Friday, May 29, 2020

Two-Fer: Jelly-Deer Flashback and Shop, and Lilac and Linen

The weekend is here, my friends! I hope it's nice and warm and sunny where you are - if not, I'll send you some, as it's been plenty hot here in the past few days. 

A couple of quick house-keeping things to note: 
  • I've updated some of my tabs at the top of the main page, including updating my favourite blogs - please check out my friends' sites and say hello!
  • My updates were prompted by hearing that the best consignment store in town - My Sister's Closet - closed during the recent pandemic lock-down. It had been in operation for 36 years, and I am just crushed to see it go. They did not have any online presence, and that plus no customers...I can't imagine that profits in second-hand clothing stores are that big. So sad...
  • Some of my favourite local stores have re-opened: Ditch Records, Oscar & Libby's gifts, Dots, and Upcycle consignment. Please put on a mask, use hand-sanitizer, and patronize your local stores, to help them stick around! 

On Thursday, I did my usual morning Mental Health Walk, but instead of heading straight down to get groceries in my workout gear (not klassy or classy), I showered, put my face on, and got dressed. 
A simple outfit for walking, with some favourite clothes. Full confession, this jacket was "rescued" from the giveaway pile when I did my closet swapover in March, and I've been meaning to wear it again to see if it's really closet-worthy.

  • Jacket - Le Tigre, thrifted; first seen here in June 2019 with matching fuchsia heels
  • Sweater - Kersh, with screenprint by Pena, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in September 2019 for brunch
  • Skirt - Angeleye, consignment, Vancouver; last worn here in July 2019 with pink and more white
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here and worn many times during our trip to Portland, Oregon in September 2019

I ended up loving the bomber jacket (and yes, I cut that white tag out of the inside lining), and it's a keeper now.
The pattern is repeated keys. Isn't it cool? I love a good pattern.
As the background colour is navy blue, I chose another navy blue piece to go with it, this sparkly short-sleeved turtleneck sweater.
Trust me, it's blue sparkles.

The white high-low skirt was perfect for a hot day, and I enjoyed it billowing around my bare legs. The "stripes" you see in the fabric are woven sections of squared mesh.
I zipped up when it got too windy. Pockets!
I kept the jacket on the entire time I was out, but this is the jelly-deer sweater on its own. It's part deer, part jelly-fish, so...jelly-deer!

I'm doing a quick flashback below of all the ways I've worn the jelly-deer sweater, but I also sported an important accessory: a mask!
As I'd planned to do some shopping for L's birthday next week, I knew that some downtown stores would have policies that require a mask when inside, so I am making it easier on those places by gearing up.

  • Purse - Danier Leather, thrifted

The stuff:
Walking shoes - very comfy for a 4.5 hour shopping expedition.

  • Earrings - furniture store
  • Turquoise ring - local
  • Gold/amethyst ring - Frances Jewelers, c. 1965, Dad's

As well as shopping for L's gifts, I may have bought a few things for myself...hee hee. We'll get to that shortly, but first....

Jelly-Deer Flashback! 

I bought this sparkly sweater for $16.95 in April 2017, here, and have worn it 10 times in 3 years, bringing it to $1.70 per wear.
I could do this entire outfit again - I still have everything, including that marvelous skirt. Maybe I should! This was from April 2017.

I tend to pick out the turquoise of the jelly-deer screen-print in my accessories.
With a lilac skirt in May 2017.

One of the few times I went matchy with the bottom.
The stain on the front of that suede skirt never came out (darned salad dressing!). This was in August 2017.

My infamous "Princess Jelly-Deer" outfit was hugely popular with my coworkers - yes, I wore this to work, back in May 2018.
It was a Fancy Friday! I'm showing off my rabbit fur jacket and my lovely vintage purse there.

In August 2018, I paired it with mustard.
Floral shoes and copper jewelry. No navy or turquoise anywhere.

I pack the jelly-deer away in the winter months - it's a very thin sweater, and not warm. This was April 2019.
"Hey, it's me!"

