Day Adventure
  • Poncho - Welsh, vintage 60s, thrifted; last seen here earlier this month over my concert outfit

Mom and I both checked the weather - rain for the afternoon. It was cloudy in the morning. 
So I layered up: camisole, vintage slip and fleece tights, plus thick socks. 

I took my outerwear off while we had lunch after our adventure. 
This sweater always photographs dark - it's a rich emerald green. 

Isn't the skirt amazing? 
Also gory! That's a picador on his horse, stabbing a bull. The colour is hand-painted. 

Layering and the addition of pockets and pouches. 
My closet swap-over was prompted by needing this blue leather blazer for wearing under my poncho. 

Voila! Poncho! 
I was variously overly warm...

...and chillled. 
But that's to be expected in spring. 

I am a pessimist, so I took an umbrella and forwent my sunglasses. 
Of course, as the weather gods are fickle, it was sunny and gorgeous. If I'd skipped the brolly and shades, it would have poured buckets, I guarantee it! 

All the blues. 

  • Scarf - Vera, vintage 80s, Mom's
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Purse - Danier, thrifted

The fingerless gloves fit over my big rings - leather ones don't. 

The stuff: 
More blue! Good boots for walking on all terrain. 

Brutalist bling. 
Reader Rita again scores with her  "significant jewelry" request - this is some of my Brutalist collection. 

  • Necklace/cuff/bracelet - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gifts from L
  • Earrings - Glee
  • Square ring - thrifted
  • Volcano ring - vintage 70s, Mom's

I like to mix modern pieces (the belt, square ring, earrings) with the true vintage.

Mom and I parked near the petting zoo, but decided not to go through it today as it was full of hoards of families and screeching kids. But we didn't lack for animal sightings, and in fact the day was filled with encounters and sightings of nature. 
Peacocks were in abundance. This one has spotted a gorgeous bird inside the aviary. 

Wow, what a spectacular creature. 
This bird liked walking around the inside window ledges.

And now it's gone. 

I spy two llamas! 
And two more peacocks sitting on the fence in the upper right. 

These chickens were having a moment.
I think the little rooster has fallen in love. 

"I'd wear those feathers on a hat," I said to Mom. 
Such handsome plumage! 

We crossed the road and headed into the park. 
Ducks, as far as the eye could see! 

Over the bridge. 
So picturesque. This area has planted gardens - they'll be in full bloom in a few weeks. 

I love this Weeping Willow. 
The ducks are pairing off for mating season. The park was a cacophony of birds squawking at each other. 

Move it, Mom, he's coming right at us! 
People feed them, so they follow you. 

The sundial garden. 
Some primulas and daffodils. 

It's around 11:30am. 
But I only count the sunny hours.

We decided to go "off road" and follow the path leading into the trees behind this bench. 
In addition to constant ducks, there were squirrels bouncing and dashing about. 

There's one hiding behind the bench! 
"Dammit, spotted."

He dashed out after another squirrel (they tumbled around, "fighting", tee hee). 
I did a double-take - there's a peacock sitting there! 

Mom and I strolled along the closed roadways. 
It's a mix of au naturel and plantings. Daffodil season! 

More primulas. 
The Bandshell in the distance. The Lookout is indeed a quarter-mile away.

Plum trees dot the landscape. 
The old aviary. 

We thought this goose? duck? might have escaped the petting zoo. 
"Great Scott! What is that?"

It's a log full of turtles! 
Hello, turtles! I count seven. 

We walked around this lake and were looking for the herons, which are nesting. 
Fountain...ducks...log of turtles...We didn't see the little dot at the top of the tallest tree. 

The turtles were sunning themselves. 
More and more were clambering out of the water and jostling for a spot. 

This was one of the few seagulls we saw. 
They like to nest on top of buildings. 

Looking back at the bridge we'd crossed. 
Now there are 10 turtles! 

Look how cute they are.
It made me immensely happy to see them. 

A loud squawk made us look up. 
I see a few herons up there at the top. 

Zoom in...
Three at the top and one on the bottom right. 

Oh, there's some on another tree nearby as well. 
Three - no, four, one's hiding on the upper left.

This is one of my favourite areas, any time of the year. 
Every season is lovely at Beacon Hill Park. 

Another look at the herons as we got closer.
We have some mating rituals happening on the right - head feathers up, wings flapping. 

Such weird, creepy and yet beautiful birds. 
A group of young girls approached us and we pointed out the herons. 

Suddenly, the sky erupted with a crash of caws and squawks and dozens of crows and herons flew overhead! 
I have never seen this many herons together. 

I count over 15 in this picture. 
We were in awe. 

Oh, definitely some mating going on! 
Sexy heron dance! 

The other tree also had males showing off. 
Wow, I'm stunned and grateful that we got to see that. 

Back to ducks. 
Some of the females were very vocal, sounding rather cranky.

Moving on.
A bridge and a waterfall. 

A different waterfall.
And a different bridge. More ducks.

The fountain was a bit lower than it usually is. 
Maybe they don't want to disrupt all this bird sexy-time.

Time to head back to the car. 
A weird root system. 

