Thursday, March 26, 2020

Two-Fer: Fantasy Outfit and ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS

Hello, my friends! Today, I started with one outfit, then switched to another, so you get a "two-fer"...the price of one!.
This is a total fantasy outfit, as in, this is not a real-life wearable outfit for me. It was not comfortable, even just walking around - I took everything off as soon as I was done with my pictures.

  • Top - Gorgeous, thrifted; last seen here in November 2018 with a leather skirt
  • Leather pants - Gap, 2000, vintage store, Vancouver; last worn here in October 2018 with pink bell sleeves
  • Shoes - Shellys London; last seen here (3rd outfit) in December 2017 for a sparkly party in an orange gown

As you can tell by the "last worn" dates above, these are all items that I have not worn in a year or more. The top - while amazing - is a smidge too snug. I do adore the green rabbit fur trim around the neckline, though, and it's just beautifully made, so it's still a keeper for me.
The leather pants are "standing only" - I'd like it if these were a little looser and I could wear them in regular outfits. I had trouble sitting in the stair picture!
Staying positive about my shape, I still think this outfit looks good. It just didn't feel good.

When I don't feel comfortable in an outfit, I'm not going to stay in the clothes.
"Off off off."

But I had fun dressing up in both the top and pants, just to get a wear of them in for this season.

I also thought, "Why not pull out a pair of party shoes?"
These are blindingly sparkly in the sun! Too bad there wasn't any sun today. Clouds and rain. Sigh.

I had fun playing with my hair - I did a slight side part and curled it with clips.
I have a barrette on the side too - a rare hair accessory for me! This also shows off the sweet vintage earrings and my tiger brooch. She really should have been on the shoulder with less hair so she could be seen better.

The stuff:
These shoes are way too high for me these days, but I'm just not ready to part with them. I can wear them if I'm sitting at a party, and that's about it.

Sparkly bling:
My dear tiger brooch will probably get packed away with my fall-winter jewelry - she requires substantial fabric to anchor her on my shirts, sweaters and blazers, and I don't want to pull or damage my warmer-weather garments.

  • Earrings - Reiss, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Tiger brooch - consignment
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Barrette (above) - Icing

I was up early this morning, and out the door quickly to go for my Mental Health Walk - it was overcast and there were much fewer people out, but I had a good solid 8K walk, done in an hour. When I got home, I grabbed a backpack and some bags and went and got groceries.
"Seriously, you're going out again?"

The stores are much less crowded in the middle of the day, so this ended being a smart move vs. going after work or on the weekend. Everything went successfully, with minimal stress, and I spent the afternoon creating outfits to detox from being out.

Since I couldn't hang around the house, blog or make stew in the above outfit, I made another one!
This actually feels much more like me - it's fun, relaxed and oh, did you notice my ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS?

  • Sweater - Nor; last seen here (2nd outfit) in January with these same shoes and silver pants
  • Tee (underneath) - Ted Baker, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in September 2019 with a space jacket for Vero's birthday bash
  • ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS - Danier Leather, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in January 2018
  • Shoes - Star Wars Collection, Irregular Choice; last seen here with this sweater in January

Sorry to shout at you, but the ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS get very cranky if I don't give them all caps.
As I haven't worn the shorts in over a year, I was pleased to find that they are still very comfy - not binding or tight at all.
I nearly always wear them with tights, as that makes me more comfortable than baring my thighs to the world.

I layered my stretchy tee with a sweater over it due to hot flashes. If I have to take the sweater off, I want to still look good!
It's a sparkly navy blue - the sparkle can be seen through the open knit-work of the sweater.

Big pockets, good for jamming my hands in 'em.
Ah, they made nice deep pockets in the 80s!

Check out that massive rise!
High-waisted AND pleats! Oh my! Be still, my 80s heart.

Left hand bling:
 My wedding ring and amethyst/gold ring are almost always worn.

  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Cuff - vintage 80s

Right hand bling:
I layered on my leather wrist gear - total badassery!

  • Crystal/silver ring - Soul Flower
  • Top wrap - Kipling Leather, thrifted
  • Cuff - BCBG, thrifted

I rotated the picture 180 degrees so that you could see the pictures on the toes properly. Just chillin' out on the deck, hoping for some sun.

