Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Two-Fer: Daisies and Dots, and Short Shop

Hello, my friends! Pardon my absence yesterday - I had my biannual periodontist appointment which involves a happy pill, needles and freezing and lots of work on my teeth while I'm zonked out in the dental chair. Good times. I slept instead of blogging. 
I deployed some "Clothing As Armour" for my appointment. Bright colours! Patterns! 

  • Nylon jacket - Stella McCartney for Adidas, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in April for a walk-by visit to see Karen
  • Shirt - Ann Taylor, consignment; last seen here in June with a fancy skirt
  • Skirt - Compania Fantastica, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in April with green Gookey
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog, via Fluemarket; last seen here in May with a butterfly cocoon

I wanted to wear this skirt again, as I like mixing patterns with that delicious Creamsicle orange dot.
I liked the casual vibe that the Adidas (by Stella McCartney!) gave to the more formal pleats of the skirt. I wore it zipped from bottom to top like this for most of the day.
The daisies have yellow centres, so that was a gimme for matching. 
Without the jacket - I took it off a few times when I was hot flashing. This hot weather is causing solar flares in my internal temperatures. 

Masked up. 
I chose my DC women superheroes for the primary colours and black and white graphic. 

Zipped up for my walk to work. 
This was comfy for sitting upside down in a chair for two hours. 

The stuff: 
Lovely yellow shoes! My feet noticed that heel, but they were pretty good for a short day at work. 

Minor bling: 
I couldn't be bothered to do more. Too hot out! 

  • Leather belt - Liz Claiborne, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Stone/steel earrings - Plum

After my nap, L made us dinner and we couch-surfed for the evening. At one point, I heard a ruckus outside. What's going on out here? 
Teenage seagulls having a party. 

Look at them, carousing on the neighbouring roof. 
The goofy look on the right one's face cracks me up. 

Vizzini was all chill. 
"Officer Vizzini is on vacation."

On my Tuesday "off" day, I headed to town to look for books for my next Book Club pick. 
I'm happy to get another wear out of this fun summer dress. 

  • Dress - Trina Turk, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) in May 2019 for a Saturday brunch and shop
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) a couple of weekends ago with my lettuce dress

I just bought it last year, so this is only the second time I've worn it. 
I remembered that it was short when sitting, so it's better for walking around and shopping. 
I had several compliments on it - isn't the print fabulous? It has pockets too! 

Masked up: 
I wore a lot of sunblock, but it was quite windy out, so didn't feel overly hot - it was up to 28 degrees! 

The stuff: 
Comfy walking shoes. 

Jewel-toned bling: 
The hotter it gets, the less stuff I want to wear. 

  • Eelskin bangle - c. 1985, mine, repurchased decades later in a thrift store
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment

I had a lovely expedition up and down Victoria's Fort Street, shopping in local businesses. 
I went back to Lazy Susan's as their masks were the best I've found so far - they have sized ones, and now reversible, plus bendy nose-pieces. 

I love the dots on the reverse of both florals. 
These were $12 each and are made in Canada. 

I popped into Dots to scope out the new stock and I HAD to get this. 
Yes, that is a leopard print red denim suit. It's so rock & roll! 

Both pieces are 100% cotton. 
Nice big pockets on the sides of the pants (fake pockets on the back). 

It's a thick cotton, but has a bit of stretch. 
Machine washable too. 

The suit is made by Smashed Lemon, a Netherlands company and this is from their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection (link here 'cause I love), on page 92. 
The pants were regular $120.00, Dots price $39.99. It looks like these might have been for sale in a boutique? That yellow dot has a $55.00 price slashed down to $48.00. 

The jacket has a nice chain for hanging it. 
It was regular price $150.00, Dots price $49.99.
I'm super-excited to wear these, both together and separately! I only buy the newest stuff at Dots when I find something that I would hugely regret if I passed on - I saw a lot of cool things, but I'll wait for more discounts. 

The Velvet Crease had 20% off on everything, with some items 50% off, including this jacket which I've been semi-stalking since early 2020. 
I took a picture out on the deck, as this deep purple doesn't photograph well inside. The sleeves are thick knit, and the body is velvet. It's 95% cotton, 5% stretch. 

