Monday, August 2, 2021

Bigass Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Re-Purpled Chartreuse Brunch (and Shop); Re-Done Birthday Sequins; and Cat Pictures

Hello, my friends! What a lovely weekend it's been, full of good times, good friends and stretches of quietude (and naps). I've got loads to share, including Saturday's brunch (including a wee shop), a birthday party, and of course, cat pictures. 

So pull up a chair, grab a tall beverage and settle in. Let's go! 

I re-purpled my hair on Saturday morning - this involves mixing a dollop of dark purple Pulp Riot with a giant gob of deep conditioner and giving my hair an allover wash of purple. I can never quite get it even - likely because I am not taking very long to do this and have a "screw it, let's get 'er done!" attitude towards colouring my hair, heh heh. I had to redo one side of my head that somehow got missed, resulting in me rinsing half my head in the kitchen sink! 
The colour will fade out to a nice lavender after a couple of washes. I do this rinse to supplement the permanent lavender dye that I use less frequently, to maintain my purple hue when my hair has lightened up too much for my taste. 

  • Dress - Mary Jo Bruno, vintage 90s, consignment; last seen here in July 2020 with OTK boots (Flashback there too)
  • Shoes - Super Fine Cardinal, Fluevog; last worn here in May with floral and red kisses

This is my first wearing this season of this silk chartreuse Jammy Dress - it's getting worn/spotted, but it's around 25 years old, and has been with me nearly 10 years. This is my 13th wearing of it  - you can view the Flashback at the link above. 
I'd intended to wear one of my new-to-me scarves with it, but once I had the full outfit on, the scarf no longer looked right, so I removed it.
I loaded up on the gold accessories instead. 
Masked up - this is the very first mask I bought, at the start of the pandemic lock-down in 2020. 
It's covered in gold sequins. 

  • Mask - KuverUp

We had cloudy skies on Saturday, with even a bit of spitty rain, but we've been fortunate not to have any wildfire smoke (yet...*knock on wood). 
It was still warm though, so I went bare legged, but wore my little pantaloons. So saucy! 

I didn't really need sunglasses, but I like feeling incognito when I'm in public. 
It was incredibly busy downtown - we're full of Canadian tourists. I'd forgotten how crowded the sidewalks could get! Laurie, don't try crossing the border - it's not open yet with the US. 

The stuff: 
We had brunch at the Ruby with Nick and Casey, then L went off to CD shop, and I headed over to the Patch for a quick browse. These shoes have been a solid (gold!) purchase - they go with everything and they're so comfy. 

Gold bling: 
I couldn't find this belt in the morning, and had to dig out my fall/winter bag of accoutrements to retrieve it. It's vintage Dior - CLASSY. 

  • Leather/brass belt - Christian Dior, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Gold-plated necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, vintage mall, gift from L
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Brutalist ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted

I found a couple of things at the Patch, just quickly going through the racks, feeling for good fabrics, looking for interesting patterns and unusual treasures. I have been on the lookout for a pair of these for YEARS.  
"What about meeeeeee?"

It's a pant-slip! - like a slip, only for pants. They are for wearing under unlined pants (like otherwise scratchy wool ones) or for extra warmth. These will be fantastic in the winter. 

They're by Intimate Details (Details Intimes en francais), and were $14.95.
They were made in Canada and are 100% nylon. They are likely from the 80s, around when manufacturers stopped lining wool pants. 

I found this black skirt (yes, another black skirt) by feel, and risked it by buying it without trying it on. It's slightly snug - a few weeks of skipping chocolate and it'll be perfect. 
All those lines are micro-pleating details - they drape in an interesting way. 

I had to photograph this out on the deck as it was just a black blob indoors. The back: 
The V at the bottom is a sheer chiffon swoosh of fabric. The skirt fits like a pencil skirt with that floof just under the bum - very sexy. 

