Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pattern Mixing with a Flamingo and Houndstooth

I am exhausted. I had to work late to finish a ginormous print job for some training next week. I still have to assemble it all into binders, but printing was all I could do tonight. Five hours of overtime...
However, despite that, I felt stellar in this outfit all day. Hip, cool, rad, whatever. I felt it.

  • Blouse - Scotch & Soda by Maison Scotch, vintage store; purchased here in Vancouver in March for $34.95
  • Trousers - TopShop, thrifted; last seen here in July 2016 with a whale sweater
  • Shoes - Asos, consignment; purchased here in Vancouver in March for $29.99
  • Coat (below) - Vassali, consignment 

The top did not garner a single compliment all day (boo), probably because I wasn't engaging with my coworkers and had my head down, workin' hard all day. No love for the flamingo or the fish on it.

The back of it was sheerer than I realized. Good thing I wore a camisole under it. It's still nearly a full view of all my ink.
One of my French-Canadian coworkers called my houndstooth trousers "pied de poul," meaning chicken's feet. Hee!

By the time I left work, it was raining. I was momentarily fooled by the boulevard trees with the fairy lights in them - what? Snow on the trees? But no, it was actually blossoms!

Not quite time for the light coats just yet. My consignment Smoking Lily scarf gets a wear, though. Haven't worn it in forever! Here it is (same Dress Week as yesterday's scarf!) in May 2011, so I've had it for 6 years.

The stuff:
Compared to the trim on the scarf, my shoes look coral, but I called them pink all day (I only wore the scarf outdoors with my coat). They got a lot of love. One of my female coworkers even had to pet them to see if they were suede (they are not, they're fabric).

Round bling:
And a better look at the scarf. It's chartreuse silk with gold silk-screen amoebas and spores on it, with a pink grosgrain trim. The jewelry is some of my usual summer stuff. All faves, and I'm happy to have them back.

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - gift from Lise
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Turquoise ring - local

And now, I'm off to bed. I'm zonked.


  1. Shame the top didn't get any complimets as it really is beautiful! Nice print mixing with the houndstooth pants too.

    Hope that you don't have to work so later tomorrow, that is a big day! Have a good, restful night!

    1. I love it too - thank you! Nope, I always have to leave on time on Thursdays, to go to my other job. Phew! Thanks, Mica!

  2. Love today's outfit! The shoes are adorable and look great with the top, and I am always a fan of mixing patterns. Looks like it was comfy for all that work too. Don't wear yourself out to much!

    1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! I really liked it. Nope, I'm taking care of myself and taking Friday afternoon off!

  3. I like the top and I enjoy how you put everything together.

  4. Oh well your co workers missed out on a great look. I really like this big picture+small print mix.
    In spanish the houndstooth print translates to "pata de gallo" which translates to rooster's feet. So odd...

    1. I know, right? Ha! That's so funny - very similar to the French.

  5. I love the shoes and don't they work well with that top Shiela. Golly, you'd think you've done this styling thing before eh?

    Anna x

    1. You'd think! Isn't playing with your clothes just the best?


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