Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cranes and Goldenrod

Another day of being slammed by work. At least the days go by fast. Zoom, there they go.
A favourite top from last year makes its first appearance, with a new-to-me skirt today.

  • Top - H&M, consignment; last seen here in July 2016 with black and yellow
  • Skirt - no label, handmade, thrifted; purchased here for $14.99
  • Shoes - Gentle Souls; last worn here in March with a strapless dress
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted 

I was quite happy with this outfit - I have done this top (the pattern is flying cranes, by the way) with a yellow skirt before (here), but this skirt is shorter and a smaller size. I still have the other yellow skirt - it's such nice quality, and because vintage wool skirts don't have any stretch, it's handy to have them in a few sizes.

One of my coworkers called this "goldenrod" today. Sure, that will do - I need a name for this skirt so that I can search for it (to do those "last worn here" links). Henceforth, it shall be the goldenrod skirt.
The top has a slight trapeze shape, normally a shape I steer clear of (doesn't work well with boobs), but I love the wrinkly fabric and the pattern so much.

Outerwear. Getting close to not needing a jacket, but I'll always need a layer for physical sunblock.
 I sweated through my top on the brisk walk home, though, so in the wash it goes.

The stuff:
Hurray for comfy shoes! I was pleased with how nicely this grey suede went with the top.

Bold bling:
Favourite cuffs, and classic earrings (all the way from Nashville!).

  • Cuffs - both thrifted
  • Earrings - gift from Megan Mae
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

 You might have noticed that I didn't have my nails done yesterday, but don't fret - I did them last night. I am gradually weeding through what I've come to realize is a 20-year-old collection of nail polish. That teal one I wore back here in January? I strongly suspect that's the polish I wore for my wedding 20 years ago!
This one's another Rimmel, called "Climax" (oh, I don't get it, whatever do they mean?? har har). Another 60 Second one. I believe this is from the late 90s, based on the colour, which reminds me very strongly of grad/prom gowns from that era. I love this nice rich purple, though - it's slightly matte texture with a pearl finish. Pretty!

Who is super not impressed?
We had a cuddle here this morning, and he curled right up. Wish I could have stayed home too, bud!


  1. The crane print!!!!! Hair looks amazing and so do nails!! No way 20 yrs ago!

  2. The proportions of this outfit are PERFECT and it looks wonderful on you. Love every part of it. Good job!

  3. Hair looks amazing and so do nails!! No way 20 yrs ago! Cartincoupon.com

  4. I love your 'flying cranes' top, such an stunning piece, the fabric looks so textured and its shape is so cute (even if I agree about trapeze not being a favorite of mine). I'm in love with this goldenrod&grey outfit!, and fabulous shoes! And I like your coat too, I think you're rocking it everytime you wear it!, it looks like a springy breeze of lighter colors is coming!
    And being slammed by work is something I'm used to, these days. I've adopted a 'surfing over all that stuff' attitude. Wish you keep your coolness high!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I am having so much fun with my wardrobe lately. Ugh, good advice, thanks. Deep breaths!

  5. This is such a lovely outfit - love grey and yellow together! The outfit looks fab on you. Goldenrod is a brilliant name for the skirt but I have to say when I read the post title I was expecting flowers...

    Isn't it great to know nail polish can last for so long?

    1. Hello, nice to see you again, Veronica, welcome back! Thanks so much. My car-loving coworker who named it knows his car colours!

      I know, who knew? Nail polish lasts!

  6. Oh I saw this look on my feed and just fell in love... the colors and OMG that top must be mine once you are done with it!

  7. This top was a favourite of mine last year too. I think my daughter has a jacked in the same pattern which I drool over. The new skirt goes beautifully with it as does that matching cuff - you fashionista, you!

    Wishing you a fab weekend x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I just love a fun print, don't you? Thank you, my dear!

  8. Those shoes and the cuff are magnificent with that amazing top and skirt. You are ART! Just so lovely, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, JM! My clothes *are* my art, so I really appreciate that.

  9. Oooo, I just love, LoVE, LOVE this outfit. The pattern on the top is marvelous, and the grey makes the yellow just POP. And of course, you already know I adore those shoes.

  10. Again an outfit I cannot pass without commenting on.... BEAUTIFUL. Cannot believe that top is H&M, conscious or not. Such a perfect thing. And such fun with that yellow skirt and the grey shoes. A big winner in my eyes. And you have such a perfect bottom. You do know that.

    1. Aw, thank you, Greetje! I am always surprised by these little H&M gems. Ha, ha! You go right ahead and admire my bottom!


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