Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Mom-Day Adventure: Sidney Stroll in Hawaiian

Mom and I teamed up today for another Mom-Day Adventure! She'd been wanting to take me to Glendale Gardens, and we made it all the way out there...to find it was closed! We'd neglected to check their schedule ahead of time. Whoops! We settled on heading out to Sidney and having a wee wander around (I promised not to drag Mom to every thrift shop!). 

What to wear? Practically speaking, I needed to be able to walk around, be covered from the sun, and also look fabulous.
Sartorially speaking, I settled on this lovely 90s Hawaiian dress and a silk cocoon.

  • Cocoon - NancyMac, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) over yellow for a Zoom Happy Hour in Aprilo
  • Dress - Hilo Hattie's, vintage 90s, thrifted; first seen here (2nd outfit) in June for one of the last Zoom Happy Hours
  • Shoes - Seychelles, thrifted; last worn here in July 2020 with pink, floral and a denim vest

I haven't worn this dress "in the wild" yet, and it met all of my sensible criteria - when in doubt, wear a dress! 
The flowers on it are hibiscus, but I associate plumeria/frangipani more with Hawaii - I remember Mom buying little cream flower earrings with yellow centres when we were there in the 70s. 

That memory led me to this silk cocoon/kimono/cover-up thingy. 
It works with the cream/brown in the floral...
But it's got a stripe of yellow down the back! It billowed in the light ocean breeze. 

Without the cover-up.
Such a pretty dress. A man hollered at me, "I have a shirt just like that!" while we were heading back to the car.

It has a side slit for walking. 
Oh, there's my slipper. 

Masked up. We did end up going into many of my usual thrift favourites but I didn't take anywhere near the amount of time I normally would. Count yourself lucky, Mom. 
This is a leopard print mask - it worked with the neutrals the best. 

  • Mask - by Mom

I needed a purse to carry all my stuff, and I liked how this cream one worked. 
I'm a minimalist when it comes to what I carry - the biggest factor is my sunglasses case, as it's big and bulky. I had to switch to a little satin bag for my eyewear so that it would fit in this bag. 

The stuff: 
Good walking shoes for a garden...and for the little town of Sidney. I can't believe it's been over a year since I wore these - they've been a stalwart in my wardrobe for years, but have been neglected as I'm not on my feet as much in the office these days. 

Simple bling: 
I love my Whiting & Davis bag - we were in an antique jewelry store, and one of the other customers was admiring it and was astonished at its age (1930s). 

  • Bag - Whiting & Davis, vintage 30s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall

I took a few pictures while we were in Sidney. This is the main street, Beacon Avenue. 
It was pretty quiet - this was around 11:00am - but got very busy around noon. By the time we left at 3pm, this was filled with cars. 

We popped into the Dog's Breath's Antique Store (no link - they only have a FB page), as I'd never been in it. 
Of course I found something. It's a snake bracelet! 

I was informed that it was real tortoise shell, which is no longer harvested or traded. Tortoise shell is similar to early plastics like celluloid (the handle links on my bag above are celluloid) in that it can be formed and shaped through steam/heat. This would have been a long strip (all the bends including the snake neck would have been cut out as you see them, not in straight form) that was then heat-treated into a coil.
I actually paid $60.00 for this instead of the $65.00 on the tag. Thank you, kind proprietor! 

Whether this is real tortoise shell or not, it's been worked by hand, for sure. 
You can see the carving lines on the edges and in the bends of the bracelet here. After reading a bit online about tortoise shell, I think this is celluloid. 

It's quite flexible, so even though it's very small, I can get it on my wrist by pulling it apart slightly. 
I suspect it is Art Deco. It has some age on it. 

I like this little back detail - this keeps the heavier front from swinging around, balancing the bracelet. 
So cool, and such a special souvenir of our day! 

Here's Mom, resting in a convenient chair outside the store. 
She's in a mint-green top, with a vintage necklace - a gift from when she was a child in the late 40s/early 50s. 

And here's me with a sailor who has taken his boots off. 
There are a few of these benches in Sidney. 

After visiting many shops (Mom found a great pair of viscose pants, and a lovely summer nightgown), we wandered down to the waterfront - destination, the Rumrunner Pub. 
The waterfront in Sidney looks out onto the San Juan Islands, which are part of the United States. That little green bit in the centre belongs to Canad - it's the north end of Sidney Spit, which is the darker green closer island you see in the water pics below (it's a long skinny island).

There were people everywhere, enjoying the view and checking out the sculptures, like the diving girl above. 
I liked this dog walker. Of course, there are very expensive condos all along here too. 

