Friday, August 20, 2021

Clothing as Armour Two-Fer : Satin and Optic Cocoon; All the Metals

Hello, my friends! It's been a trying couple of days, but the weekend is in sight. I have a two-fer for your in this post (two outfits for the price of one post! and it's all free!), plus a bunch of cat pictures. 

I'm still feeling anxious, stressed and a little "thin" mentally, but there are rays of sunshine peeking through - although not literal rays, as it's gotten cloudy and a bit chilly out. Metaphorical rays! 

So let's get started. I had a call from work on Thursday morning, asking me to come in early on Friday for an important meeting at 8:30am. Getting work calls at home is a big no-no with me, so that ratcheted up my anxiety up - and I was already at a 7/10 due to my pending periodontal appointment that afternoon. Instead of doing my Mental Health Walk, I finished up my MoMA course (link here, 'cause I love - you can audit it for free), which was excellent and well worth the time.

I planned to walk to my appointment, as the activity helps me calm myself, so I got ready slowly and deliberately. Deep breaths...
I decided to wear this new swooshy teal-green satin skirt, and then carried on in full-on "cocoon mode" for the rest of the outfit. 

  • Cardigan - Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil, consignment; last seen here in August 2020 with pink leather
  • Sweater tank - INC, thrifted; last worn here in September 2020 with black and white and red
  • Skirt - 24Colours; purchased here for $29.99
  • Shoes - Wittner, consignment; last seen here in February with grey Gigli

I planned for walking, as well as for being in the chair for an hour, and then hanging out at home with Mom afterwards. Nothing tight, constricting or harsh. 
I hadn't yet worn this optic-print cardi this year, but I love it - it's Gaultier! Mom noticed how sheer it was in person - it's very fine mesh and see-through on the arms (the body is double layers). 

I'm hypnotizing myself with this are feeling calm and serene...nothing to be worried about...
It was sunny and warm and by the time I arrived at the periodontist half an hour early for my anti-anxiety happy pill, I was hot-flashing right and left. My poor tech had to take my temperature twice! 

With the cardi off. 
The little black tank is actually a light sweater knit top. I prefer thicker fabric and knits for actual "structure" pieces vs. camis, which are typically thin polyester or t-shirt fabric. I can wear this top on its own and not look like I'm wearing underthings.

Speaking of...I wore my little pantaloons. 
That's a lovely bruise I have from bumping into a shelf at work. I bruise like a banana.

Masked up. Of course, we have to wear masks in medical offices still. 
Cardigan buttoned and hands in pockets, hiding from the world.

  • Mask - by Mom

In case you're wondering why I go to the dentist so much, I get my teeth scaled every 4-5 months - I grow tartar/scale like a boss - and I have it done by a specialist due to PTSD from my early dental experiences. I smashed out two of my front teeth when I was 17 and went through a year of surgeries and root canals in the 80s (aka the Days Before Pre-Freezing). When I was in my 40s, I went to L's dentist for cleanings, and it was a painful and humiliating ordeal (2 appointment a week for two weeks) without any kind of freezing or sedation while being berated for not taking care of my teeth. I also go to a regular dentist just for cleaning, x-rays, and any other fun things that come up (I've had multiple infections, and a cracked tooth that had to be replaced with a crown). 

Good times! Anyway, that's why I get super-anxious and stressed about both my regular dental appointments and my periodontal appointments. 
I'm all incognito'd up, ready to let my brain float away while my tech works on my completely frozen mouth - she is so kind and gentle with me, and I hugely appreciate her. This was a comfy outfit for sitting in the chair, and also a nice colourful look for Michelle to enjoy. 

  • Purse - Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, thrifted

The stuff: 
I wore my toe-tubes to protect a couple of sensitive spots, but otherwise these shoes were excellent for my brisk walk. 

Green and black bling: 
I like to wear jewelry that makes me feel strong. Note the "theme" of jagged elements on the cardigan and in my accessories. Not an accident!

  • Necklace - vintage 50s, Mom's
  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Lucite/crystal bangle - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage fair
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair

Mom was with me via her necklace - she also "bought" me the cuff via birthday gift money. 

The indoor pics make this skirt look peacock blue, but it's actually a dark greeny-teal.
I'll just lean on the concrete for strength. 

