Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Psychedelic Bubbles; Chartreuse Morning; B-Day Vest; Vintage for 'Vogs

Hello! My friends! Where did that weekend go? The days have just gone by way too fast! 
 Friday only feels like a few hours ago, but this is what I wore to work.

Linking up to "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style!

  • Dress - Marjorie Hamilton, vintage 60s, thrifted; first worn here (3rd outfit) in May with different pink shoes
  • Shoes - Arnold Churgin, thrifted; purchased here for $22.99
  • Lace duster (below) - Lysse; last worn here several times in Hamilton in early July

Barely anyone in the office - we are into vacation season - but everyone there saw me coming.
 Much love for this gorgeous vintage dress. The pattern reminds me of bubbles - it's a rather psychedelic print!

My colleagues were boggled that this is as old as me - over 50 years on this planet.
 And it's still as good as new.

I can't say the same about me!
 Things are getting creaky.

Covered up for the sun - we've had a hot and sunny (and windy - it's always windy here) weekend, with temps in the mid-to-high 20s.
 After work, L and I went out for dinner, since we are still missing a kitchen sink. Things have been delayed, due to a miscommunication with the manufacturers (not our fault!), so our new counters/sink will be installed (hopefully) on Tuesday/Wednesday.

The stuff:
These shoes were great in the office all day, but I did a lot of walking on Friday (out for a lunch date, and much running around in the office, walking to/from the bus stops), so I swapped to easier shoes for strolling to the pub for dinner.

Simple bling:
 With a pattern like that dress, you don't need much!

  • Turquoise/silver ring - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - vintage fair

On Saturday, we had our Ultimate Frisbee game - it was very windy!
 Getting a seasonal wearing out of this lovely silk chartreuse dress.

  • Dress - Mary Jo Bruno, consignment; last worn here in June 2018
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) last weekend post-Ulti again

I wore it to work last year, and then washed it and stored it away. It washed fine (phew!), apparently!
 I gave it a good steaming, and it came out beautifully.

I like the long sleeves for sun coverage. And it's such a great colour.
 I am always on the lookout for summer dresses with sleeves.

Why are they so hard to find?
I was bummed when my usual Saturday sunglasses snapped and broke in the morning. I switched over to my heart-shaped ones, but will on the lookout for new bigass shades.

The stuff:
I wore these shoes to the pub the night before; they are one of the most comfy pairs I own. I needed them after playing for 2 hours in cleats (soccer boots), which are very tight.

Gold bling:
 I was the dressiest person in the diner at lunch afterwards!

  • Belt - thrifted, Powell River
  • Sunglasses - the Patch
  • Top bracelet - Butler Fifth Avenue Collection, consignment
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted
  • Gold hoops - 5th anniversary gift from L

Not even time for a nap after we got home - must shower and get ready to go to Ross' 50th birthday bash!
 His theme was "Grateful (to not be) Dead" so I hauled out this never-worn-on-the blog vintage vest and built an outfit around it.

  • Vest - vintage 70s, thrifted c. 1998; modeled once here for my "What the Hell? Never Seen Closet Archives series that I did in 2010 (link here to the full series, and a walk down Memory Lane!)
  • Sweater - Twik, thrifted; first worn here (3rd outfit) a couple of weeks ago to Winesday
  • Trousers - Lady Dutch, thrifted; last seen here earlier this month with green Miu Miu
  • Shoes - Wonders, consignment; purchased here for $22.50

Since I knew that the vest would be the star of the outfit, I picked simple items to go with it.
 A plain sleeveless black mock-neck sweater makes a good showcase for a funky necklace.

Not that anyone noticed that - all you see is the vest!
 Amazing pattern, isn't it? I bought this at Value Village 20 years ago!

I've worn it twice - once to two weddings in one day (really!), and once to a local wine festival - but both of those events were 18-20 years ago. I'd put this vest into the giveaway pile about a year ago, and my Winesday women convinced me to haul it back out and wear it.
 Good call, I'd say! I've never seen anything like it in a vintage store, thrift store or any of the vintage fairs since.

