Friday, October 2, 2020

Pink and Beene, and Barbie Flashback

Happy weekend, my friends! I was distracted this morning, and totally whiffed on taking my stair picture. I blame Vizzini. 
"I'm just sitting here, minding my own business."

He doesn't fool me - look at those ears. He's totally focused on what I'm doing. Someone needs attention! 
"Unhand me, Woman!"

He's not really as mortified as he looks. He's purring. Really!

Ahem! This is a fashion blog, let's get to the outfit, shall we? 
I have been wanting to wear this fabulous suit again for months, but it's been too warm out. 

  • Turtleneck - M&S Collection, thrifted; last worn here (6th outfit) in February for shopping
  • Suit - Geoffrey Beene, vintage 60s, vintage fair; first worn here in March with brown boots
  • Shoes - Arnold Churgin, thrifted; last seen here in April with dark florals

This suit was part of one of the last outfits I wore with a full office, a few days before we all went into lock-down, and I bought it during one of our last true Bigass Long Weekends. So it has a few memories attached to it. Remember people?
When I unpacked the pumps from storage in March,I immediately wanted to wear it with the pink turtleneck and matchy (MATCHY!) pink shoes. 
I love swanning about in a real designer suit. It feels very luxurious - you can feel the quality.

I went with a light leopard mask today, as it toned well overall. Mom, I need a pink mask! 
Look at the fabulous pockets: practically my entire forearm fits in them! Amazing. 

The stuff: 
Delightful Barbie-pink shoes - although I haven't had them that long, we'll have a wee Flashback on them anyway, as I'll be packing them up next week for the season...or will I??

Gold bling: 
I think a wider belt works better with the thick fabric of the suit, but I do like this studded leather belt. 

  • Belt - Banana Republic, thrifted
  • Necklace - Givenchy, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Mesh/plate cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Gold earrings - gift from Mom

That necklace is real Givenchy! Classy! Did you know it's pronounced zhee-VON-she? (I love Vogue's pronunciation guide, here, link 'cause I love). Only the fakes are call giv-EN-chee! Hee!

Weatherwise, we are getting smoke again from the California fires far, far to the south, but the air quality is much better this time (the smoke at higher elevations) and we've had sunny, warm days all week, and continuing into the weekend. 
It's making for some startling sunsets, with the sun a big fiery orange ball. 
Hard to capture - the sunrises are equally orange, with everything bathed in orange light. 
Our neighbourhood trees are starting to get orange on the leaves - it's not just from the sun. 

Flashback: Arnold Churgin Pink Pumps

These are pretty much the Perfect Pink Pump: a great colour, they're patent leather, leather-lined, a low heel, a non-slippy sole, and I got them in at Flavour Upstairs practically brand new for $22.99 here in July 2019, so just over a year ago.
Swoon! My coworker Sukanya named them my Barbie shoes last year, as they are that precise Barbie pink. They are super-comfy too, so I've worn them a lot in a very short time. 

I wore them right away, as always, in July 2019.
My coworkers loved it. Bold and bright! 

I'm showing you the back (don't worry, you'll see the dress again in a second) to demonstrate that nice low 1.5" heel. This was in August 2019.
They are easy to walk in - great in the office - and were immediately a useful colour. I didn't know I needed bright pink shoes! 

I wore them with last year's birthday outfit in October 2019. This looked SO much better in person. 
I have learned my lesson with rainbow metallic thread knits - they look blurry and muddy on camera. The purple velvet skirt is an Yves Saint-Laurent (did you pronounce it correctly? Ha!) and it's amazing. 

Here's this gorgeous floral dress again - it's embroidered on black lace, and is incredible in person. 
I wore this to Chris and Karla's wedding in November 2019. 

An outfit that made me grumpy - also from November 2019.
I thought the background colour of the sweater was navy blue, not black. It just was not a good sweater - it's gone! 

I had to sneak in a wearing of this new-to-me very summery vintage top in December 2019, just after I bought it. 
Nah, it's definitely a warm weather top - I still like to try to get in a wear right away. 

I wore my pretty pink shoes to Ronnie's birthday party in February. 
Sigh. Remember parties? I miss parties!

The vintage blouse got another wearing for a Zoom call with our friends in April. 
I only wore those amazing ruffled pants the one time before chocolate overtook my mental health (I'm getting back on track; my clothes motivate me). The shoes do match so perfectly! 

And here's the last time I wore them, also in April, to work in my empty office. 
I think I stuffed that skirt into the fall pile after wearing it. It's very autumnal - I can't wait to wear it again. And I have realized from looking at my outfits, that I kept these shoes out for fall/winter last year to cheer my spirits - I might have to keep them out again! 

