Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ultimate and Retail Therapy (Complete with Rotten Customers)

I'll let you in on a secret - I shop as therapy. Okay, maybe not such a secret! But I did a lot of shopping this weekend, and oh, it was bliss...mostly.
This is what I wore to and from the field to play Ultimate Frisbee. I did NOT play in this. I change at the field into long shorts, a t-shirt and cleats, topping it off with a Carolina Panthers ball cap. You are not getting a picture of that.

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Still the best link-up party in town! Go, go!

  • Dress - Coldwater Creek, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in June 2016 with turquoise
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in September 2016 for shopping with Jodi
  • Jacket (below) - Danier Leather, consignment

I am a big believer in putting my best foot forward at all times when I'm in public. You will never catch me in yoga pants in the grocery store (or at home, for that matter). I used to wear my Ulti gear (not the cleats) out for lunch afterwards, but I was spotted twice while out thrifting post-lunch by readers and realized I didn't want people to see my in my exercise gear unless I was actively playing my sport.

It's a simple matter to put a dress over my sports bra, slip on long shorts under it, then pop the dress off and put on my t-shirt. I don't care if my fellow players see me in a sports bra.
And then after the game, I do the reverse. I played with my contacts in (with sunglasses!), then tossed the contacts  and had my aqua glasses on for lunch (so that I could read the menu) and shopping (so that I can read the content tags and look closely at garments) afterwards.

Outerwear. We had a gloomy game with some wind, but it felt awesome to be out running around on the field again!
L, Nick and I walked from the field to town for brunch after the game (my team lost, boo). I did a small shopping expedition post-brunch, and I got soaked from rain. By the time I was home, I needed a hot cup of tea and a shower to soothe my sore muscles. 

I've decided to retire this non-stretchy silk dress. It's had a good run but I'm a bit tired of it, and I have new-to-me things in my closet that I need to make room for, so let's say farewell. In addition to today's outfit, here's how I've worn it.

As noted above, here (3rd outfit) in June 2016 for a day shopping with L for his birthday last year.
  • A year before that, here (3rd outfit) in September 2015.
  • In August 2015 here for a weekend grocery shop.
  • In May 2015 here for the Ulti field again.
  • In September 2014 here with a denim jacket over it, the last time I wore it to work.
  • In July 2014, here (3rd outfit) for a weekend dinner out.
  • In May 2014, here, with denim over it again. 
  • In September 2013, here for a brunch and weekend shopping.
  • In June 2013 here, with white accents, and brunch again.
  • Again in June 2013 here, with a red cardigan and my old orangey Tsubos.
  • And it was purchased here in May 2013 for $18.00.

So, I've had it for 4 years, and have worn it (only in spring summer) a total of 11 times. That's $1.64 per wear! I am completely happy letting this go now. Off you go to a good home! 

The stuff: 
My feet need soft shoes after running in soccer cleats for two hours. One of the women clocked 8,000 steps on her Fitbit during the game - that's about 8 kilometers (5 miles)!

Gold bling:
Easy bits for not getting in the way while one shops.

  • Belt - thrifted in Powell River, gift from mother-in-law
  • Earrings - vintage fair

 I went to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store first. I found this fun and sexy dress - it's a one-shoulder style, with a huge sleeve/ruffle detail down the side.
 It's also quite short. I might wear this for L's upcoming birthday party...or any other parties that happen to pop up!

It was only $6.00, so what the heck. Even if I only wear it once, I pay more for a package of raspberries!
 The brand is Fire Los Angeles. Ha, they sell it in the juniors department at Nordstrom. The interwebz reveals an identical dress in a different fabric selling retail at $46.00. Not bad for a one-off party dress!

I'm on the lookout for camisoles and tanks for layering under all the sheer/low blouses I have.
This is by Cristina B, and it was $2.00.

 I went through a rocker-chic(k) phase years ago. I wonder if I'm about to go through another one? This off-the-shoulder t-shirt was only $4.00. It's a cheapie modern shirt, but I don't really care.
It's one of my favourite albums ever! Did you know that this album cover by the Clash is a pastiche of another iconic cover (right down to the font) by Elvis Presley? Check out the story here*.
*linking 'cause I love.

Flush with my exciting purchases, I quickly walking in the spitting rain over to the WIN Warehouse Store.
I could tell by feeling it that this long skinny burnout velvet fringed scarf was silk.

It's a lovely blood red colour.
 And such a pretty pattern!
 I try to stay away from scarves (and hats) in thrift stores, as it's really easy to accumulate a ton of pieces that you fully intend to wear and NEVER DO.

However, it's a solid colour, modern-looking boho style. And it was only $7.95!
"The only interesting thing about it is this tasty fringe."
 I'll wear it with coats in cooler weather, and maybe draped and hanging around my neck for a rock & roll look. Sure! I will! I fully intend to!

