Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Black, White, Red for Shopping, and Cat Pictures

I still had today/Tuesday off so I planned to meet up with my coworker's teen daughter, Izabella, for some pre-prom scouting/shopping at two of my favourite consignment shops. 
Of course, I had to wear my new-to-me black and white skirt - it's made for shopping. 

  • Cardigan - no label, thrifted; not tracked, but last worn with these shoes
  • Sweater tank - INC, thrifted; last seen here in August with mustard
  • Skirt - Zand Amsterdam, consignment; purchased here for $20.00
  • Shoes - Truths Pilgrim, Fluevog; last worn here in August with a blue bird dress

And what am I going to wear with black and white multiple prints? Red! It was an easy choice - I love these colours together. 
Izabella tried on a bunch of things, but we still have months to find something for her - today was more about introducing her to these stores and seeing what kinds of things she could expect to find, and getting ideas (like separates, wearing Converse with a gown - she loved that idea). 

We didn't find anything this trip for her, so we'll touch base again in a couple of months. After she was picked up by her parents, I shopped for me. 
My skirt was initially tricky: it took a few tries to get the waist exactly where I wanted it (higher), versus where it wanted to fit (lower). I suspect that it's from the early 00s - when I finally got it right, it sat very low on the waist. 

I added the tights due to the shortness of the skirt. 
Zebra seemed appropriate. I found these in the clearance bin at the Bay the last time I bought underwear. The clearance bin is where all the kooky tights end up.

Here's the skirt without the cardi, so you can get a good look at it and the little bag clipped on the side. 
I only took the cardigan off when I was trying on clothes. 

A fellow shopper really admired the skirt, so I showed it off to her a bit. 
I had some Tight Creep issues with the inside layer of the skirt while walking to and from our expedition, but not too bad - it was offset by the usefulness of having my hands totally free with the little purse clipped on the side. It perfectly held my wallet, mini hand sanitizer, keys, business cards, shopping bag and mp3 player. 

Of course, I wore a mask. Wonder Woman! 
Victoria is experiencing a very high haze/air quality rating, due to drifting smoke from forest fires in Washington State to the south. I kept my mask on the entire time I was outside to also protect from that (and 100% while indoors too). It was very smoky! 

The stuff: 
Love these shoes - I had several compliments on them from the Turnabout staff. 

Minimal bling: 
Nothing to get in the way of shopping! 

  • Cuff - vintage fair
  • Earrings - thrifted

Vizzini has been lounging about in the sun for the last few days. 
"Just soaking up some rays."

I like how he just puts his paws in the sun. 
"Cold paws, warm heart."

When he gets too warm, he comes inside and flops. 

I can't resist him - tummy rub time! 
"You know what to do, Woman."

Here's what I found at Turnabout - I also went through House of Savoy, but had no luck there today. 
OMG Big Presence Desmond Fluevogs in snakeskin print! 

They are in amazingly good condition. 
I like that the pattern on the toes and up the sides are matched. 
You know I <3 quality! (See the heart?)

I was very surprised to see so much wear on the heel - that's very high density plastic. My Desmonds (these) don't have anywhere near that much wear. 
The front leather soles have been replaced with Topys, so they won't be slippery at all. Excellent. These were $142.99. It might seem expensive, but I plan to wear them a lot, so I expect that the cost-per-wear will be very good over the next several years. 

I also fell hard for these slip-on D'Orsay shoes. 
Another black and white print - these are ponyhair finish leather. The black strap across the vamp is leather. 
The brand is Wittner, an Australian brand. 
Looks like these would have been $170.00-190.00 regular retail. These were $47.99.

Not a lick of wear on the soles or on the back of the heel. I bet the person who bought them found them too big.
They are a size 39 (I'm usually a 40), but I like this style to be a little bit snug so that the heel doesn't slip off. These are going to get a lot of wear, as I'll be able to walk to and from town and shop in them. 

I spotted this skirt while Izabella and I were looking around. PINK. 
Such a pretty colour!

It's very swooshy and wide. 
See? Lots of swoosh. 

I like the hem. 
That's a pretty finish, without adding visual bulk to the delicate skirt. 

