Thursday, March 24, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: Back to the Finnerty Gardens in Vix's Request

Happy Mom-Day, my friends! Today, Mom took us back to the start of it all: Finnerty Gardens, where we had our very first Mom-Day Adventure here in June 2021. It's also where L and I got married 25 years ago this week - Anniversary Week continues!

I'm not sure how many more Mom-Daughter days we'll have before I go back to work full-time.
I'm appreciating every one I get to have. Love you, Mom!

And here's my first Reader Request, and I do confess, I was hoping someone would suggest it! Thank you, VIX (link here 'cause I love - go follow her wonderful blog immediately), for suggesting this vintage 90s Phool vest. 
The forecast was for cool-ish weather with a bit of sun, so I layered up and hoped for the best - no outerwear with this massive beast of a garment! 

  • Vest - Phool, vintage 90s, consignment; last worn here (3rd outfit) in October 2021 over an orange sweater dress
  • Dress - Christian Lacroix for Desigual, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) for an unsuccessful birthday shop that same weekend in October 2021
  • Boots - Mamzelle, thrifted; last worn here in February for a Saturday shop

I loved this vest - it is just the most luxe thing in the world to wear.
I feel like an empress in it. 

It's thick and quilted in satin and velvet - it weighs a ton. 
It billows behind me when I walk. It's like wearing a blanket.

Just the dress, although I never took the vest off. 
I really liked how this dress worked with the vest - what a perfect match. 
I layered little black athletic shorts under this for Thigh Security. 

I love the deep pockets.
I kept my camera in one, and my mask and one of my rings in the other (I have to take my biggest ring off to wear leather gloves).

Masked up. 
I wore it in the Noodle Box, and on the bus. 

All bundled up.
It ended up being chilly and breezy, and I was a little cold, but whatever. I looked fabulous! 

Long gloves for extra warmth. 

  • Purse - Roots, thrifted
  • Gloves - Club Monaco, consignment
  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These boots have become good walking shoes. I love all the studs. 

Brassy bling: 
I wore my new-to-me studded leather belt for the first time. Matchy studs! 

  • Belt - Roxy, thrifted; purchased here for $2.00
  • Brass/leather cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Brass/copper cuff - Karen's
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, vintage 70s, vintage expo
  • Brutalist brass rings - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Earrings - consignment, Powell River

I was happy to discover that these new-er earring went really well with the dress and vest too - I filed that away for future matchiness. 

I rarely allow a designer to advertise on me, so I blacked out the reverse-printed "Roxy" on the belt. 
I used one of my Staedtler Lumicolor permanent pens. 
Much better. 

I discovered Vizzini in a weird spot this morning. 
"What, I always sleep here."

What a strange cat. 

Thank you so much, Vix, for requesting this gorgeous vest one more time before it's packed away for six months.
V is for Vix! Woo! 

I'll be home soon, Vizzini. 
"I'll survive."

He was happy to see me when I got home - really!

Mom picked me up, and I just had to give her cred. That is an impressive parking job! 
You're the Boss of Parallel Parking, Mom. 

We drove up to Finnerty Gardens, at the University of Victoria, and as we strolled past the Interfaith Chapel, I checked the door handle - and it was open! 
After asking the worker there if it would be okay, Mom and I had a quick look around. 

It's a lovely simple building, full of light. 
None of this came across in our wedding pictures (here). 

"I sat here," said Mom.
I strode up the aisle, humming "Darth Vader's Theme" (link here: I still kick myself for not doing this as my wedding song, ha ha). 

Huge windows on either side, looking out into the rear patio and garden. 
I like all the greenery inside too. 

"And I stood here."
I'd do it all over again! 

After that happy surprise, Mom and I entered the gardens.
You might want to grab a cup of tea - I took a lot of pictures! 

We meandered around the gardens, ensuring that we visited both ponds. 
Nothing looked the same from the last time we were here in July. In other startling news: seasons are all different! Who knew?

We saw the first blooms of camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons, forsythia. 
Much of it is a few sunny days away from bursting into full flower. 

The back of the chapel.
There were quite a few people in the gardens, including several gardeners. 
This old pitchfork made me think of the old tools Mom has. 

First pond! 
The rhodos towered over us. 

Ducks at the pond, both in sleep position.
I wonder if the person reading arrived while they were snoozing, or if the ducks decided to join her? 

See the fish sculpture?
This was hugely lush and overgrown in the summer. 

I had Mom pose with this rhodo for scale. 
That is large. 

So pretty. 

Giant trees looming. 
A meandering path. 
Pinks and whites.

Red and yellow.
The brightest pink. 
It's almost PANK. 

This stump has been shaped into a bowl. 
It was very smooth.

I like the random trees that have toppled. 
These gardens are not manicured - trees are left to rot where they fall (cleared from paths, though). 

A small meadow of daffodils.
Pink Japanese plum and yellow forsythia through the arch of branches. Who says you can't wear pink and yellow together??

I'm a sucker for a covered bridge. 
Mom did really well with her walking poles - we walked for over an hour without stopping. 

A cluster of hellebores. 
And gnarled branches. We're coming to the twisty tree section! 

I love the white edges. 

"The dancing trees!" said Mom, breaking into a boogie. 
I bet they dance when we're not looking. 
"Shh, just hold still, they'll be past us soon."

Tree dance party! 

Yes, I do say that out loud whenever I see a squirrel. 
This one was digging in the dirt.

This tree is completely enveloped with another plant. 
Must be true love.

Disco trees!
Carry on, folks. 

I love this bog. 
It was very boggy. 

This particular rhodo's leaves were hanging straight down. 
So odd. 

The so-called Dry Creek. 
It was a real dry creek last summer, but far more green and overgrown (pic here). 

