Friday, October 16, 2020

Bonus Fancy Friday: Purple Goth and Room 502 Flashback

Surprise! I had the time so you get a bonus post going into the weekend! Happy Friday - I got Fancy!
I had a reader once refer to one of my styles as "soft goth," which I love. I'm a purple goth today.

  • Blazer - Tahari, consignment; purchased here for $22.50
  • Sparkly tee - Ted Baker, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) with ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS in March 
  • Skirt - Twinset, consignment; last worn here in March for our Vampire Anniversary
  • Shoes - Room 502 Entrance, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) for an outfit that never went outside

I built the outfit around this new-to-me velvet moto jacket. The body of it is velvet (front and back), and the sleeves are a thick knit.
I knew I wanted to wear a bigass skirt with it. 

I ADORE this skirt - it's got oodles of layers of gauzy, flowy netting, and an asymmetrical ruffle around it, with even more layers of froof. 
It swooshed and swirled when I walked to and from work. It also took a bit of wrangling not to roll into my office chair.

Jacket off - I took it off a few times when I was hot-flashin', showing my sparkly navy blue tee.
"Did you bring me a treat?"

Vizzini would not leave the skirt alone! He kept trying to bite the hem. 

I discovered that my skirt had attracted bits of detritus. 
I'd found a few pieces when I unpacked this skirt, and more twigs and things when I got to work - this skirt is a twig magnet! 

I pulled off a leaf, bits from a cedar tree, and other assorted sticks and bits. 
The hem is a bit ragged in places, but I can easily trim it as it's not a sewn hem. Disaster averted! 

Masked up - that's my purple sparkly Hallowe'en mask, and all my purple accessories (shoes, mask, outerwear) matched perfectly in real life, so disregard that it seems blue here. 
"I like your outfit," commented a random strange man in the elevator. 

The jacket zipped up - I love it like this, but it's a wee bit boob-smooshy for sitting at my desk. Good only for walking to and from work.
Note the structured "scoops" on the sides - they remind me of panniers (Wiki link here). 

It was quite warm today, so I didn't bother with a coat. 
My purple wool beret, matching leather gloves, and skull and crossbones scarf for the win! 

  • Beret - consignment
  • Gloves - Danier Leather
  • Scarf - Metrowear, San Francisco, 2006

The stuff: 
I always feel like Prince when I wear these shoes - we're going to have a Flashback on them shortly. Oh, in case you are wondering, I wore black lace tights with this outfit - you can see a bit of them in the stair picture.

Silver bling:
Ah, I'm happy to have these back in rotation. I love my "teeth" necklace. 

  • Necklace - The Bay
  • Belt - vintage fair
  • Leather cuff - c. 1989
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair

Flashback: Room 502 Entrance, Fluevog

I first tried on these shoes when L and I went to Fluevog in Gastown in Vancouver in March 2016, but waited for them to go on sale (and for my $100 birthday Winesday Women gift card!) before I bought them in October 2016 (here). 
Aren't they a gorgeous two-tone purple? Fluevog has an identical pair right now in orange (they no longer make the purple), but I am not tempted. Maybe when they go on clearance in two years! 

I love the Cuban heels, which give the illusion of being very high, but aren't. 
I ended up paying $165.00 for them after my gift card, which is in my under-$200 sweet spot for Fluevogs. 

I first wore them right away in October 2016, and this ended up being the only time I ever wore them with trousers. 
Those "lock and key" print pants were a favourite for a few years until I got tired of them. The top was put in the giveaway pile earlier this year. 

A simple look with a pleather dress in November 2016. 
This was actually a shopping outfit, so most people saw my spectacular fancy coat instead (picture here). 

I wore them twice in January 2017. I really loved this sweater, but it started unraveling at the neckline. 
You'll see this leopard skirt again - once I find things that work together, I wear them over and over.

This is the second January 2017 outfit, where I styled it to show off this pleather vest (which I ended up not keeping).
I do still have both that silk bird blouse and that mohair miniskirt. 

