Friday, February 5, 2021

Fabulous Friday: Bad Stripes and Floral Moto Flashback, Plus Mental Health Walk With Love, Wildlife and Graves

Hello, my friends! I'm back, and I have much to share, but before I do, just a little bit of blog housekeeping - I've been remiss in ensuring I'm linking back to my favourite Link Parties, so I've created a list of my usual 3 that I participate in, which is now in my right sidebar. Please check out Nancy's, Mica's and Shelbee's blogs!

Now, on to the fun stuff. We have my Fabulous Friday ensemble - although I am super-disappointed in one element of it - plus a Flashback, and a winter edition of my Mental Health Walk, full of soothing pictures pictures for you (I consider graves soothing, you've been warned). 

Starting things off, here's my Friday work outfit. 
I happily discovered this week that I fit into this "goal" skirt that I purchased as a birthday present to myself back in October. YAY!

  • Jacket - Frank Lyman; last worn here in February 2020 with blue and fringe for Greg's birthday
  • Sweater - Intimate, vintage 60s, thrifted; last seen here in November 2020 with plaid and grey leather
  • Skirt - Smythe, consignment; purchased here for $129.99
  • Shoes - "I Know" Star Wars by Irregular Choice; last worn (and Flashbacked) here in July 2020 with Gaultier pants and lumberjack plaid
  • Sleeveless coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in December 2020

I had a lovely view of the Castle and the half-moon this morning: 
The lights are always on in the Tower Room. 

Outfit! I love a good pattern, and was instantly drawn to the amazing woven striped fabric in this skirt. It was a little snug at the time of purchase, but I knew I'd be able to eschew chocolate and get myself back to a place where my clothes fit again. In the "clothes vs. chocolate" ongoing battle, clothes win every time. 
However, I was absolutely choked when this skirt ripped after only wearing it for 2 hours! I had already become agitated with it, as it rode up against my tights on my walk to work in the morning. It bagged out around my knees and bum from sitting at my desk as well, and my lap was a nest of wrinkles. On top of that, the wide waistband would not stay in place (it's meant to sit just above the hip), and kept climbing higher and higher, and I was constantly tugging it back into place. 

I had resigned myself to it being a spring/summer (bare-legged) skirt to avoid the tight-creep issue, but on one of my fussing adjustments, the fabric at the top of the slit shredded! 
I can't repair shredded fabric, or take it in (it's already snug, and there is no stretch in the fabric), and although my helpful colleague Keith suggested it could be made into masks, the material is very thick (it's a cotton/silk blend, almost a canvas weight) and not suitable for masks. 

Bad skirt, bad, bad! 
I'm really annoyed (many swears were uttered), and this is going directly into the donate bin - someone will be able to use the fabric, at least. 

I took an "after" picture so you can compare how well the skirt performed in real life after 8-9 hours (I take all my pics in the morning before I sit in my clothes). 
"Why do I have five eyes?"

So disappointed! This is one of the few downsides of shopping second-hand: no returns!  I will keep my eyes peeled for another striped skirt, though, as I do really love this bold pattern. 

However, moving on - no use crying over spilt milk, right? - as I do have other items in this outfit that are wonderful. 
Like this amazing jacket, for instance! We'll have a Flashback on it shortly, with some detail pictures. 

With the jacket off - this is an early 1960s sweater, and it just screams quality. 
Not bad for a 50-60 year old garment, eh? 
Masked up - more pattern!
Outerwear - I'm never quite sure what the weather will really be like, so I'm prepared for cold. 
I love a sleeveless coat for when I'm wearing a thicker jacket with my outfit. It's much less bulky than a coat with sleeves.

Outerwear stuff: 
Adding another pattern into the mix with my red and white mask. 

  • Mask - by Mom
  • Gloves - Parkhurst
  • Scarf - consignment

I bought this ginormous red and blue scarf for L for Christmas (it was $10 at Rich Rags), but he hasn't worn it, so I nicked it, heh heh. Mine now - although I didn't need it on the walk home. 