I found Vizzini ensconced on "his chair" with "his pillow" before I left. 
"Don't wake me unless you're going to feed me, Woman."

Wish me luck at the periodontist, Vizzini! 
"Are you serious?"

I am not allowed to leave the dental office alone (due to the happy pill), so Mom generously picked me up - thank you! I'm pretty sure she just wanted to visit with Vizzini. 
"The Mom-Woman is in my chair!"

Mom was very spiffy in her red shoes, new chambray button-front maxi skirt (with pockets!), and blue patterned top - she had a matching mask too (of course!).

We just sat, drank iced tea and chatted for a couple of hours while Vizzini lurked around. I gave her some books I thought she might like. 
"Okay, now you get up, and I take the chair."

He popped one of the hall closet doors open, trying to get our attention...
"Heh heh, they will come looking for me and I'll leap out and scare them!"

Mom and I found this hilarious, just the twitching tail sticking out. Yes, you're so good at hiding, Vizzini. 
"I'm going to sit here until you feed me."

After L got home, I crashed and slept for a couple of hours before dinner. On Friday morning, I was up early and rushing around to get to work for my important meeting...only to find that it had been moved to Monday! Arg! I wore my best armour for it too! 
I doubt I'll ever wear these new-to-me sneakers with anything overly dressy, but I did want to do at least one outfit with them. As they have shiny copper and gold fabrics, I mixed all the metals in my Friday work ensemble. 

  • Leather-front tee - Danier Leather, thrifted; first seen here in July for Space Brunch!
  • Space pants - Free People, Portland, Oregon; last worn here in July - same outfit
  • Shoes - Steve Madden, thrifted; purchased here for $16.95
  • Coat (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in June

My view of the Castle was obscured by fog this morning. First fog of the season! 
I will admit, it felt deliciously cool and soothing. 

I repeated the combination of this awesome studded/beaded leather tee and my Space Pants from earlier in the summer. I knew I wanted to wear these shiny leather pants with my new shoes. 
Since the morning meeting was moved, I dashed to the drug store and picked up some sport inserts for the shoes. I figured out why they were so cheap! The previous owner had ripped out the original inserts and put in a thinner pair. Ah, they feel much better now, and fit me perfectly. Sorry, Mom, you can't have them! 

I chatted with various coworkers in the office today, who all appreciated my leather outfit and shiny bits. 
And I felt strong and in control. Clothing as Armour does work! 
And I felt a lot of the stress seep away...

Masked up. I caught up with one of my favourite colleagues in the building lobby - she was here to pick up a package. 
She appreciated my Clothing as Armour. We had a good chat and shared a big hug. 

Outerwear - it was chilly enough to warrant a coat in the morning. 
I didn't need it on the way home, but it was still cloudy. 

The stuff: 
I used my steamer to make the laces nicer - they were wrinkly and messy-looking. I actually walked to and from work in these - normally, I carry my "good" shoes in my pack, wear sneakers/runners for walking to and from, and then change at work. 

All the metal bling: 
I love mixed metal jewelry. Many people have a "block" when it comes to mixing metals, but it's totally fine. Give it a shot! 

  • Necklace - Stella & Dot, thrifted; purchased here for $7.95
  • Copper earrings/rings - Glee, local
  • Metal/stone bangle - vintage 1920s, vintage mall
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Mesh bracelet - Stella & Dot, consignment

First wearing of the new-to-me necklace, which I wore "all metal" side out. It wanted to flip around a bit, but I resolved that by doing it up at the smallest link. 

After work, I dropped by the Button Boutique to see if I could find some cool buttons to replace the leather ones on the jacket I plan to illustrate
These are glass from Czechoslovakia, and they were $3.75 each button (nearly the full cost of that jacket! I like the dots of gold (those sections are raised) as they remind me of snakeskin.

And now, I'll leave you with one last cat picture. 
"I'm full of fury! Give me treats!"

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend - I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure! 


  1. I was frantically scrolling down to post a comment saying how gorgeous the teal skirt is (I want one!) when the space pants caught my eye and now I'm just swooning all over the place.

  2. Swooning over these outfits! Also - toe tubes? How have I just learned about these magical things? I must buy these, as I am ALWAYS getting blisters and suffering!