I love the weird arcing shape of the sides - it's very futuristic. 
I'm looking forward to playing with that silhouette. 

It's by Tahari, and was new with tags, but the store removed them. 
This moto style jacket was $22.50, half off their $45.00.

I spotted these sweet d'Orsay flats. 
My size! 

I love the strip of gold across the vamp.
It is attached on top of a leather strip, so no rubbing on the foot. Note the sweet gold heel! 

They're by Pegabo.
The black part and the inside of the shoes are leather. These were $28.00 and there's barely any wear on them. 

As I took my pictures, Vizzini rolled around. 
"I'm hot."

He's such a stretchy boy. 
"Woman! Tum! Rub it!"

We had a good session of tummy rubs. What a nice way to end the day.


  1. Hello Sheila, hope your feeling better I had loads of work done a couple of years ago so felt for you there. You never cease to amaze e how different you look each day. I love the green shift dress and get those legs! I am envious of those shoes you bought wow. Also I bet you are so going to rock that suit. I too don't like wearing much when it is hot (jewellery that is lol) Have a great day Shazx

    1. Hi, Shaz, I'm doing pretty good, thank you. I do like to change things up, outfit-wise (I always have). Thank you, ha, yes, lots of legs in that short dress!

      I love the shoes (such a cute flat) and I'm so stoked to wear the suit. I agree, the heat makes me want to wear less jewelry.

  2. Hope the mouth isn't causing you any pain. Dentists are still pretty much emergency only here and there's been awful reports of people being that desperate that they've pulled out their own teeth. Can you imagine?
    I love the bomber jacket with the pleated skirt, such a ladylike silhouette and the psych print mini dress is wonderfully cheery & fun.
    Has Keith Richards been clearing out his wardrobe? I'm loving the snazzy suit and biker jacket.
    The teenaged seagulls are hilarious, I've never seen a baby one before.
    Give Vizzini a belly rub from me, will ya? xxx

    1. It's mostly one day of pain, Vix, and then I'm fine. It's better than the old process where it would ruin me for a few days. We went back to dentists in May, and it's been tricky getting everyone in and rescheduled. I can't imagine pulling one's own teeth, yikes!!

      Thank you! I enjoyed both looks. Ha, yes, that suiting is very "swagger rock and roll", isn't it?

      No? We see tons of them around - they nest on the rooftops here. I've been watching multiple families of them on the roof of the office building next to mine for the past several months.

      Will do - he will appreciate it!

  3. Ouch-and you sure look perky for having had the dental work. I love the daisy outfit. I am going to get bolder with colors, but I can report that I have worn actul work appopriate clothes three days in a row now-not shorts and t-shrts. I think your example of a colored belt and shoes that tie the rest of the color combos together might be a place I can start once I re-enter the world. The black flats are just terrific.

    1. I was rather sloppy and loopy afterwards, SAM, but I'm all good now. Thank you - bold colours are so fun! Wow, good for you, three days in "real" clothes! Well done! I love "sets" of colour as easy ways to make an outfit look cohesive. Thanks, those black flats are so sweet.

  4. A purple moto-style jacket? Yes, please! And, alas, dental care is important as we get older. Want to keep those chompers in our head.

    1. I agree, Ally! I happily handed over my debit card for that jacket.

      Gawds, yes - and our dental care is key to our body care too!

  5. Your periodontist appointment doesn't sound much fun, but at least you can go and have your teeth looked after. My teeth aren't in a particularly good shape and need regular professional cleaning but that's still a no-no here. Only check-ups and emergencies for the time being. I love the clothing as armour you wore for your appointment. Glad I'm not the only one wearing feel-good, cheer-me-up clothes to the dentist. That orange polka dot skirt truly makes my heart sing, and isn't that Stella McCartney jacket divine? Wonderful pattern mixing! Those goofy teenage seagulls made me chuckle, I'm surprised Mr. Vizzini was all chill about it. That groovily patterned Summer dress is stunning, and I'm loving the masks you found (can't have enough of those). As for that funky leopard print suit: I'm swooning! xxx

    1. It's really NOT fun at all, but yes, getting in for an appointment was a relief. I'm glad you can at least get in for emergencies, unlike Vix's situation.