While I was in WIN, they experienced an absolute storm, both in the weather (which got very wet and windy) and in customers. A slew of kids came in with their mom(s) and started running up and down the aisles, screaming and yelling. They ended up breaking at least two things in the store (by the sounds of breaking glass/china) before they finally left.

It really shattered my Zen time, and I felt horrible for the over-run clerks in the store (who are volunteers!). I understand that moms need to take kids out with them - I totally get that - but jeez, teach your kids some respect for other customers (both in not running into them - I was knocked twice - and in being quiet) and for the store (both its stock and its staff). I worked in a fussy gift store for many years, and seriously, some of the kids were just awful.

Rant over!

I debated for a while over this purse, because I don't use half the purses I buy. I tend to use the same one over and over and over until I find a new one, only rarely switching it up for a dressy occasion.
However, I am optimistic about this sweet little acid yellow leather and gold chain cross-body bag. It's leather, it holds at least a wallet and keys (good for going out), and it's cross-body, so I am actually likely to use it.

It's by Club Monaco and was only $19.95!
It has a little black rectangular turn-clasp. Oh my, this is actually a current piece, and is still on their website (here, linking 'cause I love)! It's called the Freja bag and it's regular $159.00 on sale for $99.00 - woo hoo, I scored!

Home I walked (good for soon-to-be-very-sore-legs), and napped with Vizzini for a while. Life is exhausting! After dinner, L and I played boardgames all evening, and drank wine, and chilled with the Vizz-meister. That is my favourite time ever!

Today, I got up early-ish - I didn't want to be up too early, as the local massive 10K race was underway this morning, and I wanted to avoid any crowds.
 I knew I'd be going over to My Sister's Closet in Fairfield after getting groceries (about a 30-minute walk), so I wore good shoes for walking and easy clothes for trying lots of things on.

  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in February with painty plaid
  • Skirt - Episode, thrifted; last worn here with ski bunny stripes in February
  • Boots - Ash; last seen here in December 2016 (with the same sweater and tights!) for weekend brunch
  • Coat (below) - Paparazzi, thrifted; last worn here in December 2016 with floral sparkle

 Not a great look (I don't like the sweater tucked in), but no one saw me without the jacket on. The sweater was merely a flash of blue under the coat.
 And the leather skirt has an elastic waist - easy for pulling on and off.

Outerwear. The coat is rather spectacular.
 I always get tons of comments on it whenever I wear it. It's thick black denim and the flowers are all embroidered. So much work in it!

The stuff:
 The studs rub against each other when I walk: Zhhh! Zhhh! Zhhh!

  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's

My shopping cohort and coworker, Simona, told me that My Sister's Closet had a sale on - I had to go! It was 50% off everything (except the clearance rack, Lululemon, ugh, and already marked designer shoes and bags). I may have bought a few things...Prices noted are the sale prices (already halved).

I found three pairs of shoes!
These are by Clarks and are so awesome. They remind me of Fluevogs, but they looked better on my feet (and cost a lot less!).

Look at those awesome side cutouts!
These were $21.50. They're leather and sooooo comfy.

And not a lick of wear on the soles!
 Gotta love that!

These flat fringed sandals called to me.
 They are by Ecote and were $10.50. I found them online for $79.00, on sale for $50.
The base of the shoe (including the sole), is all leather - the fringe is fabric/PVC.

They have a bit of wear, but not too bad. Someone wore them for one summer, looks like.
 And I will wear them this summer! It will be a while until it's warm enough, though.

The last pair of shoes I found were these Pumas. My white floral leather Doc Martens are great for walking to and from work right now, but once it gets hotter, they will be too warm. These will be my summer work-walking shoes.
They have sequins!

And look, no wear at all! These were $19.50.
 They would have been at least $50+ new. I'll get them down to pennies per wear by the end of the summer, when they are totally worn out!

I then cruised the accessories. MSC doesn't carry a lot, but the ones they do are displayed around the shop. I'll be replacing my worn out red leather belt with this lovely pony hair Gap leather belt.
 I paid $6.50 for it.

I also found two necklaces on displays that I fell for.
 This is a lovely gold-tone drop pendant on a nice chain.

The back of the black "stone" is open-work.
 I spotted the little "Fossil" stamp near the clasp. This was also $6.50.

I don't see many copper pieces that are chains.
 The spiral chain is very unusual for copper.

The "turquoise" is fake.
 And those symbols are nonsense.

But it's marked with a stamp, and says "solid copper".
 That clasp to the left is a vintage one, so although this isn't high-end, it's probably from the 70s. It was $10.50.

