Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Beetlejuice in Black and White (and Red)

One of my coworkers today said that I looked like Beetlejuice (wiki link here) in my striped jacket. 
Personally, I think this jacket is way more Jack Skellington (link here) from Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • Jacket - Noa Noa; last worn here a year ago, in February 2019
  • Blouse - L'Wren Scott's "A Tropical Conversation" FW 2011 thrifted; last seen here in December 2019 with a swooshy 70s skirt
  • Skirt - Tribal, thrifted; last worn here just a few weeks ago in February with pink and blue
  • Boots - Prepare 2.0 Tracker, Fluevog; last worn here in January with punk plaid and roses

This lovely striped cotton frock coat is one of my once-a-year items - I have quite a few of those!
Despite it not getting worn as much as it used to be, it's far too amazing to leave my closet. I'm totally good with infrequent wearings. Not everything gets worn dozens of times!

Having said that, I have worn it 13 times now, since I bought it for $56.00 back in spring 2010 - I first wore it here for a company Hallowe'en costume party where I won first prize.
The design on the back is embroidered - my coworker Christina positively squealed over this when she saw it.

There's a bit of embroidery over the front pocket as well.
 I only buttoned it up when walking to and from work.

Without the jacket.
My lovely authentic L'Wren Scott designer blouse, and my houndstooth skirt.
I didn't take the jacket off all day, though.

Nor did I wear a coat over this frock coat.
We're close to double digits on temperature, so I only wore a fur boa and wool gloves (they have a lovely little puff of rabbit fur on them).

  • Boa - thrifted
  • Gloves - vintage, thrifted

The stuff:
My ankle has nearly 100% range of motion now, so I risked wearing...a 1 inch heel. It looks like more, but it's not.

Glittery bling:
I did the same brooch trick as yesterday: pinned this old brooch at the top of the blouse for visual interest.

  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Pin - c. 2001
  • Earrings - thrifted


  1. I genuinely gasped aloud over that sensationally stunning coat. I love it beyond measure and will now be on the hunt for one of my mine ever more (or until I luck out and manage to find one). If you ever spot another, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. If I ever decide to part with it, it's yours, Autumn. It was a sample, so I don't know if Noa Noa ever produced them. I'll let you know if I ever see another one (I haven't yet, and it's been 10 years).

  2. This is such a fun outfit with the mix of prints and the bold red! I don't see the bettlejuice resemblance but I do agree with the Jack Skellington one! That makes more sense to me. Similarities to movies aside though it's a beautiful coat on you :)

    1. Thank you so much, Mica! I agree, Skellington all the way! I love the coat - it's so cool.

  3. Every time I see your outfits -- every time -- I wish I was wearing them. You dress exactly as I dream I could. Nobody else's fashion-choices affect me like this. Just sayin'. Not sure why you are my totem-styler but I'm glad I found you.

    1. Aw, you are so sweet, Ally! This is one of the best compliments I've ever received. :)

  4. Lovely outfit and it's clever to repurpose a dress as a jacket!

    1. Thanks, Vronni - it's not a dress! It is a "frock coat" which is a style of jacket.

  5. Checks and stripes, orange and red: what a brilliant outfit in both senses of the word! And I love that you repeated the brooch trick :-) The boots do look lethal, even if they're really only a 1 inch heel. Bring on those double digit temperatures, I want to wear my lighter coats too! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! The red blouse does look a bit orange, but it's more of a red with a slight orange tone to it.

      I love that brooch trick! I love shoes that look high, but aren't (I'm wearing another pair today). I know!! I want warm weather!

  6. I love this and the SKellington/circus-y vibes! You must have made everyone who saw you that day happy!
    Loving those boots! xxx

  7. Gotta love a black and white print with a POW of red!

  8. woww, such a lovely outfit!, love your jacket and it's no wonder that you keep it despite wearing it once a year (I have some of these ones too!). Embroidered details are so fab!.
    Lovely shirt and lovely houndstooth skirt and lovely boots and lovely You!!. Totally Gorgeous!

    1. This is right up your fashion alley, isn't it? I love that coat so much. Thank you!!


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