Looking across the grass, there's a band-shell for outdoor performances. 
Folks were relaxing in the shade, laying on the grass or sitting in the bright chairs that were scattered around. 

I crossed the lawn to the walkway along the water, fluttering my silk cocoon in the wind, in my long gown. It was hot (26 degrees) and being out in the sun with Mom filled me with joy.
See the snow-capped mountain in the background? That's Mt. Baker (a dormant volcano), which is about 100 kilometers (60-ish miles) directly to the east, on the mainland.

At the end of one of the piers. 
I liked the seagull on the piling - he was totally posing. 

Looking to the north-east, where the Gulf Islands are. The US/Canada border goes right through this section of the Juan de Fuca Strait, after detouring around the southern tip of Vancouver Island (which is what we're on). There is a dive reef way out there created from the Navy ship HMCS Mackenzie, which was made environmentally safe and then scuttled near Rum Island (link here). 
There were lots of pleasure boats and sailboats on the water. 

Looking back across the grass. 
Hey, I spy someone...

It's not this Pirate Captain sculpture.
Although I like this very much. 

It's Mom, way back there, also taking pictures. 
We both walked on the grass, which was mostly clover. Why walk on hard paving when grass is available?

We passed the Salish Sea Centre (link here 'cause I love) and the outdoor tide pool. 
I see a big skeleton inside! The otters and heron there are bronze statues. 

However, the critters in the tide pool are real. 
That's a lovely red spiky sea urchin. 

And this green thing is a sea anemone. 
I have vivid memories of sticking my fingers in sea anemones when I was a kid (I've always liked tidal pools), to make them close around my finger. 

What a view! 
The south end of Sidney Spit is behind the red flower on the left - Mom and I used to take a little boat out there and hike the island in the 90s. 

A zoom in on Mt. Baker. 

You can buy fresh fish on the docks. 
Don't swim in that water though, brrrr....too cold! 

We had a lovely lunch at the Rumrunner Pub. Mom remembered a story from her grandmother, who recalled that her church group was offered a boat ride to the islands with a very nice man. The church group was shocked when the police stopped the boat and arrested him...for running rum to the US. It was during Prohibition! Suddenly, Rum Island...the Rumrunner Pub...it all made sense! 
Looking gorgeous, Mom! Thank you so much for such a delightful and special day! 

Vizzini, I'm home, aren't you glad to see me? 
"Where's my Cat Gran? I thought she was coming to visit?"

After close to three hours of walking, both Mom and I were exhausted. I'm sure I'll be falling asleep on the couch tonight - as will Mom! 


  1. What a beautiful day and glorious outfit, I love how the silk pairs with the flowers. So wonderful to see the water and scenery as I live in the high desert. Your mums smile says it all and her haircut is so becoming. Thanks for sharing. Extra cuddles for Vizzini.

    1. We were so lucky to have such a nice day, Chalotalo! Thank you so much. I love living near the water.

  2. What a treat! You, your mum, Vizzini and that gorgeous waterfront and some glorious weather, too!
    Mount Baker was an answer on Pointless recently, Jon got it right as its his surname! I looks incredible in the background.
    Your Hilo Hattie dress looks cool and comfy and your Mm's blingy necklace is a treasure.
    I love the dog walking statue and the diving girl statues. I used to do that with sea anemones, too! xxx

    1. It was such a lovely time, Vix. Oh, that's so funny - what a coincidence! Thank you! More twinsies!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day even if it wasn't your original plan! that bracelet you found is beautiful and of course I love your outfit :) Such gorgeous photos of the beautiful sunny day by the water at the end too - makes me miss summer!

    1. And of course, it wasn't ever about the place, but about spending time together, right, Mica? I love the bracelet and it was such a fun day!

  4. So great you and your mom had a such a great day! I love the pics of you and the sailor statue. The views are so calming, especially the view of water.
    I love your Hawaii dress. The shoes you paired it with are lovely and so is the bag.
    Your silk cover up works well with the beige details in the floral patter of the dress. Altogether, a very pretty and feminine styling. The snake bracelet is lovely, whether real tortoise shell or not, it is a lovely hand made piece. A great find.
    I love that picture of Vizzini and you.
    Do I see a framed illustration of you in the background? Is it new or have I forgotten about it?

    1. Isn't it awesome, Ivana? Thank you so much.
      I really liked this outfit - it was utterly comfy but I felt elegant. I'm excited about the bracelet.

      Yes, that's a copy of a watercolour painting that Megan Mae (one of my very first blog-friends) made for me. I've had it for over 10 years!

