Sunday, March 26, 2023

Weekend Wrap-Up: Reader Requested New Pattern Mixing

I hope you are all having a marvelous weekend, my friends. Ours has been rather quiet, as L had to travel all day on Friday and didn't arrive home until Saturday, just in time for us to go to brunch at the Ruby. 
I'm still working through the remaining Reader Requests for final outfits of my fall/winter season (you're always welcome to make any requests, gentle souls), and this one is for reader/met-in-person friend, Laurie, who asked for a new pattern mixing. 

  • Thermoplastic jacket - Fiorucci  X Adidas, 2019, consignment; first worn here a couple of weeks ago with the Dress of a Thousand Nipples
  • T-shirt - Adidas Farm, thrifted; purchased here for $6.47
  • Skirt - Kate Spade, thrifted; last seen here in January with pink and lime green
  • Boots - Warhol F-Trip, Anna Suit X Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) to visit Mom in December 2022

I fear Laurie will be disappointed, as she's not a fan of my Adidas sporty pieces. Sorry, Laurie! 
But you did inspire me to mix houndstooth, swirls and the abstract pattern of the t-shirt. 

Would I have worn these together without your request? 

Without the jacket, which I took off briefly while we ate. 
I loved the t-shirt with the houndstooth - it dressed it up quite a bit. 

I had a lot of comments from folks at the Ruby as we waited for a table. 
I was probably the funkiest person in the grocery store too! 

Bundled up. It was sunny but cold. 
The jacket retains my body heat, so it's warmer than you'd think a thin plastic coat would be. 

I was ready to just go home and chill out after that. L and I read, listened to music and played games all afternoon and evening, including a long nap in there before dinner. 

I was mad at myself for forgetting to wear my new-to-me orange puffer purse, which would have been excellent with the outfit. Ah, well, another time. 

  • Purse - Rebecca Minkoff, consignment
  • Silk fly scarf - Smoking Lily, vintage mid-90s, consignment
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff: 
I love these boots - they are rather spectacular. 

Bold bling: 
The bracelets were worn outside the jacket, as the cuffs didn't fit over them at all. 

  • Black and white cuff - vintage fair
  • Bakelite black and red cuff - vintage mall, gift from L
  • Earrings - Mom's, Bermuda, c. 1990s
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage fair
  • Anneke & Lars ring - vintage mall

On Sunday, we did more of the same, reading, chilling, snoozing. 
"Arguing over who gets me..."

Vizzini slept on me for a bit, then moved over to L's lap. 
"I might sleep on you more later, Woman."

He'll be crashed on the warm laundry, more like it! 

That's it for my weekend, my friends! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. 


  1. Wow. That is an amazing outfit! Love the whole thing, but especially the t-shirt with the houndstooth check skirt.

  2. Wow, what fun! I'n sitting here in my Brooks Brothers "Fun" plaid pj bottoms and a souvenir Madonna t-shirt from her 2008 "Sticky and Sweet" tour. I feel pretty darned basic, LOL!

  3. The tee shirt is great with the skirt, a sublime bit of pattern mixing and the boots are out of this world.
    Vizzini looks adorable all snuggled up with his dad like that. I'm glad you got a turn, too! xxx

  4. Can you hear me chuckling? I surprised myself because my first thought was ‘hmm, the Adidas top actually works well here so maybe it just needs a super outfit to appease my anti-logo sense!’ I love this outfit! Houndstooth! Red patterned top! Fabulous red patterned boots! Jewelry and accessories to accent the colors! Red jacket! Plus the proportions are perfect on you.

    I forgive you the Adidas and stand (well, I’m sitting ;)) temporarily corrected…the shirt works well and, to my eye, doesn’t scream Adidas while perfectly complementing your outfit. And Thank You for the mix!

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Ha! I wondered what you'd think of it, Laurie. Glad you were appeased by the pattern-mixing! Let's just take it on a case-by-case basis!

  5. I'm not a fan of sportswear either Sheila but I loved the tee shirt! And as for the boots they are, indeed, spectacular! It's lovely to have a quiet laid back weekend after a busy work week.

    Vizzini seems to live the life of Riley!

    1. You can count on me for only classy sportwear, Vronni. No joggers or sloppy tees on me. It was such a relief to have a calm weekend, and get some cuddling in with Vizzini - he is very spoiled for attention!

  6. Ours was a quiet weekend as well, mainly because it rained almost non-stop!
    In spite of not generally being a fan of sporty pieces, I'm loving the wacky Adidas jacket and the funky t-shirt with this outfit. And surely those boots are truly spectacular. I always love to see you wearing them.
    Reading, snoozing and chilling sounds perfect to me, particularly with a sleeping cat on your lap! xxx

    1. Well, that sucks, Ann! I hope it clears out soon.

      Thank you! I loved this outfit. It was a fantastically chill weekend, just what we needed!

  7. Oh, I love that possessive front leg Vizzini has draped over L! He’s mine, he’s mine! Leanne from Oz

    1. He does that with both of us - it's so sweet. :) Thanks, Leanne!

  8. Ah those boots are gawjus!!! I love how funky they are! No wonder you were the smartestdressed person at the Ruby! I like this new combination of items!
    I have a request! Please can we have an outfit involving peacock-blue if you have something of that ilk (of course you do!)

    1. Aren't they amazing? I love them.

      Ooh, peacock blue! Love it - I have some teal-ish blue on today that I hope will suffice.

  9. Amazing how good the tee and boots work together while the are such different styles. I always loved houndstooth and still only have one blazer. Why?

  10. Wonderful pattern mixing. Those boots are something else!

  11. I like that Laurie inspired you to try this - it's not something I would have thought would work but you have enough similar colours in there that I'm really loving this!


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