Friday, February 12, 2021

Mental Health Shop: Mackage Flashback, Thrifted Treasures and a Bad Kitty

Hello, my friends! Despite the storm and snow and cold warnings that have hit our region, I went thrift shopping today. 
I had to go do my regular grocery shop anyway, so why not go a few more blocks? 

  • Sweater - Banana Republic, consignment; first worn here in November 2020 for brunch and a shop
  • Leather skirt - Mackage, thrifted; last seen here (6th outfit) in February 2020 with pink
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August 2020 with my picador skirt
  • Coat - Mallia, consignment; last seen here on Monday

February is the hardest month for most retail businesses, and since I set aside a little bit each pay for my favourite hobby, it felt like my time to give back to my local shops (and hopefully score some goodies!). Since I didn't have a workout jacket to wear - we'll get to that in a bit - I forwent my usual Mental Health Walk in favour of a Mental Health SHOP. 
It was very windy and cold so I had to really layer up. Here, you can see the orange viscose long-sleeved tee on under my pink wool-blend sweater. 
Tights, and a vintage half-slip under the leather skirt. - we'll be doing a Flashback on it shortly. 

Due to the open neck of the sweater, I added this tan, pink and burgundy silk scarf to keep me warm. 
I have thick socks on over my tights here too. 

This is my warmest coat - I'm so glad I bought it back in early October, on a day when I wasn't even wearing a jacket! 
Shopping out of season pays off. 

Masked up with red/pink rose petals. 
But this is not enough! 
We need more accoutrements to keep me warm! 
A fuzzy hat that comes down over my ears, a small fur scarf, and pink gloves with wool lining. 

I have my pack on, my tunes and I'm ready to go! 
My knees got cold, but the rest of me was pretty toasty. 

Outerwear stuff: 
All easily stashed my bag for shopping - of course, I keep my mask on from when I leave my house until I get home. 

  • Hat - Principles, thrifted
  • Scarf - Danier, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Excellent walking boots, although my feet were like blocks of ice by the time I got home 4 hours later. 

  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Earrings - gift from Mom

I said goodbye to Vizzini and made sure he had a fresh hot water bottle. 
"Your lap would be better. You should stay home."

No way! I'm going to have some nice, soothing Zen time, just me and racks of clothes. Ahhhh...doesn't that sound good? 

But first...

Flashback: Mackage Leather Skirt

I bought this skirt on one of my many visits to the Patch, here in April 2016.
I was attracted to the thick leather, the funky pocket and the snap-across wrap shape - I always dig an asymmetrical hem, too. 
I recognized the name Mackage, but was more impressed that it was made in Canada. It's not a size 2 - it's a medium, more like a size 6. 
It does up with snaps all up the front. I have super-glued all of them except for the top four, as they pop open when I sit down! I got a real steal at $39.95. Mackage is a very high-end sportswear brand now - this piece is probably from the early 00s. When I bought this, I noted that they had a similar skirt (in black) on their site for $480.00. 

I wore it to work right away in May 2016, which is when I discovered it would pop open and fall off me. 
I nearly always wear a lacy slip under it ever since! Shoes Flashbacked here

The wrap style means I can wear it lower on my hips when I'm feeling skinny, or higher on my waist when the chocolate has gotten to me. 
This is also from May 2016 - that's the first time I wore those shoes (Flashback here). 

In spite of my first two outings with this skirt being work outfits, it's mostly a brunch/shopping piece. 
It's better when I'm sitting for less time. This outfit is from January 2017. Boots Flashback here

Another shopping outfit, from October 2017. 
Note the skulls on the cream tee! Boots Flashback here

I wore it to hang out with Ally when she was here in April 2018. 
"You should know by now that ignoring me comes with a price."

These cowboy boots go well with the skirt. Flashback here

A rare summer sighting! This was in August 2018.
Bare toes feel inadvisable right now! Shoe Flashback here

I think this was a casual Friday, in November 2018. 
Showing my outerwear because...

