Sunday, October 4, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fringe and Floral, Saturday Shop, Cat Pictures

Weekends are the best! Too bad they always run out of days...sigh. This is what I wore for brunch with L and Nick on Saturday.
As you can tell, it was a sunny day, so no difficulties in creating another fall-ified outfit out of my spring/summer clothes. 

  • Suede jacket - Ruby Cho, consignment; first seen here (2nd outfit) in May for Book Club
  • Shirt - Ann Taylor, consignment; last worn here in September under a plaid corset
  • Skirt - BCBG Max Azria, consignment; last seen here in April with blossom pinks
  • Shoes - Gadea, consignment; first worn here in August with a swingy dress

"I can't see my waist," I moaned.
Hence the goofy pose. 

I wanted coverage, so I snuck in another wearing of this awesome fringed suede jacket. 
The skirt has some good colours - pink (3 shades), blue (2 shades) and green (neon/lime) - but I don't have a ton of clothes in these shades that work with it. 
I know white shirts are one of those things that you're "supposed" to own...
And they can be very useful when you're faced with a difficult pattern.
I really wanted a pink top, but I don't have one. 
Instead, I'll just revel in the wonder of a full circle pleated skirt. So swooshy! 

Masked up (navy/white/green) and ready to walk and shop. I had a ton of comments on my skirt, jacket and even my shoes while I was out and about. I was very bright, compared to all the other people in their greys and blacks. 
I could have carried a lime/neon green purse (matchy!), but I needed a bit more size for my shopping bags. 

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted

The stuff: 
I left L and Nick to wander around town, shopping for my birthday presents (it's next week), and headed to town to do a little shopping of my own. This was a big test of these shoes, as it was the first time I'd walked anywhere in them. I'm happy to report they were awesome, with no rubbing or uncomfortableness. I did snip a bit more leather off the mis-sewn tongue of the left shoe (you can read about my shoe surgery here), and that resolved that issue entirely.

Simple bling: 
Big earrings are such a pain with a mask, aren't they? I had my mask on nearly all day, as I shopped and veered around people on the sidewalks. 

  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Eelskin bangle - vintage 80s, used to be mine/re-thrifted it

Vizzini has been amusing this weekend - he flopped on top of the game shelves on Friday night. 
"What? I can't sleep here?"

You totally can, buddy...except you literally never have, in nearly 10 years. 

Shopping! I popped into a few places, including Lazy Susan's again, where I discovered that they have Hallowe'en masks. 
I love the purple/black one - it has skulls and spiderwebs on it, as well as GLITTER (I know!). The other one is a little cutesy, but will be fun for the week before Hallowe'en. 

I had a good browse at Dots (found a Christmas present for L), and came away with a few things for me. 
A white shirt is not what I was look for, but when you find one at a good price that fits, you have to buy it. 
Dots has a sale on of 50% off all summer clothes, so this was $15.00. It's by Yest (which appears to be a Dutch brand), and this would have retailed for $62.00. It's a cotton/poly/spandex blend) and is washable. 

They also have all kinds of tights on clearance. The top two were $1.99 a pair. I might have to go back for more - that's such a good price!
The fleece-lined tights were $2.99. Score! I'm thinking about outside social gatherings in cold weather and am preparing in advance! They had faux-fur-lined tights too, at the same price.

From Dots, I went to Flavour Upstairs, where I finally bought this sweater that I've tried on before but didn't buy because I felt it was too pricey. 
The colour is fantastic, and I love a slim cable knit. I also like that wide scoop neckline (very flattering). 

It's 100% cotton, and has barely any signs of wear (no pilling). 
It's from Spring 2012, so 8 years old.

It's by J. Crew and was marked way down to $9.99 from $27.99, having been marked down 3 previous times!
100% cotton J. Crew sweaters run about $115.00 new. Score! 

I popped into local shop Roberta's Hats for my annual fingerless glove purchase - I missed out last year because I left it too late and they'd sold out. 
These were $21.99 and they are olive green, by Parkhurst and were made in Canada. I love fingerless gloves for shopping in cold weather (I need to feel fabrics), and for wearing in the office when I get really cold (I can still type in them). 

From there, I spent some time in the Patch. I didn't look at everything (that takes hours), but had a quick peruse through the racks, feeling for good fabrics (silk, linen, cotton, cashmere) and looking for good patterns. 
I found this sheer polyester-weave tee on the "put-back rack" which is often an excellent source for cool things, as someone else has already done the work for you. 

It's by Scotch & Soda by Maison Scotch, and is a size 1 (that's a size Small). 
That is a real score at $9.95. Add a zero to that ($99.50) for the retail! 

Sunday is football day, so L and I watched games while Vizzini sneetched on his post. 
"Leave me alone, Woman."

We'll have to bring the post in off the deck soon, once the weather starts to cool off, but we'll leave it out as long as we can for him. 
"Just let me snooze in the sun."

That can be arranged. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Stay safe! 


  1. That is such a beautiful maxi skirt on you and I like the bright green jacket with it! :) You always find such good pieces when you shop - I like that bright knit!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I look at SO much stuff - and only come away with 1-2 items. I am happy with the sweater.

  2. Nice to see you are putting the colour back into fall. All of a sudden the world has gone full winter here - all black, brown and grey. The orange sweater was a steal!

    If only we could all be cat like and snooze in the sun. Bliss :)

    1. I promise I won't be all black/brown/grey this fall/winter, Nana! :)

      I know, to be a cat!