It's 74% silk/26% polyester (the lining). 
All made in Italy. 
And yes, it's Stella McCartney. 
For $19.95. I spent a while poring through all of's slideshows back to 2002, but couldn't find this skirt (although I found this exact one on eBay for $89.00). I strongly suspect that with the low-hip waistband, the micropleats, and slightly bubbled hem that this is from the early to mid-00s. New skirts by her are in the $600+ and higher range; second-hand skirts are regularly over $200, so this was a score! 

Vizzini was keeping an eye on the neighbourhood for us while we were out. 
"You're home! I must report."

He's been very cuddly lately. 
"The seagulls are loitering."

The gulls have been raucous lately, that's for sure. They are not a fan of Vizzini. 

I had a bit of a nap in the afternoon, then we lounged around watching the Olympics before cabbing over to Greg and Rosanna's place for Nick's birthday party. The outfit pictures below had to be redone on Monday, as I accidentally deleted them (arg!). 
I had to wear my new sequined dress! It sheds sequins everywhere; they're on the stairs, in every room. Greg, Rosanna, I'm sure you'll find some on your patio furniture! 

  • Dress - Dip; purchased here for $34.99
  • Boots - Prepare Map, Fluevog; last worn here in December 2020 with more sequins
  • Jacket (below) - Burberry, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in June with Sailor Pants Three Ways

You can see how much my hair toner faded out after two days of washing it. 
I enjoyed wearing this dress, but it was quite prickly to wear - it shed tiny bits of plastic, which also hooked into my tights and the cami I'm also wearing under this. The tights were very shredded around the thighs. 
I may wear this one more time and then pass it along. It is very sparkly - I did like that part! 
Most of my purples in this outfit are non-matchy, but they all worked happily together. 

I thought we were going to be indoors for the party, but instead we chilled in the driveway with a full set of patio furniture, tables of chips and chocolate, and a portable fire pit for later when it cooled off. It was so much fun - the evening just whizzed by, and before you know it, we were home at 2am. Just like old times! 
I ended up wearing this jacket for most of the party. I also wore the same sparkly gold sequined mask from the morning in the cab there and back, but no need to redo that picture. 

I also didn't need my sunnies for long at the party. 
They're hiding the exasperation in my eyes. I hate it when I delete my pictures proactively. 

The stuff: 
These boots are fantastic for standing around for hours chatting and catching up. This was the first party with "other people" who aren't in our close friend group. So good to see Katya and Michael again, and super-awesome to meet Hannah (hello!) and chat with Emmie (hi!). 

Minimal bling: 
I'm walking bling in this outfit; not much else was needed. 

  • Purse - vintage, gift from Megan Mae
  • Bracelet - Coro, vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

On Sunday, we woke up to slight smoky haze from wildfires that's drifted south. 
"I approve of this temperature."

We had to shut the windows - even when it's not a heavy blanket of smoke, the air quality is still noticeably worse. 

L and I listened to music and read for the afternoon. 
"I'm helping."

Vizzini likes to sit on me when I'm reading. 
"This is good."

I love his funny little face. 
"I'm a ball of cuteness."

And then he gets that look in his eye like he's going to bite me. 
"I'm feeling rather chompy..."

After dinner on Sunday, we hung out and played Arkham - Monday's a holiday! 
"I sit here now. Deal with it."

He quickly gets over-stimulated and attacks L, but he's really cute up till that point. 
"I love the Man."

He loves rubbing his head on L's mustache. 

Well, there we go, my friends! I hope you enjoyed my outfits and adventures, and also had a chill and relaxing weekend yourselves! 


