Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Agent Sheila in Granny Shoes

In case you haven't figured it out, I am having a major woman-crush on Hayley Atwell of TV show "Agent Carter" (IMDB link here)
I adore the looks of the post-war (that'd be World War II) era, with the strong shoulders, the curvy figures, the chunky yet feminine shoes, the hair, the everything!

  • Jacket (part of a suit) - Hettemarks of Sweden, W&J Wilson, vintage early 60s, thrifted; last seen here in January 2014
  • Blouse - Cleo, thrifted; last seen here in September 2014 with sequins
  • Skirt - Darling; last seen here in October 2014
  • Shoes - Nine West, thrifted; last worn here in October 2014 with purple velvet

Although none of my items are actually from the '40s, the inspiration for the strong shoulder of the early '60s is there in this wonderful structured jacket.
The shoes are higher than I normally wear, but feel great on - I think it's the high vamp and the lacings - there is no instability in them. No wonder this "granny" style shoe has been in vogue (off and on) for decades!

The stuff:
I was waffling on these shoes this morning. They aren't really my style, whatever that is now or at any given moment, but I'm grooving on them. I got a lot compliments on them from my younger (under 30) coworkers, which means I am "down with the hep cats" as no one ever says these days. Heh.

Silver bling:
I do love a nice bracelet sleeve for showing off...bracelets! I think Agent Carter would approve.

  • Belt - Club Monaco
  • Leaf bracelet - thrifted
  • Lattice bracelet - St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop
  • Bangle - local
  • Earrings - local

What era are you crushing on right now? I'm also having a major '70s infatuation!


  1. Had to read this post with one eye closed, in case there were any spoilers -- we've PVR'd this week and last week's episodes and hopefully we'll get to watch them soon. It's so hard to be behind on TV shows in this day and age. We've seen 1/2 hour of the pilot and have enjoyed it so far!

  2. Well I certainly have not heard of Agent Carter but the inspired by outfit sure works for me.

  3. I share your admiration for Forties style. It had class. For me the Seventies are home: where I grew up and will always feel comfortable.

  4. That is such a pretty skirt! :)

    You are so right about things being in and out of fashion too. When I think of how old some of the things in my wardrobe are...while they might look 'dated' they don't look unfashionable, if you know what I mean? Everything comes round full circle so quickly nowadays!

  5. Cara, I would never do spoilers! We are PVRers too!

  6. Oh yeah, there's nothing like a sexay granny shoe. I wore mine today too. Hot diggity-dawg (nobody says that anymore either; actually, not many said it even when it was popular). I'll need to investigate Agent Carter.

  7. Great 40's look, Sheila. Try to catch the BBC series Bletchley Circle, the styles (and characters) are fab. xo

  8. This whole outfit would do quite well in my closet thank you!

    I love how you've taken the colours from the skirt and used them on your top half. That skirt is gorgeous.


  9. fabulous shoes and fabulous outfit! love that 40's vibe, you rock your jackets!


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