The stuff: 
Matching the flowers on the shoes to my jacket. Plus, a little love - Han and Leia are my favourite romantic couple...after L and I, of course.

Bold bling: 
I liked these new earrings - success! 

  • Silver earrings - consignment; purchased here for $44.00
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Vizzini consoled me when I got home. 
"I thought I was going after these tasty-looking earrings?"

When I showed the skirt to L after work, he didn't think it looked too bad ("no one will notice!"), but I'd know, and I think you all know by now that when something I'm wearing is bothering me or annoying me, it will not last long! There's no talking me out of it when I'm experiencing Garment Rage! 

Flashback: Frank Lyman Vinyl Embroidered and Studded Moto Jacket

I've had this fabulous jacket for three years, since I purchased it here, in January 2018. It was $177.00 purchased new in a mall, but I had gift cards from Mom from my 49th and 50th birthdays so it didn't cost me a thing. I can't remember the name of the store - it wasn't a chain, and it appears to no longer be in Mayfair Mall - but it carried a lot of those synthetic, heavily printed "flamboyant lady" clothes. After spending ages in the mall with Elaine, and experiencing severe sticker shock from the inflated prices on mass-produced clothes, we ended up in this boutique where I found the jacket. 
It's an A+ jacket except for two things: it's not real leather (I wish - can you imagine?), and the pockets have metal zips on them (ow, hurty on my hands!). 

However, look at all this embroidery! 
It's everywhere: on the arms, the back of the collar, all over the back and sides. 

It's even embroidered on the side that's covered when it's zipped, so that both sides match when it's undone. Amazing detail. 
It's edged on the collar and hem with studs, which are actually little metal disco balls, and are not stitched or glued on, but actually pierce the jacket! They're hair-grabbers, though, as I discovered the first time I wore it. We'll have to deduct another point for that...
It's machine embroidery, but still. You rarely see this level of detail on a mass-produced product. Frank Lyman is a Canadian designer who manufactures 98% of his clothes in Canada. My jacket is in the 2% made in China - there's too much work in it to have it made here! It would cost $500+ if it were made here. 

It's a gorgeous piece, and I styled it up right away to wear to work in January 2018. 
I'm wearing a blue top under it. This green micro-pleated skirt did not last long (not a good shape on me), and my red Calvin Klein shoes were retired soon after this (too high). 

I had just wrapped up my ginormous office move in March 2018, spent the day shopping and then went to see the Wailin' Jennys in concert. This is a rare shot of me in jeans! 
Note that I've learned to put my hair up, after having it yanked out by the roots by the evil disco ball trim on the previous wearing! Shoe Flashback here

Mixing the heck out of my patterns here in September 2018. 
Skirt Flashback here

L and I heading out for brunch at the Ruby in January 2019.
We're an eye-catching couple. 

This is a shopping outfit from March 2019. 
That's my Buffy leather dress under there, Flashbacked here

This is a fun work outfit from November 2019. 
Blue, red, white and green are the embroidery colours, so I usually pick out one or two of those for my matchy outfit. Shoe Flashback here

And this is the last time I wore it, in February 2020, to celebrate our friend Greg's birthday. 
Things I probably won't be wearing much this year: a fringed leather skirt and these fabulous boots. But hey, there are always Zoom calls to dress up for! 

Mathy stuff: This is my 8th outfit, so that's $22.13 per wear, which is not too bad, but I know I'll be wearing it more! It's a work in progress.  

Mental Health Walk: Love, Wildlife and Graves

I haven't recorded one of my Mental Health Walks for a while, but I'm still doing them most Thursdays. I do about 7K/4.5 miles, wending my way down to the waterfront, and then finishing up with a really steep hill. 

Care to join me? I've been feeling really stressed this week (just the world and my brain), so I only took pictures of things that made me happy or calm. 
This is an optical illusion, but that moss looks like a heart to me! Let's start the walk with love.

