Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Pre-Dental Mental Health Shop

I had a dentist appointment scheduled for Wednesday afternoon - not something I ever look forward to, even though I love my dentist, and this was just a light cleaning. To quell my anxiety, I treated myself to a Mental Health shop beforehand.
Some easy soft clothes, with lots of bling and bright colour. You know I'm doing both Clothing As Armour and Colour Therapy! 

  • Jacket - Marc Cain, consignment; last seen here for a glamourous photo shoot at the Castle with Mom in March
  • Cashmere t-shirt - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) with palm trees in July 2020
  • Skirt - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May 2020 for my first pandemic shopping trip
  • Shoes - Half Truth Tanya, Fluevogs; last worn here in May with vintage green with L to get his 1st jab

My peach cashmere tee is more like a very thin sweater. 
It was sunny and bright today, but windy, so I was glad to have the warmth of cashmere. 

My skirt is a hemp blend by local makers Smoking Lily - it used to belong to my friend Cat, who'd donated it. And then I bought it. Small world. 
It's a great shopping skirt and awesome for travel - it wears like iron - and it has nice big pockets. 
With my tweedy jacket on.
When I walked into Turnabout, the manager recognized it right away. 

Masked up. 
Matching all the greens in my outfit. 

  • Mask - by Mom

This is how most of the world saw me. 
"I can't believe you stole my bed out from under me!"

I walked to town, got groceries (they're delivered in the late afternoon), and caught the bus to the dry-cleaning shop to drop off L's suit - a seagull splatted L and Vlad the Jag on the way home the other night! That's supposed to be good luck - buy a lottery ticket, L! 

The stuff:  
These shoes are very comfy for walking and shopping. 

Green and blue bling: 
I took the bangles off once I started shopping, as they were in the way. 

  • Necklace - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Blue bangle - vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/aventurine ring- consignment
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver

The necklace easily slips off over my head. 

This is the reason Vizzini was annoyed with me. He'd found a new place to sleep: on L's dirty suit. 
"It smells intriguing. Also, you should put some pants on, Woman."

Busted! I went looking for him when I got up and only found him when he meowed at me. 

I walked to the House of Savoy from the dry-cleaners, and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. They're under new ownership: the previous owner (a lovely lady) retired and sold it to long-time customer Emily, who has done a FABULOUS job at lightening the store up and making it feel spacious and airy. She removed a couple of fixtures, and she even has a seating area! So impressed! 

While I was chatting with Emily, she asked for a blog card, and when she looked at it, she said, "Oh! My mom loves your blog!" So HI, DOMINIQUE! Thanks for reading! . 

I tried on a bunch of things, but nothing was quite right. I did find this lovely brass bracelet, though. 
I love the cluster of crystals, turquoise and the big centre pearl. 

And make no mistake: that IS a pearl, and real turquoise, and real crystals. 
I know this brand! They are a Canadian company - this was made in Vancouver - and they use Swarovski crystals and real semi-precious gemstones and pearls in their jewelry. I have a few pieces that L's bought me, plus some more that I've found second-hand.

I couldn't find a solid cuff by them online - they tend to do loose linked bracelets - so this is likely 90s or early 00s when the internet wasn't as prolific. 
I love the warm brass with the blues - it's so pretty. Can you believe it was only $16.00? This probably was well over $100 new. 

From House of Savoy, I crossed the avenue to Turnabout where I had better luck. Oh my, look at these funky shoes! 
I was immediately drawn to the studs and the strap. I'm like a crow with that stuff! 

Nice platform - and Shoe Math means that's only a 2.5 inch heel (my max these days). They don't feel high.
I like how the toe is shaped to make it easier to walk - and that ankle strap will keep these securely on my feet. 

Well, how wonderful! They're by John Fluevog! 
I do not recognize this style AT ALL, and I know most of the styles from the past 10+ years. 

