Monday, May 4, 2020

Happy Star Wars Day!

It's May the 4th and you know what that means! 
It's Star Wars Day! 

We begin our story in Vizzini the Hutt's lair... 
"Who goes there? Bring me something to amuse me!"

Vizzini the Hutt, a known gangster (wanted in five systems!), was chilling out in his lounge with his pal Salacious Crumb.
"Hey, Salacious, guess what I have?"

It's Han Solo, frozen in carbonite! Ah! The relentless cruelty of that fiend, Vizzini!
Will anyone dare to break into Vizzini the Hutt's palace and save him? 
"Not on my watch! Look what I did to this fish who crossed me - I killed him!"

But late one night, who should come creeping in...?
"Um, I can totally see you creeping right there, Princess Leia."

Leia, disguised in bounty-hunter garb, tiptoed past the sleeping very quiet...
"You know I'm awake, right? I'm looking right at you."

Leia slipped into the chamber where Han was being kept.
"Seriously, I could call my guards at any second."

Leia took one last glance before she rushed to her man's side...
"Does she even know what I look like? I'm not a huge slug monster, you know."

Suddenly she realized - Vizzini the Hutt had her trapped! She quickly wrapped her scarf around his throat.
"Oh, no, you've got me. I'm so scared." 

He fought mightily as she tightened the scarf...
"Couldn't we just talk this over? I have a lovely barge we could hang out on. We could have some drinks, chill with my pals..."

The monster would pay for what he had done to Han!
"Or you could just pay the bounty on him. I'd be cool with that."

Finally, Vizzini the Hutt collapsed, motionless.
"I'm totally defeated. You win."

And now to rescue Han! 
"It's me, Han! Someone who loves you...'

As the carbonite melted from his body, Han awoke, disoriented and temporarily blind from being in deep freezing suspension.
"I...can't see! Who is that?"

Leia assured him it would wear off...
"Leia, is that you?"

They embraced, reunited once again.
"I'm so glad you're safe, Han."

Never to be parted.
"I love you!"

The princess and the scoundrel.
"I know."

And one final stomp...
"Owwwwwwww...I didn't do anything!"

And they lived happily ever after.
"Happy Star Wars Day."

Outfit details: 

  • Jacket - Gianfranco Ferre, Spring 2003, consignment; last worn here (6th outfit) in February
  • Sweater - Sonia Rykiel, consignment; last seen earlier this weekend (here)
  • Pants - Lady Dutch, thrifted; last worn earlier this weekend (here)
  • Boots - Matisse, consignment; last seen here in March with black velvet
  • Scarf - gift from Mom, Italy


  1. Amazing, I was totally hanging on the edge of my seat wondering how you were going to get past Vizzini the Hutt. I am relieved to see that the story ended with the heroes back together. :)

  2. Vizzini is such an adorable villain and you two are fantastically creative. I'm so glad that love saved the day :) You guys just made my day!

  3. Awwww..., Vizzini is an adorable gangster! So glad that Leia could rescue Hans and steal a kiss.


    1. Isn't he? He is such a little monster. Of course, love always wins!

  4. You just made me spit my Yorkshire Tea across the screen! You are hilarious. Vizzini the Hut's face as Leia attempts to strangle him made me laugh out loud, give that car an Oscar!
    So glad that Leia and Han Solo were finally reunited (loving Han's waistcoat, by the way!)
    Thank you for making my day! xxxx

    1. That is my favourite picture - his very startled look! He was very good about me wrestling him around, and quite likes the attention.

      The vest/waistcoat is by English Laundry, purchased at MetroWear in San Francisco in 2006.

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks, Vix!

  5. This is so great! I'm very impressed you got Vizzini to cooperate. My 6 year old has recently gotten VERY into Star Wars, so over the last couple of months we have rewatched all the movies and started the Clone Wars series. We celebrated last night by watching Rise of Skywalker on Disney+. It's been a fun journey to watch them all so close together!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte, he was actually very amenable to being plunked down and made to react or be wrestled gently. He's pretty good about our shoots.

      Aw, that's awesome! What a great thing for you both to share!

  6. Awwwww, you are so adorable and love your stories so much, Vizzini is such a great actor! ;DDD. I've been smiling for such a long time that my cheeks hurt!
    Love your post and glad to see that you celebrated the day properly.

    1. He's going to get quite full of himself with all these compliments! Ha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you, Monica! I always try to celebrate May the 4th!

  7. Once again, Vizzini proves his worth as an actor. His face had me in stitches more than anything else! Of course, L. did a brilliant job as Han Solo too. But it's Princess Leia who I'm admiring the most here, for her bravery in taking on the mighty Vizzini the Hutt! xxx

    1. He is such a ham - I swear he knows his fans are out there! I love the very startled-looking picture of him. L enjoys these too - we work out our storylines together and build our outfits separately.

      Yay for Princess Leia! She's the best!

  8. So awesome and hilarious!! Vizzini the Hut looks totally defeated. I love his facial expressions through the whole story. My husband came in from outside and caught me laughing out loud. Cool bounty-hunter garb and awesome boots! I bought a new Star Wars tank top to celebrate. Glad you had a Happy Star Wars Day!!

    1. Ha, that's hilarious, Cheryene! I hope you showed your husband the hilarity that is Vizzini's expression when I'm grabbing at him. Thanks! I was happy with what I found in my closet!

  9. OMG - that was very entertaining - well done! You may have missed your calling - you are a whack a doodle and I mean that in a very good way. Thank you for the chuckles. It's almost like watching a silent film - very well done!

    1. I'm certainly a "noted kook"! Ha! Thank you, Robyn! I have a lot of fun writing these.

  10. the B E S T! Thanks so much for the laugh guys!

  11. Hahahaha, oh my God! You three should be seen on tv!

  12. That strangling scene looked so real. Vizzini is quite an actor and you two did a great job. Seems like you had fun at it too. Great photos, it was like reading a comic book.

    1. No cat was harmed during the making of this post! Thanks so much, Ivana! We had a lot of fun coming up with this.

  13. These are such fun photos! I love how you are doing these photoshoots now and while you and L look the part I have to say Vizzini is definitely the star, haha!

  14. I think it was very charitable of Vizzini to allow you guys to have bit parts in his film. Loved the outfits and the props - what fun x

    1. He is very patient with us when we do this sort of stuff, not a diva at all! Thanks, Anna!

  15. That was a fun story 😂. I enjoyed it.

  16. Hahaha, you certainly made me smile!
    Han Solo played his part very well.

  17. I just had to re-visit this post and it was so fun re-scrolling through these photos.

    1. It never fails to make me smile either, Ivana. :) Thanks!


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