Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shoe Shine #18

Shoe Shine is on!
Get your kicks by showing your kicks!
Happy New Year! 

The first pair of shoes I'm sharing for 2015 are also the shoes I wore as the clock struck midnight.
I love a metallic shoe! They go with anything, match gold and silver, look pretty and are a wardrobe essential. When I was in my early 20s, my best friend Janet had a pair of pointy-toed bronze-y silvery flats and she wore them with everything. I thought they were the height of effortless style.

I've had these shoes for a few years - they were first worn here in December 2010, and were purchased at She She Shoes on a $40 sale (they were regular $174.95). They're Jeffrey Campbell.
The bows, the cute heel (not too high!), the easy on/off zipper...that lovely metallic leather!

Unfortunately, I am a little hard on my shoes...
A few scrapes, dings and the shiny is wearing off in places. I should probably take a look around for metallic polish! However, I don't mind too much - they still have lots of wear in them! 

And what about you, my friends? Show us the shoes that have graced your feet so far this year!

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
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  1. I love metallic too! Will have to find a post with my bronze cowboy boots to link up, xox.

  2. Great shoes. Metallic sheen is always appealing and the retro design of these is terrific. I don't think I've ever seen regular shoes with a size-zipper; booties yes, regular shoes, no.

  3. I am so terrible about leaving comments Sheila. I have been following you for a couple years and have commented only a few times but LOVE your posts! I finally got to participate in Shoe Shine because I actually did a post dedicated to a pair of wedges. Happy New Year!


  4. You have a shoe collection to live for! Adore your metallic kicks! Thanks for hosting, Sheila. Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year, Sheila! What a splendid pair of shoes! Of all metallic hues, bronze is my favorite for sure, and I have a pair as well. I agree with you - they go with pretty much everything. I need to dig mine out and start demonstrating this maximalistic statement. :) In the meanwhile, I am joining in with a pair of rusty brown leather boots by Pikolinos which are very comfy and also go with almost everything in my closet. Thank you for the link-up! xxx

    ps I just realized that I don't have a badge for your Shoe Shine on my blog. I'll add it!

  6. Footwear! Hurrah!
    Your shoes look suspiciously like Fluevogs and I was surprised to see they are Jeffrey Campbell. The metallic sheen is gorgeous.

  7. I love those metallic shoes. They look like they would be comfortable and stylish. I need to find some like that.


  8. Oh how could I miss out on this!! :) You have a shoe collection to die for ( especially those damn Fluevogs which I cant get hold of in Europe) ;) so its only appropriate you hosting a shoe shine. I will have to participate next time. :) I do love your link up parties, such good fun! :)

  9. I just so happened to wear my Jeffrey Campbells today. :) Hope you are doing well - I have missed Blogger Land.


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