Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Two Long Cardis; Buffy Brunch Dress; Cleaning Out L's Closets; Blue, Red and Shopping

Hello, and welcome back! As always, my weekends are packed with stuff, so let's get right to it with a double-shot of long cardigans on Friday. 

'Tis the season - for Hallowe'en-themed outfits! I have a bunch of "spooky" or very October-y items, and I always like to bring them out around this time of year. 
Nothing new here, all things I've had for a while.

This is my outfit for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Patti's visible in Manhattan; I was visible in Victoria.
  • Cardigan - swap from Sarah; last worn here in March with this same sweater and a different pair of leather pants
  • Sweater - Jean Paul Gaultier, consignment; last worn here in that same outfit in March
  • Leather pants - Classique Entier, vintage 80s, thrifted - last seen here (4th outfit) in June for the 3rd outfit worn at L's birthday party, with vintage Stephen Burrows
  • Shoes - Qtee Minis, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in March with my tattooed lady dress
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here in March

My coworkers loved this outfit and I had several of them stroke the leather of the pants, which is butter-soft.
I also stretched out this fine wool sweater to show off the design - it includes a spider, a snake, a ribcage, birds and a floating head.

I love the colour of this cardigan.
 It goes well with a lot in my closet.

Totally chill for a Friday, but it was a busy day.
 I was glad to be done. These short weeks are so difficult.

It's been raining for several days. Geared up.
 I adore this wonderful vintage leather trench - I wear it in the rain, no problem.

  • Hat - Edward Mann, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Skull & crossbones scarf - 2006, San Francisco
  • Studded leather gloves - Danier

I rarely show a back view of my coats.
"No one cares about your coat. What about me?"

He's comin' in for a rub!

And a cuddle.
"You look like a spy."

I felt like a spy!

The stuff:
I loved these shoes, but my feet were tired by the end of the day. Too much running around for a Friday!

Spooky bling:

  • Cuff - vintage 70s, vintage expo
  • Snake earrings - Red Sky

My rings are all the kind that fall over, so here's a picture of them all one one hand.
I've had the snake and spider ring since 1986!

  • Snake ring - BC Museum Gift Shop, c. 1986
  • Spider ring - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1986
  • Silver thumb ring - vintage mall

On Friday night I did the ol' quick change...into another long cardi!
L and I went to our friends Mack and Petra's place for dinner. I needed to lounge about on their couch in something more comfortable than leather pants.

  • Cardigan - Ports, vintage 80s, consignment; last seen here in September with yellow and houndstooth
  • Dress - Karen Millen, consignment; last worn here (4th outfit) to the theatre with Mom in February
  • Shoes - Half Truth Veda, Fluevog; last seen here a week ago with red and plaid

Both the long blue cardi and the sweater dress are wool blends, so I am snuggly warm if I need it.
 There's a bright blue stripe in the dress.

I love cobalt blue, don't you?
 I could fall asleep in this, although that would be rude when in company (I snore).

And if I got too hot, I could take the cardi off and still look classy.
 I love this dress.

Who says horizontal stripes aren't flattering?
 I disagree!

Same outerwear accoutrements, although I skipped the hat since we cabbed both ways.
And I could button up the cardi if I needed it.

The stuff:
I only wore these on the short walks to and from the cab (I took socks to wear in their house).

As we were getting ready, L was debating which trousers to wear with his shirt. Vizzini had very strong opinions on it.
"Not these ones. They are obviously evil and must be destroyed."

And L wore the other pair.

On Saturday morning, I was up early for my Mental Health Walk, then after showering, we headed down to Pluto's for a quick brunch, followed by some chores.
Knowing that most of my outfit wasn't going to be seen except in Pluto's, I went with my retro-90s "Buffy" leather dress.

  • Top - Topsy Turvy, vintage 90s, thrifted; last worn here in June under another vintage slip dress
  • Dress - Danier, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in March for a Sunday shop
  • Boots - Ash; last worn here (3rd outfit) for a weekend shop in snakeskin
  • Coat (below) - Avoca; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August for brunch

These are all quite weekend-y things - I wouldn't wear this to work.
 Too casual.

I like this fine mesh top - it has a tropical print.
The dress is a butter soft leather.

I've had it for years, and worn it a ton.
 Today, I did sheer blue tights.

And just planned on most people seeing me in my outerwear. I wore the hood up in the rain on the way to town, but it had stopped by the time we walked home, and I wore it like this.
 Additional factors for the outfit under this were: things that don't cling to t-shirt fabric, which is what this waterproof jacket is lined in.

