Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Two-Fer: Last Miami; Safe Shopping Adventure

Hello, my friends! I have two days of outfits for you: what I wore to work on Monday, plus my shopping adventure of Tuesday. 

Outfit the first - I built it around this striped and printed shirt that I bought with Christmas gift money this past year. 
This ended up being an ode to the late great Don Shula, coach of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins NFL team, who died today. You may not care about football, but L is a huge fan, and Miami is his team. "I bleed aqua," he is known to say.

  • Shirt - Guess, Powell River; first worn here in February with grey pleats
  • Skirt - LAMB, 2005 collection, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in August 2019 with neon sandals and shirt
  • Shoes - Big Presence Earhart, Fluevog; last worn here in September 2019 with autumn sunset colours
  • Coat (below) - Tangerine Jill, thrifted; last seen here in April

The print across the bottom of the shirt is of a Miami-like street scene, with cars and old Art Deco hotels and palm trees. I love that part of the shirt the most.
But that's pretty much it - this is the last and final wearing of it. The stripes are not really me, and the collar only lays properly when it's fully done up like this.

I dislike the long ties at the front, especially when it doesn't have proper shirt-tails in the back. Just give me a real shirt and I'll tie the front myself!
Clothes don't last long with me if I don't like them. This shirt is now in the giveaway pile.

And I'm fine with that.
On the other hand, I love the swooshy copper skirt, which is from the fall/winter 2005 collection of LAMB, Gwen Stefani's clothing line (picture of my skirt here, 6th image). It's such a unique piece. This is the 5th time I've worn it - I bought it in March 2018 for $15.00 at Turnabout in Vancouver.

Outerwear - I needed some pink.
I am a fan of flamingo pink.

  • Silk scarf - thrifted

The stuff:
I loved how well these shoes went with the shirt - they are such an unusual colour combo, aren't they? Lilac and papaya! They actually go with a lot - I've worn them 12 times since December 2017, which is excellent. They challenge me to think outside of "matching" and focus on "going".

Green bling:
I did my Art Deco-inspired earrings for the whole Miami theme, plus my parrots brooch.

  • Brooch - thrifted
  • Silver/aventurine ring - consignment
  • Jade/brass ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Earrings - vintage fair

Can you see my brooch? I put the parrots in the palm tree!
Despite my love for this, yes, the shirt is still not getting a reprieve.
I fussed and pulled at it all day - it's just not my style. Ah, well, it's not like I don't have any clothes...

I spied Vizzini out on the deck when I got home.
"You were out?"

I bet he's been out there all day.

So - I went shopping! Like, physically inside a store! One of my favourite second-hand stores is Turnabout, which I first encountered in Vancouver years ago - their Main Street store is still one of my favourites and is a "must visit" stop on our annual trip. When they opened a store here in Victoria, I was there! I've been many times, and always find something fun. I'm linking here, because I love - I'm a regular customer and I don't get anything from them, although today Jane popped a mini sewing kit into my bag as a thank you.

During the pandemic, they - like many other local businesses - have pivoted to a more online presence, but they've also set up precautions so that clients can both bring in their used designer clothes to consign, and so that shoppers can come in and satisfy their treasure-hunting urges.

I've been getting their emails regularly and thinking about this, as my bank account's been growing for the past two months. Today, with looming "easing" coming, I decided to do it. I was super-impressed with their set-up:

  • No more than 2 customers at a time
  • Lots of hand sanitizer and wipes available when you enter
  • Surfaces all being wiped down
  • 6'/2 meter distancing in effect (tape on floor)
  • Drop-in shopping or shopping by appointment - chairs are set outside to wait if the store is full

I also observed that all the clothes I tried on (and I tried on a LOT, as I always do) were set aside for at least 2 hours, which was how long I was in the store. The virus doesn't stay long on soft surfaces like clothing, but letting garments "rest" for a few hours before putting them back seems like a good precaution.

Overall, I felt very safe and was the only customer there while I shopped. Kudos to the Turnabout team!

For my friends in Victoria or Vancouver, I encourage you to please consider supporting this great local company, or shopping their online offerings; and to my readers, please check and see if your favourite brick-and-mortar stores are offering this kind of set up. We have to support our local businesses!

It felt good to put on a shopping outfit. Comfy, casual, easy to get off and on multiple times.
I realized when I steamed out the sweater and found the store tag, that this is an unworn new-to-me purchase from last winter.