The outfit is all pulled together with my fabulous Christian Lacroix (for Desigual, are you shocked?) jacket.

A simple swooshy skirt for a weekend look - this was in May 2019.
I probably went shopping in it (my cowboy boots are a giveaway).

My first time wearing green with it, in August 2018 - this metallic lace skirt has been with me a long time, maybe 10 years? I'll have to do a flashback when I wear it again.
 Matchy shoes. I've paired these aqua shoes with the jelly-deer 3 times now - they are buds.

In fact, here they are again, with a casual weekend outfit, in September 2019, the last time I wore the jelly-deer.
My jelly-deer sweater is a classed-up version of a graphic tee (only a sweater), and I love how it gives my outfits a bit of pizzazz, yet is just as appropriate for the office as for brunch. Which is your favourite outfit?

End of Flashback!

So, yes, I bought myself a few things while I was out! Dots has 30% off on all their stock right now, and I remembered that I needed purples to go with my boots that I wore here on Monday, so I was scanning for it in their racks.
I found this gorgeous lilac ballerina-wrap sweater.

It's by Kersh and was $13.99 with the discount.
It's a cotton sweater with a touch of Lycra.

While I saw and tried on lots of purple-y things, only that cardigan and this blouse made the cut.
It's abstract flowers. I do love a funky floral.

I'm helpfully showing the dropped shoulder ruffle that goes down to the waist, and the sheer sleeves. The fabric is polyester, and it has a very vintage-y 1970s or 80s feel.
I'm also pointing out that "someone" was lurking around while I took these pictures.

This is by InWear and was also $13.99, originally retailing for $88.00. It's called the Hilma shirt.
I like the bits of orange in the pattern - guess what I'll be wearing with this! Could it shoes??

You know I had to take a long look at this craziness.
It's a pre-mixed pattern-matched wrap shirt, with yellow and white flowers plus a black and white striped section.

It says, "Life is a journey."
I have plenty of yellow and black and white in my wardrobe I can wear with this. Or maybe I should try adding another pattern? What would you wear with it?

It's by Ness and was $20.99 with the discount.
It's also polyester, but I tend to sweat a lot, so my shirts need to be easily washable.

I cannot resist a simple dress - they are so versatile.
This is in my favourite Barbie pink.

It's got pockets!
They are lined with hot pink satin!

It's also by InWear, and as you can see, it's washable.
It was a sample from their 2019 collection, and is called the Maddie dress. From what I can tell, it doesn't look like they ever manufactured this in pink, just in black. I did find a Maddie pant/skirt/culotte in this colour, though. That makes my sample a one-of-a-kind. Cool!

It was $20.99.
A far bit from the original ~$150.00 it would have retailed for.

I could not resist these striped pants. I also tried on a skirt in this pattern, but didn't like the cut (too long on me).
Look at all those colours! I appreciate the tie for "fashion" but I would have liked pockets more.
That's the back. These will go with nearly everything in my closet!

The legs are really wide...
...and they have splits for extra swooshiness!

They're by Eleonora Amadei, and they were made in Italy.
These ended up at $27.99.

This skirt will probably get one wearing soon, and then I'll store it away for fall. It's a little too dark for my spring/summer wardrobe.
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I adore anything equestrian. I love the chains, tassels and the overall fun vibe of this. Plus a hem of sheer leopard?

Please, you had me at "sparkly elastic waistband"!
Isn't it a cool pattern? It's fully-lined too (no pockets, though).

It's by Cream and was $9.99.
As noted on the tag, the "production will be jersey lining" - but right now, this sample piece is lined in woven viscose. It's very soft.

I quickly popped in to Upcycle when I saw they were open, and this is the first thing I saw.
Oh, sweet lime green suede FRINGED jacket-y goodness!

It's by Ruby Cho, a brand which appears to have existed around the very early 00s, 2001-ish.
Um, my jacket doesn't have any knit (acrylic, wool or otherwise), nor does it have any rabbit fur trim! I wonder if it came with a matching hoody or something, originally? This was $49.00 and I happily paid. I love fringe!