Forget February! This blooming plum tree is getting a head start. 
Within the next 2-3 weeks, it will be "snowing" blossoms here. Expect many pictures of blooms. 

I apparently missed the crocuses completely, but there were a few clusters of snowdrops here and there.
I was shocked to see daffodils already blooming! 

I headed up Cook Street towards the waterfront. 
This is the winter view of the much more colourful autumn view here from the last time I took my camera along on my walk (here), in October 2020.

As you can see, it was mostly cloudy when I got down to the water. 
The small angled white wisp in the very far distance, is Port Angeles in Washington state (in the US). 

Looking towards my usual path along the water's edge. 
There's been tons of construction in Ross Bay; the sewage treatment plant nearby, reinforcing the sea-wall, and installing new sewage pipes under the road. I've avoided this area for the past few months, as it stresses me out to be near all the loud machines. 

Instead, I wended my way towards Ross Bay Cemetery through a Fairfield neighbourhood. 
Many houses have sitting areas outside. This one has a penny-farthing bike! It seems to be rusted, so I guess it's ornamental. 

This one bounded ahead of me as I walked, scampering up trees...

...then zipping down and running to the next one. 
Watching me all the while. 
It was still quite early in the morning, so not many people were around. 

I had the attention of this massive flock of robins. 
There are only 5 in that picture, but I kid you not, there must have been 50 of them, beady eyes all fixed on me. 

A few starlings watched from the power lines above. 
There were two here, but I just missed one taking off. 

I have loved Ross Bay Cemetery since I was a teenager. I was a rather angsty teen, and walking in the graveyard has always been something I took solace in. Link here (all links 'cause I love), and a "virtual" tour here (it's very low-tech, just click "Next" to scroll through it). There's also a good PDF here with a map and some info:

Ross Bay Cemetery was Victoria's community cemetery after 1872 and was divided into sections for Christian denominations, First Nations [what Canada calls "Indians"] and Chinese, the 'potters' field' (where the poor are buried) and general use. Victoria once had a large black population and many are buried throughout Ross Bay Cemetery according to their religious affiliation.

It is like a visit to an outdoor sculpture garden, a walking park and a page from history rolled into one. Many famous Canadians and Americans are buried there, including Sir James Douglas (BC's first governor), Emily Carr (world-famous artist), Billy Barker (discoverer of gold at Barkerville) and Nellie Cashman (the 'Miners' Angel' who was featured on a US postage stamp).
But I just do my own wandering, and I'm always surprised by something new. I entered here and headed for this tree. 
The City of Victoria looks after the maintenance of the graveyard, and there were a few vehicles around when I was there, as well as other walkers and joggers. 

I'm rather fond of trees in general, and the cemetery has a huge variety of them. 
But this one is special! What is in there? 

It's a poem! It's a poet-tree (har har)! 
It's by C. Strange, dated 2020, and says:
before we part ways
before our eyes close
and night folds over
what's left
of our daylight,
come close, let me
kiss you into a bed
of wildgrass and roses,
hold you
in the most immersive
love and passion
we can imagine
because someday,
we'll be ashes

I suspect that's written by someone local. Thank you, C. Strange. What a beautiful thing to find in a tree. 

Winter is actually a good time to take pictures in the cemetery - in spring/summer/fall the foliage is so dense from all these trees that you don't get long vistas like this. 
Do you see the bronze head? It's on the left. 

This is fairly new, and it's massive.
He had a wreath on his head over the Christmas holidays. 

The "Lest We Forget" poppy and cross tribute has been there since November. 
You can see one of the maintenance trucks in the background. That glowy white in the far distance is the waterfront. 

The two darker gravestones below are markers that reflect the person's livelihood. 
In this case, loggers. The one on the left is a log, and the other is a stump, cast in concrete, I think. 

I like the black fencing around this one. 
On the right side, towards the water, is a Danish anchor marker, for a sailor in the navy, I'm sure.
This one is visible from the waterfront. 