One of the things I like about MSC is that they always have a clearance rack outside. I wish more second-hand stores did this - they rotate through their stock quickly.

I found this lovely wool cardigan on the clearance rack for $6.50 (no further markdowns on clearance).
 I always look for prints that will go with things in my closet - finding a print with purple, chartreuse, green and black will work well with those odd colours that I already have.

This was also on the clearance rack. It's red, white, black and baby blue stripes.
 It was $10.00.

Check out the back.
 The stripes going the other direction are a separate piece of fabric. It's a bit of a swing/trapeze top but I can see this working with a few things I own.
 It's the Trafaluc Collection by Zara. The store had quite a few pieces from this collection.

I also took a shine to these groovy pants on the clearance rack.
 They are woven plaid, with pleather trim.

Also $10.00.
 These are really nicely finished.

Look at the "waste" in making the plaid line up on the back.
 All the inside seams are French seams (finished, no ragged or serged edges) and those are real pockets on the back. Very nice.

I was hemming and hawing about this skirt. Yes, it's another full skirt (I am having a big puffy, full skirt girly moment). Yes, it has pockets. Yes, it's a pretty colour with a lovely pattern.
 But it's cheap material, not lined...

But look at that cool pattern!
 For $9.50, it was mine. So what if I only wear it a few times?

Did I mention I'm having a thing with full, pouffy skirts? Well, here's another.
 This one is dark green with paisleys on it. It has an elastic waist, then goes to micro-pleats to the hip, then goes to looser waves and pleats to the hem.

And there's a double hem! Look at those pretty little loops sewn into the hem! Eeee!
It's so girly and floofy! I might explode.

It's by See By Chloe. Oh...ULP...this is designer. THAT Chloe!
 I paid $10.50 for this. It originally retailed for $545.00. Score!

I really liked the colour of this blouse.
 It's a Banana Republic piece, and was $8.50.
 The back has full coverage, but has this nice layered split as well. For when one wants to let one's hem hang out.

I really liked this black mesh Banana Republic top as well.
 It was $10.00. Not bad.

This little polyester shell was only $2.50.
 A great basic that I'll wear a million times.

I really do not need a wool coat at all. I have tons of coats. But this one...I touched soft! Then when I put it on, my heart sang!
"My heart only sings when I get fed."
 It fits amazing, and looks incredible on. I had to have it. It was only $24.50, the most expensive thing I bought all day - these were like thrift store prices!
 Never heard of Denny Rose before, but it's made in Italy (size 42!). It's gorgeously made, not an exposed seam in sight.

Even the buttons are classy.
 I found it referenced at 179 Euros, which is about $266 Canadian. That's more than what I paid for everything I bought on my little sprees all weekend! Woo!

Again, though - what is up with people? As I was browsing in the store - and remember, there is a HUGE SALE on, the store was full of shoppers, with only one person working (it's a Sunday!) - and a customer kicked up a total stink for not getting personalized service. She was putting her "save to try" clothes on the put-back rack, and when the clerk told her that they might get mixed up and put away, the woman got all snotty about "no one even asking me if I need help" and stormed out of the store.

Holy smokes. It's a consignment store! It's not a high-end boutique with full-service! I waited until the stupid lady left then noted as much out loud, then thanked the saleswoman for her work. I worked in retail for 17 years, and I'm still stunned at how people expect to be waited on hand and foot, and have no concept of how much work goes into running a busy store!

Last rant over!

The last time I went to MSC with Yvonne, we checked out Lazy Susan's, a locally-owned and operated boutique located in the same strip mall. They make a lot of their stuff, and it's mostly odds and ends of giftware, housewares, crafty things and a few really cool pieces of clothes and accessories (I've bought a few fascinators and bits of jewelry there over the years). They had a rack of satin embroidered bomber jackets out front last time, and I've been kicking myself for not getting one. So when I saw they still had a few left, I snatched one up.
 Eee! It's black and white satin (note the black racer-stripe down the sleeves), with a pale pink stripe in the elastic cuffs, collar and hem.

I think it might be locally made - there are no content tags or labels in it. It's beautifully made, with no exposed seams or nasty edges.
Look at all the flowers! So pretty!

I'm not sure what kind of flowers they are...? Orchids?
Cherry blossoms? This was $60.00 and worth every penny.

Whew! All that retail therapy has left me feeling soothed and calm again. I think I'll go play in my closet now! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - what piece are you most excited to see me style?


  1. You like shopping? Really? Who'd have guessed?! :-)

  2. I love lots of your weekend finds; can't wait to see the pants in an outfit. My favorite, though, may be the coat. Not that I hope you're still getting wool coat-worthy weather, of course...