You know who else loves fringe?
"Is it me?"

Yes, it is! He's eaten so much fringe in my closet in his 9 years! I can think of at least three fringed pieces he chomped on. I'll be keeping this jacket far away from our little monster.
"Well, you're no fun, Woman!"

Sure, I am, bud. Just not about you and fringe.

Friday! I had to wear my new lilac cardigan right away.
Add some linen pants, a "zhoozh" of floral, and matchy shoes, and I'm good.

  • Cardigan - Kersh; purchased above for $13.99
  • Blouse - Le Chateau, consignment; first worn here in February with early pastels
  • Trousers - Lina Kraun, thrifted; first worn here earlier this month with a navy cape
  • Shoes - Leith, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in a column of tulle ruffles for Mom's birthday a few weeks ago

I love the vibrant pastel - is that an oxymoron? - lilac of this cardi. Regular pastels are tricky on me.
I needed a top under it, and this floral sleeveless blouse worked perfectly - it even has a bit of lilac in it.
 Linen pants because it's Friday and was hot out.
Also, they have big pockets and a lovely slouch to them. I'm definitely coming around to linen.

The stuff:
I was thrilled to discover I had matching shoes! Sweet!

Lilac bling:
 My bracelets match too! Ooh, I love having a "set" of things that match.

  • Bracelets - thrifted
  • Amethyst/gold/silver ring - gift from Dad, c. 1985
  • Amethyst/silver ring - vintage mall
  • Pearl/gold ring - Erth, consignment
  • Crystal/silver ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy

And now, my friends, I'm off to enjoy my weekend.
"Stop blathering and feed me, Woman!"

Happy weekend to you - I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure!


  1. I'm beginning to think your give away pile needs a new moniker, lol! It's nice to see so many deserving items get a reprieve - perhaps absence really does make the heart grow fonder. The jelly-Deer sweater is so much fun, and my curtsy goes to Princess Jelly-Deer.

    I have always found that Kersh makes wonderful sweaters and your new wrap-around pastel is more proof. The sweater, blouse, linen pants and those wonderful iridescent shoes look stunning together and suit you to a T.

    You sure picked some amazing new items and I am in total awe of the fringed jacket! I squeal with delight! Vizzini is not alone in having an obsession with fringe.

    We have finally turned the weather corner and went from snow to 35 degree temperatures. First time ever I went directly from the heat setting to A/C - but I'm not complaining. I have been outside in the yard gardening which is not something I ever had interest in or time for in the past, but with not much else to do I am turning into a farmer and I have quite the farmer's tan to go with it.

    Happy weekend to you as well :)

    1. Ha ha, you're probably right, Nana! I shop from it fairly frequently, especially for things that stick in my head (there's a leather skirt in there I'm slightly regretting, for instance). I love the Princess Jelly-Deer outfit too.

      They do - I have had many Kersh sweaters over the past 10+ years. Thank you! I had fun shopping, and I'm so excited to wear that fringed jacket.

      Oh, wow, what a big shift for you! Yes, let's not complain! That's so nice that you have a garden to putter in! Happy weekend!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your favourite consignemnt store closed! They don't have a lot of consignment stores here, there are 2 in Brisbane I know of and they do high end brands mostly. The rest of our second hand shops are opshops for charity and I think they keep costs low as everyone is a volunteer. I haven't actually been to them since they reopened though - my favourite one is doing limited, ticketed entry on certain days which are the days I work from home so I can't swing the extra time to go browse at whatever slot I get. I've heard some of the other, bigger more established opshops are opening though and maybe I'll take a look one day. I have basically just been out to the school for pickup and drop off and back home since our restrictions have been lifted, no fashion shopping yet.

    1. I'm so sad about it, Mica - I have so many great memories of shopping with friends there! Limited ticketed entry sounds a bit challenging, but I hope you'll be able to take some time and support them soon. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. What a versatile piece the jelly deer sweater is. It looked fabulous in every outfit you wore it with and I'm lusting after both the Desigual coat and the floral one. You have such gorgeous coats.