There were deer foraging for food along the path. 
Victoria has a huge urban deer population. 
That's one massive holly tree. 
I was about 2 meters/6 feet away from them, as I cautiously skirted around them on the path. 

These are either mule deer or black-tailed deer (a handy guide to BC's deer here). 
The buck on the left only has one antler left from his winter shedding. I've seen bucks on our street with massive antler racks. 

I liked all these obelisk-style markers. 
There are many, many unmarked graves in the cemetery. All that green space is not open - it's graves. 

I stuck to the path and zoomed to get many of my pictures. 
I like these two matching headstones, with the giant monkey tree in the background. 

Down near the waterfront again. 
I like this line of graves.
They are the "war dead" markers. 

Lots of crows visiting them (I also saw a couple of bald eagles soaring overhead).
I appreciate that the flowers are red and white (the colours of Canada's flag), as a tribute to the fallen soldiers. 

Many of the graves have flowers on them. 
There are often people visiting relatives and loved ones. I believe my great-uncle (Mom's died-at-birth brother? she will let me know - I'll edit later) is buried somewhere in the cemetery.

Edited to add info from Mom about her infant uncle/her mother's brother: 

His name was Charles Alfred Brooks, born/died December 24, 1916. He was stillborn so he was not considered to have lived at that time; he could not be given a proper burial, so he was registered under his father’s name. At the corner of the cemetery, near Dallas Rd. and Memorial Cres. there is a patch of grass where the babies were buried in a sort of mass grave. No markers were allowed. One of things I want to do is to have a marker put there.

The Helmcken tomb. 
An early family in Victoria. 

Beside it is a line of gravestones, all women. 
The most recent is from 2015. 

The baby chair and booties are rather heartbreaking, aren't they? 
"A Little Hero" is what it says over the arch. This was David Campbell, who died at age 17 months (info here). 

As the trees grow ever bigger, branches often crack off during storms. 
The maintenance workers are cutting this one up and removing the fallen branch. 

The Pooley Angel is probably the most famous marker. 
She's rumoured to cry during full moons! (link here). 

She's been vandalized a few times, sadly. 
Her right lower arm is missing and the faint blue on the skirt is the remnants of a paint-bomb.

I headed out of the cemetery with a slap of reality - there's a busy shopping centre across the road (where My Sister's Closet used to be). 
I sped up and huffed and puffed up the big hill. This crow watched me from the top of a Gary Oak as I neared our street. 

I startled another squirrel (they startle easily!) just as I turned into the driveway. 
He dashed to this rock in our front lawn. 
He's totally giving me the side-eye! 

As I walked up the drive, he dove into our garden and disappeared. 
Such funny creatures. 

And we end the walk as we began it...
With love! 

I'm off for the weekend now, my friends. I'll be back soon with tales of adventure, so take care, stay calm, stay safe and be kind. Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. I love cemeteries and this one is special. A poem in a tree! Deer! That baby monument makes me teary.

    1. Isn't it lovely? I adore the poem - the deer are always there. Aw, I know, that poor little one.

  2. The poem in the tree is lovely! :) How frustrating about the skirt though! Especially after you waited so long to wear it! I agree, if it couldn't be fixed it would have annoyed you more and may even have split even more when you wore it so I agree with it leaving your wardrobe. I had a dress that split once while I was wearing it, before a big meeting, which necessitated a trip to the shops to replace it. I'm still annoyed as I loved that dress and my colleague who had happened to bought the same one wore hers a lot longer with no issues! Shame we never wore them on the same day to get a good pic of them both!

    1. Thanks, Mica - I loved finding that poem.

      I know, I am so cheesed at the skirt. It would have split more, and I was so freakin' annoyed with it, I couldn't even look at it once I got home. OMG, having a dress split would be horrible! Even worse that your colleague's dress lasted forever!