  • Wool gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
I have a selection of "shoes I can wear in the rain" and these boots are near the top of the list.

  • Earrings - vintage fair

One of our chores while we were out was to get a bunch of storage for L's spring/summer and "archive" clothing. For my dear husband - after many years - finally agreed to work with me to clean out and organize his wardrobe!
"I heard the vacuum."

Vizzini was not present for most of the 4 hours it took to clean out L's closets. Yes, you read that right. L has 3 closets to my one. I get the walk-in, though! I did not take any "before" pictures because, was a mess.

These are the "after" pictures. This is the closet in our bedroom, all tidy and cleaned out. We bought the brown boxes on the top shelf today and stored away a bunch of stuff in them. Clearing out all of the top shelf and a ton of crap on those bottom metal shelves made a ton of room for actual clothes!
We packed away all of L's spring/summer clothes (Hawaiian shirts, dressier shorts, very thin shirts and lighter fabric trousers), filling two flat bins that are now stored under our bed with my 3 bins.

This left us room for:

  • All of L's hats to come out of his shoe closet and live on the top shelf.
  • His Boston Bruins and Miami Dolphins jerseys, on the left side.
  • His colourful collection of work shirts on the left middle.
  • His more formal trousers in the middle, with his collection of silk, satin and brocade vintage dressing gowns.
  • His awesome collection of printed shirts (some vintage, many thrifted or consignment, some new).
  • Special occasion clothes (cuffed white shirts - some frilled, vests, and two zoot suits!

We have massive storage in our hall closet. I get the left side for my coat collection, and L gets the right side for his.
Winter/heavy coats on the far left, then funky blazers and jackets (lots of patterns, velvets, brocades), and his Boston and Miami jackets.

And then there is our "linen cupboard" in the hallway, where he's basically taken it over for his shoes.
Lots of Fluevogs in there! I counted: he has 29 pairs of shoes, not including runners.

Just like I have the top of my dresser for accessories, L has as well. The mirror over the dresser - as well as reflecting me! - shows the main bedroom closet on the other side of the bed.
I pulled out one of my amber glass plates for L to put his belt buckle collection on, he has his own jewelry box, and that blue Fluevog box is for missing socks (L does the laundry).

A closer look at the belt buckle collection:
Clockwise from the top:

  • Cheeky lady in a pile of balloons (local)
  • Sassy lady showing off her legs (2006, San Francisco)
  • Vintage Playboy cover (with a headline about the "Girls of Canada") (thrifted)
  • Enamel and pewter rattlesnake buckle (thrifted)
  • Pewter abstract with real stones (thrifted)
  • Enamel and pewter tall ships (vintage, Portland)
  • Diana and skulls buckle (local)
  • BC Fish and Wildlife brass buckle (gift)
  • Porcelain cream buckle with branches (thrifted)
  • Brass buckle with gold crown on green background and rhinestones (thrifted)
  • Brass with rhinestones, slightly hiding (thrifted)
  • Las Vegas strip (local)

In the centre:

  • Vintage koi fish buckle (vintage fair)
  • Square silver-tone with faux moonstones (thrifted)

By the time we finished, Vizzini was thoroughly traumatized.
"Nonsense, Woman, I'm under here for warmth."

After a relaxing evening of boardgames, I was up early on Sunday to finally do a proper grocery shop. Our schedule's been messy, what with Birthday Week and all, and our cupboards were literally bare. 
Dressed for function: weather and shopping.

  • Sweater - J. Crew, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March
  • Skirt - Danier Leather, thrifted, Powell River; last worn here in June to the Corey Hart concert
  • Boots - Arnold Churgin, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in September for Winesday
  • Coat - Danier Leather; last worn here (2nd outfit) in October

Here's the outfit without the red leather coat, but I was only down to this when I was actually in fitting rooms.
 Easy off and on clothes! That's the trick to clothes shopping.

I have a snug camisole on under the sweater for warmth and a layer for trying on tops.
I prefer to wear a skirt and tights when shopping - pants are too much of a pain.

One of the various states of being done up and undone.
It was sunny, windy, cloudy and pouring rain, all in the space of 4 hours. Ah, Victoria in autumn!

Fully done up.
I have worn this coat in the rain many times - it doesn't hurt it to get it wet.

Speaking of wet... I had to pin up my hair and wear a hat for much of my afternoon.
I enjoy having a cohesive outerwear look when I'm out and about.

