Monday, August 4, 2014

Bigass Weekend Round-Up: Spanish Ladies, Chartreuse Silk and Lavender Brocade (with a Hair Attack!)

Whew! Thank goodness for long weekends! I need today to recover from the rest of the weekend. It's BC Day (a nothing holiday), so my Monday will be spent in pleasant relaxitude with L. 

But back to Friday!
As previously mentioned, I had to get ready quickly after work on Friday, to walk to town with L, meet up with Yvonne and Randall (hello!) for dinner and drinks, then cab out to our friends Chris and Alli's place for a wee soiree. We got home around midnight, happily sloshed and full of homemade sushi.

Weekend hair, of course, was in order.
I'm still figuring out how to do my hair up. This time I kind of swooped the back portion into a duck-tail (hey, I'm Fonzie!).
The glorious dress is my Spanish ladies piece - much-loved but usually worn as a work outfit. L was pleased that I'd worn it out on its own so it could be enjoyed by all (mostly him). I last wore it here in May with shades of blue and orange.

The stuff:
All oranges and yellows, aside from the little turquoise earrings. These Kraft Dinner Tsubos were good for a night of carousing, although I have small blisters on my toes from rubbing in the heat. It's been hot hot hot here all weekend! I last wore these shoes here (2nd outfit) with a vintage dress and hat in May for my nieces' dance recital - that dress ended up being one of those stinky vintage ones, so I got rid of it.

Citrus bling:
Leftover yellow from Friday's daytime outfit. None of the pictures above show me wearing the cuff as I decided to wear it at the last minute, after I'd taken all my pics.

Dress (Lirub), shoes (Tsubo), belt (vintage 80s, thrifted), cuff (thrifted), earrings (local).

L and I were quite the colourful couple that night!
His shirt is Dolce & Gabanna - I found it in a women's consignment store (it's a men's shirt). He has green Fluevogs on too!

Not enough people for Ultimate on Saturday morning, so L and I just went for brunch on our own.
Another hot day, and you know I hate wearing sunscreen. Physical sunblock was supplied by this chartreuse dress.

I do sunblock up the exposed parts.
As we were wandering downtown after, a woman in a convertible at a crosswalk yelled at me, "You look great! Really!" Aw, thank you, I said.

L and I laughed at the "Really!" part, as if she thought I might not have believed her otherwise. Still, doesn't it seem like compliments from strangers are somehow more valid and believable?
I do love this dress, though. I haven't worn it for a while (I'm always afraid of getting wet 'pits and then having to risk washing it). I last wore it here in February (eek!) with tights, scarf and boots - the whole shebang!

The stuff:
I still haven't worn these shoes for walking more than 15 minutes at a time. I'm still leery of the between-the-toes thong. Not a fan of that, so I'm not risking blisters by wearing these on a Major Shopping Expedition until I'm sure they won't destroy my feet. So far, so good, I'm happy to report. I last wore them here (2nd outfit) in July for pre- and post-Ulty.

Hoopy bling:
Bigass hoops!

Dress (Mary Jo Bruno, vintage 80s, consignment), shoes (Born, consignment), belt (Mom's, vintage 60s), earrings (real gold, gift from L in 2002).

Mr. Vizzini has been coping with the heat by flopping in cool places.
"Paparazzi! Let me nap in peace!"
He loves sitting in the little bed that the blue sofa's back cushions make.
"I lounge like a boss."
Of course, I stirred him up with snuggles. What? He does it to me at 5am! Fair play!

Saturday night, L and I hung out at home and played "Arkham Horror" and listened to music. It was some much-needed downtime.

We slept in a bit on Sunday, lounged about, read, browsed the Interwebz, then got ready to head to town for Nick's annual birthday good times at a downtown pub. Just us and 15+ of our best friends! (last year's outfit here, 3rd one down, my strapless 80s dress).
Va-va-voom! I loved this outfit and felt awesome all day/night in it.

We walked to town, so I had my trusty paper hand-painted parasol instead of sunblock.
I got the curl on my hair just right this time - I rolled it into a tube. The meme of the night was that I really really need a little surfer on a surfboard to "shoot the curl" in my hair! Also, this great idea: little surfer on surfboard, little palm tree, and blue and white feather shooting out the back like waves! Wouldn't that make an awesome surf-fascinator? Hee, riding the waves!