As you can see, my curly hair had completely fallen by the time I did the second outfit. I did discover that my leather/chair wrist-wrap works beautifully in my hair as a head-band! It has weight from the chain but stays put, since the backside of the leather is suede, which doesn't slide in my hair. Nice!
"Live long and prosper!"

  • Earrings - consignment
  • Chain/leather bracelet/headband - local
  • Star Trek communicator badge - MoPop gift shop, Seattle

My beef stew is bubbling away on the stove, and L will be home from work soon. Guess what's for dinner?
"Chicken paste with tuna juice? Kitty treats?"

He hasn't moved from that chair all day! What a lump of cat he is.


  1. Still a bit babe..Love the pants and orange top..

  2. Love both outfits but those orange leather shorts are amazing!

  3. Love the fantasy outfit and I'm sorry the pants aren't comfortable - such a shame because they are beautiful. The orange shorts are so fun! I am a huge fan of fish net sweaters; not sure why exactly but I have a few and I love them. I really like the colour of your hair; it totally suits you.

    Say well.

    1. A few more weeks of our self-isolating and maybe they will fit, Nana! I do love them, and want them to fit! I love the orange shorts, and what is it about fish net sweaters?? Thank you so much - my hair has mostly faded out to an icy pink now.

  4. Two outfits! What a treat today. I love the orange/burgundy mix in the fantasy outfit and the orange/charcoal in the stew cookin rig out. Cracklin colour combos both. The shorts are ah-maz - ing. I'm absolutely in awe of that skyscraper high rise waist. Beautiful choices, Sheila. Hope you enjoyed the stew.

    1. I was feeling generous, ha ha, Juliana! Thanks so much - woo, that was a very high waist! My stew was excellent.

  5. I totally get the feel-good/not-feel-good thing. It's not common when you wear men's clothing (which are mostly loose-fitting) but is real when wearing women's clothes. Did you know that? :-)

    ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS!! Yes, they deserve caps. Love their brio.

    1. I think no matter what gender we identify as, when clothes don't fit, we feel bad. I do agree that it is probably far more common in women's clothes, though.

      Brio! Such a good word. Thanks, Ally!

  6. Nothing like in and out of an uncomfortable outfit. There have been dress up outings when the first (and sometimes second!) outfits were tossed in favor of the final comfy one. Thanks for keeping the blogging going! And you put us to shame with your walking distance, we are lagging a mile and change behind you!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Yay, your comment worked! Yes, I was eager to get out of those clothes. Too snug, not good. I'd rather wear comfy and feel more like me.

      I enjoy my 8K loop - I've been doing it or a variation of it for over 25 years!

    2. Double yay for being able to comment! Yowsers, 25 years+ is most impressive. And I meant to say your curled hair looks lovely. I understand the falling of the curls, though. In summer my hair curls and twirls and makes me smile. In winter, the humidity is replaced by dryness and my hair - being a barometer - becomes flat. It needs the non-sticky gel-like-stuff (technical term) to help my hair find its curl.

    3. I've lived in a very small neighbourhood radius within my last 4 moves in my life, so I've been fortunate to be able to walk to the ocean. I love having curly hair, but my hair really doesn't take a curl. I had some bad perms in the 80s and 90s! Lol, thanks for the technical term!

  7. Lovely outfits!, I do love your fantasy outfit, the top is totally fabulous and sorry that the pants are 'standing only' clothes, as they look gorgeous!. Loving the party shoes and all the bling, particularly the tiger brooch, so luxurious and cool!
    And obviously I love your ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS, yessss!, they totally rock and love how you styled them in a comfy&cool ensemble, love your shoes (their orange details match your shorts so nicely!) and love your sparkly top, lots of texture and coolness!
    Orange is the new orange!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I know...if I hadn't said anything, you would not really have noticed their tightness. I love the tiger brooch - she needed one more wear. The shorts are amazing. I'm happy to get a wearing in of them before my spring swap-over.

