Thursday, May 14, 2020

Home in Red, and a Wee Shop

Ah, Thursday! This means the weekend...starts tomorrow! And even though I have to work on Friday, I've always treated Thursdays like weekends. 
I did my Mental Health Walk this morning (it's been lovely and sunny), then strolled down to the grocery store. I did not wear this outfit - I stayed in my walking gear and wore a mask.

  • Dress - Sandwich; first worn here with the most fabulous brocade boots in February
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here (2nd outfit) in September in a seriously wackadoo outfit for Urbanite at the Art Gallery

I'm not quite ready to dress up for the grocery store again, but soon! They have restarted their delivery service - I shop in person (I prefer this to online), tell them at the checkout that it's a delivery, and they bring it to my door. There's no charge; you just have to shop by 2pm and be home between 4-8pm.
My delivery guy was treated to this outfit, and I gave him a hefty tip, which probably made his day, although he'll need to wash the bill (Canada's money is plastic and can safely be washed with soap and water!).

When I first wore this dress, I noted that I'd need to save it for warmer weather. I've been wearing it around the house for a few hours, and I love it.
 The lipstick red has a sparkly sheen to it, and the cotton fabric has a good amount of stretch.
 And we all know how I feel about pockets!

The stuff:
I didn't wear these for very long, although they are comfy - that's not a high heel at all with that ginormous platform. I'm sure my neighbour below me is happy that my clomping around has stopped.

Snaky bling:
I kept this set out - snakes are not only for Hallowe'en time in my wardrobe!

  • Snake earrings and hair clip - Red Sky
  • Klimt ring - consignment

I pulled the top part of my hair back and secured the clip.
This hairstyle takes me back to my childhood!

Since I didn't have to lug all my groceries home myself, I noticed that Rich Rags consignment store was open! The Russian lady who runs it is friendly with me, as I've been shopping there for many years - I wanted to help support her, so I left my mask on and had a look around. There was a 50% off on everything but "orange tag" items, and I spent $129.00 on some goodies. I'll try to remember what these all cost, but it wasn't too much (I also bought something for L, but that's a surprise).
I fell in LOVE with this purse! Look at that stylish lady!

The purse looks like a Hershey Kiss from the side.
It is much bigger than it looks, with nearly a circular bottom.
Lots of room inside. It is held closed with two (rather weak) magnets on either side of the handles.
I checked near the hardware, and both the black textured exterior and the picture on the front are leather! I also note that the photo wraps around.

It's by Nancy Lucia of New York.
She doesn't seem to be in business anymore, but I found a few mentions of her bags in media from the early 2000s, so that's likely when this is from.
She specialized in "art prints" on Italian leather, with an intentionally distressed finish (which I love). This was the most expensive thing I bought at $35.00 (half off of $69.99).

I don't have a lot of workout wear, and now that the weather is getting hotter, I've been in need of a light zip-up with pockets - I need to stash keys, ID and my MP3 player, as well as sometimes my camera.
This is a 100% nylon shell, with a front zip and two zip pockets.
I like the hood - handy for our rainy days.

There's a mesh insert across the top of the chest.
The top of the jacket and the inside of the hood are lined with pink mesh.
The mesh insert carries over to the back.
The zipper and the sleeve have the "n" logo. This was $20.00, regular $39.99. Thiss would have been well over $75 new.

This dress is one of those things that looks awful on the hanger. It's a big tan, black and red sack! Oh yay!
But I saw the deep V neck, the dropped waist (with sash) and thought, "This could be interesting."

The waist has elastic detailing at the back - this means I can wear it more long and lean, with the waist on my hips, or wear it at my waist for a blousy mini look.
I don't always like how a big sleeve like this looks on me, as it can make me look a little overly boobtastic.
But the V-neck helps ameliorate that.

That it's by Diane Von Furstenberg did cause me to take a second, hard look at it.
Her dresses are impeccable quality. You can see the shading in the pattern here - it looks blurry in the photos, due to very subtle shading around the outline of the tan parts, as well as the red shapes being split-shaded.

Look at this fabulous pleated detailing on the sleeves!
The dress has been worn and there are a few pulled stitches, but it's still in very good shape.

I couldn't find the fabric tag - it's been removed, but I did spot the hologram.
There's Diane!

And noted that is authentic, and also that it's the Edna dress - that helped me determine that this is indeed 95% silk and 5% Lycra.
I paid $25.00 for it - it retailed for over $500!

I'm always on the lookout for a white top. I go through one every year or two, as I wear them and slowly destroy them. They are super-versatile for going with some of the wilder patterned pieces in my wardrobe.
I love a sleeveless buttoned shirt (good for ties, bowties, necklaces), and this will layer well under jackets.
I like the extra pleated insert in the back - nice to have a bit of extra room!

