Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Lacroix Coat Flashback, Power-Shop, and the Big Tree: Spikes, Finials and Drops

For a day that I didn't work, it's been busy! I was up at my usual groggy-headed time to await the visit of the plumber who dealt with the gurgling monster that lives in the tub. Once that was resolved, I headed to town to get groceries (skipped last week due to my periodontist appointment), then off to the Post Office to mail L's Mom's and brother's Christmas presents, and THEN, I finished up my stocking stuffers for L.

I may have found a few things for myself...

Anyway, I wanted comfort but I also wanted to keep my cheer at a nice Zen level (my mantra, "be more kind"), so I dressed up a casual look.
We'll be doing a Flashback on this spectacular coat, which like yesterday's Flashback is also Desigual - only this one's by Christian Lacroix. Fancy! 

  • Coat - Desigual by Lacroix, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in November 2019
  • Sweater - RW & Co., consignment; last seen here in November for Winesday
  • Jeans - H&M, consignment; last worn here in September for brunch with Mom
  • Boots - Gabor; last seen here with these pants in September

It's still not winter-cold here, so a thick sweater plus this coat kept me warm.
I also have a camisole on under the sweater.
My shiny silver stretchy jeans felt very elf-ish.
This coat has two sets of pockets - side ones (where my hands are) and puffy ones under flaps (where I keep my keys and my mp3 player.

Masked up. This is a new one from Mom, with silver ferns on it.
This coat has always been a might snug on me, and buttoning it is a challenge. Two buttons popped off today while I was out and about! This is not the first time that's happened, so  I'm resolved to just move the buttons to a more comfortable spot so that it fits better. Mission for my upcoming vacation! 

Outerwear engaged. 
Look, I am wearing my new "Mica" Mini-Mac purse! 

  • Purse - Mini-Mac by Rebecca Minkoff, thrifted; purchased here for $39.99
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Hat - thrifted, Vancouver

All ready to go, darlings! This is how the world saw me. 
The Butcher Who Flirts With Me came out from behind the counter and ambushed me in the produce section to tell me how much he loved my outfit. Aw, thank you! 

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes for walking. 

  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Ring - Soul Flower

Flashback: Desigual by Lacroix Coat

Once I had my first Desigual fancy coat, I kept my eyes peeled for another one - it took 4 years, but I finally found one at the Velvet Crease (their old Cook St. location) here for $82.00 in February 2015.
As with my other coat, all of the fabrics are either embroidery or woven. Nothing's printed. 
The whole thing is piped in that orange/red material. I like how that emphasizes the red in some of the fabrics.
Gorgeous buttons. 
Two missing buttons here. The two big circles are vinyl and are stitched on. 

Scribbly lining. 
Fabric close-up:
The coat is from 2012, so it's over 8 years old now. 

I wore it right away in February 2015, and went straight for the red. 
One of my many red dresses I've had. I still have the earrings and belt. Shoe Flashback here

Red and white in April 2015.
Skirt Flashback here; shoe Flashback here.

I experimented with orange in November 2015.
Those boots killed my feet. I still have those earrings!

Showing off the lining in June 2016.
I still have the belt and earrings. 

I like this outfit from February 2017.
I gave Cat those booties. There's my jello-shot necklace!

This coat has outlasted everything else in this September 2017 outfit. 
I do still have that orange vintage slip that's peeking out the bottom. 

Ready to go shopping in November 2017.
Skirt Flashback here

The only thing left from this June 2018 outfit is the coat. 
I really tried to make those shoes work. 

This picture makes me laugh. I look like such a diva.
This was in September 2018, for a friends gathering. Skirt Flashback here

Another shopping outfit here in March 2019. 
Glitter shoe Flashback here

I love this outfit from April 2019. 
Sweater Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore it, in November 2019. 
It goes so well with the booties, I did it again today. 

Mathy stuff: I've now worn it 13 times, so my cost-per-wear is $6.31. Excellent!

Shopping Goodies

I shop local whenever possible, and my first love is shopping second-hand. How awesome when those converge. Here's what I found at the big WIN store. 
I started in the accessories area: hats, bags, scarves, gloves, and purses. I often find gems here...sometimes literally as in these bejeweled "Texting Gloves" by Betsey Johnson. I call these fingerless gloves!
Brand new with tags, only $7.95. They retailed for $35.50. 