    It's so funny I really haven't missed my charity expeditions but I was able to enjoy yours. You did so well. I'm so sorry to hear about 'My Sister's Clo
    set' - such a shame. I think many shops will go to wall as a result of the virus.

    I loved everything you bought; the lilac cardigan is so sweet and such a lovely colour. Fab fringed jacket - it has your's (and Vizzini's) mane written all over it!

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Take care

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni - I am a bit of a coat junkie! An embellished coat? I am all over it!

      I wish Dots was second-hand, but I'll settle for limited samples. I was really happy to see the other store had been able to stay open. I agree, many shops will be closing down, which is so sad for our downtown.

      Thank you! I love the colour. Vizzini is not getting near that jacket! Hugs to you, my dear!

  4. That Le Tigre jacket is absolutely beautiful, and I'm digging your use of color. You're so daring!

    1. Thank you! I love mixing colours - you never know until you try!

  5. When you say MSC "closed," do you mean permanently? If so, that's so sad. Economists are estimating between 1/3-1/2 of small retail stores will be unable to come back after the pandemic ends. Big chains are the only retail that's surviving.

    1. Yes, permanently, gone. It's a cannabis store now, apparently. :( That's the store we went to!! I've been really trying to encourage everyone I know to get out and support the little businesses!

  6. Now, that's a cute walking outfit. I like the contrast between the graphic tee and a light skirt. The keys pattern is really cool. I probably wouldn't notice that the pattern consists of keys if you hadn't pointed it out. Sometimes you need to really pay attention to notice details in the design. I did notice how cool the bomber jacket was, though. I do like a good printed bomber. The shoes look really comfy and that's important for walking. That Deer jelly graphic t-shirt is surprisingly versatile. It looks great paired with so many different items, from a maxi skirt to different patterns skirts to coloured jeans. I always enjoy those trips down the memory lane. It is always good to see how we wore something and how others wore it. That's the best inspiration to me. I think that's why I like blogs so much. It is not just having a virtual closet of one's own but being able to peek into others.

    Vizzini is adorable. I like that photo where he is standing next to you and staring into the camera. I wonder if he knows that he is being photographed. Cats are a never ending source of inspiration of me. One can think about them all the time. If you remember the cat that I mentioned in my posts and that likes to take photos with me, she had kittens but she hasn't showed them to me yet, maybe she won't. She's dreadfully skinny despite the amount of food that I'm feeding her. In my experience, sometimes there's nothing we can do, the kittens just suck them out dry and you have to wait until they stop nursing for them to start looking like themselves. She's so tiny, it's hard to believe she has kittens of her own. I've just noticed that a kitten that sometimes visits my parents (but he belongs to somebody's else) hasn't grown in months since I've been here on the island, but then they told me that he's two years old and that he probably won't grown any bigger. Seems odd to me. I know they are miniature cat breeds but not those that look like kittens. He genuinely looks like a kitten. My parent's cat Oly lets this tiny cat eat her food even though she is generally not that welcoming to other cats, but I think she feels sorry for the little guy. My mother tells me she lets other cats eat from her bowl if she senses they are really hungry.

    1. Thanks, Ivana, I like that too - contrast keeps outfits interesting. I always notice details in patterns and in clothes overall. I have really liked delving into my history of some of my favourite items - it's really shown me how versatile some of them can be, like this simple sweater!

      He is a really cute cat, isn't he? I don't know, but he seems to sense that whatever I'm doing is taking his attention, and so he wants in on it. He knows the sound of the beeping timer.

      Aw, I'm happy to hear that cat had her kittens, and I hope she'll bring them to you, as a trusted Friend to Cats. I'm sad to hear she's so thin, though, and I'm glad you're giving her some food. I've never heard of a cat getting stunted at kitten size. You and your mom have good hearts - hugs to you.

  7. I love a piece that's super versatile but always adds a bit of funkiness to outfits like your jelly-deer sweater, I'm always on the lookout for things like that. I especially loved your outfit with the embroidered floral jacket.