It's by Ann Taylor, and would have been around $80.00 new.
There's no content tag, but it feels like polyester with some stretch. I paid $10.00 for this (50% off $20.00).

This scarf caught my eye. Look at these wonderful 70s colours!
Orange, brown, tan, beige and white, with a touch of red and grey.

I know this name! Lanvin has been around for ages! 1889, in fact (link to their history here 'cause I love).
A nice big logo is always...fine. I don't like showing brands, so I'll probably hide it when I wear it and just brag that it's Lanvin!

Look at these wonderful handrolled and hand-sewn edges! And there's the label "Made in France - 100% silk."
I happily paid $10 for this! Modern Lanvin scarves retail for $475 US, but a vintage one would run in the $65 to $150 range. Score!

And with my wee shop shown to y'all, it's time for me to start my weekend! This is a long weekend here in Canada - Victoria Day, which celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday - so we all have Monday off. I'll be back then with tales of adventure! Have a wonderful weekend, my friends, and thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. I remember you doing that food-delivery thing during my visit. I was surprised 'cause it's not available here. Big steal on the DVF dress; can't wait to see how it looks on you.

    1. I love it - it's such a great service!

      I know! I'm excited to wear it! Soon!

  2. Great post as always dear,love it.Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. That red dress is fabulous especially teamed with those killer sandals and snake earrings.I love the hair, too! A friend who has a small secondhand boutique in Devon says that the posh ladies who visit her go wild for the Sandwich label, I'm wondering if it was inspired by "Toast", a high end British fair trade label that sells for £££s?
    How gorgeous is the print on the DVF dress? I'd buy it just for the fabric! Loving the hoodie, the hand-rolled Lanvin scarf and the pleated back shirt, too. You certanly haven'y lost your ability to find a secondhand gem during lockdown!
    Have a brilliant weeknd, dear Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix! I've no idea where Sandwich got their name from - it's one of the brands I see at Dots all the time. I've never seen it elsewhere - apparently it's a Dutch label, been around since 1981!

      It's so pretty! I can't wait to wear it. I might have to do an actual outfit with the hoodie, as it very much reminds me of my Stella McCartney nylon jacket. It felt so good to find good things (I don't always have a lot of luck in that shop!).

      Happy weekend, dear Vix!

  4. OMG, what a fantastic shop you had. I can't wait to see the many ways you style that knockout DVF! The lotus scarf is beautiful and will go with so many colors. I think it would be stunning with teal. Thank you for continuing to post as you have brought me joy and inspiration for many years after finding you through Kasimira and Wardrobe Oxygen. Have a fantastic Holiday weekend.

    1. Thanks, Chalotalo! I felt good supporting this local business too! I know she has struggled. I love the idea of teal with the scarf - I put it with my Geoffrey Beene suiting, and it looks fabulous, so I might do some oranges the first time, go really 70s with it.

      Aw, that is the nicest comment, thank you! You've been reading me for a WHILE! That Wardrobe Oxygen profile was so long ago!

  5. Great shopping finds. That DVF dress is an absolutely dream. I love her dresses. The pattern on that one is so pretty and it looks so well made. It is obviously a quality made piece. I cannot wait for you to style it.
    You look gorgeous in that red dress you wore with brown heeled sandals. Very attractive and feminine styling.

    1. Would you believe I left ANOTHER dress by her on the rack? It was a size 4 wrap dress and too small for me. I see her stuff here all the time. I love the pattern and the style is insanely cool.

      Thank you so much! I was totally comfy all day!

  6. Oh you did so well with your Russian second-hand shop. I cannot wait to see you in the DVF dress. The fact that you spotted it! Amazing. I would not have spotted it, but as you say, it could be perfect and the quality is indeed ... DVF. Love the pleated sleeves.
    And a scarf by Lanvin for such a low price wow. Loved that you said "I don't like showing brands, so I'll probably hide it when I wear it and just brag that it's Lanvin". haha. That is me. I never show brands either, but I love them for their quality.
    Have a lovely weekend darling.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! I look at every single thing when I shop, and I usually spot things other miss. I love the details on it - all the seams are tucked away and finished beautifully.

      I know, what a score on that scarf! LOL, glad I'm not the only one! I love to share my unique finds, but I don't want to advertise for them! It's all about quality for me as well.

      Happy weekend, my dear!

  7. Sooo in love with your fabulous snake jewelry. I adore snakes and wearables that depict them. I have a snake brooch, a pair of snake shaped earrings, and two snake necklaces at the moment, one of which is an ouroboros (which I've long been deeply drawn to).

    Thank you very much for your recent blog comments, my lovely friend. They are wholeheartedly appreciated.

    Big hugs & tons of cheerful weekend wishes,
    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I LOVE snake jewelry, Autumn! In addition to these pieces, I have a ring, and two vintage gold snakes (one's a necklace/belt, one's a bracelet), and I'm always on the lookout for more. Ooh, I would like to see your ouroboros!