  1. Your newly purpled hair looks magnificent with that wonderful silk chartreuse dress and I'm always happy to feast my eyes on those divine Super Fine Cardinal shoes.
    The sequinned dress looks fab but I feel your pain, sequins are so scratchy. I have a 1980s bustier I always wear at festivals, absolute torture but it looks so good! ​
    I remember my Mum having some of those trouser liners. I haven't seen any for years.
    Vizzini's expression is priceless, I know that "I'm about to turn evil and bite you look",
    Stephen’s a past master! I bet he loved having you both at home, gorgeous beast! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I love those shoes.
      It was rather annoying, and I am still picking up sequins from all over my condo! I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not.
      I saw another pair at Vintage After Death when I was out on Tuesday! So bizarre!
      He's such a funny boy. Yes, he loves having us around, mostly so he can sleep on us.

  2. I love your silk jammy dress. This tonality of green is so fab and it looks great with your newly dyed purple hair. I love the gold shoes and the belt. You always accessorize so well.
    The sequin dress is very pretty too.
    Vizzini's adorable. <3

    1. I love this shade of green, Ivana - chartreuse has to be one of my favourite colours. Thank you!

  3. I have never seen slip pants before! What a great idea for sheer pants! :)

    That sequin dress is so awesome although it's a shame it was a bit prickly to wear!

    1. Yes, great for sheer pants (not that I have any!), especially white ones, Mica.

      It's so cool and SO sparkly, but it's not going to be a frequently-worn item. I'll probably keep it for a party or special event - how often do you find a dress this fun?

  4. Gorgeous colours in your lead ensemble (and the others, too, of course). I was just reflecting to myself a few hours ago about how much I associate earth tones of green with August. Chartreuse, olive, khahi, faded grass - they all speak to this chapter of the year, as summer gradually begins to wind down and the crisp, beautiful days of fall round the bend. It's awesome to celebrate the seasons hues in our wardrobe choice, be it intentionally or by happy coincidence.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn. I am really grooving on fall shades in summer - I love the poetic comparison of the drying grasses!

  5. You are one stylish lady! I helped my daughter color her hair back to her near naturla borwn this weekend. There was some reddish auburn that stubbornly did not want to cover so now she has an interesting highlght thing going on, but likes it. I doubt Cananda will ever let us American corss again if we don't stop acting like idiots.

    1. Thank you, Sam! You kind of have to roll with self-dyeing, and take what you get, ha ha.

      We're opening the border on Monday - I'm terrified!

  6. Oh those golden shoes!! I had a pair of golden sneakers once and I have my golden ankle boots, what can I say. I'm a sucker for gold. Also love the purple booties. Those heels are so amazing. I'm looking forward to see how the skirt looks in you!

    1. I am too, Nancy! The purple boots are so easy to walk/stand in too, perfect for a party.

      I have a few pounds to go before the skirt fits, but I'll get there.

  7. I don't know which is more fabulous, the chartreuse dress or the sequined one! Gah! I love both outfits so much! And the pants slip! I have heard of these before but have never seen a pair. I want them! I also want a big ruffly pair of vintage bloomers! Your freshly purpled hair looks magnificent. I am so long overdue for a cut and color and I just can't be bothered with any of it. I hate having it done, I hate doing it myself, and that leaves me all gray and straggly! Haha.


    1. They're both pretty cool, right, Shelbee? Thank you! I know, and the weird thing - as I told Vix - is that I saw another pair three days later!

      I enjoy colouring my hair - it's relaxing for me. Would your husband or kids do it for you?

    2. Oh my goodness, I just laughed out loud at the idea of my husband or kids dying my hair! They would make a bigger mess of it than I do! Haha. If my sister lived closer, she would do it for me. I think she may be coming to visit in two weeks, maybe I will get her to do it if she does come!


    3. Lol, okay, I know some husbands who do their wives' hair! Leave your white streak!

  8. Love your chartreuse dress and golden accessories (woww, these shoes are fab!) and love your purple hair!. And obviously love your purplelized second outfit, lots of purple details rocking together, a pair of fabulous boots and a sequined dress!, everything Rocks!.

