Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Frilly Flamenco and Old Velvet

I spent some time last night, playing in my closet - I have a bunch of new-to-me items, and the best way to build outfits is to incorporate them into some of my oldies-but-goodies. 
Like this embroidered velvet blazer, which I've had for ages.

  • Blazer - Le Chateau, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in November 2018 for a wee shopping trip
  • Sleeveless top (underneath) - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in August 2018 with chartreuse and green
  • Skirt - no label, handmade, consignment; purchased here for $38.00
  • Shoes - Channi B; last worn here in January with glitter galore

This is the 17th or 18th wearing of this lovely blazer, which I first wore here back in Feb 2011. I paid $40 for it, so I'm at just over $2 per wear, not bad over nine years!
I love all the colours in the embroidery: rusty-brown, tan/pale yellow, green, purple and blue. It goes with everything.

The skirt was oodles of fun to wear, swooshing and ruffling as I walked. When I steamed it last night,  I turned it inside out to steam the lining and discovered a big seam pulling the front ruffles higher so that they wouldn't peek out at the front hem.
So I think this skirt was handmade, and I think it was definitely someone's dancing skirt.

Flamenco, anyone?
 As it has no label, henceforth, it shall be the Flamenco Skirt, so that I can search for it here on the blog. Swoosh-tastic, and so darned frilly!

Bundled up for the chilly morning and evening.
It's not quite full-on coat season yet, so I layered a brown fur scarf under the neckline of my blazer, added the purple wool beret (in case of rain) and the matching gloves.

  • Beret - consignment
  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
These shoes are such a luscious teal colour, and dig the sparkly trim (and the pink leather lining!). They are extremely comfortable.

Odd bling:
I often wear my old velvet blazer belted - this one went well.

  • Belt - Club Monaco
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Aventurine/silver ring - consignment


  1. Shiela, I love all the elements of this outfit - the velvet jacket, the flamenco skirt and, of course, the teal shoes. Marvelous. X

  2. I really like the embroidered blazer and the flamenco skirt is stunning - what a great find! :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :) I've just posted a giveaway on my blog!

    Away From Blue

    1. I know, I'm really pleased with it, Mica. It's unbelievable how swooshy it is!

      I so rarely do other link-ups, so sorry for not being there for you very often.

      Happy week to you, my dear! I'll leave the giveaway for others. :)

  3. Such a gorgeously Autumnal outfit, Sheila. I am so going to dig out my beloved berets after seeing you wearing one already! That skirt is a delight. Is that a ruffly underskirt I'm spying? I can fully imagine the swishing and swirling going on. That blazer is gorgeous too, it's just perfect with the skirt, and I love how you've belted it. I must remember to do that. xxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Ann! I only have the one beret, but I do have a collection of other fun hats for the cool weather. The ruffly underskirt is the lining of the skirt! Isn't that awesome? It was a big selling point for me, as you can rightly understand.

      Belting blazers is trendy again! Woo! Love it.

  4. I adore this outfit, the velvet jacket looks like it should be in my wardrobe and the ruffled skirt is a joy. Loving the teal shoes, too! xxx

    1. I spotted this same jacket again recently in an XS, and nearly bought it, thinking I could give it to someone...but I vowed a long time ago not to buy things for others, sight unseen!

      Thank you, my dear!

  5. I love that jacket and flamenco skirt combo. How do you track your outfits? I recently restarted my spreadsheet, just to see what I'm really wearing.

    1. Thanks! I'm a visual person, so I need to see the item vs. a name on a spreadsheet. I track back through the "last seen/worn here" links - I had the foresight to start doing them really early on, so I can track almost everything all the way back to when I got it. I'm literally counting each wearing/outfit.

  6. Such a flattering ensemble Sheila. The jacket is an other drool-worthy piece and that well placed belt only serves to highlight your very small waist - have you lost weight? I bet you had a wonderful day swooshing around in that glorious skirt!

  7. Oh, you are too kind, Anna - no, my weight's pretty stable, but belting blazers is always a good look! I had so much fun swooshing in it, how did you know?? ;-P

  8. Lovely jacket indeed, I love how your shoes match the embroidered flowers, this details make me happy!. And love a frilly skirt!, lots of swooshing!
    You look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Monica! I live for those kind of details - they make me happy too! Swoosh! Thank you so much, my dear.

  9. I'd say it was likely a dance skirt in its previous life - it looks like the style of skirt we wore in our flamenco classes, so you've christened it appropriately. This is a lovely "Welcome Fall" outfit.

    1. Agreed - I am sure it's twirled many a time! Thank you so much!

  10. This skirt has that swoosh factor you love :) so I can see why you'd get it !
    I like the lining being a lighter cool it gives a cool effect.

    1. It really does, Lorena! I know, it is just meant for swooshing!


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