  3. I love graveyards too. My favourite graveyard trip was when I was a child on holiday in Scarborough and I found one of the Bronte sisters' grave. I think it was Ann.
    Gorgeous jacket.
    And the deer - absolutely fabulous. X

    1. Oh, how cool is that? Our "famous" people are only known in Canada.

      Thanks, Jane!

  4. That embroidered leather jacket is gorgeous. I love the embroidery details. Since the weather warmed out, I started wearing my leather jacket again. Yours looks great with the outfit you wore today. Shame about that skirt, I agree that it is best to get rid of it. Why keep a garment that disappoints. Even if the materials didn't rip, getting rid of a garment that annoys you and rides up makes sense, even if the pattern is rather pretty. The mask you wore with the outfit is fabulous. Nice to see such a lovely pattern on the mask. Speaking of patterns, I hope you find a skirt with a fabulous pattern soon. The flash back outfits with your embroidered leather jacket are all gorgeous, but if I had to pick a few favourites, it would be: worn with a buffy leather dress, worn with a fringed skirt, worn with a tartan skirt and worn with a colourful maxi.

    I find graveyards calming too. When I visit some place, I always make sure to visit graveyards as well. When I was a kid, I couldn't understand why grown ups enjoy walks in the graveyards, but now I get it. There's a lot of history in graveyards. I enjoy watching the statues and wondering about lives of people buried there. I remember when I was a kid and our school took us on a walk in baroque graveyard of one historical Croatian city. First we wondered why they are taking us for a walk in graveyard but when we saw it, we understood the reason better and were happy to see tombs of some famous poems. Speaking of poets, how lovely that someone wrote that poem and put it in a tree. What a nice thing to find. Back to the subject of graveyard. I enjoyed your photos. There are some beautiful scenes there. The older I get the more I appreciate the option of being able to say goodbye with the funeral (especially with this epidemic that made it impossible on a number of occasions). I find it much harder to grieve when I cannot attend the funeral or the graveyard. So, these days I don't mind visiting the graveyards. You took a lot of wonderful photos. I think I like the angel statue the best. It is interesting to see so many deer on the graveyard you visited. I know you said that you have problems with deer population in Canada, but they are beautiful to behold.

    1. Thanks, Ivana - isn't it a lovely jacket? I wish it was leather! I just can't hang onto things that are ripped or broken - I'd rather pass it along and hope someone gets some use from it. I do hope I can find another fun skirt like this - I was looking forward to styling this one. Thanks, I was pleased with the mask.

      Graveyards are awesome places. Wow, that is cool that you did a school tour of a Croatian cemetery. Isn't that poem in the tree amazing? I love that someone did that. I have missed having a funeral/celebration this year, especially for our friend Karen. It robs us of the closure we need for her. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures - the angel is very well-known here. I like the deer, but I see them nearly every day!

  5. Cheeky skirt of yours! Fancy ripping!

    I too find graveyards peaceful sometimes. I've been to visit my grandma'a grave a few times at sunset and it is an amazing vision. X

    1. I know, rotten skirt!

      Aw, that is very cool. I don't think I have any "modern" relatives in graveyards at all.

  6. I'm sorry about the skirt-it did look fab on you. Don't let me get started on the Star Wars shoes-love them. It is so nice to see sings of spring elsewhere-I know we will get it eventually, but generally not until April is nearly done. Animals amongst the grave stones is hauntingly beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Sam, I appreciate that. I adore the Star Wars shoes - glad to see you're a fan!

      Spring will be here before we know it! It arrives in March here, usually, right on time.

  7. Your embroidered jacket is incredible. Too bad about the skirt. Perhaps it had to go because something much better is on the horizon.