  8. Did I notice your orange leather shorts? Hell, yes! they're wonderful!
    Loving the fantasy outfits, if we can't play dress-up during lock down then when can we? The leather trousers are fab, ditto the glittery sling-backs and furry top!
    I love your hair like that, you're like a 1930s starlet.
    Glad you managed your mental health walk and the dreaded food shop (we survived that too and I'm feeling very accomplished!)
    All hail Vizzini in his throne.
    Much love to you, L and V! Stay sane, happy and fabulous. xxx

    1. How could you miss them, Vix? Ha! I had fun playing dress-up - hey, we've got the time, so why not?

      I liked my hair like that too - since I won't be getting it cut anytime soon, I'm sure I'll be changing it up often.

      Good for you for braving the food shop! Well done!

      All hail, Vizzini! Thank you, my dear, right back to you and your crew.

  9. Your fantasy outfit is looking fabulous but painfully uncomfortable, so I'm hearing you. The party shoes look spectacular but lethal. Ouch! The ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS are pretty spectacular too and indeed much more you. Love all the jewellery close-ups! Grocery shopping in the middle of the day is less stressful, that's for sure. Pensioners have priority here and can shop between 8 and 9 in the morning, but there is no way Jos is joining the queue which is already at the big supermarket when we drive past at 7.40. He's shopping at a smaller supermarket late morning instead. He's practically on his own there. Seems I will have a bit more time on my hands in the coming weeks/months, as my working week has been reduced to 2 days. I've only just heard and I'm still a bit in shock. Will see how that goes! Stay safe and sane, my dear! xxx

    1. Yeah, it looked a lot better in my head, Ann! I didn't mind standing in it for a few minutes, but I'd never be able to bear wearing it for longer. I love the shorts, and am having fun with showing off my bling in new ways.

      The supermarkets here have that as well - my Mom (hi, Mom, she's probably reading this right now) who is nearly 75 won't go that early, as she's not a morning person, lol. Jos has it right - I'd rather support a smaller store anyway.

      Looks like my work-week is going similarly - I have one day scheduled next week, and then...? Who knows? Hang in there, hon, you can do this. Hugs to you!

  10. Although those leather trousers are so cool, I can almost feel the uncomfortableish, ha ha, of it. I hate it when clothing irritate me. But those shorts!!wow, would be perfect for festivals, however, I don't think we will be having any festivals over here this year....

    1. Yup, I need my clothes to be comfy all the time too, Nancy. I have worn the shorts for a rock concert before. I know, I miss all the shows here - we've already had one cancelled, and I'm sure more will be.

  11. Wow you must walk like a racing car, Sheila,8k in an hour? That's five miles! I average about 3.5 miles an hour walking at a pretty brisk rate.

    I loved your first outfit; the top in particular is spectacular; such a shame it's too snug. The orange shorts are amazing!

    What a lazy cat, Vizzini is.

    1. I used to race-walk, Vronni - you know, that funny hip-waggling walking? My best time in the local 10K race was 1hr, 7min. I pass runners! I'm also on flat surfaces/sidewalks, so not dealing with grass or stones. So yeah, I'm very fast!

      Thank you! I love that top and I'll be keeping it (maybe it will fit next autumn when I pull it out again??). Thank you!

      He's not pulling his weight! Kill some moths, you lazy cat!

  12. Both outfits look so fun with the orange but I think I love the orange leather shorts outfit the most, especially as it was the one you felt most comfortable!

    Part of the reason I know I'll struggle to get dressed in future is that my pyjamas are just so comfortable! Comfort is definitely going to win out the longer we are stuck at home - I do love my stretchy elastic waist maxi skirts for lounging in but stairs and a baby on my hip can make them a little tricky, ha!

    1. Thanks, Mica - it was fun just to try the other outfit, even if it didn't work for me. I love the shorts, so fun!

      I hear you on comfort, but there really ARE comfy clothes out there that are pretty and colourful!

  13. Love both outfits! I wish I could steal that whole second outfit though, totally something I'd wear.
    I've been doing a lot more mental health walking myself these days, works wonders doesn't it?!

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! Feel free to copy it! Give it a shot, what the heck.

      Good for you - yes, it really does make a huge difference to my mindset. Glad you are taking care of yourself.