It's by Wilfred, an Aritzia brand (high-end Canadian mall store). 
The lining is the same colour. It was $32.99 and retailed originally for $98.00.

Turnabout still had their final summer clearance stuff out, with slashed prices. I bit on this amazing black, white, grey and red skirt. 
It looked great with what I had on - it's like I planned it.

Look at this detail! The lines are all woven and sewn to the front layer. 
Oh, that makes me just ecstatic. 

The whole skirt, including the lining is 100% silk. 
Would you believe this was $12.00? It would have well over $200 new. 

It's by Tatum & Olivia, which was a local boutique in Sidney (now closed, sadly). Article about them here, linking 'cause I love. 
The structure of this skirt seemed so familiar - 100% silk, interesting sewn details, made in Vietnam - it's because one of the designers used to be part of Tangerine Jill (this dress, this dress). Many thanks to the shopper who told me! How cool! 

I also bought this dress - it was also marked way down to $12.00. How could I leave it behind?
It has two snakes on it! In rhinestones! 

The back. 
The top part is dotted mesh, and the main/body is velvet dots on a stretch cotton. And yes, it is VERY short. I might actually layer a skirt under it to make it something I could sit in. 

Those rhinestones are actually beads, so that's all sewn on by hand. 

I usually will pitch a hissy-fit and stomp out reconsider garments when the decoration doesn't continue around to the back, but for twelve bucks? 
And a perfect fit? It was totally going home with me. 

The brand is People's Market, but I couldn't find much about them online. 
Anyway, it's a cool dress. Must find/make an occasion to wear it soon! 

We had very high winds last night, and the Gary Oaks and maples were thrashing around. Officer Vizzini was on patrol! 
"So much going on! Must see everything!"

He's very agile, jumping up on the ledge. 
"I'll have a lengthy report to make on all this commotion."

But he opted for some heaving sunning after that. 
"Ah! Time to rest again."

One big stretch...and then...
"Complete and total relaxation."



  1. Oh Sheila score, Wittner's make excellent shoes (my favourite are my burgundy velvet ankle boots). Though whenever I've been in Canada in winter my Aussie shoes have struggled with the BC rain (you do seem to have a lot of rain). Enjoy your amazing finds!

    1. Thanks, Lynette! I'm excited about those shoes - they are really nice quality. Yes, we do have a lot of rain here - not as much as Vancouver, though!

  2. Love red love black and white love that skirt and love ALL the bargains you got what more can I say. lol That skirt with the intricate weave $12?!? well done thrifting godess have a great day Shazxx

    1. Me too, Shaz! Thank you! I know - $12! Why didn't anyone snap it up?

  3. Hi Sheila,
    The snapped skirt outfit is fabulous! And you scored big time with your finds. As for Izabella, she is in for a treat with you at her side!
    Looking forward to seeing styles with your new purchases.
    Cheers, Laurie
    PS Robin has been telling us about the fires in WA. Crazy story - his girlfriend’s Mom is a realtor in eastern WA. She sold a house in Malden to a couple from Texas. They were driving up for the closing, listening to the news, and phoned her to ask if they should continue or turn around. Turns out, their house is the only one that was not burned to the ground, or so we have been told. Thankfully, as far as is known, nobody was injured. Egads.

    1. Hi, Laurie! So lovely to see you! Thank you - it was so fun to wear (much snapping as I tried things on!). It was really cool to shop with her - I'll make sure she is fully styled up for her prom.

      Yes, the wildfires are raging - we've been fairly lucky this year, but that haze yesterday was a nightmare. Oh my gosh, that's crazy - those poor people!

    2. Good news, kind of, is more houses may have survived than was initially thought. Unnerving news is a part of Tacoma also had a fire, and that starts to make people in Olympia a tad on edge. We are glad to know BC hasn’t had an intense fire season. As Fred reminds me, west coast has fires and mudslides, east coast has hurricanes and ice storms. Take your pick ;)

    3. That is good news, Laurie! There is always something - no area of the world escapes it!

  4. We've had tights weather for a couple days, but that seems overkill since I am working from home. I like how slick, yet fun your red and black combo is.

    1. Ha, yes, you probably don't want to wear tights at home. I wear them (and nylons) more as I don't like my old veiny legs. Thanks so much, SAM!