I wore one of my regular summer jackets as a topper with this outfit in October 2017 (I have always stored the shoes away for spring/summer). This is when I discovered that I had a pair of violet-purple tights that matched the shoes exactly. We will see those tights many times! 
I was building an outfit here around the top; it proved to be difficult so POOF! Off the to giveaway pile. I adore that skirt and still have it. It's another one we'll see again.

This outfit is boring at the top (although that is a Vivienne Westwood blazer), but becomes more fun as you go down. There's that shiny leopard skirt again.
I wore it to look professional for a meeting that I had with the new office's property management company in November 2017. Mustn't let them think I'm not profesh! Never mind that shiny leopard print mini and purple legs, haha! 

A revisit of this skirt again, in February 2018.
I acquired a bunch of navy blue around this time, including this sparkly sweatshirt. It wasn't really me, so it's long gone. 

Some of my outfits are all about the outerwear look, like this one in October 2018. Don't worry, I wore the exact same outfit again a year later, so you can see what I have on underneath.
Seriously, how cute! I need to wear this combo of fedora, cape and gloves again soon! 

This is the fourth time I've worn this skirt with these shoes (and three times in a row!). I wore this for Christmas Day in December 2018.
You'll all recognize my long blue cardigan. I have worn it a fair bit, and I should probably do a Flashback on it one of these days.

Hooray for a PANK dress! This is also in December 2018.
I loved these tights with the purple boots, and we'll see them again too. 

And there they are, in February 2019, with a vintage wool Dolce & Gabbana slip dress. 
I'm even wearing the same necklace as the previous outfit! 

All done up in shiny gold - this is a lovely dress that I bought in Italy a few years ago that is due for a wear. 
This was in March 2019, getting a last wearing in of these pieces before spring, no doubt.

Here are those floral tights again, with the burnt orange dress I just wore last week - this was in October 2019, and was probably the first time I wore the orange dress. 
I see I have a new colourful necklace with bits of purple in it! 

This exact outfit is what I'm wearing under the cape above (October 2018's look). Love it.
Those are indeed the same purple tights, and there's that lovely leopard mini again. My cape-blouse is the best navy blue top I found and I still have it.

And here's the last time I wore these shoes to work, with my new-to-me (then) purple sweater-dress, in February 2020.
Same purple tights - this marks the 7th time I have worn them with the shoes. My tights last forever because I have so many pairs! 

This was actually the last time I wore the shoes, in a "let's pretend" outfit in March 2020 with this amazing vintage gown. No one but my dear readers saw this.
I might have worn this to Urbanite at the Art Gallery if there hadn't been a pandemic - ah, well. There will be more Urbanites one day.

Mathy stuff: Today's outfit marks the 17th wearing of these shoes. Considering that I only have them out for 6 months a year, and have only had them for 4 years, that's pretty good. That works out to a ridiculously cheap $9.71 per wear, and like many of my high-quality shoes, I plan to wear these for years to come. 

And now, I'm really gone for the weekend! 


  1. Yay! Could it me that I am the first to comment? I'm forever behind on my blog reading so it's exciting to me!

    First of all, Shiela, I love your 'soft goth' look.

    I've got to show my mum your skirt. She's wanted a tutu'style skirt for aaaaages so she'll love seeing yours! Reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks' stage attire - utterly fab! X

    1. You're the first! Thanks for commenting!

      Thank you, Jess. Ooh yes, your mum needs a skirt like this - I also thought of Stevie Nicks!

  2. Love the purple goth look. Those shoes are fabulous, and I continue to really enjoy your flashbacks. They are each a lesson in artistic and creative dressing!

    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia! I loved it too. I'm glad you are enjoying the Flashbacks, I do too!

  3. What a gorgeous maxi skirt. How funny it caught some leaves. It's a proper autumn skirt now. I'm happy to hear you were able to fix the hem and salvage it. It's a lovely skirt and looks amazing in this goth styling. Those purple shoes are a work of art as well. Great styling. You look fantastic!!!!

