Sunday, July 18, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Spaced Brunch, a Teeny Shop, and Cat Pic

Hello, my friends! It's been a quiet weekend over here, with only the slightest bit of socializing, which is fine by me. I'm recharging my social batteries, in preparation for all kinds of shenanigans starting next week.

Friday night was quiet - L was out for drinks with a work-friend - and on Saturday morning, we headed to the Ruby to meet up with Nick and our longtime pal Zeb who was visiting down-Island from Nanaimo. 
I had to wear something new, funky and special - EVERY occasion is worth dressing up for! 

  • Studded leather top - Danier, thrifted; purchased here for $28.95
  • Space pants - Free People, Portland, OR; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March for our anniversary jaunt to Sidney
  • Shoes - Summertime Moonbeams, Fluevog, 2007, consignment; purchased here for $189.99

It was a bit cloudy and breezy, but still warm enough not to have to wear a coat. Leather Weather! 
My Space Pants were calling out to me. They had several admirers in line at the Ruby. Yes, of course, I tell people they are made from Space Cows, which are fed special grass to make their hides really shiny. I am silly that way. 

First wearing of this new-to-me leather-fronted top, and this is way more my jam for something t-shirt-adjacent. 
It softened up beautifully as I wore it. 

I'm always happy when my pants fit. 
This was a perfect outfit for a bit of standing, sitting and eating, and a small shop afterwards. 

Masked up - this one's black with gold foil stars. 
Gotta keep matching. 

  • Mask - by Mom

Sunnies at the ready. 
I felt like a badass! 

The stuff: 
First wearing of these new-to-me almost-vintage Fluevogs. I walked over to Dots while L moved the car (parking had expired) and did a quick CD shop at Ditch Records. They were very secure on my feet with no pain at all (I had knee-highs on).

Space bling:
I had at least three comments on my Star Trek Communicator badge. It's magnetic, so perfect for a leather top. 

  • Star Trek Communicator badge - MoPOP gift shop, Seattle
  • Lucite/crystal bangle - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair
  • Brutalist ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall

Before I get to my purchases at Dots, some Vizzini pics! 
"Just as I'm about to fall asleep..."

He always finds the warmest spot. 
"I thought you were leaving."

Aw, I can't resist giving my little buddy some love. 
"Oh, very well, Woman."

Warm fur has to be one of the best feelings around. 

Here's what I found at Dots - they had an additional 20% off on everything in the store, which is the perfect time to grab some deeply discounted final clearance treasures and cherry-pick the best of the new stock. 
I have been on the hunt for a yellow top that isn't see-through for YEARS. Seriously, clothing manufacturers, is it that hard to make an opaque yellow fabric? 

I appreciate the frilly neck and cuffs of this finely-knit 100% cotton jersey top. This egg-yolk yellow colour is my favourite shade of yellow, right up there with mustard.
Those 70s-inspired loop zippers remind me of my childhood.

Such pretty detail on the cuffs with the steel stud-style buttons. Very rock and roll.
The extra ruffle along the edge is a nice touch. 

This top is by Desoto, a company that strives for ethical/sustainable clothing, as you can see by their hang-tag.
This was $15.99 with the extra discount; the original Dots price was $29.99 and it would have retailed for $75.00.

Desoto is a responsible corporation when it comes to manufacturing, I was pleased to find out from their site (link here 'cause I love).
 I'm glad I can wear this top for business, casual and for...wrestling. Good to know! 

The colours of this leopard top really appealed to me. Olive, orange/red/brown and black will be very versatile in my wardrobe. 
It's a bit hard to see, but there are ties for a bow at the neck. 

The fabric is polyester, with sort of a fringed circle pattern woven into it. 
The brand is The Korner, and this had been marked down many times and was lurking in the Final Clearance section. It was reduced even further to $4.79. 
It was originally priced at $29.99 by Dots - the regular retail would have been $75.00, and this was from the Fall 2020 season. 

My hand caught this as I was dragging it along the crowded racks. Dots does zero merchandising or displays, and the salespeople are not there to serve you - it's just rack after rack of samples. Heaven for a Zen-seeking shopper like me. 
Anyway, SEQUINS! This is a dress, in case you were wondering.

 The trim is magenta purple, and the sequins are orange, pale pink and turquoise. 
I certainly have shoes that will go with this! 

The brand is Dip, and this was made in Italy. 
It's fully lined with a light netting - what a lot of hand-work that is to sew all those sequins! 

It's new to Dots - I would have spotted this immediately the last time I was in! - and was priced at $49.99, but with the discount it was only $34.99. That's better than $150.00. 
Yes, I'll take it! I didn't actually try anything on, but these were all low-risk purchases - and they all fit! 