Instead of a short skirt, I did my khaki harem trousers.
 They picked up one of the colours in the pattern, and were comfy for sitting on high chairs on the rooftop patio where Ross' party was.

L and I walked to town (and home, much later) - the vest billowed out behind me in the wind!
"What on earth are you wearing, Woman?"

It's very dramatic.
"I can't be associated with these shenanigans."
 One big swoosh!

The stuff:
 First wearing of my new-to-me Wonders - and I walked to and from the b-day party in them. They were awesome to wear - completely comfy! Hooray!

Gold bling:
 I had fun showing off my "claw" jewelry to my friends. Rar!

  • Leather purse - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Snake bracelet - Whiting & Davis, vintage 70s, vintage fair
  • Leather/gold cuff and necklace - Ambush, consignment, gifts from L
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage fair
  • Gold hoops - 5th anniversary gift from L

It was a late night, but poor L has come down with something (not a hangover) and has been in bed sick all day.
Hoping I don't get it!

I dashed to town to do the grocery shopping...and another expedition...

  • Dress - D'Allairds, vintage 60s, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in September 2018
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn twice this weekend!

I have decided that I'm done with this dress.
 I've worn it six times since I bought it 2014 for $13.97 - that's just over $2 per wear, and I am fine with that. It will go to a good home, I am sure.

I have so many other dresses, and this one has had its time.
 A random woman commented, "I love your dress," as I was walking to town.

Another man muttered, "That's ridiculous," as I left the grocery store.
 Not that I care (much) what other people think!

  • Hat - thrifted

The stuff:
 As you can see, I babied my feet all weekend! Same shoes every day!

  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories

L gave me $100 the other day, so I popped into Fluevog and bought myself a pair of shoes that I've been lusting after since they came out. I know, it's Slow Fashion Season - I shouldn't be buying new things - but Fluevogs are slow fashion! They are ethically and environmentally made by people who make a living wage, not in sweatshops.
And Fluevog is a Canadian company, and I bought them at a brick-and-mortar store in my downtown. If you're gonna buy new, that is how you do it! Besides, it was L's money, not mine. Hee!

These are the Tudor Prysten (link here, 'cause I love!), and they are two different brocade fabrics.
 They are on sale for $139.99 plus an extra 15% off, so $119.00.

L and I had planned to go down to the store together, as he had a birthday gift card from me to spend, but he was/is still in bed.
"Be Bold, Be Strong."

But I knew which shoes he wanted: the same ones! 
 So I bought him a pair too! I promise we won't wear them at the same time!

We've been out a lot this weekend, and now I need to chill out a bit before another work week is upon us.
"This is how I do it."

You have the right idea, buddy.

Aw, that face. He has 3 white eyebrows on one side, and none on the other right now.
"Camera out of my face, Woman! It's nap time." 

It sure is!

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere, my friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Big WOW to the Grateful Not To Be Dead outfit! That vest is epic and you look mighty fierce. Love the close-up of Vizzini - he never takes a bad pic. xo


    1. Thanks, Patti! So glad to get a wearing of that vest in! No, Vizzini is a very photogenic guy!

  2. Oh, that vest! Amazing!!!! Don't know anyone else who could wear it with the spirit you do. You are an inspiration :)

    1. Oh, that's so sweet, thank you, Cynthia! I just take a deep breath...and wear it!

  3. I will take the giveaway pile dress! LOL

    1. Ha! My friends get first dibs, then my coworkers, and then I donate anything not taken, sorry!

  4. Oh my goodness that vintage vest is definitely a winner - I'm so glad you kept it! :)

    I don't know what that man was talking about, I think the random lady said it better, that dress you wore to go shopping is beautiful, and it's nice you got good wear from it!