    1. Thanks, Chrissy! And you have reader Tat to thank for the toe-tube info!

  3. Wow!!!! Love the two-fer of gorgeous outfits, but I have to comment on the Button Boutique. Really! There is a Button Boutique!!! I want one here!

    1. Yes, there is a Button Boutique! They have amazing buttons! Thanks, Cynthia!

  4. Love both outfits. So glad you have meds and a tech who takes good care as approaching certain appointments can feel daunting. The Space Pants outfit could not be more perfect!!! It looks comfortable and a little quirky and edgy. Vizzinni is so cute. We have 4 semi-feral young cats that we were able to finally catch and neuter. They each have different personalities and one is a tuxedo cat like Vizzinni. Have a restful, relaxing, and cool weekend

    1. Thanks, Chalotalo! I know, I'm lucky to have found a good tech and to be doped up for my sessions.

      Aw, I'm glad you were able to help your kitties! Aren't tuxedo cats the best? :)

  5. Fred said to please let you know he completely understands when it comes to stress over dental appointments (or other medical appointments). I always fill him in and if ever I am remiss, he asks “How is Sheila?” He can see your blog when he walks by me when i am reading. :) In any case, yay for another successful periodontal visit and sound nights sleep!

    The periodontist outfit looks quite comfortable, though it’s your work outfit that makes me smile wide. The shine! The umph! The accessories! That you are keeping your new sneakers! (They still do not signal “sneakers” to my brain.) Harumph on the rescheduling of the 8:30 work meeting from Friday to Monday, though now I’m looking forward to your Monday outfit with a tad more than my regular anticipation.

    Here’s to your Mom, a delightful weekend, and cuddles with L and Vizzini!

    1. Ha ha, aw, thank you to Fred! I appreciate the empathy - right back to him! I'm just happy it's over for a while - my next appointment isn't till January.

      Thank you so much, Laurie! I loved wearing that outfit all day - the sneakers were fantastic once I put the inserts in. I know, I was rather grumpy about that whole situation, sigh.

      Thank you! I hope you both had a good weekend.

  6. I love clothing as armor. Now so need to think if I have anything suitable on my "days" when armour is needed. I'm sorry for your teeth appt stress.

    1. Me too, Sam! It can really make a difference when you need it. Thank you.

  7. It's great to see both of these outfits. The maxi skirt and the black top are a great pairing. The green accessories are lovely, that necklace is very pretty. I also really like your shoes.

    It's nice you were able to catch up with your mother and that Vizzini was there to entertain you. I also like your outfit with the gold pants. The gold statement necklace you paired with it makes me think of Cleopatra. Such a pretty accessory. Great sneakers as well. Sometimes soles really make all the difference when it comes to shoes.

    Clothing as armour is a wonderful philosophy. Sometimes wearing something we like can really pick us up. I think it is perfectly normal to feel stressed before a medical appointment of any sorts. Many people are anxious about going to the dentist. When you had some bad experiences, it is even worse...I don't enjoy taking work related calls at home either...but what must be done, must be done.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I felt properly "armoured up" and was able to face my days.

      Yeah, it's great to just have Mom over for a visit - she has missed having a cat too, so she loves the kitty time.

      I so agree on soles - a bad or slippery sole can just ruin a pair of shoes for me.

      It works really well! I usually know when I'll need to "armour up" but it's a useful tool even when you just want a little extra to face the world. It wasn't even that important of a meeting...

  8. Loving both those outfits.
    The space pants are divine; definitely my favourite, paired with those unusual sneakers.
    I understand your feelings around the dental check; I feel likewise and always treat myself to a 1/2 day off work when I have my appointment. x

    Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend. x

    1. Thank you so much, Phyl! I love the Space Pants too.

      Ugh, they are the worst. I also usually take a half day off work (when I'm working full-time) for my appointment.