    1. Thank you, Ivana, it is massively fun to wear. I have another skirt that does that too - it's most annoying.

  4. I love the mix of textures in this otufit with the velevet jacket and that beautiful skirt - such a shame about it picking up a few leafy pieces though, but looks like it's worth the hassle of wearing! :)

    So nice to see all the ways you've worn those shoes too! I remembered the other day my sister gave me a pair of her old Converse-like shoes in a wardrobe clearout, they are purple, and so I've worn them a couple times recently. They are fun! And not being Converse they have an actual proper supportive insole so I should wear them more!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend! :)

    1. Thanks, Mica. Ah, it's fine - it's part of having unusual clothing.

      Oh, how fun! I love purple shoes, and that's awesome that they are more supportive. I told you that there are better shoes out there!

  5. Be still my heart! If I had a skirt this beautiful, I'd wear it in public with courage and pride. And not worry about anything else. If it fits, maybe someday you'll let me borrow it while I'm visiting you and we brunch at whatever favorite spot you're frequenting.

    1. I almost wish it were even bigger! I love wearing it - it is SO fun. You can totally borrow it - it's an elastic waist, so it'll fit you. We will do it! It's a date. :)

  6. Shame that only we got to see those shoes worn with that beautiful vintage gown (the last one), I hope you'll get the chance to wear it again.

    1. Oh, I will, Ivana - it's one of my favourite vintage dresses.

  7. I love the soft goth look! that skirt looks fantastic with that super cool zip-up jacket. I've got a couple of dresses that attract leaves and twigs, we're walking nature tables. Next time you need to entangle a treat for Vizzini, it's only fair!
    Love those purple shoes and great to see the Welsh Wool cape and fabulous floral maxi again, two of my favourite things of yours!
    Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! Yes, oh the trials of being a fashionista, ha ha! I want to wear the cape again soon - it deserves to be worn this time of year, for sure. I don't know when I'm going to wear the gown again - such weird times. Thank you, my dear!

  8. I'm loving the purple goth look! Your velvet moto jacket is gorgeous and looks super stroke-able. I'm also loving the "panniers" look. I'm not surprised leaves and twigs get caught in your swooshy skirt and I'm hearing you on the office chair wheel problem :-) I loved seeing the flashback on those fabulous shoes, which includes one of my favourites, the Welsh wool cape. Seems I'm not the only one! Have a great weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann, the panniers were what drew me to the jacket (normally I wouldn't like that the arms aren't velvet). Isn't it funny how clothing is in our different environments - I'm sure you have skirts that do this too! Glad you enjoyed the Flashback - I'll wear the cape again soon.

  9. I had a black skirt very similar, and didn't know how to style it and eventually donated. I wish I would have seen your post a few years ago!

    1. Oh no! You'll have to look for another one, SAM! I see them in thrift stores every so often, but not usually as nice as this one.

  10. Love it! I love the contrast of the cool jacket and the chique skirt. But I really love the sparkling tee!

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy. I actually thought of you with this outfit - it would suit you.

  11. I understand the attraction of the skirt, it is wonderful. Your shoes always elevate your outfits to being unique and modern. Those Winesday Women gift cards have given you lots of treasures. I like the metal belt too.
    And a beret really suits you. It makes the outfit very special.

    1. I adore giant skirts, Greetje. Thank you - I like that effect of the funkiness of Fluevogs, that they elevate many of my outfits. Thank you so much!

  12. Its been a while Sheila.
    Lovely to catch up with some blogs I used to love.
    Glad to see you are still rocking it!!

    1. JANE!! Holy sh*t, nice to see you!! I'll follow you by email, as I see you are posting again!

  13. woww, love your Purple Goth style, totally fab head to toe!. Love your skirt, your double-texture jacket and the stunning accessories!, You Rock!
    (Totally understand the dangers of rolling into your office chair, done that!)
    Lovely flashback and lovely purple shoes!. The shiny leopard skirt and the blue circles one totally rock!, and I'm loving how these shoes look with different colorful tights!
    Lots of purple fabulousness!

    1. Thank you, Monica! It was a fun look for a Friday. Ha, yes, those office chairs are hungry for long skirts!

      Thanks so much - those are two of my favourites too. Purple is the best!

  14. I love that skirt. The thought of Vizzini having a go at the hem made me laugh, he is naughty!

    1. Thanks, Mim, me too. He is a very naughty boy! He loves to chew on things!


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