Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up: Mom Stuff - Brunch, Theatre and Movie

Not much left in this weekend, but here's a quick post before I run off and enjoy the rest of it. And has it been fun so far? You bet it has! 
Let's kick it off with Friday's brunch outfit, featuring my DIY harem pants.

  • Jacket - Helmut Lang, thrifted; last worn here in March for Women's Day with leather pants
  • Sweater - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here in December 2016 with glitter and shine
  • Pants - Design Lab by Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn and DIY'ed here (2nd outfit) in August 2016
  • Shoes - Modern Vintage, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in September 2016 with Spanish ladies 

A bit of cover, a bit of bare ankles. These pants are gloriously billowy when I walk.
L and I strolled to town and met Nick for lunch, grabbed a few things on the way home, and then had a nice long nap.
Outerwear - surprise! I just did my jacket up!
However, it did rain, especially on the way home. I was dripping purple from my hair.

The stuff:
I noted last time I wore these those that it was time to get them re-heeled, and lo and behold! I actually did it!

Boho bling:
This triple chain necklace tangles a lot.

  • Necklace/earrings - Mango's
  • Ring - local
  • Cuff - vintage 60s, Mom's

Mom found this in her jewelry box and thought I would like it - I do! It's a bronze cuff lined with leather that she bought when she and Dad (possibly me, but she can't remember) went to a craft/artisan fair at the Bay Street Armoury in the late 60s. She said she paid about $10 for it then.
I think it's a look out a window at the sun, moon and stars, mountains in the background, and waves on the ocean in the middle, with stairs leading down. No idea what it's actually supposed to be, though - any other guesses?

It's signed.
That's the alchemical symbol for Jupiter, bit in the late 60s, that could have meant anything! Anyway, a very cool piece. Thanks, Mom!

After our nap, L went to the memorial for our neighbour Murray, and I got dressed to go to the final play of the Belfry Theatre season, "Alice Munro Stories " (about it here).
Theatre always means dress-up for me.

This is my entry for Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style. Go, go, go!

  • Blouse - no label, vintage, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in March for a weekend with the inlaws
  • Dress - Tangerine Jill, consignment; last worn here in December 2016 with this same blouse
  • Shoes - Effortless Vivian, Fluevog; last seen here in April with rainy pleats
  • Coat (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in February with plaid pants and leopard

"My paw is so much more interesting than you."
We both enjoyed the play (actually, two short stories performed, so more like two plays), and then went for dinner at the local pub afterwards.
"I express my disdain for this by standing on three legs."
I have "nap hair" - that's what you get for sleeping on wet hair.
I love how the ruffled cuffs of the baby blue blouse poke out of the big bell sleeves of this thin coat.

Obligatory Wonder Woman pose!
Take that!

The stuff:
A comfy low shoe for walking to and from the theatre.

Silver bling:
I wore the pin at the throat of the blouse.

  • Pin - thrifted
  • Earrings - Brighton, furniture store
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

L and I stayed up late playing boardgames and drinking wine! After a nice long sleep-in, I headed off to town to get groceries.
Hard to tell what the weather's going to do, so my clothes are all over the place with warmth.

  • Sweater - Gap, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March with my tulle ballet skirt
  • Skirt - Mario Serrani, thrifted; last worn here in September 2016 with green sleeves
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here (2nd outfit) in February with that rainy floral pleated skirt again
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather, consignment 

I met up with Mom again in the afternoon and we went to see "Beauty and the Beast" - it was such a treat to have fancy reclining seats in the theatre!
We both enjoyed the movie (seriously, what is all the fuss about Lefou? it's NOTHING), especially the spectacular visuals (the costumes were amazing).

Outerwear was called for.
It was rainy, cloudy and sunny. Make up your mind, weather!

The stuff:
Simple earrings, easy shoes.

  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment

 I had an hour to kill between getting the groceries and meeting Mom, so I popped into the WIN Warehouse store.

Success! Check it out, Wolford!
I don't wear knee-highs that often, but I still do sometimes.

My cheapie drug store ones will be replaced with these uber-high-quality ones.
Regular price $34.00 at Holt Renfrew, but for me, only $1.95. Seriously, that's less than 6% of the original price.

I also found this wonderful silk and viscose dark grey velvet blazer in the thrift section.
It is so soft!

I can only conclude that they've never heard of Boden...
Or this would have been more than $8.95! A little Interwebz digging reveals this is from 2011-2012, and probably would have been around $250.00 new. Score!