I also spotted some nice socks still in their original packaging - I guess someone didn't like their present and donated it! 
Two pairs of socks for $3.95? Awesome! The patterned ones have non-slip dots on them (good for me).
Don't the pink ones look snuggly?

I also found this pack of socks for $5.95 by Buffalo David Bitton. 
I thought there were only 6 pairs in the pack (the giant "8" on the package having escaped my eagle eyes). 
But there were eight! 
Costco, ugh, but nice to know the original price of $11.99.

I couldn't resist these sparkly socks! 
Only $5.95. 
Um, they look reeeeeally long...maybe they will fit L?? If not him, I bet they'll fit Randall. 

They were purchased at Harrods! 18 pounds equals $30.00 Canadian, and marked at $5.95.
They have cashmere in them - classy! 

I scored in the vintage section with this black and silver lame (lah-MAY!) top! 
That collar...the faux belt...

See how it does up? It folds across. 
The entire front of it snaps up with about 5 snap-fasteners. 
Two big crystal buttons. The setting seems old. 

Look at that gorgeous buckle. 

It has a hook with sewn loops at two spots, in case you eat too much Christmas dinner. 
You can see the hand-sewing on the hook, and the uneven sewing on the back of the faux-belt. 

I think someone sewed this for herself for the holiday season. There is a lot of hand-sewing in it. 
Only a tiny bit of wear in the arm-hole. You can see the nice piped bias edges too. 

A pretty shape at the cuff of the bracelet-length sleeve. 
Are you freaking kidding me? $5.95? I could not leave it behind! The "as is" is the fraying nature of the silver threads. 

I also could not try it on, so PHEW, imaging my relief when I got home and tried it. 
Oh yeah, it fits! 
Totally sweet! This needs a bigass skirt or pants. 

I did a quick run-through before I headed for the check-out for anything I thought I might regret leaving. 
Yes, I didn't put this velvet skirt in my basked on the first go-though! 

Look at this amazing embroidery! 
Copper and gold! 

This is the backside of the fabric. WOW.
I think it's machine embroidery, but it's very, very clean. 

I suspect this is also a homemade garment. Again, there's a lot of hand-stitching, and it's not finished all that well. 
Not the same sewer as the silver top! 

The zipper is a modern one (could have been replaced, but I don't think so).
A good strong hook and eye at the top. 

Beautiful waist detail. 
The punch in the tag means 50% off, so this was $8.97. It fits - it's slightly big and quite long, so I might not keep it. 

I looked at this jacket in disbelief. 
Gorgeous baby blue! Come to me! 
I see you are leather! Baby blue leather! 

For $9.95?? Did they not think it WAS leather? I'm shocked. 
It's by \id Collection, and from what I can see online, this jacket came in pistachio green, cream and cotton candy pink - variously selling for $60-350. I saw it identified as 90s, but this feels more modern to me - I'd say early 00s. 
A perfect fit! Thumbs up! 

The Big Tree: Spikes, Finials and Drops

We move on to more of my "filler" decorations. As you saw from my small tree decorations, I'm a fan of spikes, and interesting shapes. I've picked up many of them, mostly in bright colours and fun textures. 

You remember this guy from the tree top on the small tree! I have 3 of these total. 
I just jam it on there, and bend a branch around a spike to keep it in place. 

The second one is mid-tree, on the right side. 
A sneak peek at some of the pretties! 

As a reminder, this is how the spiky stars came. 
I think there are 16 spikes. 

I have 3 of these glass finials on the big tree. They were around $9.95 each.
What a gorgeous pink! 
Red - classic. Matte finish is the best. 
I love this emerald green. 
I left the blue on this tree, instead of the smaller tree. 

I also have one of these in each of the jewel tone colours. These were $5.95 each.
Sapphire and emerald. 
And pink!
I loved it when these colours as a theme were trendy. I collected a ton of ornaments in that 1-2 year period. It's like with clothes: when a colour/cut/pattern you like is in fashion, stock up! 

These next two are plastic and quite lightweight. They were $5.95 each.
I remember doing a tree full of these. So glittery...

I have 12 glass spirals, I think. These were $5.95 each. Some are matte and some are shiny. 

Dark blue.
Such a gorgeous dark blue! 

Shiny Barbie pink.
Another red. 
A matte finish red. 
Matte pink. 

