Monday, January 19, 2015

Sparkly Blue and an Uncommon Amount of Black

Silly me! After wearing all of my red items last week, in an informal theme week, here we are starting the Stair Challenge at work, and I'm on the red team!
Not the blue team. I'm going to have to skip my already-planned Friday outfit to pull out all the red stops for our Team Spirit contest.

  • Jacket - vintage 50s, Tricot d'Or, thrifted; scored here a couple of weeks ago for $15.50
  • Skirt - vintage 80s, Jones New York, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) in October 2014 with Ralph Lauren plaid  
  • Shoes - Guess; last worn here in December 2014 with paisley and mustard

I loved wearing this jacket today. Often I find that items with Lurex or lame (lah-may!) can be itchy, but all was well. I wasn't too hot in it either. Thumbs up!

Someone at work today commented on my plethora of black in this outfit. Hey, even us colour-loving gals like a little black sometimes!
I completely adore this wonderful 80s vintage-40s inspired skirt - it's not quite a circle skirt but it has that vibe. Also, pockets!

The stuff:
I am going to be very sad when these pumps die on me. They are so very classic.

Spaghetti monster bling:
Okay, that pin could also be a spiral galaxy, but the ring is definitely a Flying Spaghetti Monster (Wiki link if you don't know what that is).

  • Belt - Bianca Nygard
  • Bracelet - Mom's, vintage 60s
  • Pin - Sarah Coventry, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • FSM ring - vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Blue stone ring - Scotland, handmade
  • Drop earring - Jacob
  • Clip earring - vintage 60s, vintage fair

I'd better include some red tomorrow or my team will think I've defected!


  1. I have been thinking of red too....last week it was blue.
    Got some new ballet flats from Lands' End....good luck on the stair challenge.

  2. Love the belted jacket over the skirt Sheila - a lovely silhouette on you! :)

    Good luck with the challenge - I can't wait to see what kind of red outfit you come up with to show your team spirit :)

  3. That's a fabulous vintage jacket - don't you love the shape? And wearing it buttoned and belted looks so pulled-together. Good luck climbing, xo.

  4. That's a very elegant and classy outfit, and a silhouette that suits you perfectly. Love the jacket, and the bling! xxx

  5. Very elegant, the silhouette reminds me of those dressy women from them 30s.
    You wear those midi skirts so well, I have a really hard time making them work for me.


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