    1. Thanks, Pam! It is a spectacular coat - if we have a chilly day this week, I will wear it.

  3. I love the photo with the fringe and your cat! So cut. The bomber jacket and the coat would have been my call. Love them!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I'm really excited to wear both of those! The bomber is going to be worn on Saturday for a special outing.

  4. LOL at Ally's comment! You are my shopping heroine. Love, love your floral coat, cherry blossom bomber, the groovy pants, and all the things. Thanks for sharing at Vis Mon, xox

  5. Oh wow that see by Chloe skirt, what a score! :) I'm sad to see that dress go as it's very pretty, but it did make some more room in your wardrobe for all your lovely new purchases :)

    Sad to hear about the way the customers behaved though. Someone somewhere suggested everyone should have to have a job in retail for a bit to help them respect the staff more, it's terrible how inconsiderate some people can be! :(

    Oh and I'm most excited to see how you wear the bomber jacket, it's really beautiful and it's a trend I'd love to try but will probably miss out on as I'm still on my no-shop (which is interesting as I'm an emotional shopper too!). Going to have to do a post about it when I'm done!

    1. I know, totally! I am always so excited when I find a great piece like that, especially for cheap. I know, but I can't keep everything, and if I want to keep shopping, then some things eventually have to go. I won't regret losing that dress.

      They were really both horrid in their own way - but I completely agree, although, heh, it's the best birth control ever, working in customer service.

      I'm super-excited - the jacket is even better on! I look forward to your post on that!

  6. Shopping you say??? I'm interested!!! I also get a weird thrill when u retire an item! Love it!

    1. I have to say, I like looking back at all the past outfits. It usually helps me solidify my decision, like, "Yeah, I've worn this a lot, and I'm good." Thank you!

  7. I love the colours of that Coldwater Creek dress, and it looks fab with your hair too! That coat you wore with the second outfit is indeed spectacular! xxx

    1. Thanks, so much! I love that floral coat - it is even more amazing in person.

  8. What a fun post! I'm interested in seeing how you style all of the pieces. I can't wait to see that Denny Rose coat on, it is beautiful. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Pam! I don't know if it will be chilly enough to wear it for a while! That's why I always buy out of season, though!

  9. I love color blocking so that Denny Rose coat. Can't wait to see what you put with it.

    1. It's pretty amazing. Whatever shall I wear with it?? Hmmm...

  10. love retail therapy! it works nicely on my mood! I love that you wear your cute colorful dress (so beautiful) and orange jacket to go to the playground!, no yoga pants!
    And there's a lot of fabulousness to comment, so many cool purchases!, love that purse and The London Calling t-shirt (it's also one of my favorite albums ever!). I also love your badass boots and that embroidered coat (stunning!!!) and those Clarks shoes you found!, and that coat! well, I really love everything!

    1. It works well for me as well, thank you! Never, no yoga pants! Thanks so much! You know I'll wear it all!

  11. Oh my goodness you did go shopping didn't you?

    Some amazing and wonderful finds. I think my favourite is the striped coat; it's fabulous. I also absolutely loved the embroidered denim coat that you wore on one of your outfit posts - no wonder you get lots of compliments when you wear it!

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Hee, yes, it was a bit of a haul, but MSC doesn't do big sales very often, and it was worth it. Thank you!

  12. Wow, you did extremely well at MSC! The floofy Chloe skirt a great score, and I would have gone for that coat and those Clark shoes too! The embroidered bomber jacket is so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! I feel like I got some amazing items! Well worth it.

  13. Oh I hear you, it is therapy, I can abide for that.
    I honestly get upset when parents show up with kids they cannot control, it says a lot about them. However I do know there are exceptions like when its with kids that have special needs regardless, its all about respect. I enjoy empty, quiet stores for thrifting and I can be there for hours. I need no assistance as most of them time when I ask, the sales clerks do not supply what I need so I am used to being on my own.
    Now your shopping was stupendous !!!!!

    1. Yes, you and I are very good at shopping therapy!

      There are totally exceptions, and I understand that, but yes, those parents haven't taught their kids to respect other people's spaces, or the store. I love a good, long, quiet browse that takes hours. I never need help either, but sometimes I'll chat with a clerk, just to let her know I'm doing all right.

      Thanks, it was a real haul!

  14. But that's why they call it retail THERAPY honey, cos it's so good for us. We can shop and shop and all it's going to do is make us feel good, hurrah! Lovely, lovely shopping spree and too many things to decide which is my fave. I'm delighted though, to see that we've both got new tassel sandals. And of course I love that Chloe skirt with the fabulous hemwork, and that woollen coat looks wonderful and so pratical too. And yes, let's not forget the embroidered satin jacket. What fun!

    Anna x

    1. I agree, it is good, but man, I wish people would be less intrusive! I'm excited to wear my sandals when the weather is warm enough. I did score well, I think.


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