    Thanks for bringing us all along on your walk. Seeing your part of the world beginning to bloom gives me hope for spring to arrive here. My sister and I find old graveyards fascinating much to the dismay of our husbands. We have stopped dragging them with us and go by ourselves to wander through, however we have yet to discover a graveyard as interesting as the one above. The angel brought to mind The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence - one of my favourite books. I hope the walk restored your inner harmony :)

    1. Thank you, Nana, and I hope you are right - I have a lot of good karma when I go shopping, so hopefully it will hold out and bring a new stripey skirt my way!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I love exploring this graveyard, even though I haven't strayed from the paths. Yes, the angel reminded me of that book too! My Mental Health Walks are so good for my brain - that's why I do 'em!

  8. What a grand and soothing idea to leave a poem in a tree. Thank you for taking us on your calming walk. Are you still walking to work on your work days?

    When I was in college there was a cemetery in town and I found it peaceful to walk in as well as sit for a spell and contemplate. Always avoided it at night, though! I appreciate the varied memorials in your cemetery.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Isn't it a lovely gift to the world? You're so welcome, Laurie - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Oh yes, I walk to and from work 3 days a week still, and I walk everywhere else (unless L is driving Vlad).

      Yeah, I am a "daylight only" graveyard visitor - we have to be careful! I like all the different headstones and memorials too.

      Happy weekend to you!

  9. I'm sorry if my comment is a bit on the short and superficial side, but I promise I will give your post a proper read later one.
    What a bad, bad skirt indeed, but well done for winning the clothes vs. chocolate battle. That amazing jacket makes everything better though.
    Thank you for taking me along on your walk. I needed that.
    I'm not ending my comment on a positive note, though. I wanted to let you know that we had to say goodbye to Phoebe earlier today. I'm not sure if I've got any tears left. xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind email, Sheila. Feeling a whole lot better today, I have just revisited your post and in particular your mental health walk. What a variety of sights, including the first signs of Spring, glimpses of the waterfront, squirrels, and that wonderful graveyard. The poem made me cry in a good way, and how poignant is that child's grave? Love how you book-ended your walk with those heart shapes! xxx

    2. Oh, honey, not worries.

      It was a very bad skirt, and I'm glad it's gone! I'm very proud of myself for getting back on track. We'll have to see if my McQueen pants fit now!

      I'm glad the walk helped you too. That is so very, very sad, Ann. Big hugs to you and Jos. Know that your girl is snuggled up with Inigo and Othello right now, in Kitty Heaven.

      The poem in the tree is lovely - I teared up too.

  10. That is a totally fabulous jacket and it looks wonderful with everything. I can't get over your skirt - what a shame. Do you think it was too snug on the previous owner and the material just gave in when you wore it? No wonder you had garment rage! I would too and I rarely pay more than 10.00 for anything which is a fraction of the price of your skirt. I hope you find a replacement soon.

    I loved the graveyard/cemetery. I always find cemeteries places of interest and tranquillity. I can't get over the deer in Victoria; they seem very accepting of human beings.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni! I know, it was super-annoying! I actually don't think the skirt was worn more than one or two times - I inspected it really carefully (I always check the top of slits, bottom of zippers), and I think I did that rip myself. I had treated myself as I really loved the skirt, and to have it rip right away was crushing.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the deer have no fear of us at all here.

  11. Oh yes those wrinkels are irritating. But that jacket is so very cool! I love cemeteries. We always visit one when we are in the UK. Such old graves and such long stories on the stones. They tell the story of someone who lived in the 19th century for example. So interesting.

    1. The wrinkles were just the icing on top of that bad skirt's performance, Nancy - I am glad the damn thing is gone!

      Thanks! I love the jacket! Graveyards are so interesting to me - you can glean so much from someone's life from them.

