Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mostly Matching Magenta

Well, after a day when you don't like most of your outfit, it's always good to bounce back by wearing things you DO love. 
Pink/purple and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations, ever!

  • Jacket - Jacob, thrifted; purchased here for $10.00
  • Sleeveless sweater - Gap, consignment; last seen here in September 2016 with lavender and dots
  • Skirt - Vivienne Tam, consignment; last worn here in July 2016 as a glamourous 80s secretary
  • Shoes - Coclico; last seen here in February when I had the plague (and wore stripes)
  • Jacket (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here earlier this month after a day of swapping out my closet

I built this outfit around this sweet chartreuse jacket that I scored for $10 at the Patch a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I went with this gorgeous chrysanthemum skirt. 

I've had the skirt going on six years - it's one of those pieces that always makes the cut. Yellow jackets come and go (I have 3 of them); magenta flowered skirts stay.

Jacket done up.
I ended up rolling the cuffs a couple of times and shoving the sleeves up.

I would wallpaper an entire room in that skirt fabric.
Okay, maybe that's a little much. But look how perfect it goes with the magenta heels!

Outerwear, because that thin jacket was not enough this morning.
I can see myself wearing this jacket for many years.

The stuff:
The afternoon light is messing with the colours. Those shoes really do match the earrings - they aren't purple! My feet are a little sore after wearing two pairs of rather high heels two days in a row. Expect something more comfy tomorrow.

Magenta bling:
My ears are a little tired from wearing those ginormous earrings, but fashion calls, darlings!

  • Earrings - gift from Simar

Speaking of fashion, check me out, circa 1969, when I'm around two years old.
Fancy barrettes in my hair, a little frilly dress, and I haven't yet learned what to do with my hands, heh heh.


  1. Replies
    1. My mom likes to say she married my dad because he had dimples (she does too), so she knew both of us kids would have them (which we do).

  2. I think you could totally make a wallpaper like that. It would look fabulous!

  3. Love the flashback pic! :) I really like this colour combination on you too! I need to add more yellow to my wardrobe, but now I'm thinking of ways I can wear magenta and yellow together. I just got all my winter stuff out of storage so I'll have a hunt and see if I can find my yellow scarf - it would be nice with my magenta maxi dress! :)

    1. Thanks! I don't have many pics of me when I'm very young.

      I love these colours together - they would look awesome on you, Mica! Go for it!

  4. A killer outfit ! specially the skirt and shoes, your clothes are so very well kept.
    Oh and look at Mini Sheila !!!! same eyes.

    1. Thanks so much, Lorena! I'm lucky that I don't ruin more clothes - I'm very messy.

      Ha, well, they are my eyes... :)

  5. Lovely! Yellow and chartreuse are a wonderful combination. The shoes are fantastic!

  6. Now this is more like it Sheila - an outfit you love, and it shows! And what's not to love, I say. The whole thing is fab, utterly fab. The skirt is brilliant and yes, I'd be using it for my interior design too.

    And how cute are you at two! Budding fashionista in the making, eh? Adorable x


    1. Ha, thank you! It's amazing what a difference it makes when you love pieces. Hee, I know, how did I get so cute?

  7. wowww, such a fabulous color combo and fabulous print!, your skirt is a lovely piece and those shoes and earrings really enhance everything!!

    1. Thank you! I love these colours - I'm not surprised you do as well, since you are also fantastic at colour.

  8. I think you still have the same smile! Another bold and beautiful colour combination.


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