Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never Seen - What the Hell?!

Okay, I've saved some of my most fun crazy stuff for the last installment of "Never Seen" - this is the totally whackadoo pieces that cause me to get funny looks.

This is my pixie skirt. I bought it new from a shop that carried retro clothes and local designers. It's from around 1992 - no label on it. Each of the points has or had two tiny round bells on it, so I jingle when I walk.
I used to wear this with my purple suede thigh-high boots (the ones that got ruined at a Gwar concert), a big wide belt and a black top. Occasionally, I wore it with a white button-down. I last wore this to an 80s party 4 years ago - I crimped my hair, haha! Yes, I still have my crimping iron.

I bought this in Vancouver in a vintage clothing store in 1985.
Aw, there's Othello in the background. I miss my kitty...

It's a men's bathrobe, and still has the sash (it's tied behind my back). I am sure it could not have been more than $10, since I was broke when I was 17.

This is exactly how I wore it: with a black dress, heels and usually a pair of big gold or silver hoops. I also put shoulder pads in it at one point, but they are now long-gone.
Like my 80s dancing?

Here's the label:
Looks like they are still around! I would guess this bathrobe is from the 70s.

I love the awesome fabric - irridescent green and orange.
Ha, and you're in luck, look what I found:
I'm in my bedroom, I'm 17 or 18, and I'm dressed to go out dancing! Check out my perm, big earrings, shoulder pads...yikes! I like seeing little things from my past there: my watch wall clock, my stuffed koala collection, my dictionaries, and my mom's painting (which is on my wall in the den where I post now).

Heh, I bought this robe for a specific party about 9 years ago, the Glitz, Glam and Gaudy party:
It's big on me now, but it was va-va-voom then!

The label:
Oh, and you know I had to have a picture floating around of me dressed up for the party:
Those are my Betty Boop shoes from the Never Seen - Shoes! post. I'm also wearing fishnets, my trusty miniskirt, my tiara, and a big glittery stick-on lip-print. Yes, people kissed it. That was a wild party!

Believe it or not, I wore this to a wedding:
Actually, it was two weddings: our friends got married in a Sikh temple and in a Catholic ceremony. For the Sikh wedding, I wore a long black skirt, a black turtleneck and covered my hair with a gold scarf. For the Catholic wedding, I switched to a short black dress, similar to this one.

I'm pretty sure this was a handmade vest, and from the fabric, I'm going to say 1970s. It was $9 at Value Village about 9 years ago.

It makes quite the swoop when I walk:
Now, I don't want to scare you, but I also have this bright orange bob wig:
I shrunk this picture before I cropped it, so you get to see all my stuff piled around for pictures, and my messy house.

Did I wear the wig and the vest together? What do you think?
Heck, yeah! That's what I wore to the Wine Festival about 7 or 8 years ago. I'm wearing my mom's vintage gold chain belt, and a lion head gold chain pendant. Ha, I'm rather boob-tacular in that picture!

Well, that's it for the "Never Seen" things. I hope you enjoyed this peek into my closet and my vintage and "home-grown" vintage clothing.



  1. Amazing series! So many awesome things. The long vest is one of the coolest things I think I've ever seen.

  2. Thank you Sheila, I have really enjoyed all of your old stuff posts. I especially love your red coat. Being a nosey Aussie I was wondering how you acquired your cute koalas.

  3. I've got to tell you, I love that pixie skirt. It is awesome. The bells would be a plus for me.

  4. Oh man. These are great. Makes me wish I had kept some of my own WTH items over the years. I do have a few still, I think, tucked in storage. I'll have to check. It might make an awesome theme week.

  5. Fun stuff. I love that you've had that eye for detail since you were a young spud. And I'm amazed at how long you've held on to things. Your closet is like a scrapbook of your life.

  6. Pixie skirt!?....the jury is still out on that one. Though with purple suede boots, black tights and a black turtleneck and a mustard wrap/cape it would rock! I love the robes and vest. It seems you've always knew and were comfortable with your own style. Kudos to you.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your fun and playful theme party wear and the fun and unusual items you have kept. I think some days you just want to wear a costume. I did that the other day. I went out a bit on a limb and felt great all day.

  8. Wow Sheila you are the packrat (in a good way) extrodinaire! Thank you for sharing the wonderful wardrobe items from your past - great fun.

    I'm kind of the opposite, usually if I'm not wearing it, then it goes back to Value Village!

  9. You have amazed me all week long !
    But you killed me with the wig :)

  10. Thanks a lot, Megan! I am waiting for the right occasion to wear it again. :)

    You're welcome, Mervat! I had a lot of fun with this too. I was given a wee stuffed koala for my birthday by my Aunt Lois when I was about 6 years old. It was stuffed with cork and make of real kangaroo! I loved it till the fur rubbed off. I kept getting them for gifts after that.

    Lady Cardigan - same for me! I loved wearing that around.

    Thanks, Jenny! I would love to see that.

    Thanks, Anonymous, I guess you're right!

    Heh, it's a personal taste thing, Angela! I feel like my style has changed a lot, but what I like in clothes really hasn't: detail, quality and that weirdness. Thanks!

    Thanks, Jen!

    Alison, thanks! Good for you - that can be so fun.

    Northmoon, I guess I am! Ha!

    Lorena, glad you liked it! It's fun to wear!

  11. The print on the last vest(?) is fantastic, have you ever thought about turning it into to a longqmaxi dress? You can sew the front, fit the waist and bust area and ooooh, it will be gorgeous! I recently saw a picture of a dress with bold pattern and it was to die for.

  12. R, you are so right - it would make a fantastic dress! Hmmmm...

    Great idea!


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