  • Hat - Delux
  • Scarf - Roots, thrifted
  • Studded leather gloves - Danier
  • Bag - vintage 80s, vintage mall

The stuff:
I tend to wear minimal jewelry when shopping. These boots are awesome in the rain - I can see that the toes are still wet there.

I had a gift card from Head Over Heels (link here, 'cause I love) - a birthday present from 3 of the VPs at work - just burning a hole in my pocket! I saw that they had 10% off on one of their lines this weekend, so I bit.
These are a lovely embossed leather, printed with black/grey/blue/white snakeskin.

They are pull-on with the wide elastic gussets on each side.
 They're by Gabor, and were full price $215.00.

With my gift card and the 10% off, they came to $118.00.
 It's not often I buy retail, but these are hugely comfy and I don't have anything like them - and I supported a local brick-and-mortar store.

From there, I went to Flavour Upstairs, and immediately found a replacement for the horrible tartan skirt I got there last time (this evil one here). The lining would not stay inside and the front of the skirt rode up weirdly - it's in the giveaway pile.
This one is a thick wool blend, fully-lined and even better because...

It's got pockets!!
 And it was only $17.99. I like the yellow and cobalt blue lines in it.

It's by Liz Claiborne.
I'm excited to wear this.

I really, really liked this skirt, probably because it's very, very swooshy.
 It is cut on the bias, and is a full circle skirt. It's lined to midway. The hem is not uneven; it's just very full and hanging oddly there.

It has no tags - nothing! - but it does have a beltloop on each seam.
I think it's a polished cotton (you can see the slight shine on the fabric). It's very light and swooshes magnificently.

I am a sucker for a cool skirt. This one is tie-dye suede!
 The hem is uneven this time, and it has a long slit up the right side. It's lined to the top of the slit.

The waistband has a "stitching" detail. Some of it's coming apart, but I don't really care too much, as I'll probably just hide the waistband when I wear it.
I've never heard of Marc O'Polo before, but apparently it's a Swedish-German brand that's been in business since 1967! It looks like their skirts are fairly pricey (in the $200 range and up), so I'm sure this would have been more than $29.99.

As I was taking pictures of my new-to-me items, I noticed Vizzini lurking around the corner.
"I'm not lurking! Who's lurking?"

He was trying to get me to feed him early. Not gonna happen.

I vividly remember the mid-90s when these floral dresses were HUGE. I had one then, and well, I have one again now.
It's not much on the hanger, but it's very pretty on, super-SUPER girly. The neckline is ruffled and wraps across, it has a smocked elastic waist, and a bigass flowy skirt.

I quite liked the pattern, with the Vs of different florals, almost like a patchwork quilt.
The colours are pretty, although this is a very 90s palette.

There's a self-belt made up of 3 cords in the same fabric, with a trio of beads on each cord.
The colour choices are a bit perplexing, as none of them quite match. Huh. That was the 90s.

It's by Decisions and was $29.99.
No info on this brand - there were millions of these dresses at their heyday, and I'm sure a lot of little brands popped up and made them.

Many of the ones I see are rayon, which is not washable (those dresses and skirts tended to shrink funny in the wash).
 I was happy to see this one is polyester and washable. I like that it was made in the US too.

I waffled over this, but I felt so badass in it that I had to go for it.
It's a poncho!

It's a thick woven acrylic wool, made by Ralph Lauren.
 It was $27.99. I can't decide if I'm going to wear it around the house, incorporate it into my regular wardrobe, or take it to work to wear when the AC causes my office to be freezing! What would you do?

From Flavour Upstairs, I walked over to the big WIN (Women In Need) store on Pandora, where I gave into slight non-buyer's regret and bought this lilac frou-frou tea dress.
It's polyester and I love the sheer layer. I can't wear this as-is, as my bra will hang out everywhere, but I'll probably layer a top under it, or wear a cardigan or jacket over it.

A look at the detail.
If I wanted to remove that bow, it's just stitched on.

Someone came in to investigate...
"Feed me now, or the dress gets it!"

It's by Alfred Sung and was $22.95. It's marked "as is" but I can't find anything wrong with it.
Someone has tacked the cleavage shut (easily removed, but I actually like it), so maybe that's it? It's definitely worth the price.

It's totally a bridesmaid dress.
And based on the hand-TYPED label, it was probably a special order. Based on the style, I'd say it's from the late 90s/early 00s.