A murder of crows. 
Totally plotting something! Maybe another heron attack.

A plum tree. 
And a monkey tree. 

Under the pink blossoms. 
I'm all stuffed up from the pollen. 

But they are so beautiful. 
What an amazing place this is. 

Proof we were here. 

The last animal we saw was a horse.
A handsome Clydesdale.

Mom and I had a yummy lunch at the Flying Beagle Pub. 
Great top! Thanks so much for this wonderful day, Mom! I love you! 

The horse was not the final animal of my day, however. 
I spotted three urban deer having lunch in this yard. 

And this handsome fellow stopped to smell the flowers. 
Meowed at me.

And dashed across the road.
Going on about his business. 

I'd rummaged through my fall/spring coat bags to find my leather jacket, and left the bags out. 
When I got home, I went through them and assessed my love for them (some are in the giveaway pile). 

I pulled out all the heaviest/thickest pieces. Hopefully it won't drop below zero again till next winter. 

I kept out all of my capes and lighter leather. I'll easily be able to layer up for colder days.
I hung up my light cloth and bright-coloured leather coats, and turned all the hangers "backwards" to remind me to spread my favour around when I pick my outerwear. In case you're wondering, that's 32. I have a lot of coats! 


  1. So much to comment on, Sheila! Its fantastic to see the amazing Picador skirt again, I love it with the blue leather and the Welsh wool cape. A fabulous combo. How cool that your mum wore blue, too.
    Peacocks., that golden pheasant, the herons, ALL the turtles, deer and that adorable woolly backed cat not to mention the Spring blossom, gorgeous landscape and the horse and trap. A proper day out.
    Your wardrobe shuffle is an epic task, well done on what you've achieved so far!
    Have a brilliant weekend, my lovely friend. xxx

    1. Mom and I always seem to have colours in common when we meet, Vix! Thanks so much for your kind comments. Ah, a golden pheasant, that's what that bird is, thank you! It was a wonderful day.

      More to come - I'll be doing the big swapover in a week or so.

  2. Reader Rita made some excellent requests. I had forgotten what a fabulous skirt that is, and the outfit - especially pairing it with those boots (comfy, colorful and warm) - is a smile producer! You and your Mom (Hi Helen) both have on vibrant colors that look energizing, strong and so perfect for a spring park outing.

    I remember Beacon Hill Park and the peacocks! It’s quite something to see them strolling about here and there. Your heron photos, and the fact that you can see so many of them, makes my heart sing. They are majestic birds that always make me think of dinosaurs. Graceful in their bodies, they make ungraceful sounds. ;)

    To my eye it appears your reorganized and repopulated coat closet has more colors and patterns than the winter collection. Looking forward to your clothing closet swap!

    Happy Friday and here’s to the weekend!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. She knows my wardrobe well, Laurie! Thanks very much - I loved wearing this outfit. Mom and I had such a good time!

      Yes, herons remind me of dinosaurs too! I did remember that you, Fred and Robin were enchanted with Beacon Hill Park when you were here.

      It definitely has more bright colours - good eye!

  3. Wow, what a day! I love turtles, and those herons were incredible. And I'm glad to see that mother joined you in wearing cobalt blue. Two thumbs way up for the entire post and your outfit as well!

  4. Your Picador skirt is always a joy to behold, and it looks stunning with the green turtleneck, Welsh wool poncho, and those amazing boots.
    It was an utter joy to join you and your Mom on your walk. Spring has definitely sprung, hasn't it? Love the peacocks, the exotic bird, and those turtles in a row, but I'm bowled over by those herons. I've never seen so many at once either, they're usually quite solitary creatures.
    And wow, you did your coat closet swap-over. I'm so not looking forward to mine. It will be lovely when it's done, but where will I find the time? Well done, you! xxx P.S. I'm definitely not feeling guilty about having too many coats now :-)

    1. I was pleased with the outfit, especially the inspired pick of the poncho. So glad you enjoyed our walk, and all the critters!

      The coats are an easy swap - the hardest part is turning around all the heavy hangers! I was shocked at how many I had - no need to feel guilty! :D

  5. I'm glad you gave that skirt another wear and I really like the blue with it, and that beautiful cape. You know how to layer, which is definitely needed in your environment! It looks like a lovely mum day walk and it's good there were so many animals out and about as well. We have those little turtles (or I guess an Australian version of them) in one of the local areas we like to walk around, but they don't always pop out to sun themselves when it's been as hot as it has been here. I think that they find it too hot to stay out the water for long!

    1. I tend to keep it out all year, as it's such a fun piece, Mica. Layering is key here in the "shoulder" seasons. I love seeing all the animals.

  6. What a lovely day you had with your mom!
    I particulary enjoyed all the photos of the animals.

  7. Marvelous outfit, the picador skirt is one of my fave pieces in your closet. Enjoyed seeing all the feathered and furry critters you encountered on your walk.

  8. What a lovely walk with your mom. We don't have turtles here, so I find it amazing that they're just there, on a log, in the wild. I like to imagine you both being followed by a little procession of ducks...

    Great outfit - the Brutalist jewellery is fab.


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