      Aw, you're so welcome - I am so happy to have you back in the blogosphere and to reconnect with you!

      Happy long weekend to you! I hope you get some nice weather!

  8. I love the red dress - how great that it spans the seasons. Your "wee shop" turned up some spectacular items for sure. What a fun handbag! I'm looking forward to seeing the DVF dress on. As you mention clothing transform when off the hanger! The white blouse will be a workhorse.

    I'm chuckling about our washable money. Money laundering takes on a whole new meaning :)

    I hope you have a great long weekend! Happy May 2-4!

    1. Thanks, Nana! I won't be wearing the red dress in winter - it's far too clingy with tights for then. I know, I did so well! I love the bag and the DVF dress - it's just one of those things that is really boring on the hanger.

      Ha ha! Yes, totally!

      Happy May long weekend to you, my dear!

  9. You did well for yourself with your "wee shop"! Nice score on the DVF dress and Lanvin scarf.

    1. I know, those are the two best items. Yay! Thanks, Shelley!

  10. I love that red dress on you, Sheila. I remember the Sandwich label was sold in a Dutch high street shop here in Belgium back in the 80s. I used to have a lot of their stuff. Also loving the snake earrings, and the way you are wearing your hair. Hairdressers are restarting here next week, and I've managed to grab an appoint for ... the first week of June. It'll be with a mask, I'll let you know how that goes :-) You did very well with your wee shop. The DVF dress was a great find. I can't wait to see you wearing it. The white blouse with its pleated back is gorgeous too, as is the Lanvin scarf! Wishing you a great long weekend, and stay safe, my dear. xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! Yes, I was surprised to learn it was a Dutch label, but Dots gets quite a few sample pieces from overseas (Noa Noa and Part Two are both European labels that they carry, for example).

      I have an appointment in June as well, but not till the 17th! We don't know yet what kind of PPEs we will need, but likely a mask.

      Thanks! I had fun poking around. I am most excited about that dress, but the Lanvin scarf was a close second.

      Happy weekend to you too, my dear! Virtual hug!

  11. I love the red dress and I like that you were able to browse in that shop - what a great haul you got! I am looking forward to seeing how you wear that pretty DVF dress! :) I had a couple DVF dresses in my wardrobe that I got when my bestie didn't want them any more but they were let go in the big post baby wardrobe clear out. Sometimes I miss them and think about buying again, but my budget would never stretch to it now! (The area I live in does not have a lot of labels donated to the opshops, and most opshops identify labels and either sell online or put them in stores in more affluent areas).

    1. Thanks, Mica - oh, it felt so good to look around in a shop! I'm excited to wear the DVF dress - next week. That is too bad about your former dresses - I do see them frequently here in the consignment and even in the thrift stores.

  12. Oh gosh what a wonderful fonds! Of course the DvF dress! Is there anything from her hand that isn t good! And that scarf is really really unbelievable beautiful! That scarf would even make me wear scarfs!

    1. I thought of you when I found it, Nancy! I was so excited about the scarf - what a find.

  13. Hi Shiela,
    You look FABULOUS in the red dress and the snake earrings just pop and enhance your outfit.

    I ooohed and ahhed over your vintage scarf made in France. I like collecting vintage scarves too but have only found a few made in Italy. I'll have to look out for some that were made in France when we can go secondhand shopping again. X

    1. Thanks so much, Jess! It felt good to hang out in that outfit.

      Isn't it lovely? Italian ones are also really nice.

  14. Oh you shopped like the stylish woman you are!
    The DVF dress and the Lanvin scarf won me over - absolutely amazing finds my friend I look forward to seeing wear these.

    1. I did not wear this to shop in - I was in my workout gear and a mask! I agree, those were the best two finds.

  15. That store has always seemed rather strange to me.but you did very well there indeed!

    1. She's not a good salesperson (too pushy, I find), but that area is prone to shop-theft, so I can't really blame her for being in the face of every customer. I've gotten some great stuff there over the years, at good prices too - especially for L, as she's one of the few stores that has interesting menswear.

  16. Love that you could support a local business and found so many fabulous pieces!
    I'm particularly in love with the Diane dress, as she makes some amazingly shaped dresses, so looking forward to see you wearing it!
    And you rock in your red dress and fab bling!

    1. Same here, Monica - I want to make sure that my favourite businesses can stay in business!

      I love that dress too - I'll be wearing it soon! Thank you so much!

  17. Oooh, pretty items and good you could support that business! I love the things you bought esp that patterned dress!!x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! I know, I love that dress! I'm so glad to be able to give some local shops my $$.

  18. Wow, you got a real bargain with that dress. And the Lanvin scarf is just gorgeous.


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