They don't have a fancy Fluevog sole, like I'm used to seeing - I carefully inspected to see if the sole had been replaced and it doesn't appear so, and of course, that label is still there. 
I will be removing that - I don't like seeing the flash of tags on the bottoms of shoes when a person is walking. But we have the picture to prove that's the original sole! 

I've never seen this before in a Fluevog shoe. "Summertime" and "Take it easy", plus John's signature. I think these are old. And...[interwebz research] these are called the Summertime Moonbeams, and they are from 2007 (link to the Flueseum here, 'cause I love), which is right around the time I got my very first pair of Fluevogs.
Like most 'Vogs from back then, they would have been around $300 originally. I paid $189.99 for them, and I'm very happy with that. Fluevogs retain their value really well, as they are beautifully-made shoes. I'm super-excited as I've had Black Heels on my shopping list for years. These will fit in well in my rock & roll wardrobe. 

I had to buy this jacket, since I have matching shoes
It's also a perfect fit on me, and will meld well in my wardrobe. I have a lot of orange! 
I love the lines of it - the sleeves are bracelet-length with a single button at the cuff. Perfect for showing off...bracelets. 

The tag and another glimpse of the floral lining. It's by Working Title Ted Baker. 
Great details. 
Floral-lined pockets, a signature on the copper button. 
And would you look at that lining? I'm swooning over here! 

It's the Alisya jacket, which they've done in a bunch of colours over the years. 
I suspect this is around 10 years old, and it would have retailed for around $300 new. It was $45.00 on sale from the original Turnabout price of $89.99. 

Black clothing doesn't really grab me unless it's really unusual. 
I think we all can agree that this high-neck, industrial plastic zip, belted, and massively sleeved jacket is unusual. 

The material is almost like neoprene. Note the zig zag detail on the zipper placket, and the wonderful pleats in the shoulders. I'm also loving that massive pocket. And yes, it's Zara. 
It was all of $9.00 from the clearance rack (originally tagged at $29.00 by Turnabout). It's a current Zara item, called the Neoprene Effect Jacket, originally priced at $59.99, reduced to $29.99 with an extra 45% off, so $13.50. I guess I didn't overpay! I'll be styling it more interesting than they are showing it: straight black flare pants and a little black flat sandal. BO-RING. 

I was utterly charmed by this romantic 1930s-looking dress. It doesn't look that exciting on the hanger. but it fits me perfectly.
It's a dark brown woven viscose.

It comes with a matching slip. 
The slip's straps are adjustable - a nice detail. I forgot to take a picture, but it has little snap fastener holders inside the main dress so that the straps don't slide.

I love the structure at the bust, and the tiny fabric-covered buttons. The flutter sleeves are so pretty.
That all lays nice and smooth over my midsection. Very flattering, and made me feel happy.

Look at that lovely floral burst up the side seams. Blues, pinks and greens - I have shoes to go with this! 
The buttons go all the way down the dress, so you could open it up from the bottom if so desired. 

It's by Sundance and is made in India. Because I see a bag with extra buttons there, I can only conclude that this has never been worn. 
I was surprised to learn this dress actually has an association with Sundance, the big movie festival founded by Robert Redford (link here, 'cause I love)! 

This is called the Primrose Dress, and it's on sale, marked down from $198 to $159.99. We can be twins! 
This was $63.99 marked down from $79.99 at Turnabout. 

I'm excited about all of these items - do you have a favourite? 

And now, one last look at the outraged Vizzini as I prepare to gently nudge shove him off L's suit. 
"I see you have your clothes on. Bravo."

And now, off to give someone some lap time! 


  1. I think Sal of Already Pretty had either those same Vogs (the summer time) or pairs from the same shoe fam.

    I remember a similar ankle boot too. I love the chunky platform. Looks very walkable

    1. Oh, you're right, Megan! Did she have them in olive? I found a bunch of them in the same family on the Fluevog site.

      They are super-comfy - I'm excited to wear them soon.