I used to have a green glass icicle, but it broke. The blue one is on the small tree. These were $14.95 each.
These are huge and they are hollow blown glass. 
Ooh, dark purple. Preeeeetttyyyy....

And then I have a few ornaments that are adjacent to drops, spikes and finials. 
A cluster of lights! Festive! It was $3.95.

I have a blue one like this purple netted ball and tassel. I think it was $6.95.
This one's dark purple. 

This finial goes with the wizard Santas. 
It was $5.95.

This is a long spike that starts out red and turns green. It was $4.95.
Gold glitter! This is also hollow, hand-blown glass. 

And we end with...a giant acrylic spiky star! 
It does double-duty as a candleholder, but I've never used it like that. It was around $7.95. 

Well, there we go! Are you feeling festive? 


  1. Sheila! I have that cluster of lights ornament. What are the odds?! I’m sure I’ve had it for decades.

    1. Oh, how funny! We're twins! That is so cool, STAshworth!

  2. I sure love your patterned,one of a kind jackets and coats. The finniels are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good morning, yes I do feel festive after enjoying your colourful posts! Firstly love how you jazzed up "our" red jumper. Now like you I love second hand but gee the thrifting Gods are with you. I bet you were so relieved when everything fitted superbly when you got home. You look great in all your finds especially that silver stunner. I love your decoration posts. Shazxx

    1. Aw, good to hear, Shaz! Yes, I thought of you when I put my red sweater on - twins!

      I have good luck, but I've also trained myself how to find the good stuff. I'm really happy it all fit, though. Thank you so much!

  4. That last ornament is sitting on my dining table right now with a candle in it! I used to hang it over my Nativity set when the kids were little. Love your baby blue leather jacket. Maybe I need to come to Canada and do some shopping!

    1. Carol, that is too funny! Yes, come on up here when it's safe again! I'll take you shopping!

  5. Just had to tell you that the blue leather jacket is Eh-Vah-Ree thing! At first I didn't realize it was leather until you did the closeup and then you put it on! Oooh, clutch the pearls! I can't wait until you wear it.

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! I love it, and was so excited to find it was leather. I hope you enjoy the outfit I made with it!

  6. Another fabulous coat, what joy you must bring to all who saw you out and about today!
    You sound really organised with all the Xmas stuff, I still don't know what I'm doing. I shall sit down tomorrow and write a list like a grown up!
    How snazzy are those Harrods socks? Love them! The leather jacket, the lah_may! jacket and the velvet skirt are all fabulous finds.
    I'd be wearing that tassel decoration as a necklace! xxx

    1. Aw, I hope so, Vix - these are trying times and everything I can do to help myself, well, it's just bonus when it helps someone else feel cheerier.

      I am a very organized person - I'm good at thinking through processes and putting them in order. I rarely do lists, though.

      Aren't they fun? I'm going to give them to Randall.

      Ooh, I love it - it would make a great necklace!

  7. Two Desigual coats? You lucky devil! This one is beautiful and full of interesting detail. The buttons are superb on both your coats.

    You did so well on your shopping expedition. That beautiful jacket looked made for the silver trousers. The baby blue leather jacket was gorgeous as was the velvet skirt; it was definitely your day. And of course all those fabulous socks and the texting gloves. That did make me laugh!

    Take care

    1. Aren't I the luckiest, Vronni? I haven't seen another one since, but I'm always on the lookout. I love the button details too.

      I also really liked the jacket with the silver bottom, so I did the same thing but with a skirt! I hope you like that outfit. I know, "texting gloves", so silly!

  8. My goodness that silver top fits you like a glove! Can't wait to see how you will wear it, although I do love it with those fantastic trousers. I love that you send presents. We don't do that over here.

    1. I know, I totally guessed it would fit, and I'm so glad it did! I'll be wearing it really soon!

      We only do for L's family, as they live in a little remote town on the mainland.

  9. Loving your casual yet cheerful and chic hopping outfit. That coat is fabulous and how gorgeous are those buttons! I've got one or two slightly too snug coats I cannot bear to be without as well. Better be careful not to lose one of those buttons.
    Didn't you do well shopping? The black and silver lame top, the velvet skirt and the baby blue leather jacket are all brilliant finds. I'm often wearing fingerless gloves as it allows me to take photographs!
    Another brilliant installment of Christmas decs. I'm loving all the jewel colours, but my absolute favourite must be the cluster of lights ornament. So unusual! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I love Desigual's buttons! I am tired of the buttons popping off, so I'm just going to make it so they don't by moving them to more comfortable locations.