Mathy stuff: I have already worn these shoes 10 times, including the current outfit, and I've only had them just over a year. I expect this cost-per-wear to go way down, but we're at $2.30 per wear already. 

And now, I will leave you with Vizzini, who hid under the duvet while the cleaners were here yesterday morning. 
"Oh, good, you found me."

I walked to town, did my grocery shop and then walked 8 km - I was gone for nearly 2 hours. When I returned home...
"What? I'm cosy and warm here. Go away, Woman."

He slept there for another four hours! Oh, to be a cat!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. Thank you so much for stopping by. 


  1. Those shoes are so fun and you wear them well! My sister was showing me pics of some cute Converse she wanted to get the kids for Christmas (I had to give her the sizes first) and had some fun bright ones to show me too - I mentioned I'd been thinking about getting a pair, especially how often I've been wearing them lately! (Spring and autumn are converse seasons!) So she is going to get me a pair for Christmas, yey! Colour undecided, I asked her to surprise me :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! Ooh, yes, you need a fancy pair of Cons! I can't wait to see what colour you get.

  2. Hi Sheila, classy outfit today must feel special wearing vintage. Now todays flashback ahh that floral dress is amazing and looking today I was smiling - you are one classy lady. I know you have a "rock chic edge" too but gee you rock the feminine clothes too! I had to giggle at the line before choclate overtook your mental health. (not at you of course but with you) I think that is the only good thing out of this dreaded time I have all but given up choclate(but unfortunatly found other stuff to snack on) Sheila you have a lovely figure . Shazxx

    1. Thanks, Shaz! I did feel very special. Glad you enjoyed the classy flashback - yeah, I do a fair amount of rocker stuff, but I also like to veer into the "I'm a lady!" clothes! Oh gosh, yes, the chocolate. It's been a challenge, hasn't it? Thank you, sweetheart!

  3. Is a Sheila-post without stairs really a Sheila-post? Philosophers are still debating this conundrum.

    At least we have cute pink pumps to console us. :)

    1. Of course it is! Heh. They really are the sweetest pink, aren't they, Ally?

  4. I almost forgot about that suit, but it is truly amazing. Pairing its caramel tones with bright pink was an inspired idea. Even your mask matches your outfit perfectly, although I'm keeping my fingers crossed your Mom hears your plea for a pink one :-) And yes, of course I knew how to pronounce Givenchy! And I was really tickled pink to see the flashback on the Barbie shoes. It must be sooo hard to be a cat :-) Enjoy your weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I know Mom will find some pink for me! I was happy to learn how to pronounce Proenza Schuler (I wasn't sure) - those things matter to me. Glad you enjoyed the shoe Flashback!

      I be a cat! Happy weekend, my dear!

  5. I have similar pink pumps, just not patent leather. Such a good colour. But I keep getting stuck between the tiles of the pavement, ruining my little stiletto heels. I am glad I found a cobbler who can fix it but she (yes, she) sees me often.
    Vizzini is a darling of a cat.

    1. They are a fab colour, aren't they, Greetje? Oh, yes, I know those grabby tiles! I rarely wear these outside, and I avoid gratings when I'm on the sidewalk. Good thing you have a solid cobbler. Yeah, Vizzini is a sweet little guy...most of the time.

  6. That vintage suit is gorgeous!!!! You have styled it so well dear. I love how you paired it with hot pink heels. They make me think of Barbie shoes. SO FUN! I loved seeing how you wore them in the past.
    Vizzini is adorable, no wonder he distracted you.<3

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I loved it with the pink - and hence the name!

      He is a very distracting cat!

  7. That suit is amazing! Would love to wear it! I'm a bit late but I wish you a fabulous Sunday!

  8. I remember drooling over that suit when you bought it. I love it teamed with pink, such lovely warm Autumnal tones. We'll forgive you the lack of stairs pictures for the gorgeous Vizzini ones. xxx

    1. It's an incredible suit, isn't it, Vix? It's so gorgeous. Oh, thank you - he is such a scamp - I'm surprised I haven't missed taking the stair pic very often before!

  9. woww, this suit is really amazing 'in action' and looks fab with pink!. And your Barbie pink shoes are really lovely, they enhance any outfit bringing up any bold color!, they rock!
    Vizzini looks really purry and cozy under the blanket! ;DD

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I love the bright pink shoes - so fun.

      He was practically liquid under the blanket. :)

  10. As a child of the 80s/90s, I can confidently confirm that those (fab!) heels really are Barbie pink. I well remember more than a few dolls that came with similar pairs. Loved them then, love them now, and love how you've styled these wonderful shoes.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. They totally are - Barbie had this pink in the 70s too! Thanks so much, my dear!


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