  2. Love all of it but the floral dress is my favorite -- so pretty!

    1. It's so pretty on too, Cynthia! I'll be wearing it soon!

  3. Oh those shoes were a great find Sheila! I love the orange blazer too and hope the dentist went well! I am also terrified of the dentist - although last time I combined the dentist with a stop at the op shop I scored an awesome designer bag so i think I need to employ the same routine you do more regularly each time I go, haha!

    1. I love them, Mica - they are so 'me'! Yes, the dentist was fine, just a quick cleaning, x-rays and a polish, easy-peasy. My dentist is awesome, and my hygienist is great at distracting me from what she's doing. Shopping to reward ourselves for something we dread really seems to help, doesn't it?

  4. You're one of the rare icons who appeal to both daughters and their mothers. Your fashion sense transcends generations.

    It's also a tribute to John that his shoes have a thriving secondary market. I like that from an environmental perspective.

    1. As all fashion should, Ally! Fashion and style are ageless...or they SHOULD be!

      Check out the Fluemarket (it's on their site), where you can find vintage and new 'Vogs for cheaper prices. I've bought through it twice.

  5. Well didn't you do well! I love the jacket it's very funky and the cuff and the floral dress were lovely!

    Hope the dentistry went ok? My dentist is still not cleaning teeth; only physically checking them. I have to wait until September which by then will have been a whole year!

    1. I did very well, and I'm really happy with my purchases, Vronni!

      Yes, nothing out of the ordinary, just my regular clean, x-rays and polish, in and out in less than 30 minutes. Oh my gosh, that's a long time! I hope you can get in soon!

  6. I'm killing myself laughing over Vizzini's outraged face!
    That cuff is gorgeous and I bet that Sundance tea dress will look wonderful on. How exciting to find a new pair of Fluevogs to add to your collection. You're like me, I absolutely love researching my finds.
    I hope you got on okay at the dentist. Like Vronni says, our dentists are struggling because of the pandemic. I haven't been to mine for 2 years! xxx

    1. He was very annoyed by me removing "his" suit, Vix!

      Thanks, I love both of those, and I am thrilled with my new 'Vogs. Research is the most fun part, isn't it? Especially when you find something really good.

      It was fine, just my usual less than 30 minutes check-up. Oh no! Our dentist opened up with major precautions right away here, within a couple of months in late spring 2020. I hope you can get in soon!

  7. All your finds are pretty wonderful, but my favourites are the bracelet followed by the orange jacket. You really do have a gift for finding unique and beautiful things.

    I sure all went well at the dental visit and I hope that Vizzini has forgiven you, lol.

    1. I love the bracelet too, Nana, and it's going to be in heavy rotation this fall (my brass jewelry is all mostly fall stuff). I love that bright jacket and knew I had to have it! I find the "good stuff" when I shop.

      It was all good, thanks, and Vizzini is now sulking over something else. What a moody kitty!

  8. Like Vronni, I can only have my teeth checked but not cleaned - which I think is really bothersome - otherwise, it's emergency procedures only. I guess that will soon change though as our vaccination roll-out is nearing completion. Hope all went well with your appointment.
    I'm loving your perfect shopping outfit: the skirt is cute and the tweedy jacket goes so well with both the skirt and your Cashmere jumper. I'm hearing you on the bangles being in the way, though. Wonderful finds, I'm loving the cuff, the Fluevogs and the floral Sundance dress in particular! Look at Vizzini's annoyed little face! Phoebe used to love lying on Jos's dressing gown, but it seems Bess isn't partial to lying on our discarded clothing! xxx

    1. Oh no, I assumed that all dentists had opened back up, as they did here, Ann. I hope you can get in and get your teeth taken care of soon.

      Thanks so much, my dear! I wore the bangles when I was walking around, but just popped them into my bag when I was trying stuff on. I had to be fashionable, lol. I'm happy with all of my purchases, though.

      Vizzini is such a grumpy kitty. Aw, I'm sure Bess will adopt something soon!