I wore this sweater again with the skirt in March 2019. 
I have those red Fluevog boots in my Swap & Sell pile for when our local store can host events again. Sigh. 

And this is the last time I wore the skirt, for a shopping trip down to Turnabout in February 2020. 
I love that acid wash vest. 

Mathy stuff: Well, that's 10 outfits, so we are at a nice round $4.00 per wear. Awesome! 

Now, let's see how my Shopping Karma was, shall we? I stopped at the Patch first, as they have a Buy One, Get One at 50% Off sale on. I was looking specifically for a new outerwear jacket for my Mental Health Walks, as SOMEONE chewed the zipper on my old one. 
I didn't even find the zipper pull, just a deformed, chewed up mush at the bottom of the zip. I'll be hanging this lovely blue quilted jacket up higher, out of that little kitty's reach. 

I forgot to take a picture of it, but it is by Kenneth Cole, and was $39.95. This was a "Buy One" item. 
I was impressed to find a light puffer that's actually stuffed with duck down and 10% "waterfowl" feathers. I'm not sure what that means - are there cormorants and seagulls in there?

When I got home, I didn't have much light left, so I had to quickly photograph everything. This lovely leopard long cardi is just crying for an owner who will appreciate it. 
"Blah blah, feed me, Woman!"

It's 100% cashmere, by Charter Club. This would have retailed for $199.00! 
But it was my "Get One 50% Off" - so only $15.00! I checked carefully for moth-holes and didn't find any (you'll all be relieved that I picked up some moth traps recently), but even if it does spring some, I'd be thrilled wearing this around the house. It will go down to pennies per wear, eventually.

This piece of insanity was on the put-back rack and I gasped when I saw it! 
Okay, YES, obviously I need this zig-zag faux fur top! 

It is by Euramerican Express, and it was $29.95.
That felt a bit steep, but since I had a fourth item, I didn't feel too bad. I chatted with the staff there, and they noted that this month has been their worst in their 26-year history! I've been shopping at the Patch since it opened - so I'm happy to buy this fun piece. 

I scanned the racks fairly quickly, since the sale only applied to winter clothing (not vintage or the spring/summer stuff that's starting to come in). I was looking for stuff that had come in since I last did a full scan of the store, but was still fall/winter so that the sale would apply. Sneaky! 
This green mohair cardigan was new. Love the deep bottle green colour. This was really nice on. 
Nice to have an extra button - you can see the cobwebby texture of it there. 
The back of the buttons/buttonholes has been reinforced by grosgrain ribbon. 
It's by LL Bean, and was half off, so $15.00. It was probably around $125.00 new. 

I did a quick pass through Flavour Upstairs, but nothing caught my eye or fit quite right. 

From there, I spent an hour in the big Women In Need store. 
In addition to a couple of things for my sweetie for Valentine's Day, I did very well! A plethora of knee high hosiery options presented themselves for $1.95 per pack: fishnet, a two-pack, and a "glass leg look" pair. Made in France and Italy. 

I'm not usually a mittens person, but these are lined in the most incredibly soft fleece. I'll be wearing them right away! 
They were $3.95. 

I made some educated guesses on purchases at WIN, since you can't try clothes on there anymore. 
"Ignore me at your peril!"

This top, for instance. I love the pink blossom embroidery front and back - it's very 2003-4ish. 
It's a very soft viscose/cotton blend, made in India. 
I dislike wearing visible logos most of the time, but I'll let this one slide. 
It's by Guess and was $14.95. Note the little steel button with "Guess" on it, and the lovely blue domed snaps. I'll probably wear this tied at my waist as a sun cover - it's going into the spring/summer wardrobe.

I recognized the neckline of this top as I scanned the rack of tees and casual tops. After all, I have the dress. 
And it is indeed the same brand - Tangerine Jill, which used to be a local Victoria brand. They made some beautiful clothes, many of which I've been fortunate to find second-hand. 

The neckline and the cuffs are silk and the body is viscose. 
Each one of those silk squares is sewn on individually. The neckline design does carry around to the back, you will be glad to know. 
A bargain at $12.95! It will also be spring-summer, due to the cuffs and drama of the design - I don't want to cover it up with a jacket!