      I did! I'm so thrilled with them all. I love fingerless gloves - I have been known to wear them at work when I'm cold, and they are great for combing the racks at the shops.

      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them. That's a really cool ornament, isn't it?

  10. Another gorgeous Desigual coat. It's so beautiful. I love how you paired with those silver pants. The red sweater is gorgeous and so nice how you paired it with a red face mask your mother gave you. Lovely red hat and gloves as well. Great outfit on overall. I also enjoyed the flashback with this fabulous coat and your seeing more of your wonderful Christmas ornaments.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I liked it with the silver pants too and loved the pops of red.

  11. It's awesome the winter's wreath hasn't settled in for the long haul yet on the Island. It came-a-calling back in mid-October here at the tippy-top of the Okanagan, so as the season officially begins in a couple of days, it almost feels like we should be in February by now. 😂

    No dice, of course, but the optimist in me likes think that maybe since winter started laughably early this time around, perhaps the same will be true of spring as well.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Winter tends to skip the lower Island at least, Autumn. Yikes, good luck with all your snow!

      We can always hope - spring will eventually come!

  12. Your shopping outfit just goes to show that comfortable does not need to be boring. Very good outfit. I am glad you showed us how the black and silver lame top looks on you. When I saw it I held my breath. Although it is gorgeous I was afraid it would look old-fashioned when on. But no! It looks fantastic. And if you decide you would wear it on the silver trousers I think it would be a very good ides. The butter soft leather jacket looks blue to me, not green, but you know what you bought. Great find.

    1. Agreed - I can't abide a sloppy shopping outfit! Yes, I was a bit worried about it looking old-fashioned too - it's so lovely, though. I won't be wearing it with the silver trousers, even though they are a good match, colour-wise. I don't like a cropped peplum like that with skinny pants - I prefer a skirt to balance the top.

      I didn't ever identify the leather jacket as green (!) - it's baby blue.

    2. I must have read it too quickly and mistaken the fact that this baby blue jacket also came in other colours... sorry.

  13. Nice score on the silver top and velvet skirt. The nice thing about handmade items is that you won't find another one like it! The baby blue leather jacket is a beaut!

    You now have a whole silver section in your wardrobe with pants, skirt and top. Do you have a silver dress? If not, that should be on the list.

    1. Thanks, Shelley! I agree - I love finding well made hand-sewn things.

      I do not have a silver dress! They are not that common, strangely. At least, not one that is good enough quality for me to buy.

  14. I love the acrylic spiky star!!!!
    The Designual coat is really special! I am so chuffed you got it for such a good price- it looks amazing with red!

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! It is a really special piece. Thank you!

  15. Yey for wearing the mini MAC bag - it looks so good on you and I like the red and silver combo! I briefly considered red and silver for my Christmas nails this year, I like the two together but thought I'd go completely red instead.

    That silver jacket you found too is amazing! And that spikey candle holder / decoration looks really similar to a candle holder I saw in store here recently! I worried the kids might get hurt on it, haha! But it looked really cool so I considered it!

    1. I've been wearing it daily, Mica, as it goes with everything! I love red and silver together - so festive.

      I love the silver top (it's not a jacket). That's so funny - go back and get it!

  16. Wow, this is another fab coat, I adore this kind of design, the embroideries and buttons are so beautiful!. Love it with all this red and silver and perfect boots, this is a fabulous ensemble. And love that you wear it with reds and oranges frequently, such a fab color combo!.
    The silver jacket is so amazing!, love to find some quality handmade items when shopping second hand, it's so special!. And love the bargainous leather jacket, it looks so fab!. Lovely embroidered skirt too!
    Those spiky ornaments are really stunning, lots of colour and shine!!

    1. It is a truly gorgeous piece. Same, I love all the details and wearing it with red and orange.

      Thanks, Monica! It's awesome to find those little bits of personal history when thrifting.

      I love my spiky things!

  17. You do find the best things when you're out shopping. That silver jacket is a real winner.

    When I saw your coat I thought it had a kinship with your green Desigual one, so was quite chuffed to read the caption and see it was also Desigual. This blog is educational! And that coat is also splendid.

    1. It was definitely too good to leave in the store - thanks, Mim!

      Yes, good catch! It's a wonderful coat.


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