  • Jacket - Prosperity, consignment; last worn here in September 2019
  • Merino wool sweater - Banana Republic, consignment; purchased here in December 2019 for $22.98
  • Skirt - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last seen here as part of my travel capsule for Portland, Oregon, back in September 2019
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April for our socially-distant gathering for Karen

I'm fond of this retro-look sweater shape - it's a good cut on me.
The skirt is hemp and locally-made. I found out from Cat, after I'd bought it in the WIN Boutique thrift store, that it was originally hers! Aw, hugs to my dear Cat. I miss you, honey.
I liked these sheer tights - it was not quite warm enough to go bare.

Outerwear - I love my funky space jacket.
 Skirt pockets!
Jacket pockets!
Planets and constellations and stripes!

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes for walking - it's about a 20-minute walk each way, and it was a lovely day, sunny and windy.

  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment

I declined the receipt and the tags were all removed, but I spent $300 total, so I'm guessing on the prices below. I bought something for Mom while I was there...it's her 75th birthday next week!

I shop slowly and methodically, going through every rack, looking at every shelf and in every case. I am thorough, and never miss any of the "good stuff."
This blazer was so cool and I loved how it looked on. The colour is hard to see, but it's a dark mustard-y shade.

It has built in elastic to give it shape in the waist.
The pockets zip from front to back.

It's by Sarah Pacini, and this was the most expensive item I bought, at $129.99 It's a linen/elastane blend, so it has that slightly rumpled linen look, but with stretch. It is unlined, but finished beautifully inside (all covered seams).
 They have this in dark green on their site (here) - it's $392.00. Link 'cause I love!

You can see the nice texture of the fabric here.
I like details like custom zippers. This is a bi-directional zipper, so you can unzip from the top or bottom.

I unzipped the pockets, but they just lay there, all floppy.
It's still a fun detail.

I am always on the lookout for a nice white top. This one doesn't look like much on the hanger but fit me perfectly.
It is an across-the-shoulder cut - the elastic at the back allows me to lift my arms without it gaping or falling off. The sleeves are belled, and this is a mid-hip hem. I could belt it or leave it over my waistband.

It's by Michael Kors, and was around $26.99.
I like the lace "O" inserts - so cool. It's a good summer item.

I really liked this top, and it looks great on.
The front panel is semi-sheer. The mustard and cream sections are silk, as is the black stripe on the back.
The sleeves are a fine viscose knit in a marled brown.

Sequins! Flowers!
Of course I checked the backside.
Beautifully done by hand.

This is by Hoss Intropia, which is a brand Anthropologie carries.
 I think it was around $59.99. Worth it! It's gorgeous.

I've been stalking Turnabout's site for the past few weeks, and had seen this dress get posted. I find it so hard to rely on pictures, though. I really have to see and touch and try things on.
I am thrilled to report that this feels amazing (it's 100% viscose), is SO swooshy, and looks fabulous on me. I could belt this or wear it loose.

It's by Part Two, which I've seen at both Dots and in boutiques.
I adore the toile pattern of navy blue, white and black.

Part Two has a similar dress on their site for $235 (it's on sale for $48!) in blue and red, but not this pattern.
 And that's because this is a sample! And therefore, likely sold at Dots. This was $49.99.

And finally, I bought myself a mask. Of course, my mask has sequins! It was $15.00 and was by kuverUP, and made in Canada.
I also found a pair of Swarovski ear-balls.

The flat crystal stud goes on the front, with pearl hanging down behind the lobe.
These match my Swarovski bracelet (this one here) that L bought for me a few years ago. They were $47.99 - they probably retailed for between $80-100.00.

Here I am in my swanky mask.
It is washable!

And now, time to chill out on the desk. Will I read or will I do some art?
"How about a nap?"

Now that sounds like a fine idea!
"I'll be along shortly for cuddling."

Perfect! I'm rather worn out from my adventure.


  1. It sounds like that shop really has its act together! I think all businesses will need to learn this model, because COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon. You found some lovely pieces, Sheila! And had a lovely outfit to shop in. The Miami blouse is fascinating. I can see why you don’t find it comfortable to wear. But it’s like a piece of art.


    1. I was really impressed with how well they had everything set up, and I felt good shopping there and supporting them. Thanks, Michelle! I know, I love the IDEA of the blouse, but it just does not work in practice.

  2. The Miami shirt will, I'm sure, find a forever home with someone else. In the meantime you definitely found some fine replacements to fill that hole in your heart! All your new purchases are terrific, but I really love the tiered dress the most and can't wait to see it modeled.