While I was waiting to pay, I found this rainbow leopard scarf that leaped out at me.
A better look at the colour:
The background is brown - this will go with a lot of my coats.

It's by V. Fraas and is acrylic, and made in Germany.
 For only $5.95? These are over $40 new.

And that's it! What item are you most excited to see me wear? What's your fave?

Time to go take care of Mr. Meow-Head.
"I am a seething ball of fury! Feed me!"

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great finds! Love the shoes.
    Since you asked.... Wear the poncho often, home, regular wardrobe, freezing in the air con/AC

    1. Thank you! If I wear the poncho at home, then it will never be worn anywhere else (I do not crossover home clothes with "in public" clothes). I'm tempted to mix it in with my regular wardrobe - I don't get too cold in the office, usually.

  2. Bad ass babe in her leather.. 10 out of 10 ..Shelia

  3. I do like long cardigans or tunics to increase modesty when wearing figure hugging clothes. I especially like the one in cobalt blue.

    I am not brave enough to wear leather though - except shoes!

    1. Me too, Rebecca! The cobalt cardi is a gorgeous 100% wool, very thick and luxurious.

      I love leather! But I get that it's not for everyone. :)

  4. I love that blus kirt you got, but I'm excited to see how you wear so many of the pieces you got! I say wear the poncho at work - i's always freezing cold in my office too, I need to thrift a cardi I can just leave there that I won't mind if it gets lost (we don't have permanent desks so we are supposed to have clean desks at the end of each day as who know where you will sit tomorrow!)

    1. Thanks, Mica! I'm looking forward to wearing it - it will be good under a blazer, I think. Many of my female colleagues have cardigans/shawls/blankets that they use, but my work is pretty physical, so I don't often get cold. That sucks that you don't have a permanent space - hopefully they give you a locker or something?

  5. Hey Sheila - how fabulous are you in your leather pants and long cardi! the Gaultier sweater is exquisite, what a great wardrobe show-stopper. And super-hotness in your short leather dress, meow. Have a great week, xo.


    1. Thank you so much, Patti! I know, I love that Gaultier sweater - so classy! Happy week to you!

  6. I love both of your long cardis, they're klassy with a K! The tan leather trench & red coat are gorgeous and so practical, too - my 1960s turquoise coat a godsend when it's raining (much sexier than a waterproof!)
    The striped dress shows off your killer bod a treat, as does the leather dress and trousers.
    Would you believe I've been stalking those studded biker boots of yours on Ebay? I reckon they'd look fab with a floaty hippytastic Indian dress.
    I loved the peep into L's wardrobe (s) especially those incredible belt buckles and amazing hat collection.
    Can't wait to see you styling up all your finds especially those snakeskin boots - love them.
    Vizzini is adorable in his blanket. xxx

    1. They are indeed, Vix! I love having practical yet funky coats in my collection. Why wear ugly if you don't have to? Aw, thank you so much!

      I love those boots! I'd be honoured to have us be shoe-twins! I love the look of them with really feminine clothes, very 90s!

      He has a pretty stunning wardrobe, doesn't he? It helps that he has a personal shopper!

      I love the boots too, and the VPs have given their thumbs up on my purchase.

      I know, what a cutie pie! Such a chicken...

  7. It's a toss-up between your first two outfits for my favourite. I'm loving the black and tan Autumnal, with a dash of Halloween vibe in teh first one, and the fabulous cobalt blues in the second. Those Gabor boots are magnificent! Other favourites among your finds are the tartan skirt (I'm on the lookout for a good one myself), the floral dress and the poncho. We have a high street shop here in Belgium which carries the Marc O'Polo brand, which is indeed quite pricey! How lovely to get a glimpse into L's wardrobe, it does put Jos's to shame. If I didn't do a clear-up now and again it would be even messier than it already is. Those belt buckles are spectacular! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! Those are my favourites too. I'm wearing the dress today. Ah, good to hear about Marc O'Polo! It seemed a little sketchy until I looked it up.

      L has quite the wardrobe, doesn't he? It was a bit of a disaster, as he hadn't cleaned it out in 10+ years! But we will get his wardrobe on the same schedule as my swap-overs so that is doesn't get to that point again. It's a great collection of buckles, isn't it? Such a stylin' man!

  8. So many fab outfits. I love the orange cardi and the leather pants combo. Wonderful striped dress too...and that cobalt cardi you paired it with is fantastic. You look great in all these looks....and your collection of shoes is just wow!

