Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Abstract Birds, Space Pants and Glitter Shoes

Today's outfit is built out of nothing at all new-to-me; it's all just pieces that I wanted to wear again. 
 I think it's also first time this season for most of them - good thing they worked together in an outfit!

  • Blouse - Tory Burch, consignment; last worn here in September 2017 with pink and yellow
  • Pants - Free People; last seen here in March with a blue cape
  • Shoes - Seychelles; last worn here in March with glittery culottes
  • Jacket (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here earlier this month

First, let me get it out of the way for those of you who have not met my Space Pants before - YES, they are leather. I had a giggle with one of my coworkers today that I'm the only person who treats metallic rose-gold leather pants as a neutral.
 Whenever I wear these pants, I have to make sure I wear a long top to cover my bum.

At least, the top of my bum. No plumbers' crack-a-lackin' here!
 The blouse is silk, so it's both warm in the AC'd office and cool in the warm outside breeze. The pattern is abstract birds when you look at it close-up; from a distance, it reminds me of feathers.

Yeah, I like to jam my hands in my pockets, any opportunity I can get.
 Comfy and not too dressy. Perfect for summer.

It was a bit cloudy this morning, so I wore a jacket.
 Even though it looks very wooly and thick, this jacket is light as a feather.

The stuff:
 Glitter shoes! These were wonderfully comfortable.

Glitter bling:
I had to wear glittery earrings to go with the shoes.

  • Earrings - Weiss, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Ring - c. 1996


  1. You look great! I love it! I think I need a pair of space pants.
    The pattern on the blouse is fascinating. How’d they do that? Up close, abstract birds? Far away feathers? Birds, feathers. Is it some kind of mind game!?
    In any event, very good looking.

    1. Space pants for all! I don't know how they did the pattern - but it's so cool! I'll just accept it for what it is. Thank you, Amie!

  2. I love the glitter shoes with the metallic pants, they are so fun! I do think metallics are good neutrals, but I never wore my metallic jeans much. I do sometimes regret letting them go though!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I would kill for a pair of metallic jeans. I want silver or pewter ones!

  3. I am rather into gold metalic sandals. I need to wear them, you've reminded me.

    1. Metallic shoes are awesome! I have many pairs (pewter, pink, copper, gold...).

  4. Pants like these put you in the Advanced Fashion Class.

    1. Yeah, but I'm the rowdy one in back, throwing out sarcastic asides. ;-P

  5. Metallic rose-gold leather, not many people get to use those words for something in their closet. These are awesome pants, and I love this combo you've thrown together. Of course, the glitter shoes, no words.

    1. That's just a cryin' shame - everyone should have metallic rose-gold leather! Glitter shoes never need words.

  6. Love the metallic and glitter on this look Sheila, there is a cool space like Jetsons vibe going on I really like.

    1. The next vintage fair coming in September has a "To the Moon!" theme - I'm thinking these pants will be awesome for it! More shiny!


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