Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Half-Day in Velvet, Mom Jeans, Pin-Up Polka Dots, Neon Camo

Ah, I'm starting to feel like myself again...Following all the overtime of last week, I took my boss' advice and left work early on Friday. 
A lovely casual Friday, indeed! I met L for a late lunch and we chilled for the evening.

  • Blouse - H&M, thrifted; purchased here for $6.95
  • Velvet jeans - DG2, thrifted; purchased here for $5.00
  • Shoes - Hispanitas; last seen here in February with neutrals and plaid
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted 

First wearing of this blouse and I liked it very much. I steamed it the night before, which made the wrinkled tie look much nicer.
I freaking adored these dark purple velvet jeans all day. So comfy! In fact, they felt a little too casual for work, so they may end up in my wear-around-the-house wardrobe. Not sure yet.

It's spring - you need a bit of everything, including my wool beret (consignment) and my Parkhurst fingerless gloves and my thrifted fur boa.

The stuff:
I should wear these shoes more - I love them.

Silver bling:
Some of my current and past favourite pieces!

  • Cage cuff - Bauxo
  • Bangle - Glee
  • Earrings - local
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shope
  • Death Star ring - Soul Flower

On our way home on Friday, I stopped in at the optometrist for another copy of my prescription, as I'd been thinking about getting a new pair of glasses. These purple ones are over 5 years old now, and are starting to get some wear on them.
After brunch, we went to our local favourite spectacle shop (Goo Goo Goggles, here, linkin' 'cause I love)I'm excited to report that I've found a new pair (I will still mix in the purples ones); however, it's top secret until I get them.

  • Blouse - Rumors, thrifted; first worn here in February with turquoise suede
  • Jeans - Versace, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in October 2016 for Randall's birthday lounge-about
  • Shoes - Half Truth Vera, Fluevog; last worn here (4th outfit) in March for our family anniversary dinner
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather

I had a bit of a traumatic morning: I spilled nail polish remover all over my glasses! It made big splashes of white on the frames (inside and out). Curse you, Sally Hansen, for not labeling whether your bottles have little squirt holes or big gaping mouths! 

I gently polished the fronts and tops of the frames with a thin paste of baking soda and water with a soft cloth. A lot of elbow grease, and phew! they are still wearable! The ladies at Goo Goo Goggles were pretty impressed - I'll get my glasses professionally polished by them once I get my new ones. 

Just as I was feeling calmer, one of the arms fell off my glasses! Thank goodness L found the screw, and they reattached and tightened my frames up again for me.

Gawd, I love the rear view in these glorious Versace mom jeans. Say what you will about high-waisted pants, but dang, they make one's butt look great!
I cuffed them to show the shoes.

Outerwear: primary colours!
The yellow leather always feels so cheery to me. The weather's been all over the place - in addition to my Parkhurst gloves, both L and I carried our brollies.

The stuff:
My cost-per-wear on these shoes is getting down there - they are workhorses! I walk to town, strolled around and shopped, and walked home in them.

Green bling:
Old and new.

  • Necklace - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment
  • Ring - local 

After my eyeglasses trauma of the morning, I needed a little retail therapy, so I went over to the Patch.

I found this lovely long grey velvet top.
It's a good shade of grey on me, and I love the wide cowl neck. It doesn't feel like all those cheap 90s velvet stretch tops. Jeez, everyone wore those!

This one's by Lands' End, and was $14.95.
Machine washable! It is a longer length too - looking forward to wearing this over a flowy skirt.

Okay, you may think I have lost my mind (maybe not Anna, we share similar tastes) over this jacket.
Yes, the arms are mesh (the back is too), and it has a crazy mix of prints and fabrics.

Check it out.
It was in the vintage section downstairs, but it is not vintage. I think this was a case of "modern does vintage" succeeded too well. I always search through the vintage for modern items, which are frequently mixed in.

This is by Adore.
It was $24.95.

I found this modal and rayon jacket on the $10.00 rack.
It is a nice light weight, and I love fit and the colour, a real chartreuse-y yellow.

It's by Jacob. Aw, I miss Jacob.
The front does up with snaps.

I'm on a full, flowy skirt kick lately. Here's another one.
This had no label, but it feels like silk, and it's beautifully made. It has ribbon loops sewn into the inside of the waistband (an actual waistband with a double fastener) for hanging it.

The skirt is three layers of sheer, bias-cut fabric.
It flows so nicely. I can't wait to wear this!

Home in time for a nap before we dashed out for dinner with friends, then walked to Justin's birthday party afterward.
I decided to go pin-up. Why not?

Eep! I nearly forgot to add that this is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - get yourself over there!

Edit: I also forgot the links here. Yes, that's the real brand of the dress!

  • Dress - Stop Staring; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April 2016 for the theatre with Mom
  • Shoes - Calvin Klein; last seen here in February with deconstructed poppies
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather

 I love wearing this dress, but it's strictly special occasion wear, not for work. Too danged sexy!
It's a very stretchy cotton, so I can easily move in it.

A window AND a butt-bow!
See what I mean? This dress is overwhelming!

It was super windy out, so I just gave up and did messy hair. I needed the thrifted boa and Parkhurst gloves. Brrr! This is leather weather!

We had a great time, hanging out with the gang, dancing a bit.
In case you were wondering, I only walked from the restaurant to the party in my good shoes (two blocks). I wore my old faithful Vans, no longer appearing on the blog, as I wear them just for taking out the recycling. I've had them since 2008 - they were last seen on the blog here (3rd outfit) in May 2013.

The stuff:
Killer red shoes. That's actually a lower heel than it looks.