I was drawn to the pattern on this dress.
"I am drawn to this loose thread."
This is a dress, by H&M, and it's a dark green with pale pink and chartreuse yellow flowers on it. The side are slit about 12" and it has a deep slit in the back of the neck (you can see a bit of this below).
It was only $9.95. It's also labeled a size 12, but fit me perfectly in the shoulders, so I just ignored that. Should be fun to wear! 

...And how was your weekend? Up to any shenanigans?


  1. As always, i am desperately in love with your shoe choices...and vizzini. And then there are the bits of intrigue - those earrings from a furniture store? That glorious and mysterious bangle?

    My weekend involved no great fashion, but lots of fun with the nieces, and now i have gardens on my fingernails.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend!

    1. Thank you! My weekend shoes are the most comfortable. Yes, from a furniture store - it sells a few odds and ends of jewelry and glassware, and I spotted these. I pop in there once in a while just to see if they have anything interesting. The bangle is a mystery, though! I assume it's a local artist. "Gardens on my fingernails" is a lovely turn of phrase!

  2. Oh that velvet blazer is beautiful! Definitely a great bargain. I look forward to seeing how you wear it. I really like your theatre outfit too :) I'd love to go see Beauty and the Beast, I've heard great things about it, but the little one being unwell means I didn't get to go last week with my mum and sister. I'm hoping it comes onto netflix or something, ha!

    1. I know, such a score! I'm always so excited to find such good quality items for cheap. Aw, I hope you get to see the movie somehow! It's lovely.

  3. Ahhh, I love the stained glass dress and with those shoes = perfection. And the velvet jacket is so good. We had a calm weekend with only mild shenanigans! Thanks for linking, xox


    1. Thank you, Patti! Shenanigans are good either way, whether mild or sassy! ;-P

  4. Love the DIY harem pants. That's a brilliant idea using the shoe laces. That colorblock dress is spectacular, reminds me of Courreges designs from the 60s. And I like the sleek A line silhouette and bold geometric pattern paired with the feminine blouse. Nice yin/yang effect.



    1. Thank you! And it's totally reversible! Yes, the dress is very evocative of early Courreges (good call).

  5. These are all fabulous looks, but I am in love with your stained glass dress ensemble! Everything about it is perfection.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment - I've signed up to follow you (love your look).

  6. Three outstanding looks in one post ! How do you do it ?
    And I can almost feel that soft velvety blazer..

  7. All so pretty! The stained glass dress and the Helmut Lang jacket are amazing.

    H&M sizing is completely random. I actually am a size 12, and sometimes the size 12 fits me, and sometimes the size 8 fits me, and sometimes the size 12 is miles too small, as it would obviously have been in this case! I just don't even bother to look at the tags anymore, just estimate by eye.

    1. Thanks, JS! H&M's sizing is ridiculous. Seriously, have some consistency!

  8. Love all the outfits but I think my favourite was the stained glass dress. You found a wonderful jacket and I bet it will look amazing on. I'm sure I've spotted the same H&M dress on my travels recently. Obviously, not in my size otherwise I would have snapped it up.

    I love Alice Munroe's stories and how fab they've been turned into plays. It's also lovely you get to go to the theatre with your mum on a regular basis. I miss my mum every day. She was a great companion.

    Have a great week - ours is looking very uncertain weather wise.

    1. Thank you, Veronica! It's my favourite of the weekend as well.

      Oh, how cool - you are a fan! She lived in my city for years, and many of her stories are set here. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate my mom.

  9. SHeila,
    Another feast for us it savor. LOve the DIY harem pants, very modern and I would love to have a billowing pair like these. LOve the silk velvet blazer with the festoon of ruffle, and the gorgeous blue shoes with the T strap, the stained glass dress is also a mod sort of treasure,
    I am sorry you got Rained on but you look wonderful ! sounds alike good times, too!
    Xx, Elle

    1. Thank you, Elle! You would love the stained glass dress up close - it's even better.

  10. Another fab collection of outfits over the weekend Sheila. My favourite has to be the stained glass dress - all of those glorious colours to co-ordinate with every time you wear it. And that ruffle blouse, lovely.

    What a steal that Boden jacket was!

    Anna x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I know, such a deal on the Boden piece - it's not a familiar brand to most of North America.

  11. woww, lots of fabulousness to comment!, I love your colorful window-pane dress, and those blue maryjanes with its 60's style sensible heels!. Love your floral&sheer skirt with your metallic shoes (they rock!) and those fabulous purchases!


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