Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Shopping Score, Visible and a Naughty Kitty

Hello, my friends! It's been an exhausting weekend, but I'm going into this week with the lovely anticipation of a long weekend next week, followed by a short week after that. 

Let's get going, 'cause I'm anxious to go watch "Outlander"! I loved the book.
On Friday night, L and I hung out and drank wine and played games, and crashed nice and early. I was only mildly hungover for Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday (go, me!).

It was hot and sunny for the game, so I wore this dress unbelted over one of my vintage slips (the dress is fully see-through. Both pieces are wonderful for movement, so this outfit overall looked better in person than in my somewhat rushed pictures.
One of my sentimental dresses, purchased in New York City in 2007 with Mom. I've given it away and taken it back once! I last wore it here in June 2013, more than a year ago. I plan on keeping it, as I love it.
The entire thing is covered in beading on the burned-out velvet flowers too.

The stuff:
Comfy flats for walking, which were last seen here a couple of weeks ago with trousers.

Dress (Hale Bob), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), earrings (consignment).

We had a great game, and I ran my butt off! After brunch, Karen and I wandered through a couple of thrift stores. At the St. Vincent de Paul, she found a couple of scarves and a Betsey Johnson belt for $2! Great find.
I found another half-slip to add to my collection, this nice blue one. It was $2.00.

We also went to The Velvet Crease where we both tried on loads of stuff. I found these fabulous Nine West shoes:
They are just the right mix of modern and vintage, and will be great with my fall clothes.

They were $28.00.
They need a bit of a polish, but other than that, they're in great condition.

At the Hospice Thrift Store, I found one of my best scores EVER. I've blown out the contrast and brightness to show the details on this black blazer.
I was drawn in the fabric first, a very soft crepe weave with an embossed floral design (very late 90s-looking).

The rounded shoulders end in gathers:
And the sleeves are quite narrow. There are slash pockets on the front.

A slightly blurred shot of the fabric in bright sunlight.
It's very luxurious. I checked the tags and nearly choked.
I am not sure what Crespo is...apparently, it means "crepe" (as in the fabric, not the pancakes, hee) in Italian. As you can see, it's made in Belgium.

The gorgeous burgundy satin lining.
And yes, it is authentic Dries van Noten (wiki)! Holy smokes! His blouses start around $700, with coats going upwards of $2,000 (Barney's New York shopping here, for info only). I looked through all of the galleries of his women's ready-to-wear clothes galleries from 2000 to present here at, but couldn't find this jacket, so it is probably from the late 90s, as I guessed from the fabric.

And how much did I pay for this jacket, that certainly would have cost several hundred dollars?
Yup, $18.00. SCORE. And it is amazing on. I can't wait to wear it!

Full of excitement from my awesome score, but tired from 2.5 hours of shopping, I napped for an hour before getting ready to go to Zeb's divorce party.
Weekend hair! I'm linking up to "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Get over there, yourself!

Another dress with wonderful movement. I just purchased this one a week ago here for $22.98.
 I wore a short half-slip under it as it was rather breezy out. The tie belt is from my origami dress.
 L and I both wore the same colours, top to bottom - totally not planned! He had blue shoes, orange pants and a yellow shirt. We must have looked funny walking side by side to town.

The stuff:
After running around in cleats for 2 hours, followed by all that exhausting shopping, I needed to wear practical shoes. These lovely aqua beauties were excellent for walking to town to meet up with Nick/Karen and Yvonne/Randall for dinner before the party. I last wore them here (way down at the bottom) with pink plaid.

We walked from town to the party, then after the party, L and I walked home. I am really feeling it today, and am in dire need of some couch time!

Silver and aqua bling:
I did the one-earring thing. I hear the cool kids are into that again.

Dress (Nine West, consignment), shoes (Prepare Guide, Fluevog), metal cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop, London), bangle (local), leather cuff (Shi Studios), spinner ring (consignment), floral ring (Nine West), feather earring/aqua stud (both local).

But wait, something's wrong with this earring!
It's gnawed on and the back is missing. L found it on the bedroom floor this morning like this.

Vizzini, do you know anything about this?
"What are you going on about, woman?"
Such a guilty face! I hope he didn't eat the back, but he isn't showing any signs of discomfort.
"I'll start looking for the perpetrator...after my nap."
Naughty boy!


  1. Great fashion items, but my very favorite is that first sheer dress with the slip ... SO pretty! Cute kitty too!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. OMG . Those dresses!!! And a Dries Van Noten. Gurl, you have hit da big time. Vizzini - you need to meet Kenni, then world domination is imminent. Have a good week!!!

  3. That blazer is a shopping coup! Minstrels will be singing praises to your shopping prowess for generations to come.

  4. What an amazing find! Love the fabric and those sleeve details are beautiful. Also absolutely love those blue shoes too, the heel is gorgeous!! XX

  5. The Dries Van Noten jacket is a great find. Both dresses look beautiful, such gorgeous colours.
    Vizzini! Naughty boy, that is such a guilty face! xxx

  6. Wow what a find that blazer is! You always score the best things when you shop :)

  7. Can't wait to see it all on. I love your see through slippy dresses. They look very comfortable AND glamorous! I would so love to be able to wear those new shoes of yours. Very cool...but heels! Oh dear Vizzini, but doesn't he look amazing on blue :-) That belt for the second outfit is such a great match! Must have been in the air. Have a great week my dear. Xo JJ

  8. PS I meant to say, on that first picture I thought at first glance you had chopped bits of your hair and added them to your earrings! :-D

  9. Oh yes, you have to keep that dress! Lovely and floaty. I really liked the first epi of Outlander (esp the last 20 minutes!) Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you're a star. xo

  10. That's a great look, goes so well with your hair and earrings!

  11. I love the word "louche" but never get to use it properly and in it's best sense, but today's the day! That dress defines the lovely side of louche, and you should always keep it. Perfect. Hair looking fabulous, of course! As always, you inspire!

  12. Yes, yes yes ! the Dries Van Noten was a TOTAL SCORE! I cannot wait to see you wear it too!
    And that scarf dress from the last pictures... well you know where to send it when you get tired of it.
    Oh BTW your hairy one chewing on the earrings, reminded me on a recent incident with my dog at home. She ate my homework.

  13. Wow, some really cool items love the aqua and silver accessories, but am blown away by the first dress. You and I both share red hair, and I love this soft floral peach combination. It looks great on you!! The scarf dress is also flattering and with lovely colors!
    from the link up
    please stop by

  14. love your dresses (both), that velvet floral one is so whimsical, and you look so colorful and pretty in your party outfit!, obviously, love your fabulous shoes!!!


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