    It's very interesting to hear how a clothing store can operate in the world post-lock down. Not much here is opened again and what has is curbside pickup only. I hope our stores run on the same model as it sounds very well thought out and safe. Did it feel strange to be there or was it more like old times?

    Enjoy your cuddles with Vizzini :)

    Keep well.

    1. It will, I'm sure. Thanks, Nana - it certainly wasn't a hole in my closet, ha ha! The dress is amazing - I'm really excited to wear it.

      Yes, I think this will be the way for a very long time now. Many of the local stores are doing website + curbside pickup/delivery, but for things like clothing, where you need to see it, touch it and try it on, they need to follow this plan, I think.

      It felt like old times, really - I hope we will see some of my other favourite stores opening in the next several weeks!

      Thank you - much cuddling was enjoyed by both parties. :)

  3. You are so strict with your giveaway decisions, Sheila. Even the shirt was not reprieved, despite the good behaviour. I feel your pain though, with the ties in front - they can be troublesome to deal with.
    Your shopping outfit is so cool. I'm loving the hemp skirt, fabric looks very soft. You picked up some gorgeous things, the silk top is my absolute favourite. I think it's going to be fab on you. I miss my trips to the second hand stores! We're still heavily locked down here so I'm glad I got to accompany you instead, thank you!

    1. Well, it is going to be a while until I can give the shirt away, Juliana, so if I start having regrets, I can always revisit it. But yes, I'm pretty harsh with my decisions. Clothing that annoys me doesn't last long.

      Thank you - yes, it's very soft and really strong, but also comfy as heck. Thank you - I hope you like the outfit I built (I'm wearing it today/Wed). Glad I could shop "for" you! Stay safe!

  4. GReat post,love it!Outfits are beautiful as always,but your hair,it stole the show,love it so much!
    beautyqueen000.blogspot .rs <3

  5. Glad that this shop is doing the right things and keeping their customers safe, so you could enjoy your shopping!. And you picked some fab pieces, you rock!. And now you're brilliant in every possible meaning of the word and have a sequined mask!
    Lovely to see you rocking your outfits, those fab two-toned shoes (isn't it amazing how versatile they are!?) and the decó jewellery!, and the space jacket and shiny shoes which create a fab combo together!

    1. Isn't that awesome? I was so impressed. It felt so good to shop - I'm super-excited about all of my new clothes, including my mask!

      Thank you - I am amazed at how much those shoes have gone with.

  6. Although the Miami shirt's print is quite amazing, I can certainly see the issues we have with it. I'm sure it'll make somebody else happy. Putting the parrot brooch in the palm tree was a fun idea, though. Loving the swooshy copper skirt, the shoes, which are one of my favourite pairs of yours, and the flamingo pink coat! And oh my, you went clothes shopping! I wish Think Twice would do a thing like that. It will probably re-open next week, but even with restricted entry, I'm sure it won't be as relaxed and safe as your experience at Turnabout. I'm loving the Michael Kors blouse and the Part Two dress especially, and can't wait to see how you style them. Your sequinned mask is quite a head turner! I've yet to venture outside in mine, which was made for me by Jos's daughter. xxx

    1. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed in the blouse, but hey, it wasn't my money, so I don't mind not getting a lot of wearings out of it. I was quite pleased with my parrot brooch placement, thank you, Ann!

      Good luck with Think Twice - I hope they do something similar so that you can shop there again safely! Masks aren't mandatory here, but I'll wear mine when I'm in a public place, for sure.

  7. That Miami shirt is fantastic but if it doesn't feel right then it's gotta go! Love how you've worn it, that skirt's incredible and the strategically placed parrot brooch is fab!
    Love the shape of that denim skirt on you, it's got a real cool 1990s vibe going on.
    How exciting to go shopping, I'm not sure I'd know what to do any more. I was interested to read how Turnaround was going about the social distancing business, I expect we'd have to do the same if that one festival that hasn't cancelled goes ahead.
    Love what you bought, that olive jacket has a really stylish workwear look about it, I'd have bought the white off-the-shoulder top , too. The sequinned mask is insanely good and the floral dress and silk top are both going to look incredible on you.
    Give that cat a cuddle before I have to fly over and steal him! xxx

    1. I know, I love it, but I just wish it was a regular shirt without the elasticated back and long ties in front - it sat too high and really limited how I could wear it. I was quite pleased with the brooch configuration, though, thank you, Vix!