    1. Isn't it amazing, Mica? Thank you! Me too.

      Maybe he meant "ridiculous" in a good way? Ha, I don't really care. :) I'm glad I got another wear in of it, but yeah, I'm done with it.

  5. I also saw you at the grocery store Sheila. You looked awesome as usual. It always makes my day when I have a “Sheila sighting”.
    Love those new Vogs!

    1. You did?? You have to say HI next time, Jen! It makes my day when someone recognizes me!

      Thanks, I'm excited to wear them soon!

  6. Your 1960s vintage dresses are just beautiful. I particularly liked the bubble dress and the silvery one was very elegant. Maybe it's the camera, but I thought the colour of the dress was too pale for you. At least you've had your money's worth out of it!

    And what can I say about those gorgeous, spiffing, awesome Fluevog shoes? Simply amazing. And L has a pair, too! They are gorgeous. I loved your Wonders shoes too; they looked extremely comfortable. The vest was totally unique!

    Hope L makes a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks, Vronni! Yes, that dress was great when I had bright red and bright purple hair, but I feel like it washes me out - you are right, too pale. It will find a new home, I'm sure.

      I'm super excited to wear the new 'Vogs. The Wonders are...wonderful! I'm wearing them again today!

      Thank you - the poor guy, he's just a mess. :(

  7. So much gorgeousness in one post! First of all, it was lovely to see your fabulous 1960s dress again. It really is all kinds of fabulous, and just perfect with your new-to-you pink shoes. The silk chartreuse is gorgeous too, and yes, I've wondered the same. It's indeed quite hard to find summer dresses with sleeves. But let's move on to the star piece of your post, that absolutely magnificent floorlength vintage vest. How amazing is that! I'm glad you finally found an occasion to wear it and show it on the blog. And I love that you and L. have his and hers Fluevog. What a fabulous pair they (and you) are! xxx

    1. It's such an amazing dress - I really wanted to wear it again. More sleeves, I say!

      I know, the vest is incredible! I was thinking of you, Ann, and my other vintage-loving friends, thinking how much you would enjoy seeing it!

      We will never wear them together, I promise! But I do love them so much...

  8. Don't make a fool of the cat! Ha ha. Again I had to laugh about the how many wears and when you wore it. Fluevog had a ship in Amsterdam too, it's shoe heaven really.

    1. Yes, he might come after me, Nancy! He can be vengeful, ha ha!

      I have seen pictures of the Fluevog store there! Have you bought anything yet??

  9. Wow I really can't decide which of the 4 is the grooviest, best, prettiest- they all are amazing!! Nicely done!!

  10. Your colours broke my monitor! Hahaha!! Holy massive cow. Those are amazing outfits, the bubbles dress and that maxi vest. Gaaa!!! The billowing must have been fabulous. It's sad when people's views make them so uptight that they find themselves spewing negativity into the world. Sigh. They need some paisley STAT!!! Have a great week!

    1. Ha! I hope your retinas are okay! Thank you so much - yes, it was massive billowing, like a giant cape or kite floating behind me!

      Ah, I am not that worried about it - people are threatened by things that are different, like an old chick in a shiny dress! I feel sorry for them.

      Happy week to you, Mel!

  11. Totally love your psychedelic dress, the print, the shape, the fabulousness!. And love your "Grateful (to not be) Dead" outfit, the magnificent vest which billows behing you, the accessories and shoes!. Totally rocks!
    Love your chartreuse dress with the golden accessorizing and the sunnies which add a 70's vibe, very Funky!
    And those new shoes are gorgeous!!, so cute that you got same model for L.!! you are a stylish couple for sure!

    1. Thank, Monica! It's such a fun dress - I can't believe what a find it was. I loved wearing the vest again - I hope it's not another 20 years before I wear it again.

      I love the silk dress, but I'm not sure if it will remain with me. I may be done with it.

      It's the first time we've bought matching anything!

  12. I am a 60s lover and both those dresses are AMAZING, the bubbles one in particular. Who cares what the grumpy man thought? (I bet his outfit was as dull as dishwater...)