  9. I love the Vizzini pictures and your hilarious captions! He really does look like our little Poppy cat - sob! I am amazed at L's wardrobes! He rivals me!!! Your outfits are pretty aamazing. Although I am not a fan of black leather, the way you wear it works so well- with all the orange and touches! Such style and personality in style choices! Love your new buys!x

    1. I think he really does "speak" those thoughts, Kezzie, ha ha! Aw, I'm sorry about Poppy.

      L has a pretty impressive wardrobe! Black leather is not to everyone's taste - that dress is a weekender only for me.

  10. I am druling over here over your leather trenchcoat! What a stunner! Marc O Polo is a well known brand here in Europe. You bought two fabulous skirts and I defenitely want to see you in that gorgeous floral dress!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I've had it for years and it gets better every year. Nice, good to hear - it's the first time I've seen it here. I wore the floral dress on Monday - I hope you liked it!

  11. What a great birthday present shoe find! Love the stripey dress & vintage trench. I am thrilled to see in L's closet! He is always so dapper. And Vizzini is adorable as always.

    1. Thanks so much, Charlotte! L is a dapper kind of guy - I've taught him well. Vizzini thanks you, too!

  12. Oooo, I'm gawking over your orange leather trench coat - wow, wow, wow!
    And L's belt buckle collection is impressive. X

    1. It's actually a rich caramel colour, but yes, it's awesome!

      I know, what a great wife I am, buying him all those buckles. ;-P

  13. Oh I do love a long cardi! I loved both of yours and all your outfits were fab; I am especially enamoured of your red boots. All that butter soft leather in coats and pants...

    What an achievement to sort out L's clothes; the end result looks so well organized. I loved his collection of belt buckles - amazing!

    Your finds were great; loved the skirts, the dress is super and the scarf looks incredibly cosy. Your new ankle boots are the dog's whatsits - gorgeous!

    Vizzini looked so sweet hidden under the blanket - ten out of ten for cuteness!

    1. Me too, Vronni. Thank you so much! I love soft leather!

      OMG, it was so much work, but he was really good (as was I!). He has quite the wardrobe!

      I used the scarf today - just lovely and soft.

      Isn't he adorable?

  14. Vizzini hiding away made me laugh. As did the fact he has very strong opinions on trousers!

    Those long cardis look really cosy, and the Buffy dress with the rainbow top beneath it is great.

    Marc O Polo advertises in the higher-end magazines over here, so I think their stuff is pretty pricy.

    1. He's such a silly boy.

      Thank you, they are! Nothing like a swath of thick wool for snuggle factor.

      Ooh, I'm so classy! Thank you for the info.

  15. This was a wonderful post. But there is just too much good stuff to comment on. It would take me forever. Kudos on 4 hours of cleaning out HIS wardrobe. I wouldn't have done it. Hate these chores.
    And congratulations on your Gabor boots. So good.

    1. Thank you so much (I think?), Greetje! Oh, that was a lot of work, believe me...I'm surprised we didn't argue at all.

      Thanks, you'll see them in a post shortly.

  16. love both long cardigans! Love the first one with the Halloween-esque top and the fab spy leather trench! And love the blue cobalt one too, with the comfy knit dress (always loving a 'comfy as pjs' outift!)
    Love you wearing your Buffy dress (this put a smile on my face, I'm a fan!) and all your leather garments and fabulous boots!, they totally rock!. Love particularly your red jacket and booties!
    It's great that L. has now an organized closet, he's going to enjoy even more!.

    1. Thanks so much, Monica, me too! Woo, a fellow Buffy fan! Leather is so great at this time of year.

      Oh, he's loving it! It's so nice to see it all clean and tidy.

  17. Vizzini looks so cute in the last photo with his little white foot on display! Sylvester has been super cuddly lately now that the temperatures are dropping. Love the rich colours of those long cardigans. The striped dress is such a flattering figure-hugging staple in your wardrobe, and you know I love the leather pieces you have in your closet.

    1. He sits with his back feet always splayed out like that. Don't you love when they get cuddly? Thank you so much, Shelley - I love that dress, and my leather too!

  18. I loooved all the critter rings on the Halloween outfit and specially that cool sweater.
    I am in awe at L's buckle collection, what an amazing recollection of pieces, he's also got a very good eye for these.
    Your consignment/thrift finds are always my faves, they make me want to go shopping with you.

    1. Thanks, Lorena! I love that sweater too. L has quite the collection (I bought most of them, so thank you!).

      Wouldn't that be fun? I would love to go shopping with you!


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