      I'm sure that skirt IS from the 90s (or at least the early 00s).

      It all came back to me once I was in there - it felt like no time had passed. I hope you and Jon are able to cover some of your lost expenses from all the cancelled festivals! That really sucks.

      Thanks! I love the jacket, although it's not really my usual thing. The white top is so pretty - can't wait for hot weather! The floral dress will be worn soon!

      Oh, he gets lots of cuddles, don't you worry. But do fly over here!!

  8. those shoes are insanely gorgeous!!!
    i can see the quality of top leather all the way over here in Califonia!! LOL!
    and i did not miss the leather soles...
    and art deco? my favorite style of jewelry!
    xo eva

    1. Yes, Fluevog shoes are incredibly well-made - they are worth every penny. I love Art Deco too.

      Aw, sorry, Eva! I hope you'll be able to go shopping soon.

  9. I love that you wore the first look as a tribute to Don Shula. I don't know anything about football but I respect everyone's passion for sports. The shirt with the palm trees is lovely, but I can understand why it went to a giveaway file. I never had any luck with that type of shirts, I just prefer the regular ones. As you say- give me a shirt I can tie knot myself. The Art Deco design with the palm trees is pretty, though. Putting the parrot brooch in the palm trees was a fantastic idea. I also like the Gwen Stefani Lamb skirt. Such a statement skirt! The heels are wonderful. I like both the unique colour combination and the unique heels.
    I also like the outfit you wore for second hand shopping. Wonderful skirt and top combo. You look great in both outfits. Pink hair looks great on you!

    1. More for my husband than Don, really - L did appreciate it. I know - the pattern of the shirt is so amazing...why not make it a proper shirt?? Arg. The brooch placement, skirt and shoes were my favourite parts of the outfit.

      Thank you!! The pink will fade out over the next couple of weeks.

  10. Oh that sparkle mask is so you! :) it's a shame you didn't like the striped shirt but I agree the skirt is a keeper, so fun! :) You got a lot of pretty things at the shop too - looking forward to seeing how you wear that navy dress!

    My fave opshop has been posting things online for contact free purchase and pickup (buy online, drive up they stick it through the window of your car haha). And they have opened up a ticket system on random days where you can go browse by yourself for a 30 minute slot. I am tempted but so far have been working every day they do it, and I'm not sure I could justify the drive for some of the pieces they have listed, as my knee is still quite sore. Kicking myself for missing out on the kids bike though - the little one would have liked that - they are sold out everywhere!

    1. Thanks, Mica! Masks aren't mandatory here, but I'm looking forward to wearing it in any public place. Of course, I had to do sequins!

      I'm very excited about all my new things - so many pretties! Our local WIN (Women In Need) shops are doing that too, but the things they sell are so cheap that it's not worth it for me (plus, I don't have a car!). I hope you'll get some time to yourself soon to go shopping.

  11. How nice that you went shopping! Finally right! I love everything of Michael Kors, especially stuff from the early 90s. But that sequin top is fabulous too!

    1. It was so fun, Nancy! I'll never take stores for granted again. Thanks!

  12. A store? You went inside a STORE?! I'm burning with envy here in New York. NO stores are open here, not even with precautions.

  13. I understand why you had to let the blouse go. It's really pretty but if you're not comfortable in it, then there's no point in holding on is there? The copper coloured skirt is fab and is something I'd wear myself too (hint, hint).
    And yes, so you went a-shopping eh? How blooming exciting for you. It sounds like the shop has everything under control and that you had a joyful and successful experience. The mustard jacket looked fab the other day and the colour really suits you and of course that flouncy frock was the star buy x

    1. I knew you would get it, Anna. It was just wrong. I would not have bought it if I hadn't had gift money (well, maybe if I'd thrifted it!). I love the copper skirt too - hands off, girlfriend!

      Shopping was so awesome. I will have to do it again once I've saved up some money. I love the flounced dress so much. Thank you for all these comments, Anna!

  14. I loved reading this post.
    It's the closest I have been to shopping in a store, i cannot even imagine what that will be like...
    I was just sent images of the shops in malls, its all full of mold as the a/c is off and its dark and super humid...
    Anyhow you found some amazing things, the Hoss top is my fave.

    1. It made me so happy to go shopping, even just one store. I love the Hoss blouse too - so pretty!

      Oh no! I know you have issues with mould/damp there - that is going to be a mess to clean up.


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