  3. That skirt and lime green jacket combo are fantastic. A pink top would be the icing on the cake but with your shopping skillz I'm sure the right one will turn up before too long.
    Huge earrings, and face masks are so annoying, I'm forever getting tangled up. Jon keeps telling me not to bother with the earrings but I'd feel naked without hem.
    Great scores on those tights and fingerless gloves (I call them beer mittens, perfect for cold festival nights back in the days Before Corona!)
    Look at that lovely boy of yours basking in the sunshine! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Vix! I'll find one eventually, I'm sure.

      Oh gosh, yes! And I love big earrings too! I feel weird only wearing tiny earrings, so I keep wearing my big ones, but they are a pain.

      Thank you! Ha, I love "beer mittens" - great name.

      Isn't he lovely? So warm...

  4. What a stylish shopping outfit! I love the green jacket with fringes. It matches the green details in that printed full circle maxi skirt perfectly. You look fantastic in this, no wonder you got attention. It is always nice to see people embrace colour in the autumn and winter. Just because it gets colder, it doesn't mean we all have to dress all black all the time. Dark colours can be very elegant but bright colours can brighter our days. I'm all for some colour therapy, especially when it gets cold.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I was really pleased at how well the two went together. I so agree - there is enough black/grey out there already, without me adding to it. I do have a darker palette in the fall/winter, but rest assured, there will be colour! I need colour therapy too!

  5. Hi Sheila, that is a skirt and a half love it! No wonder you got compliments. That was a score the J Crew sweater! The perfect pink top will turn up before long I am sure. I love how you are still wearing summer clothes but "fall - i fying " them! I go from dressing up to just keeping warm tch tch Shazxx

    1. Thanks, Shaz! I love it too - it's so rare to see a full circle skirt these days. I love the J. Crew sweater - such a good colour.

      Closet swap-over time is coming this week, but I still have a few days of "fall-ifying" left!

  6. I have to confess I don't own a white shirt. For some reason, I just don't do white :-) I agree a pink top would have made this swoon-worthy outfit even better, but the swooshy skirt and fringed jacket were just made for each other! How exciting to have your birthday coming up - so that's why you're taking time off, is it? I'm not wearing earrings, but I'm hearing you on the struggle to wear them with masks. I think wearing glasses with them is enough of a hassle already. Don't you have the steaming up problem? It's driving me absolutely crazy! I'm loving the glittery Halloween mask, and I think the other one would look perfect with that divine cable knit jumper! Hee hee, I'm always having a rummage on the put-back rack too! Aww look at Vizzini basking in the sunshine. We've had rain for over a week now, so I could definitely do with some sunshine! xxx

    1. I resisted them for a while, but they are very useful for layering under other things - I rarely wear them on their own like this. I'll find a pink top eventually, I'm sure.

      Yes, that's why I'm taking a day off - we also have a long weekend coming up.

      Glasses don't bother me, but I need wire on the nose in my masks to keep them from steaming up - I also wear my glasses low on top of the mask to help hold the fabric down. That helps.

      Good call on the orange mask with the matching sweater/jumper! The put-back racks are often full of good stuff!

      I think our week of sun is nearing its end, sadly. Rain is coming...

  7. What a wonderful skirt! And that jacket is so perfect on it. Fabulous, new, sweater too. How exciting that it is almost your birthday!

  8. This is such a pretty outfit. The green is so cheery and fresh! Love the swooshy skirt!

    1. Thanks, Dar! I love the skirt - it's one of my favourites.

  9. I adore this skirt!!!! Please put my name inside for when you are tired of it haha. And your choice of bright green on it, would have been my choice too.

    1. Ha ha! I will, Greetje! If I ever spot another one, I'll grab it for you!

  10. Fab outfit and I love your lime green suede jacket. You found some great things, too. I hope you manage to get more tights and that they haven't all gone...

    How did you manage to rethrift your bracelet?

    Take care

    1. Thank you, Vronni! I'm sure there will still be lots, but it's okay if there isn't, too.

      I acquired it around 1986, had it for years, barely wore it. I donated it a few decades ago, then was at Flavour Upstairs and saw it in their case. What are the chances that it was actually mine? I think pretty high! I see quite a bit of my old stuff in stores.

  11. Love your swooshy skirt, its colors and delightful swooshiness!, and love how the jacket enhance every bit of Green!, lovely ensemble.
    And I'm admiring your last purchases, particularly the orange pullover, it looks fab!, and those masks! so cool!. I think I need some spooky ones Mwhahah!

    1. It's a favourite due to the Swoosh Factor 10 of it! Thank you so much, my dear!

      I love that too - it's nice and thick and will work well in my wardrobe for fall. You definitely need spooky masks, ha!

  12. Sooo true about the scarcity of days that weekends house. It should be nice (and handy!) sometimes if we could swap the length of the weekdays with that of the weekend. :D

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I would be in for that, but I already have a reduced work week, so I am good for now. Maybe when I'm retired...

  13. The fringed jacket is a perfect match with the green in the swooshy skirt, and Vix is right, you just need the perfect pink top to wear with both pieces.

    Sylvester is always looking for a patch of sun to lie in - it's in a different place in my apartment depending on the time of day. I love how warm his fur is after he has been sunbathing.

    1. Thank you! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the right pink top. It's on the list. :)

      I love that sun-warmed fur! It's the best.


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