  9. I'm sure you duly dazzled your lovely tech with Thursday's hypnotizing outfit! I'm equally sure you must be ranking among her most stylish - if not the most stylish - clients! Lovely to spend some down time with your equally stylish Mom afterwards, even if you had to share her wit Vizzini!
    I can imagine your anxiety at getting work call at home. It's always been a big no-no with me either, although I'm gladly making an exception for my lovely new boss who sometimes calls me with a work related problem on my days off, or in the evenings - he's in Miami hence the time difference. I'm usually able to help him along real quickly and then we end up chatting about personal things, which is lovely. How annoying that the meeting was cancelled and will now be on Monday!
    Nevertheless, you were dressed perfectly for it, and it must have been lovely to catch up with some of your co-workers.
    I'm seriously loving those glass buttons, never mind the price! Can't wait to see how you illustrate the jacket, I'm sure it will be marvellous! xxx

    1. She enjoyed the outfit and did an excellent job, so maybe it made her feel more favourably towards me, Ann! I'll happily share my little furry monster with Mom - she loves him.

      Oh, I HATE being called at home, and it really was not warranted in this case, as I'm always in a few minutes early. That's nice that your boss is lovely about the calls.

      Aw, thank you - yes, it was so nice to see some colleagues. I didn't mind the price of the buttons, as they were such a perfect match to what I plan to do. Thanks, hon!

  10. Oh those sneakers are so fabulous and with this outfit they look like they were made for it. Its not good work cals you at home, they should know that. And to come early for nothing..... of that's bad. I hope your mood lifts up, mine does not.....

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy! I thought of you with this outfit. Oh, I know - I was not happy with getting a call at home, especially after the meeting was moved. Ugh.

  11. I love your Thursday outfit, that skirt is beautiful on you and that cardi is so hypnotising! I'm lucky I only had one bad experience at the dentist but that was enough to put me off for life. I switched dentists and found a lovely lady who treats me like a child - I know this because she says the same things with my actual kids when we take them in, haha! But it's what I need, she is so kind and understanding and I won't go to any other dentist. Although the meeting was moved I don't think your clothing as armour metallic outfit went to waste, it looks awesome! :)
    I'm sure you will have an equally powerful outfit for Monday!
    Hope had a lovely weekend :) We had a day out in the city yesterday with the kids enjoying the warmer weather :) Oh and I got my first covid vaccination too! So pleased!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I really liked that outfit too. It is okay to be treated with kindness and gentleness - so many people have had trauma and pain around dental visits. I'm glad you are getting what you need.

      Thanks, I felt very bold for my Monday meeting - you'll see the outfit soon.

      That is GREAT news! Congrats!

  12. Two fabulous outfits! That satin skirt looks wonderful on, the colour is sublime!
    What awful dental experiences to have gone through. I was lucky, I had to have a lot of work as a child/teenager but had a really kind dentist and was never afraid.
    Gah! I used to hate work calls when I had a day off. It's like there's no escape.
    Vizzini looks positively regal on his crown cushion and like a wild beast on his playstation! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I have been lucky to find two good offices for my dental needs now.

      I know - and I've told them, "Don't call unless the building is on fire!" Gah!

      He is King of the Chair and he knows it! He's so ferocious when he goes at it on his post!

  13. I would have anxiety about going to the dentist if I had gone through all that too. I have had more dental appointments in my life than the average person (crooked teeth, crowded teeth, receeding gums, the whole enchilada) but I'm blessed to have had a succession of good dentists and very nice hygienists.

    I really like those sneakers - they would go perfectly with all my summer wide leg black pants.

    1. You've been lucky, although any excessive amount of dental work is unlucky in my book, Shelley!

      Thank you! Ha ha! Nice try... :)

  14. LOVE both outfits!, your delightfully shiny teal skirt and hypnotizing cardi make a fab ensemble and totally agree about wearing something comfy and fabulous to deal with annoying things. Thanks goddess for drugs!. I can't have many diagnostic procedures if I'm not slept like a stone.
    And you Rock Clothes As Armour!, Love these Space Pants with the leather top and fabulous jewellery. And fabulous shoes too. You've convinced me into mixing metals!.
    Looking forward to see your creativity in action on this jacket (and shiny buttons!)

    1. Aw, thanks so much! All of these things help me get through my appointments.

      Thanks again - this kind of look really feels like me. Mixed metals is totally allowed, permitted and encouraged!

      I hope it works - I'm looking forward to it.

  15. The castle enrobed in a dreamy, alluringly mysterious shroud of fog is magnificently pretty.

    I so adore it when your mom appears in your posts. She's such a lovely soul - just like her daughter.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love it when it's wreathed in fog.

      Isn't she awesome? Thank you!

  16. Sheila, I'm digging those fashion sneakers.



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