I spotted this pattern from a mile off. So pretty! 
It's a bracelet-length, cropped jacket, zips up the front. No pockets.

What is this? Real Diane von Furstenberg? Marked down to $28.95?
It's a very fine wool and silk blend, and will be excellent for spring.

There is a little white mark on the front that I intend to colour with a felt pen. 
No bother at all. 

Lovely gauzy black lining. 
All the proper tags and the hologram and such. It's called the Gabrielle jacket and it had a matching mini pleated skirt. It's from the Spring 2015 collection - only 5 years old! 

It's Special Stock, so the store recognized that it's a "name" designer and priced it accordingly. It did not sell at $74.95. 
Marked down again - $49.95, then $39.95, then $28.95, which is what I paid. Feels like a deal! 

I couldn't pass up this lovely black pinstriped vest. 
Arg, you can't see the details on the front there. Black is such a pain.
There, details blown out. There's a long horizontal pocket with a ribbon coming out of it on each side - these can be pulled tighter to gather the waist on the sides. Note the two ribbons have metal bits on them.

Look at the lovely lining. 
Peace. Love. 

It's a wool blend, and there are small pockets near the hem on the front that haven't been opened. I'm totally opening them. I love pockets! 
I spy a familiar little medallion. 

Details of the grossgrain ribbon. 
The metal bits are studs, with the black image of a dandelion puffball on the dome side, and the reverse 3D image on the other. It's a lovely detail. 

This vest is full of surprises, like the lovely lining of the front, and there's this on the inside on the right. 

bq [garble] '77
and Warm Gloves
Red Cheeks and How? Holy? Hats [thank you, reader Miche]
tender was the night

"Bohemian Chique" is the first collection, from 2010, of Maison Scotch, the womenswear line of Scotch and Soda. It's labeled size 2, but that's a medium in some brands sizing - Ted Baker also sizes this way. 1 is a small, 2 is a medium, etc. 
"To be worn with Love." I'll definitely love wearing it, considering it was only $3.50 - that punched heart means it was half price. 

This skirt looks vintage but it's not. 
It also feels vintage, as it's a slippery viscose weave. The lining is a more cottony-feeling viscose. 

Dig these wonderful shell buttons. 
You have to undo both sizes - 10 buttons! - to get it on. However, it has pockets! 

It's by Noa Noa, and is from Spring 07 as you can see from the tag. Not quite vintage yet!
It's their Garbo Viscose collection. It had a matching jacket! Ooh, I hope it will turn up one day.
It's highly likely that this is from Dots (which has been around since the 80s). I ended up paying $12.50 due to the 50% off punch. 

I bought three dresses, risking the fit, but I went with all safe shapes. First, this amazing fit-and-flare cotton dress. 
Blah on the hanger, but is a very similar cut as my Spanish Ladies dress (here). 

It's a full circle skirt, with a matching tie belt. 
But of course, the pattern is the star. It's French phrases and 45 records and album covers! 

Check these out. 
So cool. 
The Kinks! 
Nut Rocker? B Bumble and the Stingers? This is actually a real band/song! I'm going to have to look all these songs/artists up! 
I know this one - I was privileged to see Leonard Cohen in concert twice. 

I've never heard of Anne Elisabeth, but apparently she creates her own fabrics, which are made in French and Italian factories. About her here, link 'cause I love.
This doesn't look anything like their current styles - I'd guess this about 12-15 years old? Anyway, her dresses sell between 85-230 Euros, which is $130-350 Canadian. I guess my $19.95 is a good deal - and this dress fit perfectly. AND IT HAS POCKETS! 

I couldn't leave this dress behind. The silvery grey colour. 
The ruffled neckline, the pockets, the bubble hem. 

Pretty metal buttons all the way down. 
And the buttonholes go sideways - an incredible mark of quality (they never pop open).