Vizzini made his presence known while I was taking pictures of everything.  
"I am more important than your stupid dress."

Oh, I totally agree, my affectionate boy. 
"Hurry up, Woman! This tum won't rub itself!"

And now, I'll leave you with a couple of quick shots of L and Mr. Lovey. 
"Caught again!"

Note L's vintage Indonesian shirt paired with navy/white polka dotted pants (both items were second-hand). Such a stylin' guy! 

We have our photo albums as screen-savers on the computer - above is my New Year's Eve outfit from 2017/2018 (post here). 
"Why do I feel like the Man is making fun of me?"

Hee, because he is! Bunny ears for Vizzini, tee hee! 

And that's it - not quite a Bigass Weekend, but still replete with good things. We hung out on Saturday, reading, napping and playing board games into the late evening, and Sunday was more of the same. Ah, I'm savouring every minute. 

Thank you so much for stopping by - I hope you've all had a marvelous weekend! 


  1. Space cows! Ha. Love your sense of humor.

    1. I try to have fun with my clothes, including making up stories! :) Thanks, Ally!

  2. Oh yuh, this is definitely a boss lady Sheila outfit. The new-to-you leather top is fabulous and the whole outfit, mask to toe, is what my Aunt would call a winner!

    I look forward to seeing the sequin dress styled; it is a smashing piece!

    Am smiling at the thought that maybe some people will scratch their heads and wonder if there really is such a thing as space cows!

    Will return the wave across the strait when we land in Seattle on Thursday! Maybe I can persuade Robin to take me to vintage/second hand shops in Olympia as it seems fitting if I am to try a maxi dress or jumpsuit I might find one out west. Not the same as shopping in Victoria, but close enough!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I loved this outfit - it was definitely a winner.

      It's so fun - I'm excited to wear it, hopefully soon!

      I have been telling my coworkers that since I bought these trousers years ago, heheh.

      Super! Oh, that sounds like a lovely time - I hope you can find something! It's close enough for now. :)

  3. You look like a beautiful badass in your space pants and leather tee! The space cow might be my spirit animal! I love that. What a fabulous outfit! And so many great thrifted finds. I went thrift shopping this weekend as well and found some pretty amazing pieces. I need to start photographing my thrift shop hauls when I bring them home. I never do, I just wait until I wear the pieces to take photos, but then some get lost in the mix. Making a mental note now to take the photos!


    1. Aw, thanks so much, Shelbee! I used to do the same, just integrate my new-to-me things into my outfits right away, but my readers liked it when I showed my "hauls", so I started doing that. I like being able to pinpoint when I got things, and how much I paid for them.

  4. Love your outfit! Fun! We've been very social the past few weekends so I am glad for a little break from people as September will be non stop with family!

    1. Thanks, Mireille! Our social calendar is starting to fill up as well. I'm enjoying the quiet while I can!

  5. Yikes - Danier leather top purchased for 428.95 - bit of a typo there I believe? I will go back and finish reading the whole post now as I just wanted to point that out to you.

    1. Thanks, I've fixed it, Robyn. :) Missed the Shift key on the $ sign.

  6. That sounds like a nice chilled weekend. Love the leather top and pants; couldn't wear it here it's 30 degrees today!

    Great finds on your shopping trip; love that yellow top and the sequinned dress looks fab. There was a woman on the bus this morning who was wearing a dress in the almost identical animal print of the top you bought!

    1. Ooh, no, that would definitely be too hot for leather, Vronni! Woo, I hope it's not too hot for you!

      I love them too - how cool that you saw a dress version in the wild!

  7. I do not mind a quiet weekend once in a while, but ours have been a bit too quiet lately. We're finally having friends over on Saturday and it feels like such a big deal!
    Your outfit looks especially badass Sheila! The space pants, leather front top and vintage Fluevogs are just perfect together, and your "space bling" is fantastic too.
    And oh my, didn't you do well at Dots? I'm loving that yellow blouse, and I'm definitely hearing you on non-see through ones - even yellow ones, full stop - being hard to find. The leopard print top is very funky, and I can't wait to see you shimmering in that sparkly dress! xxx

    1. We are gearing up for some very social days ahead, Ann, but I hear you. I am looking forward to seeing friends in person again soon!

      Thank you, my dear! I was thematically cohesive!

      I did do well - all good things that I think will be very useful for me. What is it about yellow and other blouses always being so see-through!? I'm excited to wear all of these.

  8. We had a very relaxed weekend too, loved it. Some peaceful time together, it's always rushing and busy. That leather top is so magnificent, and with those shoes, it's just perfection isn't it. A real biker girl look. Oh those were the days......