    1. I know you love these shoes, Monica - I do too! Thank you so much - you're always so sweet.

  9. Your opening outfit accessorized with gold is a wonderful combination of snazzy, spiffy and "means serious business" (especially when you add the glasses!) I also think you rocked your sequined dress and accoutrements, though completely understand why it might not last long. When our grandchildren lived with us one of the few items we eventually banned was glitter and sequins!

    Looking forward to seeing how you style the Stella McCartney dress. I only seem to visualize it with a form fitting top and tights.

    You, L and V look like you had a relaxing remainder of the weekend. :-) As for us, we are back in NY after Tuesday's flight home. Three of us enjoyed Port Townsend though I eventually had to chuckle because even if we were permitted to visit Victoria, I had a wicked case of motion sickness on the twisty road north and was MIA for most of Port Townsend! To end with something positive, I wore my new-to-me maxi dress on the plane ride home and felt quite comfortable and pleased that I didn't resort to my usual jeans for travel. :-)

    1. Aw, thank you, Laurie! I have been finding sequins everywhere, and feel sorry for my hosts as I'm sure they have it all over too.

      I'm not sure what I'll do with it! It's oddly formal/dressy.

      We did, thank you! Glad you are home safe! I get motion sickness from driving as well - I feel your pain. Good for you for wearing your new dress on the plane! I bet you got a ton of compliments, and wasn't it more comfy than jeans?

    2. Yes, the dress was MUCH more comfy than jeans! I now solemnly swear off jeans on planes from hereon in!

    3. Right?? So much nicer to have all that looseness, and also look FABULOUS! :)

  10. Your newly purpled hair looks absolutely fabulous with the chartreuse dress, Sheila, and that is one fantastic outfit. I'm hearing you on the colouring and that's why I stopped home colouring my hair. Too much hassle!
    I love it that Vizzini is keeping watch on the neighbourhood, just like Bess who, by the way, wasn't furious at all, when we came back this morning. Quite the contrary!
    Your sequinned party dress is delightful, but oh no at having deleted the photos and having to re-do them. The latter is a sign of true dedication! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I have only paid to have my hair coloured once, and I said NEVER AGAIN - it was so much money, took so long and still grew out/faded. I'd rather do it myself.

      He is ever at the alert! Oh, I'm so glad Bess wasn't upset with you - I hope you got lots of purrs and cuddles from her. :)

      Thank you! OMG, I was so mad at myself. But I owed y'all the outfit!

  11. Love the purpled hair! The chartreuse dress is beautiful and I loved your gold accessories. The shoes are so medieval in style; they're gorgeous, What a statement the sequin dress makes but how annoying it shreds your tights. The pant slips are fantastic; I've yet to come across a pair of those in the charity shops but what a great idea!

    Glad you had a good relaxing weekend. What is it that makes cats bite I wonder? I could see that little evil glint in Vizzini's eyes in your photo!

    1. Thank you, Vronni! I love that dress and nearly always wear it with gold. The shoes do have that vibe, don't they? I was so annoyed at the dress - I can't have it destroying my tights. Would you believe I saw another pair when I was out shopping with Kim? Amazing.

      I think they get overstimulated from petting. It just becomes too much for them.

  12. Vizzini and L is all I remember now, at the end of the post. Outfits? Where? What? Cutness.

  13. Even if you don't wear the sequinned dress again, it made a spectacular outfit for Nick's birthday with all the purple (head to toe!). Yes, sequins are prickly to wear, and that being said, I just purchased a sequinned bomber jacket on Etsy ;)

    Sylvester has started sitting full on my lap, like Vizzini in the last photos, which he has never done. The pandemic has made him extra clingy. I wouldn't have got through the last 15 months without him.

    1. It did, and I am glad I wore it. I've got other sequined garments that are not like this - it's a poor quality piece overall, sadly.

      Aw, that's so sweet that he's doing that. It's nice when they are lovey. I know what you mean, Vizzini has been awesome for my Purr Therapy.


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