I know this name - Samuel Dong - I used to have this crazy coat by him
It was only $16.95! There's a nearly identical one for $209.00 on their site. It is a little big, but I might give it a go - the sash at the front under the bust can wrap around and tie in the back, which makes it fit better. 

This dress was far too beautiful to not buy. 
It's very similar to another dress I own, this long gown by Eliza J. They must be from the same era. 

A nice grosgrain ribbon belt (it has two snaps). It is far too big for my waist and is not adjustable, although I suppose I could cut it and sew it.
I love that the red lace is actually a lace, not a print.
The sleeves are sheer, and the edges are left raw.

And it has POCKETS! I totally scored on the pockets on this shop. 
It's made in China, but this tag was unusual. 
I've never seen that on a garment before. 

The brand is Luisa Spagnoli - I had this skirt by this label but didn't even wear it, I hated the fit so much!
It's labeled size 16, but it's more like a North American 12, and is a smidge big on me, however, I think if I use a wider belt it would be a fun party dress. At $12.95, I had to take it. 

And that's it, all my treasures! I'm so excited to have some new things to play with and rediscover in the spring. Do you have a favourite? 

As I rushed to finish photographing everything in the waning light, I realized my earrings had gotten swept onto the floor...
And discovered by a kitty who wanted his dinner. That is 3 dents in the ball of these gold earrings, a bent post and a gnawed backing. I don't know where the other earring is. 
"I'm saving it for the next time you annoy me."

I hope it's only fallen behind the bookcase! Vizzini, behave yourself.

And now, I am off for the weekend! It is a long weekend in Canada for Family Day, so we will be enjoying Monday off as well. I'll be back then with tales of adventure. 

Stay warm, stay safe, be calm and be kind! Thanks so much for visiting! 


  1. Seriously sensational finds! At first I thought the cashmere leopard print cardi was my fave, but then we got to the leaf print skirt and that incredible music themed novelty print dress and it instantly turned into a three-way tie.

    You found some seriously awesome items on this shopping trip. I look forward to seeing - and being inspired by - how you'll style them, my dear friend.

    Many hugs & wishes for a relaxing, wonderful long weekend,
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I did so well, didn't I? I love it all! I'm excited to style them up - I'll have some playtime in my closet this weekend and start building outfits with them.

      Thank you, my dear friend! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Oh dear I hope he has just rolled the earring away somewhere! he was certainly hungry!

    I really enjoyed seeing your haul - looks like a very productive shop and I hope it cheered you up too! It's nice to have quiet browsing and shopping time to yourself now and then, most of my opshop browses are quick sweeps through after dropping off donations before the kids get too rowdy in the shop, ha! Although I did score a designer bag on Monday. I still hold out hope of getting a Rebecca Minkoff like you did, but an authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs is pretty good!

    1. Yes, I hope it's under the shelf, or caught in one of the new pieces of clothing and NOT in Vizzini's tummy! But if it is, he'll puke it up sooner or later.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! I sure did! :) Ooh, a designer Marc bag - I can't wait to see it! I had no luck with purses this time out.

  3. Ok now I am really missing the "chazzas" lol good afternoon Sheil. I do not know which is my favourite! The thrifting God was smiling on you that is for sure! Every piece worthy to be in Sheila's closet. You seem to have picked a lot of green item so can't wait to see how you style them. So glad you got some bargains. I am sure they appreciated your custom. I loved todays outfit too. You rock Shazxx

    1. A good round of chazza/thrift shopping is often the cure for what ails, right, Shaz? Yes, the thrifting gods smiled upon me - all that good karma from giving away my clothes. I often find things in colour themes - the last time I did the WIN store, I bought a lot of red. It just works out that way sometimes.

      Thank you! You also rock! ;-P

  4. Aren't you adorable with your pig tails! I do not look that cute bundled up for the cold-I look like a burnt marshmallow in my black puffy coat. Regardless, I learn with every post you do how to improve my style-now to apply it someday.

    1. Hair control, Sam, otherwise, it would be a snarl of knots (I often have to cut little ones out of my hair!). Being warm is paramount, so I'd take burnt marshmallow (I'm still chuckling over that description!).