    1. It's good to have those kind of weekends, especially now that our schedules are filing up - we need those quiet times to recharge. Thanks so much, Nancy - I always think of you when I wear a biker/tough look like this!

  9. I really miss my metallic jeans when I see you wearing these awesome gold pants! Looking forward to seeing how you wear the sequin dress and that pretty yellow top too! You got some great finds!

    1. Keep your eyes peeled in the op-shops, Mica - I bet you can find another pair. I'll be wearing all of it soon!

  10. After reading Nancy's comment, I thought: it IS a Space Biker Outfit! Fabulous!
    I am with you, sunny egg-yolk is my fave yellow next to mustard and it's a great blouse from what sounds like a great company, to boot. I really feel like the colors on the leopard print blouse are almost more wardrobe friendly that "plain" (yeah, like leopard is ever really "plain"...) leopard. And don't even get me started on the BLING dress. Basically everything you purchased inspires huge smiles. You have such a great eye.
    Glad you had a recharging type weekend. They do wonders for the soul.
    I have to thank you, as lost both of our elderly cats in 2019, so it always fills me with a great deal of joy to see kitty pix! Vizzini is such a fuzzy love nugget! Yay!

    1. Ha, I guess it is, Rita!

      I'm really happy with the yellow top and am excited to wear it. I already have a "plain" leopard blouse, but I really like the greens and oranges in this one, and I know it will work well with the colours in my closet. I feel like I need to wear that spangly dress soon!

      It does really help to have a quiet spot to recharge.

      Aw, Rita, I am SO sorry to hear that you lost your cats in 2019 - that must have been so hard for you. Vizzini pics are always on the menu here!

  11. I so admire you and Vix andnot wasting a day or an occasion by not dressing up. I am in shorts and a t-shirt now! I can do better. I love the black shirt and gold pants-so sleek.

    1. Life is short, Sam. Wear the clothes! Every day IS an occasion to dress up - you never know when it might be cut short. Thank you!

  12. Those tops are so cute and what great prices! AND your cat!! LOVE!
    Aloha, Sherry

  13. Space cows indeed, lol! Love the look with your new to you leather top and shoes. That's an interesting observation regarding yellow blouses. Looking forward to seeing the sequin dress modelled. I cannot imagine that your guy could be anything other than stylin' and Vizzini is so right; tummies do NOT rub themselves :)

    1. I love having fun with my clothes, even if it's spinning a silly story about them, Nana. :) Thank you!

      Oh gosh, yellow blouses, white shirts, any light colour - why are they always so sheer? I hope to wear that sequin dress soon!

      L is always a stylin' guy, you're so right. Vizzini is a bit of a tummy-rub addict, lol.

  14. Stunning outfit, love the rock chic vibes. The metallic pants are gorgeous and the black top and heels are very stylish indeed. You look great!
    The space cows being fed with special grass comment made me laugh.
    You always find great items when you're shopping.

    1. This is one of my favourite looks of the last few weeks, so thanks so much, Ivana! Lol, I love having fun with my clothes.

      I find The Good Stuff, that's for sure!

  15. Space Cows! That's a cracking outfit, the new leather top was made to go with those trousers.
    Look at L and Vizzini together. You're right, there's something irrestistable about a man who loves cats! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! They are such fun pants to wear.

      I know, right? Men with cats! So sexy!

  16. Space Cows might become an endangered species if Bezos the fool has his way and dumps all our rubbish in space. I love the pairing! Can't help but think Vizzini on his light coloured scratching post/bed emulates your colour combination.
    I like your new purchases very much. The sequined dress is very Cool!

    1. OMG, don't get me started! Thanks so much, Kezzie! Vizzini's always an inspiration in his "tux". I'll be wearing the sequined dress soon!

  17. Replies
    1. We love to tease him - he's chock full of personality. :)

  18. Stellar outfit! I am ridiculously in love with pairing black and gold (and other warm metallic shades) at the moment, so this chic ensemble is giving me extra big heart eyes + oodles of inspiration (thank you!).

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    PS: "Leather Weather" might just be my new favourite term.

    1. Leather Weather is totally a season! I loved this outfit so much - thank you!

  19. Love your badass outfit with space pants (obviously made of space cows!) and all the bling and attitude!, You Rock!
    And admiring that the thrifting bonanza keeps on going!, so fab finds!

  20. Apologies for the lack of commenting - it's been a stressful several weeks. I'm happy to vicariously shop through you. I love the leather front t-shirt, the yellow blouse and that sequin dress!

    1. No worries at all, Shelley. I hope you are feeling better! I like all of those too, ha ha! I have yet to wear the yellow top, but it will be soon.


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