    I had only recently gotten re-into thrift shopping (I was a pro at it in college) prior to the lockdown and I am DYING to get back out there again. Thanks for letting me at least live vicariously through you in the meantime. :) I'm absolutely loving that jacket. Green + suede + fringe?! Can't go wrong.

    Last year I got super into wearing linen pants in the summer. Sometimes, I find myself running around outside with the kids at work so I have to really dress for the weather but it's hard to find work-appropriate shorts I like. I managed to score some jogger style linen/cotton pants though and they've been a godsend. I like the laid back cool vibe of linen pants anyway, it suits me and still makes me feel put together. Plus, I always find they have the most amazing deep pockets! I'll be on the lookout for more colors/styles for sure.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Same, Ashley, thank you! It's been such a fun piece to make outfits with. That embroidered jacket is amazing - I wish you could touch it and see for yourself!

      I LOVE thrifting and hope that our local stores will be reopening soon. I'm glad there are some options here and I'll keep shopping to help those stores out.

      I used to loathe linen, but I'm really easing up on it (especially since I have a steamer, and also since I've been more "meh" about wrinkles!). Form has to follow function, so those shorts sound like a good purchase for you. I felt like a louche, rich person in my linen!

      Happy weekend to you, my dear!

  8. First of all, I did have a little tear in my eye seeing that I'm considered as one of your friends. Aww! So sad to hear about My Sister's Closet. This made me realize that I should lose the fear and go and have a look at Think Twice on one of my next office days. After all, I've been wearing my mask to do some other - more essential - shopping, and that's perfectly OK for now. The bomber jacket: I'm so glad it's a keeper, as it's gorgeous! I loved seeing the Jelly-Deer flashback, my favourite being the "Princess Jelly-Deer" one. Oh, and didn't you do well out shopping? My favourites are the abstract floral blouse, the striped pants and the green fringed suede jacket. Can't wait to see how you'll wear the Life is a Journey top! The lilac wrap cardigan is gorgeous too, and I love how you wore it on Friday with that frilly floral blouse! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend of adventures! xxx

    1. Oh, of COURSE you are, Ann! I actually felt bad when I saw how many of my current friends were NOT on that list! My apologies that it's taken so long to update that!

      I know, I am still so sad about it! Aw...I'm happy to hear that you're inspired to go to Think Twice - imagine if it closed!

      I love the bomber and I'm glad I kept it. It's a bit cheap in the fabric, but has a nice metal zip and gotta love those pockets. I love all the items I found, so am looking forward to wearing them. I mocked up outfits with every single piece!

      Thank you! Happy weekend to you!

  9. I have followed Vintage Vixen for years and followed a link from her to your blog. As a London girl who loves Vix's complete Englishness it was a lovely surprise to find you are in Victoria - my transplanted home. So the best of both worlds!Very sad to hear about MSC, a favourite of mine. Dots was one of my first haunts when I arrived here thirty years ago.So I will watch out for you around town - I'm sure I'll recognise you - you will catch my attention in all your lovely individuality!

    1. Well, hey, Josephine! You live here in Victoria?? That's so cool! I loved MSC, and am really going to miss my expeditions down there. I've been shopping at Dots since it was across the street, where Walk In Comfort is now! Please do call out if you spot me! I'd love to meet you!

      If you ever want to go shopping, drop me a line (email's in my profile), and we'll connect. :) So nice to meet you!

  10. Shiela, THANKS SO MUCH for including me in your favourite blogs list. I didn't know you had one but I'm keen to check out a few of the blogs you've listed that I'm unfamiliar with.

    As for your lilac ballerina sweater, I am SWOONING over it! You styled it fabulously with the matching shoes! X

    1. You're very welcome, Jess. I hope you get a bit more traffic out of it! :)

      Thank you so much! I was so excited to see that the shoes matched.

  11. What a good purchases! That lilac sweater is gorgeous. But I also love the striped floral top and the charm skirt! I feel honored to be in your list, so thank you very much!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I'm excited to make outfits out of all of those. You're very welcome!