  12. Visiting Ross Bay Cemetery is, what I hope will prove to one day be an achievable, dream of mine. It is truly one of the most storied, beautiful, and biggest burial grounds in our province and has beckoned to me for decades now. With any luck, the next time we're on the Island, a visit will transpire. Until then, having bookmarked it, I will no doubt return to this serene, beautiful wintertime tour that you very thoughtfully shared with us, many a time.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I hope you manage to visit it (hopefully with me!) the next time you come over to the Island, Autumn! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Poetry in trees, striking Angels, that was a lovely walk you took us all on. Good morning Sheil, that looks a special resting place close to the sea. I think your skirt looked great what a shame it didn't behave itself! but it proved you could reach your goal(good on you) and I am sure you will find a replacement on one of your shopping trips. That jacket is a piece of art. I know we don't see you in jeans much but you rocked that look as well! we have snow today everything looks so pretty stay safe and warm Shazxx

    1. Thanks so much, Shaz! Isn't it an amazing graveyard?

      I know, what a shame! Stupid skirt...I know I'll find something else soon! I love the jacket - one day I'll wear jeans again. Maybe! Enjoy your snow!

  14. Look at the squirrel go!
    What a wonderful strolll around your cemetary, the deer grazing beside the graves is just magical, I can't thank of a lovelier place for a mental health walk.
    That skirt is an utter tragedy, it looked brilliant with the bad ass leather jacket, but I know that fabric well and it shreds like the devils' own business. An even better replacement will come along soon, I'm sure. xxx

    1. I love the squirrels, Vix - they are so fun to watch. Normally, there are dozens of deer in the graveyard - I wondered where they'd gotten to! It's definitely a good place to restore my mental equilibrium.

      Yup, I've learned my lesson on that fabric - the threads on the warp? weft? (I can never keep those straight) are far too thin for a garment that needs to have movement. I'll find something new soon enough, I'm sure!

  15. Shame of the skirt. Could you make it into a simple top with straps? Then you would still have the pattern.
    The jacket is gorgeous, very bad ass.
    I liked your grave yard walk. When I was in Milan (Italy) with my friend Lia, we visited European's largest grave yeard there. My mouth fell open of all the things I saw there. I can highly recommend visiting it. (Not everybody would appreciate it, but I bet you would.)

    1. Yes, a damn shame! No, I am not doing anything with the stupid thing. That's way more work and effort than I want to put into it.

      The jacket is so cool, thank you!

      Oh, that would be so awesome! I will keep that in mind if I ever make it back to Italy! Thanks, Greetje!

  16. That sucks about the skirt! It's such a good pattern too. I guess it would be too short if you cut it off where the fabric is splitting and got it re-hemmed?

    I used to love walking through cemeteries, both local and when on trips to other cities. The sculptures in the ones in Paris and London are spectacular.

    1. Yeah, it would be way too short, and then there is the lap o' wrinkles and the riding up to my chest issue still...not going to happen. It's done.

      I love them - we did the catacombs in Paris!

  17. What a shame about the skirt! It's so pretty. Are you sure that Vizzini hadn't been clandestinely chewing it?
    I love your squirrel photos! They have such character!

    1. Nope, I keep him far from my clothes! Thanks - I enjoy taking them.

  18. Sorry that your skirt was so annoying, I also hate skirt that ride up, and totally understand the 'garment rage', particularly when something shreds!. It had a beautiful pattern and colours, but hope you'll find another striped skirt in fab colours.
    Lovely outfit anyway, fab colours and I always admire the way you rock your sleeveless coat, so useful over jackets!. And lovely accessories, the scarf and mask rock it!
    Lovely flashback too, I'm loving particularly your November 2019 outfit (plaid and red shoes!), and this embroidered jacket is a beauty!.
    Thanks for sharing some photos of your walk, so interesting to see the magnificent trees, the quiet atmosphere, the deers and squirrels. Never ceases to amaze me that graveyards are so beautiful places for a walk (but not in Spain).

    1. Thanks, honey. It was just the most annoying and rage-inducing thing ever! So frustrating. I will be on the lookout for another striped skirt. Thank you!

      I like that outfit from the Flashback too. Glad you enjoyed the walk pictures!

  19. Oh, how annoying that your lovely skirt shredded.

    I've never seen a grave marker like that baby chair before. How sad!

    1. I was a combination of crushed and annoyed, Mim!

      I know, isn't that the saddest thing ever? Poor little guy.


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