Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Faux Batik Peasant Outfit

I felt very swooshy today! Very late 50s/early 60s-inspired, with just a dash of peasant. A glamourous peasant!
I am completely infatuated with this vintage circle skirt.

  • Blouse - H&M, thrifted; first worn here earlier this month with purple velvet
  • Skirt - no label, vintage, thrifted; purchased here for $14.99
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last seen here in March with a killer leather and tweed outfit
  • Jacket (below) - Le Chateau, consignment; last worn here in March with a metal skirt 

"Come play with me, or I'll eat your purse."
 I may have twirled in this a few times, tee hee. I also discovered it had a pocket, which filled my heart with joy. I struggled with what to wear with it and ended up with neutrals, and I'm glad I did.

What top would you wear with this skirt?
A true circle skirt!

Unlike my picador skirt (here), the fabric on this one is cheaper and the print is not hand-done. Real batik feels different and looks less like a pattern that's been printed. Faux batik! However, it was so fun to wear, and I really loved it by the end of the day.
"The purse gets it right after I eat this moth."
 It was blustery today, and my skirt swooped and swirled. I wore a full vintage slip under it for coverage and warmth - a good thing, as I pulled the Marilyn Monroe skirt "whoops!" while I was walking to the other office.

Outerwear. Warm enough for a light jacket or blazer pretending to be a jacket.
It's been positively springy the past few days. I took some pictures on the walk to and from work.

The stuff:
Best copper shoes ever. I wore the fur pom pom on the lapel of my jacket.

Copper bling:
My copper pieces felt like the right choice with the vintage skirt.

  • Enameled cuff - Matisse, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Hinged cuff - Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Earrings - Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Copper/turquoise ring - vintage 70s, Grandma J's
  • Turquoise/silver ring - local

I took pictures - of blossoms! The last of the plum trees are blooming.
These are my favourites. They're big fat clusters of pink, soft as feathers.
There are several of these trees on the avenues and streets. It's such a pleasure when you find one.

On the way home, beautiful blue sky.
When the blossoms fall in the wind, it looks like snow.


  1. I can well believe you are infatuated with that skirt. It is fabulous! xxx

  2. I am loving the look with longer hair! So flattering on you.

  3. Great copper and turquoise accents to work with this circle skirt Sheila. I think your choice of top was perfect - that less is more does work sometimes!

    Anna x

    1. Thanks, Anna! Sometimes you just have to go with the neutrals.

  4. Wouu, it's an amazing skirt, it deserves some infatuation!!, and you look gorgeous wearing it!, such a marvellous shape!
    Love those fabulous copper accents! And blooming trees!

  5. Oh wow, those new glasses look so good Sheila and with your hair even more.
    The "chic-glam peasant" look is amazing !!!!! What a marvellous outfit, that vintage skirt was a great find.
    I think I would try wearing it with pink.

    1. Thanks, Lorena! I always love finding a good vintage piece and being able to incorporate it into my style. Pink is a great idea!

  6. I absolutely love this outfit! It's so elegant but fun as well.

    The plum blossom is gorgeous - I can never tell the difference between plum and cherry blossom but I love it all.

    1. Thank you! The cherries and plums that come later tend to be the giveaway. ;-P

  7. Love the skirt, the outfit, the copper bling -- and those shoes are AWESOME!

  8. I love this outfit Sheila! The bow on the top and skirt work so well together. That skirt was a great find. I'd love a neutral top like that, I've got an ever evolving wishlist of pieces I want while I'm not shopping, ha.

    I'd so the safe route and pair this skirt with neutrals too, so sorry I have no great outfit ideas for you.

    1. Thank you - I know, it's sort of a "bow echo". I see all kinds of neutral tops, but you really have to dig for the good ones. No worries, my dear!

  9. I love a full circle skirt like this. I think this blouse works really well with it. I would also try a navy, fitted, sleeveless or short sleeved top.


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