  12. Awww, thank you so much for adding me to your list!
    What a shame about My Sister's Closet. I wonder how many of my fellow vintage traders will still be in business by the end of this year. Times are hard.
    I love your mental health walk outfit, I bet seeing you improved the mental health of anyone who encountered you. That bomber jacket totally deserved to be rescued and your hair looks fantastic, the colour is gorgeous and the bunches really suit you.
    I love the jelly deer teeshirt, Jon would kill for that - he can't resist a quirky design. It looks completely different in each incarnation - casual, glam, fun. The ideal garment.
    Your purchases are ace, you certainly haven't lost your ability to find fabulous stuff.
    That lilac cardi is gorgeous, klassy with a capital K! The lime fringed jacket is insane, in a good way - step away from it now Mr Vizzini! xxx

    1. I was rather ashamed for not updating it for several years - of course, you had to be on there, Vix!

      I know, so sad. I'm really hoping my other favourite (Flavour Upstairs) doesn't succumb.

      Oh, I don't wear "real clothes" for my Mental Health Walks! Those are exercise, and I get really sweaty, so I wear workout clothes. That outfit was just a walking around outfit. Thank you so much - and of course, there I go colouring it again. Ha!

      It's a thin sweater, actually - that's what makes it great for me. A tee would be too casual in all of these looks.

      It felt so good to have a little afternoon shop! I have really missed it. Thank you! I hope you like how I styled it.

  13. Vizzini, you need to avoid the fringe young man!!!
    I love your new lilac wrap- makes me think of ballet dancing!
    My goodness, you've styled Jellydeer in many, many cool ways (don't hate me, I find him a bit...creepy!!!! I've got this weird fear of octopi,squid and jellyfishes!)
    I love that key bomber jacket though when I first read your description, I was thinking, "No it hasn't got keys on it!" because er...I was thinking you meant piano keys! Funny the way our minds work!x

    1. He's so bad at chewing on things! Thanks, Kezzie! Ha, that's funny, but I get it! Not everyone likes everything! Thank you - yes, the other kind of keys! :)

  14. wow liking the new hair colour did you do it your self or at hair salon ?

    1. This is my old colour now, since I just stained it blue/purple. I do all my own hair colouring at home. Always have!

  15. Ooohh, I love that soft, elegant purple wrap sweater - very much including that the tie is at the waist, not the neck, as that style of sweater is more prone to placing it (I've had a few with neck ties over the years myself). It's such a classic, versatile piece - in what must surely be one of the most springtime perfect hues ever.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    PS: A lot of pastels are really tricky on me as well, so I tend to avoid the bulk of them. With softer shades, I often do better with "heathered mixes", light greys and browns.

  16. I'm sorry to hear about My Sister's Closet closing. I went there a couple of times with Melanie when I visited her in Vancouver, and I know she has found a lot of things there too. A lot of small businesses are not going to be able to re-open when restrictions are lifted.

    I really like the striped pants you found and the pink In-Wear dress is a nice addition to your collection of "jammy dresses". We went from cold weather and snow to temperatures in the high 20's and as Nana mentioned, I went straight from the heat setting on the furnace to the a/c without a break!

    1. Totally different store than the one in Vancouver, Shelley. The one here was a consignment store, and the one in Van is a thrift store, reliant on donations, and supporting a local charity. I hope they manage to make it through, too!

      Thanks! You know I'm always on the lookout for new jammy dresses! Yikes, that's crazy weather!

  17. Love your Jelly-Deer top and love that you've made the most of it in so many fab outfits!. Lots of lovely ensembles, but I love particularly the Princess Jelly-Deer and the last one with the embroidered jacket and fab matchy shoes (ohh, those shoes rock!)
    I'm glad to read that some fav shops are open and you've taken advantage of it!, such fab finds!. Love particularly the striped pants and the Fringed jacket!, woww and the lilac shade is such a beauty.

    1. Thanks, Monica - it's been unexpectedly versatile. Who knew! I like those ones too - I know you love those shoes!

      I am so happy to see stores opening - and I'm happy to spend some money there too. Thanks!


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