I really tried to wear a hat so that I could participate in Judith's "Hat Attack" over at Style Crone, but nothing quite worked (must find a surfer!). So, I'm counting my hair as a "Hair Attack" instead. Please, go check out all the awesome bloggers and their beautiful chapeaux!
The most wonderful lavender brocade dress! This is its first wear - it was purchased here last weekend for $13.97.
The inside seams were quite itchy with that lame (lah-MAY!), so I wore a vintage slip underneath the whole ensemble. The slip itself was too long, so I safety-pinned the sides up. I'm crafty that way.

Blurry, but check out my one lavender pointer finger and pinky.
That's the closest I ever get to a manicure: 60-second nail polish. That's the colour I did my toenails in about 2 minutes flat.

The stuff:
I didn't mean to lie - I did intend to wear the lavender booties featured on this edition of Shoe Shine! But it was so hot, and I couldn't walk to town (and back) in them, so I swapped out to these pewter gladiator sandal kitten heels. I last wore these shoes for my work quarterly meeting with a crazyass Hawaiian dress last month, here.

The stuff:
I'm always so inspired by Wendy Brandes' innovations when it comes to jewelry. She's been championing the one-off odd earrings lately, so I put my own spin on it by deliberately mismatching mine. I figured this worked well due to the earrings being similar shapes, with the graduating drops.

Dress (vintage 60s, D'Allaird's, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), cuff (thrifted), bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's, Coro), long earring (gift from Lise), shorter earring (Jacob), round ring (Nine West), Death Star ring (Soul Flower).

Before we left the house, I tracked down Officer Vizzini.
"Hey, I'm on a break!"
He has been very remiss in chattering at the crows nesting in the oak trees. He much prefers the cool tiles out on the deck.

He was transfixed by the reflections from my ring and vintage bracelet.
What a pretty boy! I love the warmth of his fur in the sun.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. You look wonderful! Really! (And I am almost a stranger!:))) Love all your choices and L's shirt - fantastic, you are such a colorful and fun looking couple!

  2. I misread the first paragraph and thought it said lemonade sushi. Gross! Lemonade with fish bits in it... Just a wee smack on my head an I'm in order again.
    I love that brocade dress - yeah, lamay is itchy stuff, sadly. And the Spanish ladies and L's screamingly blue pants are right on. I'll keep my eyes open for a surfer too.

  3. Loving all the dress action this weekend, Sheila - from Spanish ladies to chartreuse silk to 1960s brocade, every one's a winner! L's D&G shirt is fabulous too.
    My cats like to squash the back of the sofa cushions into a nest too (although they are out all the time at the moment, enjoying the warm summer nights!) Vizzini is such a handsome boy. xxx

  4. What a great looking ( and well-dressed) couple you are! Love your chartreuse dress, and of course the glorious Spanish Ladies dress. And Vizzini keeps getting more handsome, if that is possible. Love his sleek fur in the sun. xo

  5. O my GAWD I LOVE your Spanish ladies frock!! Heavenly! Your duck tailed hair is divoon, and I am just drooling over L and all these fabularse accessories, and general amazing frockage! EEEK!

  6. Hot here too, a veritable NW heatwave. As usual love the outfits. And gal, you've got great gams. I've been doing the one-off earring thing for a while esp. reforming lonely remainders of lost earrings to have new mates. Keep cool.

  7. This reminds me I had a friend who did the whole wave hairstyle complete with foam! Although I don't remember a surfer. Officer Viccini in the sun reminds me of a cat we once had who was black, but turned faintly tabby in the sun.
    I'm trying to do the mismatched earring thing to use some old favourites whose pair was list. Finding it heavy going with the whole nonsymmetrical bit. My brain doesn't like it! But you look great and I didn't notice until you mentioned it. I also love your parasol! XO JJ

  8. I love your Spanish ladies dress! It is the most awesome - muy awesome! Your hair with the little quiff is divine, and the parasol looks so elegant.

  9. Oh my goodness, what an array of beautiful outfits and accessories! I love them all but that chartreuse dress is just stunning on you!

  10. I also love your spanish ladies dress, it's one of the most fabulous prints I ever seen, and it fits you so nicely!!, gorgeous. And I always enjoy your weekend hairstyle, it's cool!!!
    And so amazing chartreuse dress and pretty lavender lurex, these are really amazing colors, love them, love your bijouterie and I'm also loving your parasol!, I think I'm need one yet!

  11. Well, let me say it again: YOU really DO look great in that green dress and also in the brocade lavender one, REALLY. Isn't it just nice when we get a compliment from someone we do not know ?


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