Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Disappearing Outfit...and Happy Birthday, Dave!

First of all, it was my brother Dave's 45th birthday yesterday (yes, Mom, I did remember). I got busy and kept forgetting to call him, but I remembered all day. Today, I sent myself a reminder to email him tonight, so I've just written him a novel! How typical. 
I'll get to the outfit in a second. When Dave turned 40, I wrote this post for him. Here's to you, my cowboy. I'm a day late and a dollar short.

Okay, the outfit. The only thing left is the jacket, but here's the deets (as the cool kids no longer say):

  • Jacket - Peter Nygard, consignment; first worn here (2nd outfit) in late September 2014
  • Skirt - no label, consignment; first seen here in November 2014
  • Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, thrifted; purchased here (way down at the bottom) for $14.99 in October 2014

I really liked this outfit overall. The jacket is awesome (dig that attached strap at the throat!) and is killer with a pencil skirt.

The skirt is really sweet - I only paid $5.00 for it on the clearance rack at a consignment store near work. However, as I noted last time I wore it, it has no stretch and the seam that I sewed up above the back slit has pulled apart. I can't wear it again, so into the giveaway bag it goes.
And the first wearing of the shoes...and my feet remembered how much they hated 90s shoes, with their steep pitch and non-cushioned soles. I got my hair cut after work and my hairdresser was admiring them. So I gave them to her, and put on my walkin' shoes. She was so excited! She's in her 20s, so these pretty shoes will go to a good home. Makes me feel good - and I know they will get the love they deserve, just not from me!

I only wore a pair of crystal stud earrings today, so without the shoes there is no "stuff" pictures.

Rock on, my friends! Get ready for my re-buzzed short hair again - can't believe I haven't had it cut since mid-November!


  1. lovely outfit, sorry about tour skirt, its print is beautiful!
    and I understand you discarded your shoes, because thin soles are a nightmare!

  2. Aww, happy birthday to your brother! :)

    I love that you are so happy to re-home the pieces in your wardrobe that aren't working for you - it can make someone really happy (like your hairdresser!) I need to work a lot harder on letting things go when they don't work, and saving my precious wardrobe space for things I love! It's an ongoing process!

  3. Love the shoe exchange story! I have dome similar. Fabulous skirt and what a find! xo

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother Dave. And kudos on the cool tights. I love how patterned hose adds visual pizzazz to every outfit.

    (P.S., Seeing your decision to attend Suzanne's meetup has persuaded me to go, too!)

  5. That is a killer jacket!! Too bad about the skirt. Also, super sweet to give away your shoes!!!

  6. Ugh, yes, the horrid hard soles! 1980s shoes were even worse, lol. Oh the painful feet, I'll never forget it. That was when I first found secondhand Docs, though, and realized things could get better. (I specify secondhand, because of course they were already broken in! yay!)

    This outfit silhouette is really splendid on your figure--pity about the skirt, but the overall shape is easily recreated. I admire your ability to let go of things and move on so well. :-)

  7. Yes, I think I permanently damaged my feet with all the thin soled shoes from the 80's. Good on you for sending these off to a new home. That jacket is dreamy!


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