      Aw, that's really sweet of you! Just keep experimenting!

  5. Oh! Those finds you found *sigh* many lovely things...but, a dress with Leonard Cohen on it *swoon*.

    1. I KNOW! I had to have the dress with Leonard Cohen, right, Meshel?? Thank you!

  6. The weather needs to be really atrocious before I forego my thrift shopping fix! We needed a double fix this week, so we went both for a mental health walk (in the snow) and a shopping trip :-) Good of you to mention the orange top worn under your sweater. My first thought was that it was part of the sweater. Ha, and I've also been wearing my thickest socks over my tights, over-the-knee ones!
    Your leather skirt is gorgeous, and I loved seeing its flashback.
    What I loved even more was seeing your finds! Love the colour of that puffer coat (oh Vizzini!), the leopard cashmere cardigan, the zig-zag faux fur top (which OF COURSE you need), the blossom embroidered shirt, the patterned DVF jacket (swoon!), the Noa Noa skirt, and the first of the dresses in particular. Can't wait to see you wearing/styling them. But oh no about the earrings. Oh Vizzini again :-) Have a wonderful long weekend, Sheila xxx

    1. Yes, agreed, you are so right, Ann. Mental Health Shopping is really important for us introverted creatives. I can't wait to see what you found! I was happy at how well the necklines lined up with the top and sweater. It was fun looking back at the skirt's outfits.

      I can't stop thinking "roadkill" when I look at the faux fur top, ha ha! I think I'll have to call it that. Vizzini has been wreaking havoc this week, in revenge for the weather, and moving everything around. Sigh. Silly monkey-cat. Happy weekend to you, Ann. Hugs!

  7. Woohoo? What a catch. Anxiously awaiting to see you in them! What fun - and a long weekend coming up. Take care,

    1. Definitely a woohoo, Claire! I'll get there, no rush. :) Thank you!

  8. Sending you some heart eyes at that zig zag furry sweater! Can't wait to see you wear it!

    1. It'll be soon, Charlotte! Thank you! I also have heart-eyes at it, haha!

  9. DvF?? Now I def need to steel your wardrobe! What a bargain. And only 5 years old, wow. That insanity piece is stunning! I would name it the Tigers of Pantang piece. The silver grey dress is gorgeous too. What a luck it is to have such great pre loved stores in your town!

    1. I know, Nancy! I see DvF all the time secondhand - it's not that rare.

      Tigers of Pantang!? I know that band! We have a CD by them. I'm probably going to call it Roadkill (think about it...). We do have amazing stores here - I could just shop them all over and over.

  10. I was worried about what Vizzini was going to do after all those threatening captions...
    I adore that Mallia coat- it's so long and lovely. I used to have a long wool coat like that and I really regret getting rid of it.
    You did SO well with the purchases. I love them! The record dress is so pretty- I'd definitely wear that! The zebra top and the puffer coat are lovely! You will be pleased to know that I have managed to shift the main part of the olive stain on my puffer!

    1. He is SUCH a naughty kitty, Kezzie!

      I am in love with the coat - it's so soft and warm, and I so appreciate the length.

      I had some good luck! I'm excited to wear it all - oh, good news on your puffer! Yay!

  11. That leather skirt is lovely and I like how you styled it. I have a skirt with a similar cut in dark grey and I like to wear a slip with it as well- just to be on the same side. Great finds. I like the Guess denim shirt with front and back floral embroidery.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! Yes, a slip is definitely needed. I'm looking forward to wearing that shirt!

  12. Oh my, you did well with vintage shopping. A DvF top.. very swank. I adore the Tangerine Jill top, I recognized the silk squares from your dress as well. I am starting to know your wardrobe haha.
    I would have gasped as well, seeing the zig-zag faux fur top. What a beauty.
    And last but not least, a compliment for your black coat. It is a winner, well done in October.

    1. I did do well! It reminded me how much I enjoy the randomness of a thrift store, vs. the curated collections in consignment shops. You are good - you recognized the squares!