      I always pick some sort of comfy Clothing As Armour for the periodontist - my tech enjoys it. Thank you - I loved how the Stella jacket went with the dotty skirt.

      Vizzini is more about the crows, who sit and caw at him incessantly while he chitters away at them. He can't be bothered with the seagulls - they are ubiquitous here.

      Thank you! I don't mind wearing it once a year - it's so fun. I love the masks too - especially that they can be reversed. I am SO excited about the suiting - I can't wait to wear it. Maybe Friday!

  6. Oh Smashed Lemon has also fabulous retro dresses! Lovely suit. Love the seagulls too. Your appointment sounds long! But it's over now, so aren't you happy!

    1. Yes, there was a huge selection of those in Dots as well, but the fabrics didn't feel nice to me. I am always looking for cotton or silk or wool, and there's just so much synthetic, ugh.

      Yup, I'm good for another four months. Yay! Thanks, Nancy!

  7. That first outfit: you are so good in pattern mixing. I wouldn’t have come up with this and it works.
    And that red leopard suit. I would have bought that as fast as you did. Smashed lemon? Dutch? Never heard of but there site looks very promising.
    The purple velvet jacket is beautiful. And the flats are sooo good.
    Vizzini is sweet.

    1. Thank you so much, Greetje! I like it too - I'm always proud of myself when I figure out a new pattern mix.

      I know, isn't the leopard amazing? I thought of you when I bought it, actually. That's so weird that you haven't heard of this brand.

  8. I'm loving your orange dot skirt, it's such a vitaminic piece!, and looks so fab with the daisies jacket and yellow shoes!. You totally Rock!. And Glad that it was also a comfy outfit!, totally agree about wearing color as armour, but comfort is so important!
    Also loving your summer dress, such an amazing print!, and it fits you like a dream!.

    And such fabulous purchases you did, lady!, the leopard denim suit is something I couldn't resist, totally stunning!, and purple velvet is definitely Fabulous!. Looking forward to see all these fab pieces 'In Action'.
    Kisses for Vizzini, he's looking so soft and drowsy in the heat!

    1. Isn't it a lovely piece? I really like how versatile it is, and all the yellow with it made me very cheered. Comfy + armour is unbeatable!

      Thank you! I adore this print.

      I know, I am SO excited about the leopard suiting! It's amazing - I might have to wear it tonight! The purple velvet is amazing, truly.

      Aw, Vizzini appreciates that, thanks, hon. :)

  9. That's a beautiful skirt and I really like the yellow with it - I've been on a bit of a yellow kick myself lately! :)

    That leopard suit gets all the love in this post though - what a fun set! I can't wait to see how you wear it!

    1. Yellow is an excellent colour, good for you! Thanks, Mica - I just love the leopard. You'll be seeing it soon!

  10. I love how cheerful the first outfit is. The orange skirt with the dots is adorable and it looks great paired with a bomber jacket. The heels are fabulous as well. The second dress is stunning and it suits you so well. The pattern is so pretty.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana - clothing as armour is effective, especially with bright colours.

  11. Your outfits are like little bits of sunshine - really cheery. Can't wait to see how you style your new suit!

  12. Sorry to hear you had to spend time in the dentist chair. The Trina Turk dress is such a cheerful summer splash of colour. I would have wrestled you for the leopard print suit (it looks fab on you!). The purple jacket is also a stand out piece. I'm impressed that you have found such great pieces recently - the thrift stores here don't have much after being closed for so long. I did visit a nicer consignment store this past weekend though and got a Comrags linen dress and a colourful jumpsuit to refresh my tired hot-weather wardrobe.

    1. It's a regular thing for me, but thanks, Shelley! I love that dress - so fun. Thanks - I thought of you with that leopard suit! The consignment stores are much, much better clothes-wise right now - most of the thrift stores are not set up well for shopping here.


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