Red lovey bling:
Cat and Ross made tons of these buttons as a party memento. It was Justin's 45th birthday - do you know what the "45"-related item is?

  • Earrings - Tania Gleave

 Today, I strolled to town for groceries. I felt like a no-makeup day was called for.
 A little urban camo and neon yellow. How very contradictory!

  • Sweater - Vero Moda, thrifted; last seen here
  • Pants - Gap, consignment; last worn here
  • Shoes - Ash; last worn here
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, thrifted

Sunny, windy, cold. I was layered and ready for it all.
I love this bright yellow.
It's fun to be a little crazy in public.

My outerwear made me look a bit more normal.
No gloves, just my pockets.

The stuff:
Heeled yellow runners for the win!

  • Earrings - 10th anniversary gift from L

I picked up pair of trousers for L at Dots, and grabbed myself this little lacy leaf headband for $1.00.
It has a bit of silver sparkle in it.

I went to the WIN Boutique on my way home. I found this navy blue (with a slight gold sparkle) sweater. It's by Kasper and was $16.95.
I don't think it originally came with the...deer...with jellyfish tentacles?

What the heck?
Then I noticed the name "Pina" near the bottom, and remembered that this is a company from Ucluelet, BC (link here). They had a pop-up shop here in town a few years ago (I bought stuff there for my nieces for Christmas), so this is likely a product of the shop. Cool!


  1. Sheila, it's so much fun seeing your spring combos. Love the cream blouse with the velvet heans -- so pretty. I laughed out oud at the name of the Stop Staring dress! Is that its real name?

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! Yes, the brand is Stop Staring! and they make amazing dresses. I love this one.

  2. All so fun! Those Hispanitas shoes have turned out to be really versatile for you, always a cool touch. The pin-up style dress complements your gorgeous tattoos beautifully. And I love how your hair is growing out.

    Jellyfish deer is something I now covet for myself. Unexpected images like that are always delightful.

    1. I know, I really like the vibe of them. I need to wear them more. Thank you! I am enjoying the hair-growing process this time around.

      Me too! I love crazy prints like this.

  3. More velvet! Love the jeans! and the "Pin Up" dress is sensational, Sheila! xx

    1. I agree, velvet is the best! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

  4. I thought that must be a Stop Staring dress as soon as I saw the back. You look pinup perfect in it!

    1. It's a very recognizable label, once you get the pin-up/retro look. Thank you!

  5. I love how you not only find cool pieces but manage to get a little bit of history about them too when you google! I rarely have luck doing that with anything I thrift.

    Your birthday party outfit is my favourite here, perfect in every way and that dress is beautiful on you.

    1. That's one of the most fun things about these odd labels, is finding out about them. Thanks so much!

  6. You just keep getting betta and betta!
    That dress! Incredible.
    Have a terrific week. Take it easy, will you?

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca! I will take it easy...sort of...

  7. Those leopard loafers are so fab - they deserve a lot of air time imho! Love your new flowy black skirt, and I can't wait to see it on you - I'm looking for similar. And of course the tentacle deer, looks like one of a kind. xox

    1. I know, I love them. They deserve more wear! I am just grooving on these "Stevie Nicks" looks, ha ha!

  8. Lots of "wows" - particularly for that sexy dress, boy is it amazing, and the way the velvet trousers suit your hair - and the way yellow looks great on you (hardly ever looks good on anyone usually). Gail x

  9. You have such great style sense. Those purple velvet jeans! Yum. Your pinup dress is adorable and I love it with the red coat. Also, love the black hankie hem skirt and that wild multi printed jacket. Some fantastic finds there!


    1. Thank you so much! I always have fun, searching for new and outrageous things!

  10. I saw you in that polka dot dress and just thought "pin uP"! before I even read it. You look fab.
    Oh and sorry to hear about the nail polish spill. I bet It was better than me spilling nail polish remover on a coffee table.
    I am so looking forward to seeing your new sunglasses.

    1. Hee, you know me so well.

      It was nail polish REMOVER (even worse than the actual polish being spilled!), so just like a coffee table spill. I'm not getting sunglasses, just regular glasses. I'm excited!

  11. Speechless! So many fabulous outfits. Your good taste and creativity always leave me inspired. Love the purple vlevlet pants,, the spotted Oxford shoes, hate abstract blouse ma the yellow and blue outfit. I truly enjoy each and everyone!
    Xx, Elle

  12. I adore your purple velvet jeans, such a magnificent color and fabulous fit!, lovely!. I'm in love with your pinUp dress, elegant, cool with sassiness, all the things that rock!! and the back is pretty perfect, those details!!
    I like your 'neon & camo' outfit too, comfy and cool!!

    1. Aren't they awesome? Thank you! Ha, you are the only fan of the neon & camo!

  13. I love your "pin-up" outfit! So lovely- but yes maybe a bit too over the top for work ;)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's one of the few dresses that doesn't work for work.

  14. Exciting post! Most exciting thing being that multi colour jacket - it makes me mega envious, but hey you're only getting some revenge for my recent shopping antics I know.

    Your stair shot for Justin's party is awesome honey. Your hair looks fabulous, both in colour and style. The dress is babelicious too and perfect for showing off your body art through that cute little cut out at the back.

    And after all of the drama with your old glasses I do hope you get your new ones soon! Sorry, I wasn't laughing really x


    1. Thank you! I'm also excited about that jacket (stay tuned tomorrow!). Thanks so much for your kind words - I love that pinup dress. New glasses on the way!

  15. So many great colours and combinations! You are killing the pinup girl dress, especially with the red heels.

    Looking forward to seeing your new specs!

    1. Thank you! It's a popular dress, for sure. New glasses will be rolled out soon...keep reading.


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