  5. Wonderful dress. Fantastic bracelet. And always good to see pics of your mom.

    1. Thanks, Ally! You'll have to meet Mom next time you're out - we'll have a girls' day. :)

  6. Oh, how special to have the day with your mom. Life pace has slowed so three hours seems like a day. I'm like that man- find it interesting to see a familiar pattern on a different item.

    1. It was, thanks, Sam. I am enjoying this slower pace, for sure - going back is going to be a shock. I love recognizing patterns too!

  7. I actually gasped when I spotted your outfit. That maxi dress is a real stunner, and so is that silk cover-up. I'm also admiring that little cream bag. But most of all, I am swooning over that snake bracelet, which I do think is celluloid indeed. This is definitely the stuff of dreams, what a find! I loved tagging along around Sydney and the waterfront. I can almost feel the breeze of the ocean by just looking at your photos! xxx

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Ann. I loved wearing this - you should have seen the silk kimono billowing behind me. I should have taken a picture.

      I do agree, it's not real tortoise - and upon further reflection, I think it's Art Nouveau (30s) more than Art Deco, with all those swirls. So glad you enjoyed our walk!

  8. Such a gorgeous dress! What a wonderful day for you and your mum :)

  9. Your outfit, complete with accessories and with and without the kimono-like shawl, is stunning! I admire that you always dress elegantly yet practically for your Mom & Sheila Adventures. :-)

    Oops a daisy about the hours for Glendale Gardens, yet you two crafted another adventure that worked just as well (plus it leaves you two open to visit Glendale Gardens another time.) How perfect that your souvenir from the day is another snake piece, even though it is not the same material as your other snake pieces you had mused it would be nice to add to your snake collection.

    Your Mom looks radiant and her shorter hair is making me feel cool and comfortable (as I sit here in 90+ temperatures; whew).

    As always, your travelogues are much enjoyed and I shared this one with Fred. He likes to head to Google Maps on occasion. From street view he can walk around an area and get to explore it, taking "arm chair traveller" to a whole new level. ;-) The statues are quite fun, especially the pirate!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Laurie! It was wonderful to wear, comfy, flowy, and billowy - and making it practical is one of the biggest factors!

      I know, duh, didn't even think of it! Ah well, sometimes the real adventure is how you move on and adapt - we ended up having such a wonderful day. We'll do GG another time. I have multiple forms of snake jewelry, from gold, silver, plastic to glass - it's fun to find another one. I like the idea of collecting snake jewelry!

      I know, Mom's 'do made me miss my shorter hair days! So glad you enjoyed it, and hello, Fred - I ALSO Google Maps places and "walk around" and look at them. I hope you poked around in the San Juans and Gulf Islands. I loved that pirate!

  10. My stars, your coiled snake bracelet is sublime. What an awesome find and very reasonable price, especially if (as I too suspect it) it is a deco or 1940s piece.

    How wonderful to see Sidney again. Tony and I were (last) on the Island in 2014 and spent a fantastic day there, hitting several of the used bookstores that the area is famed for and taking some snaps at the very same waterfront location you highlighted here. I can hardly wait to get back and explore this gorgeous corner of the Island again more one day.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I'm amassing quite a collection, Autumn! I think it's Art Nouveau - all those swirls - somewhere in the 30s, I think, upon further reflection, but I bow to your expertise.

      Oh, how nice! Yes, great bookstores, but it's changed a TON since you were last here - it's a great place to go shopping. We should meet up next time you come over. :)

  11. You looked FAB. I love the dress on its own, without the scarf/shrug. So glamourous.
    Your mum is looking very good too. So nice you get to spend time together again.
    Lovely bracelet you scored.

    1. Thanks so much - the cocoon was for sun coverage. She does look great - I loved our day together. Thanks, Greetje!

  12. woww, I'm in love both with your fab dress and your really gorgeous vintage bag!. You're looking particularly fabulous in this dress and cocoon combo, the colours are fab, the shape and swooshiness are fab, and the accessorizing is fab too!
    Glad you enjoyed a walk with your mom, she rocks!

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend! I felt very glamourous wafting around in the breeze on the ocean! You're right, Mom does rock! :)

  13. Sidney looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon. I love a good Hawaiian dress and your Whiting and Davis bag (an excellent find, by the way).

    1. It's a gorgeous place, and such good shopping too! Thank you so much - I think the bag was only $10-15 too!

  14. Oh, how annoying that it was closed! At least you and your mum still got to have adventures. Sidney looks like a really lovely place.

    I'm seriously considering splashing out on something from Nancy Mac when my brother gets married. Their stuff is gorgeous.


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