  5. I love how you styled that skirt, Sheila. Adding pops of red was the right thing to do, and I'm loving the kooky tights. Worth having a look in the clearance bin for! Didn't you do well at Turnabout? I'm especially loving the Fluevogs - that snakeskin pattern is amazing -, the pink skirt and the rhinestone snake dress. Loved the photos of officer Vizzini too. At times, I'm most envious of our furry friends' ability to chill out and relax! xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Ann! I went with the easy colour. I know, I did so well! I'm excited to wear everything soon.

      Vizzini was very active the past few days - he feels the change in the seasons too. I wish I could crash the way he does!

  6. That skirt looks fab on you, I knew it would!
    You're like a fairy shopping godmother, taking Izabella to your favourite places to help provide inspiration. It's such a pleasure encouraging teens to be individuals, isn't it? Over the years we've kitted out a few kids for school prom (yes, it's become a thing here in the last few years).
    Didn't you do well on your expedition? I love the rhinestone snake and those super funky shoes especially!
    Is Vizzini winking at me in that last photo? He's such a ladykiller! xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix! Ha, yes, I guess I am! It's fun to shop with a teen - I liked when I used to take my nieces shopping too. We did grad but not "prom" back in the 80s.

      I love the snakey dress - looking forward to wearing it. The shoes just thrilled me to bits.

      He is! Such a charmer.

  7. What an awesome outfit! Red and black are one of my favorite color combinations. Love those shoes. I have a skirt with all the snaps and a little clip-on purse too. It's red floral fabric. with purple velvet. It doesn't have the inside layer though so it's really short and has to be worn with leggings. I haven't worn it in about three years. Time to wear it this Fall! Wow! The rhinestone snake dress is incredible! Can't wait to see how you style it. Officer Vizzini deserves a good stretch and relaxation after doing such a good job on patrol. Ally is on chipmunk patrol, but gave up and went back to bed.

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryene! I love the combo too - it's always classy. Break out your matchy skirt!

      I love the dress - it's very fun.

      Yes, he's not on patrol as much these days (too hot), but thank goodness our kitties keep us safe from chipmunks and squirrels!

  8. Wow, excellent shoe scores! I recognized the snake print fluevogs as being the same style as ones you already have. By following your blog, I have learned to identify some of the Fluevog "Families". I like the lattice work skirt too.

    1. Ha, I've indoctrinated you! ;-P I'm super excited about both pairs.

      I love that skirt, and will be wearing it soon.

  9. I liked the black and white and red combo - I find I don't wear a lot of red clothing over the warmer months but my cardigan gets a lot of wear with neutrals in the cooler weather!

    I smiled at the Wittner shoes you found - amazing you found Aussie brands! Wittner was one of my fave go-to stores for heels, back when I could wear heels. They do the best leather at such affordable prices, they hold up so well. I still have 3 pairs of heels from there even though I haven't worn them in years - they are classics I can't bear to part with!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I love this colour combination. Yes, they are lovely shoes, but I'd never heard of the brand before now. Good to know!

  10. Pink but not PANK! I love all the details in the clothes you've found - touches such as that woven pattern are really distinctive. Quality shows.

    You must be a fantastic person to go prom shopping with - I bet you find all the best stuff.

    1. Definitely too light to be PANK. :) Thank you - those are the hallmarks of quality that I often look for. Yup, I'm fun to shop with - I find things that others miss.

  11. You wore that fabulous skirt already ! It's such a clever piece - and you got the benefits of the mini belt bag ! hands free ;) I can never do that i carry too much with me.
    How nice of you to help out with getting a prom dress, I admit that I get sidetracked looking for stuff for myself when I have tried to do this.
    Great that you got to stay and then shop for yourself, such amazing finds, the Fluevogs of course and I love the pink skirt. I had a very cool blazer from the brand which I just sold to a guy and I wondered where this brand was from. It was very qualitative and the fabric was Japanese but now I know what Wilfred is!

    1. It's fun, isn't it? I love being hands-free for shopping!

      I knew I'd want to look for myself, so I made sure I'd have time when we were done to have my own shop.

      Ah, there you go - I wonder how it got down there all the way from Canada?


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