  9. Oh my, yes, I have a favorite - your new Sundance dress! First time I have ever seen a dress come with a matching slip. Under the right circumstances, maybe the slip could even be worn on its own? It's a fluttery loverly dress and I look forward to seeing how you style it.

    Am enjoying that a post (or two or three ;-)) ago I commented on your jacket, how much I like your various jackets, and how adding a jacket to an outfit ups the ante on the outfit. Yet again for this post's main outfit. And then you found two more jackets on your shopping foray! I like that jackets, besides helping to make/finish an outfit, can be dressed up or down, making them immensely versatile.

    My top heel height was 2 inches for a daily shoe and 2.5 (maybe 3) for a worn once-in-a-while dressy shoe. Now, my top height is 1.5 inches, with a preference for 1 inch! My how being retired and wanting to nurture my feet has changed my mindset! Well, it's really all about practicality for me. I have an awesome pair of sandals and another awesome pair of brown suede heels, both clocking in at 2.5 or maybe even 3, and I will hold on to them for their beauty and, maybe, to one day wear to the appropriate event!

    Vizzini, you need to ask Sheila to pick up a second hand suit just for you. ;-)

    1. Isn't it amazing, Laurie? I love the vintage look of it, and the flowy and flattering cut. I've seen many dresses with matching slips, but they aren't all that common - it is a mark of quality, for sure. No, I won't be wearing the slip on its own - it's far too sheer!

      Yes, I so agree - jackets really are "completer" pieces for outfits, and clothes can look bland until you add a jacket. I am always on the lookout for good jackets! I'll be wearing both of them soon.

      I used to to 4" heels, with 3" being a daily height - I do regret that, as I've had foot pain as I've gotten older. I am better with lower heels now, and the year+ of reduced hours has actually helped them heal. I think it's good to have a few pairs of "for show" shoes!

      Don't give him ideas, lol!

  10. Fantastic outfit for your dentist appointment...and your second hand finds are awesome.

  11. That Ted Baker jacket - what an ace find! The floral lining is so darned pretty too. I completely understand why you'd fall for that black jacket too. It's just quirky enough isn't it. Thanks for the retail therapy x

    1. I'm really excited about that jacket too, Anna! Thank you! The black jacket makes me giggle.

  12. Yay, you crossed Black shoes off your Fluevog want list! They are nice! I really like the green ones you wore too! Poor Vizzini, how DARE you remove his comfy suit!x

    1. I did! These are so fun, and I'm excited to wear them. Thank you!

      Heh, I got the cold shoulder from him for a few hours after! So cranky.

  13. Great outfit for mental health shopping! What a fabulous find in those Fluevog shoes. They are really cool and I would have been drawn to all the studs as well. You found lots of fun pieces, proving that cleaning day at the dentist can be a pretty spectacular day! Did L buy a lottery ticket? Bird poop is good luck!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee, it was! I love the Fluevogs - and I wore them for the first time this weekend! It really helped offset the stress of being at the dentist - I do love a Mental Health Shop!

      He did! We're not rich yet, though, lol.

  14. I would have snagged that neoprene black jacket if you hadn't ;) Good score on the almost-vintage fluevogs.

    My dentist has been open with precautions for most of the pandemic and I was able to get my teeth cleaned this past Spring. I had to spend so much time at the dentist when I was growing up and as a younger adult that it doesn't bother me at all anymore.

    1. It's so cool, isn't it, Shelley? I will likely save it till fall or chillier weather to wear. I adore the 'Vogs, what a score.

      That's great news - our dental businesses were only closed for 3-4 months in the first lockdown of Spring 2020, so I've been going nearly this whole pandemic. I spent a LOT of time at the dentist when I was younger, and it traumatized me!

  15. Good stars do I adore those chic black heels. So much of their design channels a distinctly 1940s feel, which is awesome! Definitely one of my fave pairs of shoes you've shared with us to date.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Yes, I love that era too, plus anything that has that rock and roll vibe is right up my alley, Autumn. Thank you!


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