Wednesday, July 24, 2019

My Clothes Hate Me, But Vizzini Loves Me

Today's outfit was very popular at work - everyone loves blue! 
Many people noted that "everything matches!" but clearly (at least to me) all of these are different blues.

  • Blouse - Bird by Juicy Couture, thrifted; purchased here for $22.99
  • Culottes - Michal Negrin, thrifted; last worn here in July 2018 with Victoria ruffles
  • Shoes - Zara, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in June with a denim top

They all work together in harmony - they "go" rather than match. I have nothing against matchy - bring it on!
This silk ruffled blouse was lovely and soft to wear, although I sweated in it on the way home - it's in the wash, fingers crossed!

These culottes are so fun - they are embellished with Swarovski crystals (really!) all along the bottom of the legs.
I only wear them once a year - they are pain to deal with the buttons (which are not round) when going to the bathroom, and they are a snug fit.

But they have pockets!
 Despite all my blues, I'm not feeling blue. Things are pretty good in my world.

The stuff:
 Now there's some matchy - the shoe match the jewelry perfectly.

Blue bling:
My beautiful Sherman set and a bigass ring.

  • Necklace/earrings - vintage 60s, Sherman, thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

While I was cleaning up the office at the end of the day, one of my earrings popped off and made a run for it. Phew, I was glad I noticed! I have lost many clip-ons over the years - they just pop off. 

Here are some detail pictures of the culottes. Michal Negrin's clothes (link here 'cause I love - enjoy if you like elaborate clothes) are beautiful and WAY out of my price range (she has a store here in Victoria). 
 The buttons are custom and have Swarovski crystals. Look at that gorgeous fabric design along the waistband.

This is the bottom of one of the legs. The design is lined up along the legs, matching perfectly.
 You can kind of see how many crystals there are on them, both black ones and deep iridescent blue. I can count about 50 here, and the crystals are on the backs of the legs too! They glitter in the light.

As I was taking pictures of the culottes, I noticed that...I'd lost a button. Aw! Dang! I'll check around the office tomorrow - maybe it will turn up. Gee, after Monday's clothing ruination, I'm feeling like my clothes hate me! 
However, I don't stay upset or disappointed for long. They are just clothes! Things that are meant to be used, loved and worn, and sometimes that means wearing them out.

Besides, I had this random crystal clip-on earring - its mate was lost at this event (here, in November 2013). It's one of those earrings that got away.
And it fit perfectly in the buttonhole. There's always a bright side.

So, L and I are getting new countertops and sink/faucet in our little galley kitchen this weekend, so for once, I am including a full shot of what I see when I leave most mornings:  
"Look how forlorn I am!"

Those malachite green counters are so 2005, and the sink is probably original to the 1970s. Can't wait to see them gone!

This morning, I couldn't resist little Vizzini's woebegone face.
"I'll just sit here, no cuddles for me."

So I joined him, and he flopped right down, happily pawing at me and purring away.
"You just stay home with me, okay?"

A good tummy rub was had...until he noticed the camera.
"My reputation is ruined!"

Proof that my cat does love me!


  1. Superb outfit! Stylish and creative. A real success.

  2. Love this outfit. Culottes are one of my faves. Love the different hues of blue. I am envious of your Sherman. I am relishing the summery weather and enjoying wearing swooshy skirts and summery tops. Yay summer!

    1. I like them too - no regrets on getting rid of my black ones, though. These tick all the boxes: fun, details, sparkle! There is tons of Sherman in this town, Dar! You need to go to a vintage fair! I know, dresses and skirts and lots of swoosh are perfect for summer!

  3. I like all the blue togheter - blue is my power colour! Such a shame about the missing button though! I hope you can find it at work!

    I smiled at your kitchen - our old house had green counter tops like that, we changed it up to something a bit more neutral after a few years - seeing your pic made me all nostalgic!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I could see you in this whole outfit. I know, I hope the button turns up. :(

      Yes, we are going more neutral this time! I'll post pics!

  4. such a lovely outfit, love how you created this combo mixing blues that go, and love the amazing bling wich matches your shiny shoes!, that's fabulousness.
    Glad that you could replace the button with an (orphan) earring. I keep some of these orphan earrings for ages and sometimes they're useful!
    And sending some (virtual) cuddles to Vizzini!

    1. It was fun doing a combo with all these soft shades of blue.

      I know, I'm glad I had an option, but I hope the missing button shows up!

      Vizzini appreciates the cuddles, even virtual ones. Thank you, my dear!

  5. So glad you found a button substitute! Lovely outfit and all the blues were beautiful together.

    I have a galley kitchen too only my opens onto our garden whilst yours opens onto your living room. That Vizzini has you twisted round his little claw!!

    Have a great weekend

    1. Me too! Thank you, Vronni!

      Vizzini knows it - we spoil him with love!

      Happy weekend to you, my dear!

  6. It happens to all of us: one day our clothes start to conspire against us ;-) Love your all blue but not too matchy outfit. The culottes are magnificent (well done on finding a substitute for the missing button, but still hope you'll be able to find the lost one) and I love the ruffle blouse and your fabulous Sherman set. Oh, and Vizzini's face! I know it so well. It's how Phoebe looks when she suddenly realizes she's making a fool of herself! xxx

    1. They do, Ann! Sometimes I wonder...
      Thank you so much. No sign of the button just yet, but still hoping.

      Ha, when a cat realizes that she's been caught in the act! So funny.

  7. I adore a monochrome look. And your clothes will love you tomorrow, I'm sure!

  8. I love wearing an outfit in various shades of the same colour, like you’ve done with your blue outfit.
    Ooo, I enjoy house photos. Your yellow kitchen is so gorgeous. I hope my kitchen is either pale green or yellow when I buy a house one day. It feel so 70s to me. X

    1. Thanks, Jess - I like doing it too.

      It's more of a pale cream (our halls and living room are yellow, though, and it reflects in the kitchen). I like a warm wall!

  9. The pieces in this outfit are definitely in harmony, but I wouldn't say they match either. Amazing detail on the culottes; that sucks about the button, especially when they are unique like that one. Hopefully it turns up.
    Sylvester hates when I leave for work too - "Just 5 more minutes of cuddle time, puleeze??"

    1. Thanks, Shelley! No sign of the blasted button yet, unfortunately.

      More cuddles for our boys!

  10. Beautiful outfit my dear Sheila, I love the hues of blues and most of all the necklace and satin flats.
    Michel Negrin is a brand I admire and have seen very little of in Latin America, I am always attracted to all their shiny things.
    Oh and how amazing you're changing your counter tops, I am currently having to build a kitchen from scratch :/

    1. Thanks so much, Lorena! I have only ever seen this one Michel Negrin piece ever second-hand. I think it mostly sells to tourists here, but her stuff is SO pricey, but gorgeous.

      Oh, jeez, good luck with that!

  11. Glad you hear that you're not as blue as your outfit Sheila. Those satin mules are fabulous and wow, didn't they go so well with that glorious blue jewellery?

    1. I can never resist a bit of matchy, Anna. Blues are...always near.


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