This was the only tree like this. 
I thought it was a beech, but it is a birch (thank you, Interwebz). 

This cedar log is not far from the stump it belonged to. 
It's decomposing quickly.

The camellias around this bench were in full bloom.
Aw, someone has made a heart! 
Sending love out into the world. 

The richest red. 
I liked the shape of the petals.

We back-tracked to find the other pond, near the bamboo stand. 
Last summer, this was choked with algae, but today it was clear, with several ducks muttering away. 

The bamboo was gently swaying in the wind. 
We could hear it knocking against itself, softly clicking.
Lurking ducks. 
It was so restorative to be out in nature again. 
Surrounded by so much beauty. 
I loved seeing the gardens in this season.
A lovely pink magnolia. 

Mom and I went to Noodle Box for lunch. 
We both had the Spicy Peanut - it's got ribbon noodles, loads of veggies and we both had free-range chicken. YUM. 

I loved the quote on the wall behind Mom. 
"An invisible noodle connects 
those who are destined 
to meet regardless of time, 
place or circumstance. 
The noodle may stretch or 
tangle but it will never break."

Love you, Mom! Thank you for a wonderful day!


  1. That vest is very good with the short dress. Great outfit. The chapel is great for outfit photos in winter, lots of light and no wind.
    The garden is beautiful. Love the rododendron.

  2. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous nature photos.

  3. Those flowers are just incredible. I love that you get to spend so much time with your mom. Enjoy as she will leave you someday. I would have loved that walk. Also love the long green coat, my eldest would love that also.

    1. Isn't it lovely, Kim? I know, I am well aware - hopefully, Mom will be with me into her 90s (women in our family live a long time!).

      Thank you!

  4. That vest is an absolute stunner, so I too am thanking Vix for suggesting it. It looks particularly groovy worn over that short dress, too.
    And what a joy it was to tag along on your Mom adventure to Finnerty Gardens! I do hope you'll get to spend a couple more Mom days together before going back full time - which I really struggled with as you know.
    That chapel is lovely! I'm loving its airy interior and clean lines.
    It's wonderful to see Spring emerging and that giant Rhodo is indeed something else! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! Yes, I'm thrilled at Vix's suggestion - this is such a luxe piece.

      Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm struggling just with the thought of going back to work full-time. I'm enjoying every extra day I have!

  5. Your opening Mom & Sheila photo goes straight to my heart. Two beautiful happy smiling women on a Mom-Day outing!

    As for your outfit, oh yah, Vix gets part of this shout out for a (possibly unintentional ;-)) garden-themed spiffy outfit. I have always been a fan of this dress and have come to appreciate the long vest because you wear it well, as you do with other similar pieces of clothing. Vests and sweaters of that length tend to intimidate me due to my 5'2" height; they often feel overwhelming. Of course, that's how I felt about maxi dresses until I followed your encouragement and purchased one second hand and thoroughly enjoy wearing it!

    Whenever it is that we next visit Victoria, Finnerty Gardens will be on our "must visit" list. It is only recently in the past year that I began revisiting gardens during different seasons; truly is fascinating to see nature as she robes and disrobes throughout the year.

    Happy Weekend to you and L!

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! I actually love the final pic of Mom - it really looks like "her" to me.

      I think it's a good bet that I'll often wear something floral-themed, even if by accident! I have a lot of florals and I love flowers. I'm only 2" taller than you - so if I can wear this, so can you. But you're right, it is all about proportions, as you found out with your maxi dress!

      Yay, I know you will both love it there. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  6. Nice flower pictures. Nature is so beautiful.

  7. Hello to your lovely mum!
    Yay! You've styled that beautiful Phool waistcoat to perfection! I love it with the short dress and wonderfully rich, earthy colours.
    Finnerty Gardens are wonderful, I loved the cheeky squirrel, that ancient fork propped up against the tree and spotting the same plants that are in flower here. The rhodo is stunning.
    I love the sharp lines and beautifully bright Interfaith chapel. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix, I'm glad you approved of the styling, and thanks again for the suggestion!

      They are so cool - I always look for squirrels, ha!

      Me too - it's a very peaceful place.

  8. it's so lovely to see all the flowers in bloom there. We had a snowstorm last night, and it was very blowy and cold this morning. I have to remind myself that we are still in March, where any kind of weather can happen.

    That vest is a spectacular, keep for life piece, so thanks to Vix for requesting another viewing.

    1. Oh no, not a snowstorm! Sending you warm ocean breezes and pink blossoms, stat!

      Thank you - and yes, for life! It's such a great piece. Thanks, Shelley!

  9. that vest gives witch-turned-couture-designer vibes!

    Good job blacking out the label!

    It is always heartwarming to see you and your mum hanging out!

    I love the dancing trees! I always love trees that have extra personality!

    I feel a little weird about being connected to noodles!

    1. Ha, love it, thanks!

      I hate exposed brand names like this most of the time. I'm much happier with the belt now.

      Glad you enjoyed it. I love our adventures. Dancing trees are the best!

      Ha, I know, right? But it makes sense to me!

  10. The very first word that pops to mind upon seeing this sublime ensemble is "regal". It marries earth and jewel tones sublimely and really does look fit for a monarch - or in this case, a true queen of fashion!

    Autumn Zenith šŸŽƒ Witchcrafted Life

  11. That dress and vest are great together! The outfit kind of reminds me of a medieval king (in the best way) - tunic, leggings, overrobe.

    I love camellias! I've never cared for rhododendrons - there was one by my childhood home that bloomed plain white for about a day and then rotted underfoot for two weeks - but these ones are stunners. I could grow to change.

    That tree smothered by another plant, though... reminds me less of true love and more of an abusive relationship! Can't trust those clinging vines.


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