    1. In case that sounds rude I don't mean your readers don't care what he thought and you shouldn't have shared it - just that his opinion is clearly WORTHLESS!

    2. I got what you meant, Mim! No worries - and yes, of COURSE, he was in a ratty old ripped tee, and gross old shorts. Like, you are saying this to ME, mister?

      I don't let strangers comments get to me (whether positive or negative). I'm putting myself out there, and that's my business.

  13. Wow! The colors and print of that (first) vintage dress are amazing.

  14. Love the psychedelic bubbles - I remember adoring it when you discovered it - and the lavender one is fab but totally understand your need to pass it on. What a tosser that man was.
    I've got a velvet maxi waistcoat very similar to your beauty - a 40th birthday present from my parents! I don't wear it very often but, like the reaction you get with yours, it almost stops traffic!
    Hope L starts to feel better soon.
    The Fluevogs are a work of art!
    Love Vizzini's velvet nose and his missing whiskers. Stephen Squirrel says he'll mail him a couple of his, he's got far too many! xxx

    1. I love that first dress - it's just gorgeous. Yes, a tosser is what he was - and as I noted up there ^^ it's not like he was dressed to the nines, either! People and their opinions!

      Oh, how amazing - in velvet, too! What spectacular pieces they are! They just don't make this kind of thing anymore.

      Thanks, he's been really off this week. I'm excited to wear "our" Fluevogs.

      Isn't Vizzini the cutest? I love his lopsided whiskers. Stephen is a very whiskery cat, eh?

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Vix.

  15. Holy Cow - the bubbles dress with those hot pink shoes is just FABULOUS!! Then followed by the chartreuse dress, which I love, and then, to top it off, the MARVELOUS vest!! So many great outfits!! Can you tell how much I love them by all the !!!!!?

    1. Ha, I'm like it all! Thanks so much, Shelley! It was a fun weekend!

  16. Wow this really was a big ass wrap up post. I love all the outfits you posted. I am particularly enamored with the vintage pink shift dress and of course those pink patent heels - omg to find a pair would be awesome! The pattern on the pink dress is wild, but fun and who doesn't adore a good shift dress? The crazy thing is everything I used to wear in the late 80's and 90's I'm seeing come on trend again. I'm actually pretty happy about that because I loved the long swooshy skirts, suiting and pointy toe shoes and I was lucky and scored two pairs of nine west point toe flats, one in a rose suede with raspberry accent and the other in a good basic black. This takes me back to my youth and makes my heart light, nothing is better than dressing like when you felt your best!

    1. Thanks so much, Dar, and great to see you! I know, I love that dress so much - and I was so excited to find the pink heels. It's all coming around again, but of course, everything is slightly different, and reinterpreted for the new age, right? Those flats sound amazing!

      Agreed, when we feel great in what we wear, we feel amazing!

  17. It's a splendid psychedelic dress and in amazing shape just like the owner ;)
    OMG THE VINTAGE VEST: you're a Goddess, what a spectacular garment, very singular and dramatic.
    I am in awe at how much brighter your pictures are.

    1. Aw, you are too kind, Lorena, thank you!

      I know! It's a stupendous vest!

      Agreed - I'm a bit worried what will happen when it starts getting darker out, but I'm overall so happy with the new camera.

  18. What amazing finds- the long vest, the psychedelic dress ! Love it!

    I think you look lovely in your lilac dress, but if it’s had its time, then off it goes. Nevermind what that silly man said.

    Wow, your Fluevog shoes are AMAZING! X

    1. Thanks, Jess! Oh, I know, what stranger say doesn't really bother me.

      I love them, thank you!

  19. I had to skip forward to read about these wonderful brocade shoes and wow, what about that vest too?! Be still my beating heart... Love that massive swoosh x

    1. I love the shoes, can't wait to wear them again. I know, the vest is amazing! So glad to have a chance to show it off.


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