  14. I can see why you won't let go of the top, it is so good. And I did spot your shoulder brooch immediately No hair blocking it. Perhaps if you can stand it, the leather will give when you wear it? It usually does.
    The shoes.... ah... the shoes.. heaven.
    Then I saw your shorts and thought back at my bargain second-hand pink leather shorts which fit me like a glove. I gave it to Shelley (Forest City Fashionista) who is a bit more of a dare devil than I am and has my bodyshape and size. Although I thought I looked bloody good in them (with thick tights) I kept thinking: "come on, you are 64 (or something like that)... isn't it about time you stop wearing these things?" I know you are going to be cross with me for thinking this way. And I know you will say that age is just a number.

    1. Ah, glad you spotted the brooch, thanks, Greetje! No, the pants are lined, and I'm stretching them to the giving point here. Another 5 lbs and I'll be good - they are just a reminder that I need to stay on top of my fitness and health so that these can still fit!

      Oh, you should just go for it. Who cares how old you are?? You have a slammin' figure! I don't care if I'm in leather shorts. There are some things I won't wear, but if you feel good in it, who gives a flying fork? :)

    2. I know, I know, I shouldn't give a flying fork and most of the times with most of the things I don't. But I cannot seem to shake this. Now that we are confined it is really difficult to keep doing our exercises and keep our weight down. I have committed myself to cycling for 20 minutes, doing exercises for the elderly (...) on TV and exercises I got from my fitness club every other day. It helps. I am doing even more than I used to.

    3. Ah well, you know yourself best! That's great that you're keeping up all your exercises and more! Well done, you!

  15. Oh wow your first outfit is gorgeous, it’s a shame the pants are tight because they look so good. I love your tiger brooch and the shoes. I like you close up pictures, your hair is beautiful. I’m having a hot flush as I’m writing this!!

    1. Thanks so much, Polly - it was fun playing dress-up! Ha, here's to hot flashes!

  16. wow, that orange top is everything. I love it with those pants and sparkling shoes. You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!! I also like that outfit with orange shorts. You always have so much fun with your clothes and you wear them so well.


    1. It was a really fun outfit, but the second one was really my jam. I do have fun with my clothes! That's the whole reason for having so many!

  17. The second outfit is a total SHELLEY outfit! The shorts are SQUEE-WORTHY, and reminded me that I have a pair of high-waisted pleated red leather shorts that were gifted to me by Greetje a few years back. I wore them a couple of times but then grew out of them. I need to check to see if they fit me now.

    I am familiar with clothing that looks good but isn't comfortable. Anything I can't sit down in comfortably has to go. The shoes are another story - if I can wear them while sitting, I'll keep them (like your sparkly party shoes).

    1. Oh, I know! Greetje mentioned the shorts she sent you! Aw, you should totally wear them again!

      I try not to keep too much stuff that isn't comfortable for actually wearing. I'm with you on the shoes.

  18. I love the ORANGE LEATHER SHORTS! Those cranky shorts definitely deserve capital letters. X

  19. Totally loved the standing up only outfit. Looks amazing despite the lack of free movement. And yes, I did notice the leather shorts. Love them in all of their awesomeness - rock on baby x

    1. It's a great outfit, and although it didn't fit, I loved getting to show it off. The shorts remain dear to me. Thanks, hon!

  20. I can see that the super cool StarTrek vibe top and leather pants are a bit snug, regardless they look fabulous! The colors go so well together and I was going to compliment on going so blingy for us, the hair pin is right on.
    The second look should be called "Sheila takes over the supermarket" it soooo rocks, those high waist leather shorts are over the top, they are super cool - what a clever way to use your bracelet as a headband.
    Here we cannot go outside, just pharmacy and supermarket so I cannot go out for a walk.
    I am considering doing some static bycicle.

    1. Yup, they are tight, but that's good incentive (and at least I could get them on!). I need more hair "jewelry"! I hardly have anything.

      Ha, thank you! I loved wearing that outfit all day. That headband is going to get worn more that way than as a bracelet.

      Not being able to go outside would suck. Sorry to hear that.

  21. Those pants look so nice on you and love the way you pick colors. I craft with leather as a hobby and it's so nice to see someone model it so perfectly. Love the color of your shorts btw !!!

    1. Thank you! I love colourful leather, especially vintage.

    2. Oh me too and all you see mostly these days is black or brown, so those 80's bright colors are so cool. I actually just reupholstered a gear shift knob in black and the same orange leather as your shorts...


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