      Isn't my "roadkill" amazing? I'm glad you saw it "in person". I love the black coat - best buy of the year.

  13. A great swag of goodies, every piece special. You have an eye for how an item could look once you have styled it.

    I think the word in the poem on the vest is "hats" -
    Snowflakes and Warm Gloves
    Red Cheeks and Hats
    tender was the night

    1. Thank you so much, Miche! Yes, you're totally right - it's "hats" - well done! I'll fix that and credit you.

  14. I have a week off coming up, you inspired me to put thrift shopping on my list of possible activities! Such a great haul for you. I love that DVF jacket (bracelet length is my favorite- it shows off my watches and I have a tendency to push my sleeves up no matter what anyway) and that record-patterned dress is AMAZING. Stay warm- things have gotten pretty chilly for us too!

    1. Ooh, good for you, Ashley, do it! I am excited about the DVF jacket - I also love bracelet-length, so classy. I am stoked about the record dress! Bring on the warm weather so I can wear it!

      Brr, it's been so cold here!

  15. I love your long black coat - reminds me of the days when we had to dress for success at work. I can't wait to see the zig/zag jacket in action. Thrift shoppers in Victoria must hate you - you get all the good stuff!

    1. Thank you, Nana! Ha, yes, I remember Dress For Success! The zigzag top is just a pullover, not a jacket. No way - the shops here are crammed full of stuff. You wouldn't believe it.

  16. Love your assymetric leather skirt, particularly when worn with the patchwork sweater, they rock together. Looking warm and fabulous in your coat and lovely boots, and always amazing accessories!
    Actually, I'm enjoying vicariously your shopping, and enthusiastic about how many fab pieces you found!, woww!. Thanks for sharing the details, I always love to see some quality pieces! and most of them have Pockets (fabulousness!)

    1. I like that pairing too. Thank you!

      Aw, glad you can enjoy shopping with me! I was thrilled by all the pockets!

  17. That naughty little man of yours! Stephen is driving us mad at the moment, I think having us at home all the time has finally tipped him over the edge!
    That leather skirt is fabulous and I knew that your new Noa Noa skirt wsa made in India before I even read that it was, there's something about the colours.
    What a quirky print that dress has. We saw Leonard Cohen play about 15 years ago.
    Enjoy yor long weekend! xxxx

    1. Isn't he naughty, Vix? what a little monster. I hope Stephen has calmed down!

      It's amazing. Wow, you can spot the India-made items, how skilled your eye is!

      Yes, we saw him 15 and 18 years ago, I think. Thank you!

  18. I love that circle skirt. The Kinks is one of my favourite bands. Ive seen the musical Sunny Afternoon twice which tells the story of The Kinks.
    We can't shop here yet so it is fab to shop through your blog.

    1. They are awesome, aren't they, Jane? I will have to watch for that musical.

      Aw, sorry to hear that - I'm happy to indulge you all!

  19. You look cute in pigtails! I love the length of the coat in the first look! Pretty outfits as usual.

    1. Thanks, Lovely - it's purely to save my hair from the weather! I love the coat.

  20. What a naughty cat Vizzini is!

    The leather skirt is fab and what lovely flashback outfits. It looks particularly fab with long boots.

    And as for your shopping trip wow! Didn't you do well? Such lovely items and such amazing bargains. That was a very fruitful trip indeed.

    Hope you've had a relaxed weekend.

    1. Oh, he can be such a monster, Vronni!

      Thank you - I love it with boots too. I did so well on the shopping trip - I felt like a conquering hero with my bags of stuff. It's been a wonderful weekend, thank you!

  21. WOW! You scored big on this shopping expedition. I haven't been shopping in a store, thrift, or otherwise, since early fall and I miss my monthly thrift shops. Love the colour of the winter jacket and it has very flattering seaming on the sides. Thumbs up on the leopard cardi, roadkill top, Diane von Furstenberg jacket and the pretty dresses.

    1. I've been very grateful that the stores here have stayed open, Shelley. That jacket was a great purchase - it was excellent in the rain/cold last week on my walk. Thanks!


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